The Top 5 Best Weight Scale Machines in India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Want to monitor your body weight regularly? Reviewed here are the Best Weight Scale Machines that would help you do so at the comfort of your home anytime and anywhere. The weight scales that we are going to mention here in our listing are all portable units, which might easily be taken along with you wherever you want to. All the users who are on a look out for some budget weighing machine would easily be able to find one out here that would certainly help them monitor their body weight if they are on a weight loss regime.

So, catch our detailed and comprehensive reviews, which are going to help you in taking the best decision so as to which weight scale machine you must opt for your home. Further, we are going to provide you with the price list as well, which has been aimed basically at the users who want a budget weight scale for using at home.

How to Choose the Best Weight Scale Machine for Home Usage?

An appropriate weighing machine assists you to measure the precise body weight or the weight of any other item. These days, the weigh scales are utilized for numerous tenacities at a house. The finest weighing machine might be selected only by bearing in mind definite aspects. We are going to provide you with a few tips which are going to assist you in selecting the best weighing machine for using at home.


The exactness of the weighing machine is very significant. The weight of the item being measured should be according to the precise weight of the product. The analog weigh machines might be avoided, since they are going to not provide the correct measurement.

The digital weighing scales are now really prevalent among the customers since it provides the correct measurement. Initially, you have to choose the extreme weighing capacity you require to measure by using your weight scale machine.

Prior purchasing, you need to measure a few items by putting them on the machine. In case it doesn’t display the precision or it doesn’t reorganize to zero then your machine isn’t an ideal one.

Weight Range

Further, you need to check the weighing range of the machine. This is going to assist you to obtain the precise measurement. The display of the weighing machine must be tested appropriately. The screen of the weigh machine is really essential since it provides you with the weight. So select the machine having the best display. Check if it displays the precise totaling of the weight and evident to see it for yourself.


You must select a weighing machine for your house, which is handy or portable. The smaller weigh scales are going to be stress-free for you to transport wherever you like to. So select the portable weighing machines. The pocket digital scales available in the market are desirable for you.

Since it is transportable, it is stress-free for you to install it anywhere else in your house. The pocket digital weigh scales are really small in size. The people generally utilize the weighing machines inside the kitchen.

This isn’t going to provide you with the appropriate weight as a few machines may not be profound to the grams. Ensure that the machine which you select is stress-free to take anyplace.


The price tag of the weighing machine relies on the size & style. The quality of any weighing machine is really significant while associating it with its price tag. The weighing machine that is costly and come with a decent quality is going to last for several years.

It further assists you to save you a lot of money. The low-priced machines are going to have smaller lifespan. On the other hand, you need to be cautious about the value of the weighing machine so that you don’t opt for the sellers who market inexpensive products for a higher margin.


There are many kinds of weighing machines. The kinds are categorized by the style and the size of the machines. In case you choose to purchase a machine for your house, then you need to select the best one. Go for the ideal style and size of the weigh scale that matches the needs of your house.

Purchasing handy and digital weighing scale machine is going to be supportive to weigh any article in your house. It is owing to the fact that it provides easy and precise measurement. Furthermore, in case the size is transportable, you might be able to place them somewhere else inside your house.

Best Weight Scale Machines in india- Reviews

ZAAP(USA) FIT-1 Digital Personal Weighing Scale

The Zaap FIT-1 Weight Scale Machine is an exceptional light in weight scale, which has been made up of tempered glass for prolonged existence and assists you in remaining fit in the lifestyle of today. This weighing machine is really durable, ultra slim, resistant to cracks & breaks, and is capable of withstanding any sort of thermal breaking. It comes with high accuracy sensors and is really easy to operate with the auto recognition expertise. There further are 4 distinct load sensors at every single corner to provide you with the utmost precision.

best weight scale online



  • Made up of tempered glass for durability and longer usage
  • Offers a pretty easy operation and auto-recognition technology
  • Saves a lot of power owing to the step on/off technology and long-standby
  • Provides consistent and precise measurements with the 8mm thick glass
  • Comes with a large royal blue LED light display for ease of reading
  • 4 load sensors on the scale to provide you with the utmost accuracy

Equal Personal Electronic Digital Weighing Scale

Equal is a forerunning brand as far as the digital weighing scales are concerned. This weighing scale offers a weighing range of 180 kg with the top-most accuracy of near about 100 grams. It comprises of the auto on /off feature and offers you with the low battery warning. The size of the platform is sufficiently large to easily accommodate any individual and the big LCD display to provide enhanced readability. The digital weighing scale is your tracking buddy for your health regime. With this technology, this scale provides the reliable exactness you require to bump into your goals.

weight scale online



  • Sturdy and unbreakable platform owing to the high-class fiber body
  • Comes with a pretty large platform with an easily readable LCD display
  • The automatic on/off feature helps in extending the battery life
  • Provides you with the immediate readings as soon as you step on the scale
  • Equipped with the high-precision sensors for weighing up to 180Kg
  • Comprises of 4 rubber feet in the corner to provide stability

Hoffen Digital Elecronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale

This digital weighing scale from the range of Hoffen is a really lightweight and compact model, which is going to provide you with the most accurate measurement. With the high-precision strain gauge sensor system, you may be able to measure the weight of the smallest article you have on your mind. This weighing scale comes with a strong bearing platform, which won’t breakdown with heavy loads. The large LED display of the scale is pretty readable and provides you with the low battery indication as well. The overload indication further enables you to keep your weighing scale safe.

