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10 Best Face Scrubs In India

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Who does not like their faces glowing and young? We all do, don't we? We use various kinds of products and home remedies to make our skin even better. It is a good habit to keep your skin healthy and fresh of course; your skin needs that. With each passing day, people have become more aware of their health and beauty, and that is commendable.

10 Best Face Scrubs in India

Your skin does not depend on only one kind of beauty product or skincare product. It needs much more than that. You already know about those various products. There is a face mask, then creams, moisturizers, peel-offs and many more, but Scrubs are something significant that you must not miss. Yes, people often miss this product, and it is not only about beauty but about your health too. In this article, we will be reviewing some of the Best Face Scrubs on the Indian Market!

Editor's Picks: Top 5 Face Scrubs in India

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What Is A Scrub?

Before going to the reviews of the best Face Scrubs in India, let's take a brief look at what exactly is a Scrub. A Scrub is a skincare product used to exfoliate dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads. The benefits do not end here. Exfoliation favors your skin a lot, such as:

No dry skin

Your skin often becomes dry and needs proper moisturization. Exfoliation keeps your skin up to the mark and gives your face and skin hydration too. This prevents it from drying. No drying means no rough and patchy skin. Sometimes, dry skin often creates allergies to the face. So, scrubbing ensures that risks of skin allergies are no more.

Don't overexfoliate!
Excessive exfoliation of the skin will irritate and aggravate it. Don't do it more than twice a week.
What Is A Scrub?

No dark patches

Due to dirt and pollution, your face skin becomes dark and dull. This can also cause uneven complexion. To avoid this, go for scrubbing. While scrubbing with little exfoliating particles, the skin releases dirt particles from inside. This thorough cleansing gives you proper and even complexion throughout the face.

Gives you soft skin

It cleanses your skin deeply. Yes, it also acts as a good cleanser. After a well-needed cleansing, your skin gets rid of oil and sweat. It is an excellent function of Scrub. This oil and sweat clog your pores and often lead to blackheads and whiteheads. As many of you may attest, having these blackheads or whiteheads is nothing less than a permanent headache. They are irritating and ugly. You can lose your confidence when these pop out. Set your mind at ease by simply using a suitable Scrub for your skin.

What Is A Scrub?

Adds glow to your skin

Yes, this is what we all want. Glow is a thing that every complexion needs. Whatever skin color you have, glowing skin is beautiful. One must not ignore this super important benefit of using Scrubs.

Apart from these effects, there are many more small-big benefits given by face Scrubs to your face skin. All you need to know is that these are some of the basics, and these are more than enough to see that Scrub is a must added product to your beauty regime.

Attention, oily skinned readers
It is recommended for people with oily skin to exfoliate their face twice a week for best results.

With the benefits of Scrub out of the way, let us now talk about why you clicked on this article — to find out the best Scrubs to buy. It is quite essential to know what suits you and what doesn't. The market is flooded with thousands of companies that offer you millions of varieties. Then, confusion is quite common, which we will try to clear away.

Best Face Scrubs Table

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The Best Face Scrubs In India You Can Buy Today

Here we are giving 10 of the Best Scrubs for Face that you can find easily in India:

1. [amazon fields=”B00GSSHAQK” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B00GSSHAQK” value=”button”]

We all know Lakme. People use it often here in India. Whether you are a college girl or an office going woman, you just have to use this to get the perfect glow. It is suitable for oily skin and women of any age group. This is the product that you can find easily anywhere, whether online or in retail shops near you. Lakme is a well-known and trustworthy company, so, you do not have to worry about the quality of the Scrub.

