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Power Air Fryer XL Review: Best Air Fryrer?

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Are you someone who wishes to enjoy fried food and looking for ways to enjoy it without any guilt? If this resonates with you then congratulations we’ve something great for you. In this post, we’ll present you with the Power Air Fryer XL Review which will let you enjoy fried food without any excess oil or posing threat to your overall health. It sounds like a dream come true for food lovers. Makers of this product claims, you can use this appliance easily and efficiently without using excessive oil or anything greasy you can enjoy Oily and deep-fried food in the healthiest manner ever.

Power Air Fryer XL Review

Power Air Fryer XL is considered as one of the best air fryers in India. You can use Power XL Air Fryer for all the right reasons. And, especially for people who love to gorge on fried chicken, French fries, chicken tenders, deep fried fish sticks, or also desserts.

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  • The Rapid Air Technology used in Power Air Fryer uses cyclonic and superheated air to fry foods which gives you the same taste as deep fried one which only means that you can have the same taste and look and that too without any excessive oil used. This is a reason why there are plenty of reasons to give Power XL Air Fryer a shot.
  • With Power XL Air Fryer (5.3 QT, Black), now you can fry your chosen foods with less oil and stay in shape and form without leaving anything you crave.
  • XL Air Fryer is quite handy and exceptionally easy to use.
  • You can enjoy deep fried food with 80% fewer calories be it fried chicken, French fries, chicken tenders, fish sticks, or even desserts.
  • Cyclonic Technology simply means that Power Air Fryer XL uses six different functions with this one single device like roasting, air frying, baking, steaming, sautéing, and grilling.
  • Unlike the previous model, the XL Power Air Fryer comes with a digital panel which works with one touch panel and can easily access all seven programs for easy and hassle-free cooking with an automatic shut off and a built-in timer.
  • Inside the fryer, you’ll find non-stick easy load basked, which is dishwasher safe and is good for easy cleanup. The adjustable divider features also allow you to cook the variety of food at one go.
  • You can even toss your grill, stove top, and toaster oven if you simply place it in the oven and cook using Power Air Fryer XL.

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Power Air Fryer XL Functions & Operation

Generally, the menu display seems pretty candid and open to operate with four main option buttons:

  • The power button in the middle,
  • The preset button right beneath it,
  • The time control button to the left, and,
  • The temperature control button to the right.

To access the seven different programmed settings you need to use the preset button. However, you can manually adjust the time and temperature if needed. Though, Air Fryer XL’s temperature maxes out at 400°, though it does come with a convenient automatic shutoff timer.

Power Air Fryer XL Functions and Operations!

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I am sure with all the enticing features you want to grab this magic Power Air Fryer XL and ready to start cooking food without any unhealthy or excessive oil. As per the makers, the Fryer works in a three very simple and easy steps:

  1. All you need is to load the basket with your chosen food.
  2. Choose the cooking setting accordingly.
  3. Grab your favorite’s food from the fryer and enjoy great fried food with less than 80% calories.

In this review, we’ll cover up everything you need to know about Power Air Fryer XL to make a purchase that is informed and well thought of.

Power Air Fryer XL vs. AirWave Fryer

If you go by look and feel, it more or less seems like Power Air Fryer XL is a refurbished version of the original AirWave Fryer. In fact, if you try to visit the official AirWave’s website, you’ll be routinely forwarded to the Power Air Fryer XL website.

Power Air Fryer XL vs. AirWave Fryer
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Is there any significant dissimilarity between the two? But first, let’s talk about comparisons.

Both of these models use the same cyclonic superheated air to cook and give a golden brown, crispy exterior locking the moisture at the same time. The only difference is they use the different names for the same technology. The Power Air Fryer XL names it “Rapid Air Technology” while AirWave’s call it “Turbo AirWave Action” which one of the same things if you delve deeper.

In simple terms, the level of cooking and the performance delivered is nearly same.

When it comes to design, it fryer looks sleeker and is available in two colors and three different sizes according to the requirement. While on the flip side AirWave is available in only two sizes.

Bonus Tip

Are you interested in cooking chicken in your Air Fryer the way it is shown in commercials? You’ll need to buy in the latest model and you can order as per your requirement.

Power Air Fryer XL Bonus Tip

When it comes to functionality, the Air Fryer seems to denote a fairly big update. Why?  It now also features a digital panel with 7 different one-touch sensors preset option and a patented air chamber with a copper non-stick dishwasher safe basket.

Is Air Frying the Same as Traditional Frying?

Is Air Frying the Same as Traditional Frying?

Before making any statement on whether air frying is same as traditional frying. We must get into how it actually works on the interior. If you go the official website of Power Air Fryer XL’s it describes the superheated air for great crispy fried food without adding any extra oil which increases fat and calories.

Since you’re not cooking or deep frying in the air fryer in any oil or fat so in reality no frying is involved. However, various reviews mentioned that the device is a combo of fan-forced hot air and a grill plate to heat food through. Which when comes to effect looks like a very small fan- forced that resides on your bench with a pull basket for the food.

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Do you know how a convection oven works?  This oven features fans which circulate hot air around the food.  And, simply vents out which provides faster results.  

In a real way, air fryers use the similar concept to cook food, just in a smaller cooking area with higher speed fans.

That being said, if you’re expecting the exact same results as deep frying gives or traditional one then you might end up disappointing yourself. But whatever you get from air fryer is healthy and with less to no oil.

The other thing is air fryer works best with pre-fried foods like frozen foods, chicken, fish sticks, chicken wings etc.


Firstly, if you go with pre-fried or packaged food and use them in Air Fryer and consume them there is no health benefit that comes along it is zero to insignificant.

Secondly, air fryers are basically just overvalued countertop convection ovens. So, if you’re looking for the exact same taste as your home-cooked chicken then you’re in disappointment. In reality, you might not be pleased with the results.

Didn't find it to be a suitable choice for yourself? We have also reviewed Air Fryers from Kenstar and Philips. You can check them out and see if those are the ones you find to be good enough for your home!

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