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Air Purifier Buying Guide – Keep the Air-Borne Diseases at Bay

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With the increasing level of air pollution all over the world, there is a serious need to address the issue. A majority of us think that only the air outside your house is polluted and there isn’t any problem with the air present inside our house. But, it certainly isn’t the truth since there are plenty of other kinds of contaminants and pollutants hurling in the air which might give rise to some serious breathing problems. An Air Purifier is a device that comes to your rescue since it helps you eliminate all the suspended particles, odor, and allergens present in the air within a short frame of time. Since there are plenty of choices available on the market and choosing one might be tough for you, we are providing a comprehensive Air Purifier Buyer’s Guide, which will tell you all about air pollution, air purifiers, and the aspects that would help you find an appropriate one to install in your house.

Air Purifier Buying Guide – Keep the Air-Borne Diseases at Bay 1

What are Air Purifiers?

An air purifier is an appliance, which helps in removing all the pollutants from the air inside your room. They are usually sold as being helpful to asthmatics and allergy sufferers, and at decreasing or removing second-hand smoke from tobacco. The commercially classified air purifiers are mass-produced as either minor stand-alone pieces or bigger units that might be attached to the air handler unit (AHU) or to the HVAC element discovered in the industrial, medical, and commercial companies. Air purifiers might as well be utilized in industry to eliminate contaminations like CO2 from the air prior to handling. The pressure swing adsorbers or any other adsorption methods are classically utilized for getting this done.

Air Purifiers – Benefits & Usage

Pollen, dust, mold spores, pet dander, and dust mite feces might act like allergens, activating allergies in sensitive individuals. The particles of smoke and VOCs might sham a danger to your health. Contact with numerous elements like VOCs upsurges the prospect of suffering indications of sick building disorder.

Moreover, with the development in air purification equipment, air purifiers are turning out to be progressively proficient of seizing a greater amount of virus, bacteria, and DNA destructive particulates. Air purifiers are utilized to diminish the absorption of these airborne pollutants and might be valuable and wholesome for individuals who are diagnosed with asthma and allergies.

Working of Air Purifier


A few air purifiers freshen up the air by moving it over a filter that eliminates the harmful particles. They are at times known as the air cleaners. In houses, these filters are generally a part of the cooling or heating systems. The filter housing is mounted amid the air arrival duct and the furnace. The filter cassette glides into this casing so that the entire air moving into the furnace is cleaned. This not just eliminates the pollutants from the air; it further averts impairment of the furnace owing to the dirt and dust accumulation. Filters might as well be positioned inside the air return vents in every single room of your home.

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Usual materials comprise cotton, foam, synthetic fibers, or fiberglass. Partly, the thickness of the filter material bounds the particle size that move across — really solid filters have minor gaps, permitting it to grab minute particles. The folded filters work amazingly owing to the augmented surface area for gathering the particles. On the other hand, filters have the capability to catch the particles even minor than the slightest gaps present in the material of the filter. Air filters might be costly, and you require getting them replaced to keep them operating appropriately (a few filters can be washed). They moreover confine airflow across the system, initiating a drop in the whole efficiency.

The HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters meet a Department of Energy standard so as to diminish the particles out of the air. The filter may comprise any material given that it matches this standard — permeation of not more than 0.03% of particles 0.3 mm in size or bigger. The filter should moreover permit a particular volume of air to drift through, which differs by the filter’s size. The standard of ULPA (Ultra-Low Penetration Air) is further strict. On top of their acquainted household usage cleaning air of dust particles and allergens, the advanced HEPA filters are utilized by the nuclear power industries.

Ionizing Purifiers

These types of air purifiers make use of a method known as corona discharge to generate charged particles known as ions. A majority of atoms present in the air possess a neutral charge — they require the similar totality of positively-charged protons as negatively-charged electrons. The corona discharge is a minor but concentrated electrical field. Molecules moving across it are going to collect an extra electron, providing the molecule the negative charge, or it might possess an electron bumped off of it, providing it the positive charge. Bigger particles present in the air, like dirt or other pollutants, are further probable to be ionized since they create bigger targets for the electrons when they move across the corona discharge.

As soon as a particle gets charged, it is going to be enticed to everything possessing the differing charge. 2 metal plates present inside the purifier are charged (one positive, one negative) to draw these undesired particles. Moreover, the particles present in the air are going to be attracted to one another in case they possess different charges. Since the particles get clumped with each other, they become denser and ultimately they move out of the air inside the room.

Ozone Generators

The ozone generators function really similar to the ionizing purifier, but it is intended to modify the oxygen molecules and change them into ozone, the molecule that has been crafted out of 3 oxygen atoms. Oxygen present in the air is present in the form of dioxide, a molecule prepared with 2 oxygen atoms. As soon as these molecules become open to UV light or the corona discharge, a few of the di-oxygen molecules are divided into distinct oxygen atoms in free form. Whilst a majority of this oxygen gets merged into di-oxygen, a few of the atoms turn into ozone.

The producers of these components assert that ozone particles disinfect and deodorize the air inside the room. A majority of them further claim many other health advantages owing to the existence of ozone. On the other hand, there is sturdy evidence that ozone isn’t going to achieve air purification. Ozone is moreover recognized to be a poisonous gas. It isn’t a really stable molecule — it readily reacts with other chemicals that might be present in the air, making new compounds might be further dangerous as compared to ozone itself. Ozone moreover oxidizes the metals and gives rise to corrosion. The similar procedure that generates ozone moreover generates nitrogen oxides, giving rise to additional reactions with the compounds existing in the air in your house and by ozone itself.


Several purifiers slot in an adsorbent substance to deal with fumes, odors, and chemicals present in the air. Adsorption is the technique in which a substance is being confined to the exterior of one more substance. The majority of prevalent adsorbent is activated charcoal, which is enormously permeable and comes with several microscopic “corners and cracks” to catch the traversing molecules. Bigger particles are just trapped in the numerous pores present in the charcoal. Electrostatic pull attracts a few substances inside the pores. A few substances react chemically with charcoal and prepare a chemical bond with it. The large surface area of charcoal provides it with plenty of bonding places. The procedure utilized to prepare the charcoal might have an impact on the fact that which compounds it might be better at adsorbing.

UV Light

Ultraviolet radiation condenses a few micro-organisms sterile. A few air purifiers incorporate a UV light that cleanses the air once it moves across, removing the probable harm of airborne viruses and bacteria.

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