[amazon box=”B00GSSHAQK”]
  • The product promises you to give the perfect glow along with the great process of exfoliation. What is better than that?
  • Furthermore, it also helps you in other primary ways. Cleansing! Yes, it cleanses your skin so you may not want to use a cleanser while using this Scrub.
  • Another thing is moisturization; it keeps your skin hydrated and removes all the oil and dirt so you won’t get oily and sweaty throughout the day.
  • Tan removal is another effect on the face of this Scrub. We have found it especially useful in hot, summer days when your skin demands more than usual.
  • One major issue with the product is that it is only for oily skin. What if you have dry or combination skin? Of course, you should not then use the product.

2. [amazon fields=”B004X33GGA” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B004X33GGA” value=”button”]

Biotique is another well known company, with many beauticians and dermatologists recommending it. It is emerging in the market with high competition just because of its top-notch performance. This product works for all kinds of skin and is readily available in the market. Reviews are just fantastic. Papaya is a favorable ingredient for exfoliation, and they are offering you at a quite reasonable price as well. We recommend you go for it.

[amazon box=”B004X33GGA”]
  • This Scrub comes as one of the best tan removers, so you do not have to buy a separate tan remover.
  • One ingredient used is papaya, which is useful in many ways to your skin. It provides the perfect glow to delicate skin.
  • We feel it is quite affordable.
  • Another thing we liked is that it is suitable for men too. Yes, you can share it with male members of the family also.
  • The product is overall good, but the issue arises with its suitability for all skin types. The products that are suitable for all kinds of skin can usually create issues for a particular skin type. So, beware about that.
  • The product does not promise sensitive skin. Since the product description says nothing about sensitive skin, if you have one, you have to take care of yourself.
  • It caters mostly to women, as the Amazon description says.

3. [amazon fields=”B07R79KZWR” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B07R79KZWR” value=”button”]

Nivea needs no introduction. In terms of many products, Nivea has gained success in its customers and gets appreciation regularly. Just like other products, the Scrub is also superb. The company is very familiar to just about anyone, so you won’t find any difficulty in finding the product anywhere. The product has vitamin E and Hydra IQ which promises the best for skin refining. After using this one, you will feel great freshness on your skin.

[amazon box=”B07R79KZWR”]
  • The product is affordable and easy to find online and offline. This is because of the high appreciation of the brand. People trust Nivea, and so, you can too.
  • It works great for making your skin properly even, even texture for the whole. It is a common problem that usually occurs with all of us. So, conquer it with Nivea Scrub.
  • It contains vitamin E; vitamin E works to balance your skin’s moisture. It is not only suitable for moisture but also heals your skin. Its benefits on your face are too numerous to count. The nourishment is on its way!
  • We like it is highly mild on your skin. It provides no harshness, but only smoothness. Go for it!
  • It is only for people with standard skin type, so you cannot use it if you have a specified skin type.

4. [amazon fields=”B01LZIOP2F” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B01LZIOP2F” value=”button”]

The Himalaya company is popular for its natural ingredients. They believe in serving you all-natural. This Scrub can also be bought anywhere. People’s reviews are quite right about the product. Its principal components are neem and apricot, so you now can understand the kind of benefits that it will ensure you. The product is unique and contains fewer chemicals as compared to the other products in the market. Despite the tremendous and healthy competition, Himalaya has gained success due to its high quality only.

[amazon box=”B01LZIOP2F”]
  • What can be the better benefit other than neem for your skin? Neem has all the answers to your skin problems. Because it contains neem, the chances of allergies are less.
  • It suits all skin types so you can use it without any issues without caring about your skin type.
  • It has an apricot too. Apricot has been added to act as an exfoliator, and it serves great to your skin.
  • Because of great exfoliation, you will glow better than before. Great exfoliation only comes after enough removal of oil and dirt.
  • Your skin will feel free and fresh after using this because of its natural ingredients, neem and apricot.
  • It does not suit people with dry skin well. After usage, you may find your skin a little more dry and harsh.

