10 Best Barbeque Grills In India

Everybody likes to have a few starters before moving on to the main course whenever people are at a party. They do so for the sole reason of waking up their digestive system as they would be consuming a heavier meal afterward. Furthermore, there isn’t anything better as compared to a few smoked and grilled snacks such as roasted boneless chicken, stuffed potatoes, etc. But, whilst being at home, you aren’t able to get that same taste in the snacks as you got to consume at the party. The thing that differs is the apparatus in which the snacks were prepared in the party and at home.

Top 10 Barbeque Grills In India


Therefore, to help you get that smoky taste whilst preparing snacks at home, we have listed down the Best BBQ Grills on the market, which make use of charcoal or coal to get those food items prepared. Not only at home, you might as well take them with you on those outdoor escapades so that you may savor those exquisite juicy delights with your desired type of drinks. So, if you are really fond of consuming those flavorful snacks and want to prepare them often, purchasing a barbeque grill from our selection would definitely get the job done.

Editor's Picks: Top 5 Barbeque Grills In India

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The Best Barbeque Grills In India You Can Buy Today

1. Prestige PPBW 04 Barbeque

Welcome to the searing simmering sphere of Prestige Barbecue. This brand is renowned when it comes to kitchen and home appliances. So be the centre of attraction for your friends and family. Be ready for the glittery nights and the aroma of food grilled on charcoal. It’s a stylish and easy way of enjoying food in this winter season. Put your apron on and let the BBQ season began!


  • Quick to assemble
  • Coal-based cooking
  • Detachable Legs                                                                  

2. Royal Charcoal BBQ Grill Oven Set (Black, 4-Pieces, Metal)

Our next BBQ is from Royal Charcoal. This Barbecue is one of the best products available online in this niche. It comes with 3 BBQ still needles which mean you need not buy the extra ones. The package contains one piece barbeque grill and three pieces still rods. This BBQ is charcoal based and contains one carry handle. It is available in Metal and Black colour.


  • Measurement: 44 cm x 29 cm x 23 cm
  • Comes with 3 BBQ still needles no need to buy extra
  • One piece barbecue grill and three pieces still rods
  • 1 carry handle, charcoal based
  • Equipped with blow slots for extra heat producing

3. Prestige PPBB-02 Coal Barbeque Grill

As we mentioned, Prestige is one the best brands in the world of BBQ grills, which is why we’ve picked the two best products from them. You can pick any out of them without a shadow of a doubt. It is quite simple and easy to assemble this barbeque grill since it is coal-based with a unique air damper. It is portable with its foldable legs, is easy to clean, and comes with a one year Warranty.


  • Unique air damper, warming rack
  • Quick to assemble
  • Coal-based cooking
  • Foldable legs
  • It is portable
  • It is simple and easy to clean
  • The product comes with a one year warranty
  • It includes barbeque grill, instruction manual and warranty card

4. Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill (Black)

It is one of the best BBQ grills available online with over 10 years of warranty period. This BBQ from Weber is ideal for outings and camping trips. It is perfect for Barbecuing as it has rust proof aluminium vents providing the proper air flow. It comes with an in-built ash catcher. The rust resilient cooking grate is stainless-steel plated, making it extremely tough.


  • The glass reinforced nylon handle allows you to easily remove the lid as needed
  • The cooking grate measures 37 cm in diameter
  • The lid locks for carrying which lowers to double as a lid holder
  • Made from Steel and Porcelain-Enamel Coated Inside and Out
  • Rust-Proof Aluminium Vents Provide The Proper Airflow for Perfect Barbecuing

5. Fabrilla Hut Shaped Barbeque with 8 Skewers Charcoal Grill

Our next pick is from Fabrilla which comes with 8 skewers grill. It is a charcoal based compact BBQ black Iron barbecue. It is available with a removable tray with a knob for easy cleaning, coal-based cooking, iron barbecue, and comes with additional attachments.


  • Iron Barbecue with Coal Based Cooking
  • Wooden Carry Handle for Easy Handling
  • Removable Tray with Knob for easy cleaning
  • Set Contents: Charcoal grill, 8 skewers, One Oil Brush (random colour), and One BBQ Air Blower

6. Fabrilla Stainless Steel Barbeque Portable with 5 Skewers Bbq Charcoal Grill

Like we mentioned, this brand is a good one to go with. Here is why we picked their two best models as they’re good for all your BBQ needs. It is a steel and coal-based barbecue; it carries spring handles and allows easy handling.


