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Air Cooler Buying Guide – All you need to know!

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Do you want to buy an air cooler for the coming summer season? Today, we are going to review all the kinds of Air Coolers from which you might get a clear idea about which is the best air cooler. Following this review, you will easily distinguish so as to which air cooler you must buy for your household as per your need and requirement. The listing comprises of Desert Coolers, Personal Coolers, Tower Coolers, and the Window Coolers.

Going through this comprehensive review, the thing that you are going to recognize, are the specifications as well as the features that every single type of cooler has on offer. Further, we are going to discuss the difference in between an Air Conditioner and an Air Cooler. So, read on and get all the pre-requisites that you need before buying an air cooler from the market.

What is an Air Cooler?

An air cooler, which is further recognized as, the swamp cooler, evaporative cooler, wet air cooler, and the desert cooler, makes use of the hot air present inside the room along with the water so as to generate cooler air. It makes use of the evaporating procedure so as to create the cool air, receiving the title as evaporative cooler. The evaporative cooling technique works the enthalpy of vaporization of water, where the hotness of the dry air might be plunged by placing it through conversion of the water into water vapor.

The arrangement supplies water in to the wet absorptive pads present on the sides. There is a fan, which is utilized to propel the water via the absorptive pads that chills the air by turning it moister and then throws it into your room. An air cooler makes use of lower energy since it only comprises of 2 major machineries which require power, which are namely the fan and the water pump. It further requires a continuous stream of water; amid 3-10 gallons of water so as to retain the moisture in the pads and hence cool down the hot air.

What are the Kinds of Air Coolers on the Market?

While you hit the market to buy an air cooler for your house or office, you might perceive loads of options that often confuse or daze you whilst making a decision. Thus, here we are going to tell you about the Types of Air Coolers and the Best Air Coolers out of those categories that you may opt to purchase as per your need may be. So, here we go:

Desert Coolers

These are the bigger air coolers, which are intended for large rooms. The water storage capacity that they offer is near about 40 Liters or above and comprises of the caster wheels to assist in moving them from one place to another. Apart for the rooms, the desert coolers are really appropriate to use outdoors as well.

Key Features

  • Really productive for really and dry weather conditions
  • Comprises of higher water storage volumes for longer operation
  • Work pretty amazingly when the operation hours are long
  • The downside of these coolers is that they occupy more space

Best Desert Coolers in India

Cello Osum+ 50-Litre Desert Air Cooler

This air cooler is never let you feel the heat this summer. All you need doing is to purchase the Cello Desert Coolers, which is really dominant but don’t consume a lot of power as they are really operational and effectual in the majority of scorching summer heat but munch the minimal amount of energy. It comprises of the oscillating louvers together with the turbo cooling option to give provide you with the end-to-end cooling. You are going to get every single bit of this at an extremely low noise level that provides you that undisturbed and sound sleep.

best personal coolerAir Cooler Buying Guide - All you need to know! 1



  • Offers a really dominant air delivery rate at 5000m3/hour
  • It is appropriate to be used both inside as well as outside the house
  • Consumes so minimal energy; hence can also work on an inverter
  • Provides you with the convenience of a remote control as well
  • The low wattage consumption keeps those energy bills down
  • Comes with a 50-liters water tank with an inbuilt low level indicator

Crompton Ozone 75L Desert Air Cooler

Crompton is a brand that has in recent times become the one of the most prevalent electronic appliances brand on the Indian market. From its wide-range of desert cooler, comes this 75-liter gem named the Crompton Ozone. This desert cooler is ideal for any room or space with an area close to 550 Sq. Ft. At a power of 190W, it consumes really less power and keeps the energy consumption rate really down as compared to other models available in the market. When you buy this air cooler from Crompton, you are offered a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product.

best personal coolerAir Cooler Buying Guide - All you need to know! 1



  • Provides you with an ample water storing capacity at 75-Liters
  • Comes equipped with effective honeycomb cooling pads
  • Offers a really dominant air delivery rate at 46000m3/hour
  • At 190W, the air cooler consumes very less power in comparison
  • Comes in a pretty sleek and stylish design to match your interiors
  • Covered with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product

Personal Coolers

This type of air coolers are really small, compact, and portable units, which might be positioned near your sofa or the dining area or table since they are basically intended to cool-down smaller areas and spaces inside you room.

