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There are plenty of smart speakers available on the market to purchase at this point in time. It might be really puzzling to distinguish, which smart speaker is going to suit your requirements, budget, and preferences. Should you opt for any of the 3 big names Apple, Amazon, and Google dominating the market? Or decide on for a device from Sonos, which just puts the audio quality above every other thing together with Alexa anchored on? In this article, we cover the Amazon Echo Review!

In case you’re searching for a smart speaker that might be able to play your preferred music sufficiently well, regulate your smart home, and doesn’t charge a really hefty amount, the Amazon Echo is the best smart speaker that you can buy. This smart speaker from the house Amazon delivers the top-quality performance that every single person longs for. So, if you want the quality to be bundled up with a decent build-quality, then you may not find something better than the Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo Review

The amazon echo is not just a wireless speaker but there's more than meets the eye. It's partly voice assistant and home automation hub and is constantly increasing its features making it a blast to use. As time is passing Amazon's echo is becoming smooth, spectacular, and gently more responsive.

What is the Amazon Echo?

It is a Bluetooth speaker with an in-built voice-controlled personal assistant. Echo comes with a personal assistant called Alexa. She will listen to all the commands given the users, answer them like play music or control smart home devices.  She is basically the brain behind the Echo.

She is designed to interact with all sorts of third-party apps right from answering calls to even help you in shopping.

What is Amazon Echo?                      

While the echo is a modified version and was launched two years back and since then Amazon is constantly upgrading the features through adding new skills like including third-party apps named skills.  It’s getting better with time and surpassing the expectations of the users.


  1. With Alexa voice-based service you can do the mundane task of setting alarms, weather, sports, shopping list and other smart home devices etc.
  2. All you have to do is to ask for a song or genre and get it played from online services like Amazon Prime Music, Saavn, TuneIn, and more.
  3. You can also ask the Alexa to control lights, switches, and more with compatible connected devices from Philips, Syska and a lot more.
  4. Alexa is getting better and better by adding novel features like skill. You can Alexa to order food, request a ride, and book services and more.
  5. Powerful speakers that fill the room with immersive, 360° omnidirectional audio, and deliver crisp vocals and dynamic bass response.
  6. With seven microphones and other smart features installed Alexa can hear you even in noisy surroundings or while playing music.


Echo is great with streaming support for music, podcasts etc, good speaker quality which sounds more natural and easy to understand as it lacks bass. It also supports more digital assistant services like adding an event to the calendar, answering questions and filling gaps by enabling third-party skills, and smart-home control functions.


  1. It’s decent and nice-looking
  2. It is easy to set-up
  3. Great voice recognition feature
  4. Voice control over smart home
  5. Versatile in growing skills


  1. Restricted choice of music streaming services 


This sleek smart device is all matte black exterior in a cylindrical shape (9.25 x 3.27). One other significant difference is that echo isn't exactly portable. It has to plug in every now and then. In the US, echo is available with a remote which can be controlled from your phone.

Controlling radio stations via echo is quite possible and simple. It is power packed with noise-canceling technology even in the noisiest crowd Alexa can hear you.

Design - Amazon Echo Review


The setup is quite simple and easy as Amazon offers a list which you can say to your device while you set up. The list is quite simple and that makes the whole process easier. But before you speak to the device make sure to install the setup properly.

To connect Alexa to your home network you need to download Alexa companion on your Android or iOS device and follow the instructions as you plug in amazon echo simultaneously.

This app is not only for Amazon echo so if you've any other device other than echo then it will appear on Alexa as well.

The device prompted to manually connect through Echo through our wireless settings by picking Amazon in the settings but it might ask you wait for few seconds before completely set up.

Once you're done the next step is to select your Wi-Fi network and once you enter the password you're on with a confirmation message and all this is done in two minutes.

Sound Quality

Whilst the Amazon echo can adjust the quality of the sound near the upper and lower limits leaves a lot of room for improvement.  The more confined space

It can get super loud and the sound is great and works great if you're a music buff. It is no doubt a Bluetooth speaker of future. It surprisingly delivers very richly and solid and especially with the 360-degree speaker, it can fill the room quite nicely. With that being said the echo doesn't have the absolute best sound quality but with this price, it is good to go with. It is much more than a speaker.

Sound Quality

Conclusion – Amazon Echo Review

The unique part is that echo has upgraded itself and is a better device today than we ever would have imagined. Like I said there is more than meets the eye in this Amazon Echo Review. The way it looks and sound joined with steady updates and the constant addition of new features make it worth it. More or less it is all about the voice assistance and not hardware. But Google assistance can't beat Alexa's superior pool of skills as well.

This device is one-of-a-kind and once you get it you'll find more and more ways to add this in your life.

It got a fairly good speaker and it is more than just a speaker. It comes with a great voice recognition feature and will hear you from anywhere.

In a day-to-day life having a device that listens and understands what you need is really crucial and that's Amazon has nailed it with Echo. You can find more gadget reviews by clicking here!

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