  • This Steel Barbecue is Coal Based
  • Carry Spring Handles allows easy Handling
  • One charcoal grill, 5 skewers, One Air Blower Fan
  • Adjustable Height – Min 28 cm & Max = 40 cm, Grill Size = 31 x 26 cm

7. Hy-Tec Portable & Picnic Metal Barbeque with 4 Skewers

This BBQ grill is famous among online users. It is quick to assemble which makes it simple enough to use. It comes with an irreplaceable warming rack, rust-proof body with stainless steel stick with a wooden handle. You can buy this one without even flipping through other options; yes, it’s that good. You don’t have to listen to us – go check yourself.


  • Quick to Assemble & Portable BBQ
  • Rust-Proof Body and Stainless Steel Stick with wooden handle
  • Irreplaceable Warming Rack
  • It carries spring handles allows easy handling
  • It is easy to use, carry, maintain and clean

8. Fabrilla Barbeque Charcoal Grill- Black with 4 Skewer

Fabrilla BBQ comes with hard anodised barbecue with the iron body.  With this BBQ it is easy to fold and carry. The best feature of this BBQ is that it comes with 4 skewers. For some people barbecue food is everything, and if you’re among them, then this post is for you.


  • Easy to Fold and carry, Carry Handle allows easy Handling
  • Coal Based Cooking
  • One charcoal grill, 4 skewers, One Air Blower
  • Hard Anodised Barbecue with Iron Body

9. Velkroportable Folding Barbecue Grill Toaster Barbeque


This BBQ grill is a multi-purpose product made of high quality, and is environment-friendly and healthy. It is compact with four foldable legs and also comes with a ventilation angle to keep your fire strong. If BBQ is all you think of, then this could very well be your pick, and will be a good one.


  • Open the Lid; Fold the Legs Out, mix in your charcoal and you’re ready to grill
  • Comes with modifiable height and ventilation angle to keep the fire strong
  • It is Compact with 4 Foldable Legs, just like a Suitcase when Folded
  • Made of High-Quality Material, Environmental-Friendly and Healthy
  • Multi-purpose: Outdoor Barbecue, House Barbecue, Winter Heating, etc.

10. Krevia Portable Folding Barbecue Grill Toaster Barbeque


Coming with foldable legs, this portable BBQ with a high quality make comes with an adjustable height and ventilation angle to the keep the fire on to get you the best BBQ food ever. Did we mention that this product serves multiple purposes? It is suitable for outdoor barbecue, house barbecue, winter barbecue, and so on.


  • Unlatch the Lid; Fold the Legs Out, Toss in Your Charcoal and You are Ready to Grill
  • With adjustable ventilation angle to keep the Fire Strong
  • It comes with four Foldable Legs
  • The BBQ is made from a high-quality material
  • Multi-purpose: Outdoor Barbecue, House Barbecue, Winter Heating, etc

Top 10 BBQ Grills Price List

Products Features Buy Now
10 Best Barbeque Grills In India 1 Coal-based cooking
10 Best Barbeque Grills In India 2 1 carry handle, charcoal based
10 Best Barbeque Grills In India 3 Coal-based cooking
10 Best Barbeque Grills In India 4 Rust-Proof Aluminium Vents
10 Best Barbeque Grills In India 5 Iron Barbecue with Coal Based Cooking
10 Best Barbeque Grills In India 6 Barbecue is Coal Based
10 Best Barbeque Grills In India 7 Quick to Assemble & Portable BBQ
10 Best Barbeque Grills In India 8 Coal Based Cooking
10 Best Barbeque Grills In India 9 Comes with modifiable height
10 Best Barbeque Grills In India 10 BBQ is made from a high-quality material

Best Barbeque Grills – Buyer’s Guide

In case you are prepared to join the masses of enthusiastic charcoal buffs, there are some aspects or things that you must recognize prior to purchasing one:

Best Barbeque Grills – Buyer’s Guide



The noble news for all the charcoal enthusiasts is that, for the major chunk, these grills aren’t going to put a lot of load on your pocket. Certainly, you might be capable of discovering super-ornamental options that are going to be really expensive, but the smaller charcoal grill is available starting from a really meek price range. Even the larger models incline to come with a reasonable price tag.

