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SpyHunter: Best Malware Removal Software Review

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Table of Contents

With the surge of cyber-attacks across the globe along with identity theft and other attacks related to internet use. There is no better time to adopt additional preventive and safety measures that are one step ahead of today’s malware threats. Enigma Software's SpyHunter is exactly what you’re looking for. It is an advanced spyware and malware detection and removal software program. This software offers full protection, detection, and removal of the toughest rootkit infections.

SpyHunter: Best Malware Removal Software Review 1

The best thing about this software is that it is total value for money. It pretty much gives you what you pay for, unlike free software. Though there are few exceptions available most of them don’t give you features and constancy that you need – exclusively when it comes to spyware and virus software. When it comes to your data and information go for quality software. Adding quality software is like adding value to your safety measures.

Enigma software is constantly updated innovative definitions as new spyware and malware programs. They have panel of people to help you out in a situation where you can’t fix a problem on your PC.

Let’s take a look at the additional features that Spyhunter has to offer.

Free Scan

Spyhunter gives you a free scan and offers detailed report on any found malware on your system with cost you a single penny. You can opt for a quicker scan instead of always going for a full scan. You can pick specifically your files and rootkits which need scanning.

Scan exclusion

You can completely exclude the files which spyhunter has identified as safe ones or legit ones from being scanned over and over in the future.

Rollback removed items

Another great feature of spyhunter is the ability to retrieve a file that is deleted by the program. In case, you accidently deleted an important file then you can get it back.

Ease of Use

Spyhunter is fairly simple and easy to use especially with great features like scan guard, help desk, settings and a lot more. These all features make the use of this program relatively simple and effective.

SpyHunter: Best Malware Removal Software Review 2

Active X protection

SpyHunter includes Active X protection feature which includes advanced Active X blocking capabilities.

 Process Control

The process control feature contains advanced system guard protection feature which is designed in way that give you complete control over the which process is authorized to run on your system and let you stop and identify threats even before they're executed.

Spyware HelpDesk

Once SpyHunter detects or identifies the malicious and potentially unwanted applications, you will be able to use the software to get rid of them. In case, the anti-malware will not eliminate the threat or threats mechanically, you will be provided with a customized fix by Spyware HelpDesk.

The Spyware HelpDesk is a cooperative interactive feature offered by the makers that allows a support team of accomplished specialists to remotely examine your computer and offer you with the essential malware removal guidelines. Spyware 4 HelpDesk makes sure that all corruptions that may be on your system, including the most complex ones, are eliminated completely.

  • Spyhunter has easy and clean to use interface. It is so simple that even a moderate computer user may find it relatively easy to use.                                                                                                                                           
  • Spy hunter helps you get rid of all sorts of spyware including Trojans, rootkit, worms, adware, cookies, keyloggers and more.                                                                                                                                                     
  • Spyhunter provides one-to-one customer support. If you come through any issue their help desk will work on one to one basis to help fix the software.                                                                                                     
  • Spyhunter comes with frequent malware definition updates. This is the main reason why you must invest in a quality malware solution. As it daily updates your computer from modern threats.

Easy Interface

Custom malware fixes – this goes along with the Help Desk feature that enables Enigma to work with you to create a custom fix for your particular problem if the software can’t quite get it.


  1. At the time of testing, removed active malware and malware that launches at startup, as mentioned.
  2. Cooperative and integrated HelpDesk remote remediation tool.
  3. Connects and runs in Safe Mode.
  4. Comes with Bootable retrieval environment option.
  5. Free scan is available.
  6. It is certified by one testing lab.


  1. It is expensive
  2. No real-time protection

SpyHunter: Best Malware Removal Software Review 3

Our Conclusions – So, Is Spyhunter Safe?

Spyhunter is an excellent tool for any sort of malware or spyware on your system. It only not removes but detect the threat in the first place. It means the makers have put their mind in preventive measures along with detection and removal.  The software is updated on a regular basis which makes it the most qualitative software to go with.

At times it finds matter that seems to slip by other software programs. And, it is a great addition to your regular anti-virus tool kit especially when tend to surf sites that have a higher odds of problems distributing malware like as adult or gambling sites.

 Spyhunter is designed in a way that allows you to stay rest assured and combat against the ever increasing security threats. So, yes Spyhunter is safe to use.

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