5. [amazon fields=”B01N2WH4OT” value =”title”] (Best Face Scrub)

[amazon fields=”B01N2WH4OT” value=”button”]

Khadi is a company that offers you 100% paraben-free products. The company promises that their products are hand-made. So, you must try this once. Nothing is better than using a natural remedy on your skin. Khadi Scrubs are just like that. Also, these Scrubs are made with organic ingredients, so there are minimal chances of any allergies. With the essentials of rose and papaya, your skin benefits a lot. Not only will your skin be free from blackheads but also makes you look young and glowing.

  • Deep cleansing is a plus-factor that comes with the product when you are using this. After deep cleansing, you will feel a refreshing joy.
  • Dead skin cells will also be removed, so you can enjoy the original skin tone.
  • The Scrub is made using natural and organic ingredients, so skin allergies are at the lowest risks.
  • The product is not easily available to the local stores near you. You may have to visit the khadi store to get this Scrub. Going online is a better option.

6. [amazon fields=”B07ZWZJX6M” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B07ZWZJX6M” value=”button”]

You have no need to fret when there is Biocare. The company has gained a good and promising name in the industry of beauty products. It offers you a variety of products like toners, cleansers, moisturizers, etc. and for Scrub, they are offering you a premium product. You can buy the product as it is readily available too just like other recommended products. The Scrub promises you a glowing and fresh skin.

[amazon box=”B07ZWZJX6M”]
  • The significant profit of using this Scrub is that it is helpful in removing dark spots and dark patches. You often get dark spots on skin due to various reasons, and that affects your complexion too. These spots make your surface uneven so, make it look better with this Orange Scrub.
  • It has orange. Orange has a wide range of benefits on the skin. Use this and glow like never before.
  • Ordinary skin people can easily use it.
  • It is affordable. So, be ready to get the best kind of professional care.
  • The exfoliating particles are too small and soft to your skin. These tiny particles remove the dirt particles from your face very smoothly.
  • Only ordinary skin people can use it, and you may want to avoid it if you have sensitive or combination skin.

7. [amazon fields=”B084GTK993″ value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B084GTK993″ value=”button”]

Oriflame is in the industry and has proven itself as an excellent company for offering skincare range. The face Scrub is free to use on different parts of your body along with your face. The product contains ingredients that suit almost every skin type and is worth its high price. Sugar is a great exfoliator and often used in home remedies for Scrubbing. Use the product for the perfect Scrubbing procedure and afterglow. Honey balances well with sugar and milk and works smoothly altogether.

[amazon box=”B084GTK993″]
  • There is no limitation for usage of this Scrub on the face only. You can use it on hands, feet, and neck. Isn’t it a significant advantage?
  • The combination of milk, honey, and sugar offers a lot together for your skin.
  • The product promises toning and moisturizing along with Scrubbing; you will get the perfectly smooth skin after usage.
  • You can use it on any skin type.
  • Men and women, both can use it. Yes, even men can use it.
  • The product has no specification for sensitive skin.

8. [amazon fields=”B00791EDK6″ value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B00791EDK6″ value=”button”]

If you have acne-prone skin and other Scrubs irritate you, then you have a solution now. The Neutrogena company has made an outstanding Scrub for you. This [amazon link=”B00791EDK6″ link_icon=”amazon” /] helps you in removing your blackheads smoothly without irritating your acne more. It removes oil, sweat, and dirt very efficiently. Neutrogena has its name in the industry and is trustworthy with its products. And so it comes in our recommendation list.

[amazon box=”B00791EDK6″]
  • This product is readily available and affordable.
  • Because of its specially made formula for pimple and acne-prone skin, you do not have to look for any other options.
  • It acts as a deep cleanser too, so your skin feels fresh and healthy after every wash. Deep cleansing opens your pores.
  • Microbeads that exfoliates smoothly without irritation. Also, it prevents your skin from over-drying.
  • You will feel fresh and oil-free after exfoliation. Having oil on your skin clogs your pores and creates irritation in sunlight.
  • It is a daily Scrub. Yes, this product can be used regularly.
  • The product is only available for acne-prone skin. So, you cannot be able to use it if you have normal or dry skin.
  • Also, the product has not a good effect on the old and stubborn kind of blackheads. You need to try something else for that.