Size No Bar

In case you are making up your mind to purchase a portable charcoal grill that can be transported for camping or used at the tailgate with friends or family, there are smaller choices that can be ideal for you to purchase. However, you might as well catch a giant one, the top-grade models that you will be able to utilize for smoking some racks of ribs. Here we are discussing the difference amongst the cooking space of 140 and 700 square inches. Prior to purchasing, you may ruminate over how you may desire to utilize it to ensure that you get sufficient space for what you're anticipating to cook on the grill.

[wpsm_titlebox title=”When did BBQ grills come on the market?” style=”main”] It was in 1830 when Skilton Dennis opened the first BBQ business. The place where it all started for BBQ business was South Carolina, US. [/wpsm_titlebox]

Primary Styles

The classic concept is the kettle charcoal grill, which particularly is a metal ball on its legs, and the charcoal assembles at the foot. It is an economical and majorly portable choice.

After that, there are some ceramic grills, which are the most multipurpose variety of a charcoal grill, capable of grilling and smoking in addition to baking pizzas at 500°F and are the most expensive one to buy.

Lastly, there is a barrel grill. It appears parallel to the classic gas grill, curvy on the bottom as well as on the top, coupled up with a hinged top. It's perfect for the large smoking tasks.


Irrespective of the version you purchase, you are going to require dealing with the ash and accumulation, so whatever that turns that procedure somewhat easier is going to be comfortable. Be particularly cautious of minor grills that you require flipping over to unload — you could discover you're utilizing your charcoal grill as small as probable to evade a headache.

Best Barbeque Grills – Buyer’s Guide


Key Add-Ons

Setting up your charcoal grill on fire might be somewhat complicated. On the market, there would be some charcoal grills that comprise minor propane panels at the foot to assist you in getting the coal to light, which could come in accessible on those days whilst you don't desire preparing the dinner into a making and desire speeding up the procedure.

Perhaps you might obtain a charcoal chimney. It isn’t costly and is a quick, nimbler fluid-free method to make the charcoals hot. You require filling this deep metallic cylinder using charcoal and position it over your grill, and utilize the lighter cubes or newspaper to make that charcoal hot. Furthermore, you need to transfer those scorching coals to the grill and start the cooking.

Still looking for some extras worth purchasing? You may buy the surface thermometer for your charcoal grill. All from the manner in which the charcoal is scorching to the spot, it's into the breeze might disturb the temperature.

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Where did the name barbecue come from?” style=”main”] It comes from the word “barabicu” from Caribbean Island natives. [/wpsm_titlebox]

Charcoal Grills – Important Notes

In case you own or rent a home having a wooden floor where you perform a majority of your grilling, the charcoal grills might not be acceptable. The hovering ash and enormously high heat might give rise to a fire danger.

The gas grills have substituted the charcoal varieties like a year-round basic, so in case you're preparing to purchase one, you would need to get purchasing! In case you do desire waiting and scope the deals, act quickly whilst you perceive them pointed out since they might not be kept inside the store afterward in the summer (even though you may still be able to get them online).

Personal Recommendation

In the post above, we've provided all the analyses and reviews that our users require so they can make nothing but a smart and effective decision while buying the best barbecue grill available on the market. With this detailed analysis, you should be capable of choosing the best BBQ grill for your kitchen. In case still there are some users which aren't able to decide from this post, then we would like to offer them a reliable and effectual suggestion.

Our personal recommendation is this one:

This BBQ grill from Weber Smokey offers BBQ cooking ability at an affordable price and yet is of high quality. Furthermore, this BBQ has been offered a 4.3 star Amazon rating which tells that it is pretty famous among the customers and is dependable. We ourselves rate it as high if not more. So you can opt for this one without any worries. Happy BBQ grilling!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I turn the BBQ grill on?

There should be an igniter or a valve. If not, light the stove with a fireplace match or a lighter wand to turn it on.

2. I am on a low budget. Should I buy a small BBQ grill?

You can. Many small BBQ grills give very good service. However, do keep in mind that many large ones are also not that expensive. So, think about your budget and your requirements.

3. How do I clean a BBQ grill?

Soap is good. Use a soapy rag and clean the external grills. Be sure to wipe the soap off with a rag and then let it dry.

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A Final Word

Is there anyone on the planet who doesn't like barbeque? We don't think so. If you know someone who doesn't enjoy BBQ, then introduce them to it! They are bound to like it then. Why not invite those non-BBQ friends to have some BBQ grill with you?!