Key Features

  • Personal Coolers consume even less energy in comparison
  • These work on lower noise levels as compared to the desert coolers
  • They consume lesser space since intended for smaller spaces only

Best Personal Coolers in India 

Bajaj DC2015 Digital 43L Personal Air Cooler

From the wide selection of Bajaj Air Coolers, comes this Bajaj DC2015 Personal Air Cooler with a 43-Liters water tank storage capacity for longer working hours. This personal air cooler is ideal for the rooms or spaces under the area of 600 Sq. Ft. It imparts an amazing cooling performance owing to the wool wool cooling media, effortlessly detachable pads, and the 3-side cooling pads for augmented cooling environment. For transporting the cooler from one place to another, this personal cooler comes with castor wheels to make the process easy.

best cooler onlineAir Cooler Buying Guide - All you need to know! 1



  • Compact and stylish personal cooler to match your requirement
  • Comprises of a 43-liters water tank storage for longer operation
  • Appropriate for spaces under the area of 600 Sq. Ft. for best experience
  • Comes with the 3-side cooling pads for superior cooling performance
  • Offers the rolling castor wheels for easy transportation inside the house
  • Powerful cooling with 4-way air deflection and 3-speed control

Singer Atlantic 20L Personal Room Cooler

For all those people who desire to cool down only a small room or space in no time, the Singer Atlantic Personal Room Cooler has been specifically designed for you all. This personal air cooler comes in with a water tank capacity of 20-liters, which is ample for cooling a small space for duration of around 7-8 hours straight. At a power consumption of 130 watts, this air cooler helps you in diminishing the energy bills that you get on monthly basis. It provides you with the air flow of your desire with the 3-speed levels or controls so that you may get utmost relaxation.

best cooler onlineAir Cooler Buying Guide - All you need to know! 1



  • Suitable to cool only a small space or region inside your room
  • Consumes really less power as compared to the other models
  • Comes with a water level window and drain plus for easy cleanup
  • Easy to move the air cooler owing to the 4-castor wheels at the bottom
  • Comprises of 3 distinct speed levels for furthermore convenience
  • Provides you a water tank capacity of 20L which is ample for small rooms

Tower Coolers

This kind of air coolers are slimmer, sleek, and offer superior aesthetic appeal that overall augments the whole appearance of the room in which you install this cooler.

Key Features

  • These air coolers offer high portability owing to their tower design
  • They need very less maintenance and are easy to cleanup
  • The tower coolers can be installed anywhere as they occupy minor floor space

Best Tower Coolers in India

Cello Tower 15L Tower Air Cooler

The Cello’s range of personal coolers is the ideal solution – for the cooling the indoor settings. These coolers comprise of the influential blowers along with the Turbo Cooling arrangement, high effective air delivery with automatic swing, enhanced honey comb cooling pads to revel in the most calming time. It further contains an ice chamber that might be jam-packed with ice cubes for quicker cooling performance. The low energy consumption as well as the inverter compatibility turns them into the most budget pleasant personal coolers.

best tower cooler onlineAir Cooler Buying Guide - All you need to know! 1



  • Comes with a 15-Liters capacity for a good night’s sleep
  • Dominant large size power cooler with international styling
  • Comprises of effectual honeycomb cooling pads for utmost comfort
  • Water inlet on top and side for convenient loading of water
  • Offers the inbuilt castors for easy transportation in the house
  • Powerful air delivery and 3-speed motor for soothing comfort

Singer Liberty Mini 20-Litre Tower Cooler

Singer is a brand that offers a real-wide range of air coolers that provide you with a water level window for keeping an eye on the level of water. It comes in with an ABS body for lasting durability, castor wheels for stress-free transportation, and contemporary and chic front together with horizontal louvers. It provides you with an air delivery rate of 1600 Cubic m/hour and comes with the honeycomb cooling pad for superior cooling performance. All these coolers are invertor compatible and cool a fairly large space of nearly 300 Sq. Ft. It comprises of a drain plug for easier cleaning process.

best cooler onlineAir Cooler Buying Guide - All you need to know! 1



  • Offers a water level window for telling you the exact level of water
  • Comes with a hard-wearing ABS body to provide longer durability
  • Provides you with the ease of portability with castor wheels
  • Comprises of a stylish and chic front with horizontal louvers
  • The availability of the drain plug allows you for easier cleaning
  • With the 3-speed cooling, choose the level of cooling you desire

Window Coolers

These air coolers are the ones which are installed in a window or are set into the walls. This range of air coolers is pretty similar to the window ACs, so they do not consume a lot of room space owing to their installation.