best weight machine



  • Comprises of high-precision sensors for accurate weight readings
  • Comes with a strong bearing platform for weighing the overweight people
  • Offers an auto-zero power off functionality that saves a lot of power
  • The low battery indication notifies you to charge the weigh scale or change battery
  • Provides you with an overload indication so that the it doesn’t breakdown
  • Portable weighing scale which may be placed anywhere in the house

HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Personal Scale

The HealthSense PS 126 Personal Scale, which has been made up of plastic, hence lightweight and turns it convenient to track down your weight during a fitness regime. It is a very user-friendly weigh scale, which comes with the “Step-On” technology to provide you with speedy, easy-to-read weights. It comes with 4 precision sensors to deliver you with an exact measurement every single time you step on the weigh scale's steady platform. If you want to get back into a decent shape, this HealthSense Personal Scale PS 126 is a reasonably priced way out for keeping pace with the weight managing objectives.

best weight scale machine



  • The weigh scale works pretty smartly and seamlessly anywhere
  • Calibration of the scale takes place instantaneously & no tapping required
  • Comes covered with a 1-years warranty on the product for convenience
  • The ultra-lite comes handy with the 2 ready to use AAA batteries
  • Provides a low battery indication when you need to change batteries
  • Really energy-efficient as it gets switched off automatically when not in use

Venus EPS 9999 Ultra Lite Personal Electronic Digital LCD Weight Machine

This contemporary and stylish weighing scale from Venus is a super-lightweight machine for weighing your body weight anytime and anywhere. It comprises of a G-sensor for providing you with the highest accuracy as and when you measure your body weight. With the sense on technology, this weight scale saves you a lot of energy as the machine turns on and off whenever you get on or off the platform respectively. With the weight range of 5-180Kg, you get the freedom to weigh from the smallest to the biggest objects on this steady and compact weighing scale.

best weight scale



  • Super lightweight makes it a lot easier to transport from one place to another
  • Comprises of a G-sensor to provide you with the best and accurate results
  • With Sense On technology, turns on only when you step on the platform
  • Comes with an easy-to-read LCD display with backlight for convenience
  • Product has been covered with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Offers amazing functionality with changing units and extended weight range

Personal Recommendation

With the end in the overall review process, now it would be really easy for our users to choose from the above-provided best weight scale machines as per their need and requirement. The weighing scales that we have listed down here are the best models since they provide you with the best specifications as well as a profound functionality. These weigh scales might be used for measuring the weight of smaller products and may further measure your weight as well. Every single weighing machine that we have reviewed, comprise of a display with which reading the weight tends to become really easy.

In case, if there are a few users or customers who are still aren’t able to come to a decision so as to which weight scale machine they must opt for, then they must readily go with our personal suggestion to get the best deal both online or offline. The weight scale machine that we are going to recommend to our customers is the Equal Personal Electronic Digital Weighing Scale, which comes in with some of the best specifications and features as compared to the other options available in the market.

weight scale online


Apart from all that, with this personal weigh scale from Equal, you get the precision as well as the accuracy that you particularly require when you are on a health or fitness regime or even if you want to monitor your weight on a daily basis. The scale further comes with a high-quality fiber body, which turns it really durable and also unbreakable in the longer run. If you use it as a bathroom scale, you need not to worry about it skidding since it comprises of 4 rubber feet on the corners to keep the weighing scale where you want it to be. So, in the end, what you get is a really accurate, lightweight, and compact weighing machine with the best features and specifications.

What are the Different Kinds of Weight Scale Machines?

Based on the type of technology used for weighing, there are 3 different kinds of weighing scales available on the market:

Analog Weighing Scale

This kind of weighing scale is the customary form of weight scale machine. These are really cheap as far as the price is concerned and provide the readings on the dial. These weight scales are available in a diverse capacity such as 150kg, 120kg, 100kg, etc. Using these is pretty artless and the body is a bit on the heavier side.

In such weighing scales, the 0.5kg error is probable relying on the angle of reading since, offerwith different angle of view, these offer different measurement. Analog weight scales are available in circular and rectangular shape having a plastic or glass body.

Digital Weighing Scale

These may be referred to as the new-age weighing scales, which are can be seen anywhere inside spa, hospitals, nutrition points, and house.  These are pretty effortless to use and these function on the Li-ion batteries. It provides great accuracy level and comprises an LCD panel to exhibit the measured weight.

In addition, the digital weight scale machines offer a functionality of memory using which we might be able to store the past readings of different people within the weighing scale and might track down the variations in their respective body weight. A few digital weighing scales are equipped with the sensor technology, which offers the automatic on/off feature. It is available in numerous weighing capacities such as 180, 150, 120, and 100kg.

Bluetooth Enabled Digital Weighing Scale

The latest and the most advanced weighing scale is the Bluetooth-Enabled Digital Weighing Scale. These provide you with the smart feature of tracking down the weight on your mobile phone on the software application. These weight scales are even capable of sending your weight measurements or readings by means of the smartphone app to the doctors, relatives, and friends pretty easily and analyze the change in your weight through the graph.

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