9. [amazon fields=”B006LXBRCA” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B006LXBRCA” value=”button”]

VLCC has a good range of products when it comes to Scrubs. They cater to various different skin types. You can choose the one according to your needs. This product in particular is especially refreshing. Indian berries have loads of good effects on skin that you can catch only after its usage. This Scrub, apart from freeing your skin from oil and blackheads, also keeps it hydrated and cool at all times.

[amazon box=”B006LXBRCA”]
  • The product is available for all skin types, so you can use it without worries. Whether your skin is oily or dry, just go for it to get the huge benefits.
  • Helps in skin rejuvenation, yes, the Scrubs help in rejuvenating your skin so correctly along with its core task. You will feel more youthful after using this.
  • Scrub has Indian barberries. This ingredient serves as high antimicrobial properties.
  • Also has a banana that has excellent anti-aging properties. The combination of banana and berry is unique on your skin.
  • No more pigmentation. Yes, it also helps you with the issue of pigmentation. It makes your skin look bad. Remove it by using this Scrub.
  • Tan removal is also done. Tan is a daily problem on sunny days. Do not worry when you have this Scrub that works as a tan remover too.
  • In some cases, it may lead your skin to become dry after using it so you can avoid it if you already have dry skin.

10. [amazon fields=”B006QKBIGS” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B006QKBIGS” value=”button”]

We all know Lotus, especially for its sunscreens. Yes, they provide good quality sunscreens for each skin type, but at this time we can trust them for a good face Scrub too. The product promises a good skin with lots of freshness in just a few minutes. Furthermore, you can get refined skin by using it. For better results, use it a few times a week.

[amazon box=”B006QKBIGS”]
  • The product contains an apricot. Apricot proves the best Scrubbing agent and performs well on every skin type. You can find apricot in many of the Scrubs along with this one.
  • It suits all skin types. Whether you are a dry-skinned person or oily one, it suits you anyway.
  • Does refining too. Its service is not limited to Scrubbing only, but it also proves as a good refiner too.
  • Very useful for blackheads especially. Blackheads take over your skin’s beauty, especially when you are around the sun. They just need to get removed as soon as possible. Use this Scrub and do not let the oil and dirt clog your pores. Fight back!
  • The product is not suitable for sensitive skin because of its harsh chemical ingredients. Beware if you have one!

These products are not going to make you regret your choice. These are much popular but affordable for you to buy.

Personal Recommendation

But the best of all is none other than,

[amazon box=”B01N2WH4OT” template=”list”]

Yes, the product is claimed as 100% natural and contains organically grown ingredients. What is better than that? This Scrub suits all skin types. The chances of skin allergies are less with this product, and the price is worthy. This must go for a personal recommendation. Try it. All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I use Face Scrub just like face wash by first washing my face?

Good question. No, don't wet your face first. Do wet your fingers and then apply the Scrub on your face with circular motions.

2. Can I use towel or tissue paper to wipe off my face after washing the Scrub off?

Don't use excessive force. Don't “wipe it off”. Rather, gently pat it dry without rubbing.

3. When is the best time to exfoliate the skin?

You should do so before a party or an event, of course, but we recommend you do it weekly. Speaking of time, it's ideal to use Scrub at night before sleeping, so that your scrubbed face will not get exposed to sunlight.

A Final Word

To conclude, Face Scrubs are not just important for those who have a lot of whiteheads and blackheads. Yes, if you are among them, do try out a good Scrub. You won't be disappointed if you pick one from this list! Even if you don't have such problems, as we have discussed in the article, your skin will get a much needed lift and several other benefits from a weekly (or twice weekly) rub. Take care of your face because that's the money maker, after all!

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