Key Features

  • Take really less space as compared to other kinds of air cooler
  • Installation is similar to that of the window ACs
  • The window coolers utilize just the 1/10th of the energy used by an AC

Best Window Coolers in India

Cello Artic 50 Ltrs Window Air Cooler

The Cello Air Coolers are one of the most powerful on the market but don’t consume a lot of power. They are really effectual in the most scorching summer hotness and comprises of oscillating louvers together with the turbo cooling to provide cooling in every single corner. You get everything at an extremely low noise level that helps you enjoy a sound sleep. It comes with an enormous water tank storage capacity, which provides you with longer cooling and that too at really low energy costs. It functions soundlessly and further keeps your space at a pleasing, calming temperature.

best cooler in indiaAir Cooler Buying Guide - All you need to know! 1



  • Dominant cooler built with international standards
  • Comes with a 50-Liters water tank capacity for longer working
  • Comprises of a powerful 18-inch fan blade for amazing air delivery
  • These air coolers are inverter compatible owing to low energy consumption
  • Provides a really influential all-around cooling performance
  • Appropriate for using in large halls, office cubicles, and banks

Symphony Window 51-Litre Air Cooler

In case you want an air cooler that is going to offer you with dominant air cooling performance along with low power consumption, then this Symphony 51-Liters Window Air Cooler will be the best option you may come across. This air cooler comes with an inbuilt float valve for automatic water refill and works readily on the power supplied by inverters as well. It offers a really dominant air throw with auto swing to provide cool air in every single corner. It comprises of a larger pad area for superior cooling and easier removal of side grills for cleaning.

best coolers in indiaAir Cooler Buying Guide - All you need to know! 1



  • Works on 160W of power to diminished energy bills
  • Offers pretty amazing and powerful air delivery rate with automatic swing
  • Compatible with inverters owing to less energy consumption
  • The larger pads help vaporize more amount of water for superior cooling
  • Comprises of 51-Liters of water tank capacity for longer working
  • The side grills are easily removable for simple cleanup process

Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner – Comparison Chart

ConsiderationsAir CoolerAir Conditioner
Capital CostLowHigh
Indoor Air QualityFresh, filtered cool airRe-circulated dry air
Cooling AgentsWaterRefrigerants/Coolants
MaintenanceSimple & Cost-EffectiveComplex & More Expensive
UsageIndoor & OutdoorIndoor only
EmissionsEnvironment-friendlyHigh carbon emissions
Weather ConditionsDon’t perform optimally in humid conditionsFunction well all round the year

What is the Storage Capacity You Get with Specific Sizes of Air Cooler?

On the market, with every single air cooler size option, you get a corresponding storage tank capacity to fit in. Therefore, here we would be providing you some info about the same.

Air Cooler Buying Guide - All you need to know! 9

In the small air coolers, you generally tend to get 15-Liters of water tank capacity corresponding to an area size of around 15m2.

In the mid-ranging air coolers, the storage capacity that is offered is near about 25-Liters, coupled up with a size of 28m2 or above.

Considering the larger air coolers, with the area size of around 57m2, the customers get a water storage tank capacity of 40-Liters or above.

Within the range of very large air coolers, you tend to get a storage water tank capacity of about 55-Liters and above corresponding to a hefty area size of 80m2.

Best Air Coolers – Humidity & Temperature Relationship

While we consider the different kinds of air coolers and everything else, the common thing that comes up is the cooling experience that they tend to offer and the effect that humidity poses onto their working. Therefore, below we are going to discuss the overall scenario and the relationship of temperature and humidity as far as air coolers are concerned.

Air Cooler Buying Guide - All you need to know! 10

With the increase in temperature and overall ambient heat, the cooling performance of the air coolers is going to increase considerably.

However, when the humidity increases during the months of monsoon as per the Indian weather conditions, the effectiveness or the cooling performance of the air coolers gets degraded.

Overall, the inference that we are going to get from this information is that the air cooler are most effective during the hot scorching summers and are the least effective during the monsoon months, while the humidity is really high.

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