What type of Water Heater is best? – Comprehensive Buying Guide

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In case your water heater comes covered with a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty and it’s has been providing you with hot water for 15, it may be the time that to purchase a new unit for your home. The houses with soft water availability, which might be rougher on water heaters owing to its harsh effect on the anode section, a water heater might nose-dive inside the period of warranty.

In case you haven't substituted your water heater for quite some years, you are going to discover more ranges—and extra energy-resourceful guidelines—so you must do the homework. You might have to devote more in the starting for a model that is going to help you save money in the future.

The process of water heating expanses to approximately 20% of the energy costs of any household. Since the outcome of new proficiency standards, the water heaters below 55 gallons are going to perceive a 4% boost in productivity, whilst the water heating units with 55 gallons or more might diminish the electricity bills by 25 – 50% relying on the type of technology they are equipped with.

Here are a few tips and guidelines following which you might be able to purchase the Best Water Heater according to your budget, preferences, and requirements:


A majority of water heaters are retailed based on the capacity of water they can hold. A household of 4 people, for an example, may take numerous showers, operate the dishwasher, and wash down some laundry on an average, tallying around 100 gallons water or even more. But that might not signify they require having a water heater with a 100-gallon storage tank.

It’s further significant to reflect on the first-hour rating for the water heaters having storage tank together with the gallons-per-minute rating for the ones using the tankless water heaters as that is what voices the quantity of hot water the heater might supply during a specific period of time, which is the first hour.

Following that, relying on how rapidly you're utilizing hot water, it might either turn out to be less hot or in fact cool. It is then going to consume some time to get back to its overall FHR. An expert might assist you to estimate the capacity you are going to require.

On the other hand, the on-demand water heater will not “hold” any amount of water until or unless it comprises of a secondary tank, it comes with a rating of the amount of hot water it might be able to supply within a specific period, recognized as GPM. You obtain nonstop hot water except you draw it through several sources at the same time, for instance, a dishwasher or a shower. In case you often perform this, you should consider buying 2 units.

You should not assume that the new water heater is going to fit where the old water heater used to be. On account of better insulation and other productivity enhancements, a few newer units might be broader and/or larger as compared to the older models.

Water Heaters – Types

According to the quantity of hot water you utilize and the manner in which you're getting the water heated (oil, gas, electricity), there are numerous options available. A few kinds claim to diminish energy costs by nearly half as compared to the storage units. However, their additional primary costs signify its payback is going to take some time.

Storage Tank Water Heater

These types of water heaters are the majorly common type. Since the name proposes, these comprise the insulated tank inside which the water gets heated & stored unto it is required and then arises from the pipe above the water heater.

What type of Water Heater is best? - Comprehensive Buying Guide 1

There is moreover a pressure and temperature relieving valve, which gets opened in case either one surpasses a fixed level. The natural gas models typically utilize lesser energy in comparison and charge less or even half the price when compared with the electric water heaters, even though you must bear in mind that the gas models cost extra when you purchase them.

Tankless Water Heater

Instead of storing the hot water, the tankless water heaters make use of the heating coils in order to make the water hot whenever you desire. These units are even more proficient in comparison to a storage tank, but deliver just a restricted stream of hot water every minute—nearly 3.5 gallon.

What type of Water Heater is best? - Comprehensive Buying Guide 2

Tankless water heaters might be finest for the people who normally aren’t using water for beyond one use at once—using the dishwasher or shower at the same time. Tankless models might be the best ones for the households using natural gas to make the water hot; the electric water heaters might necessitate a costly upgrading of the household's electrical volume.

Heat Pump (Hybrid) Water Heater

The heat pump water heaters get the required heat from the air and handover to water for heating. They utilize nearly 60% lesser energy in comparison to those electric water heaters. Whilst they have a price tag higher than the electric-only units, the installation is alike and profit time is small. However, they might not function properly in really cold regions and require being placed in the space that remains in the range of 40 to 90 degrees.

What type of Water Heater is best? - Comprehensive Buying Guide 3

Since that heat pump has been fixed to the top, the hybrid water heater requires nearly 7-feet allowance from the flooring to the ceiling. You are further going to require nearly 1,000 cubic feet of non-cooled space to capture sufficient heat out of the air in addition to an adjacent drain to release the condensate.

Solar Water Heater

In this kind of water heater, the roof-attached cell engages the heat of the sun and hand it over to the fluid similar to antifreeze in the closed-loop arrangement that goes to the water tank. The best ones provide amazing savings at the time of summer, turning them striking for the sunny and warm areas. However, the savings are going to writhe on the cloudy and cold days. A majority of models work a backup arrangement that kicks in whilst it is required.

What type of Water Heater is best? - Comprehensive Buying Guide 4

Condensing Water Heater

This type of water heaters is a preference in case you heat the water using gas and require a unit having a volume of above 55 gallons. These water heaters come with a tank such as the orthodox water heater but catch the exhaust gases that are normally going to move out the vent, which might waste energy. These gases are going to be blown out from a coil provided at the unit’s base, where inward cold water might be able to absorb a majority of the heat.

What are the Factors to Consider before Purchasing a Water Heater?


A warranty cover for a majority of water heaters characteristically goes around 3 – 12 years. Whilst you are usually going to pay slightly more for those long-warranty units, we've discovered that they incline to have superior elements or burners that might accelerate the water heating and denser lining for diminished heat loss. Select any water heater offering the longest warranty cover accessible.

Anti-Scale Devices

A few water heater brands promote features that are thought to diminish the accumulation of mineral scale below the tank by whirling the water. Whilst scale might curtail the lifetime of the heating component, you don‘t require investing in the fancy features to obtain a long-lived unit. You should search for a model having a 12-year manufacturer warranty, which characteristically comprises a lengthier or denser element.

Plastic vs. Brass Drain Valves

The valves are incorporated close to the water heater’s base for a garden pipe for heater draining. You should opt to get the brass drain valves, which are further long-lasting as compared to plastic.

Digital Displays

These are going to assist you in monitoring the heating levels and modify the operation. A few heat-pump hybrids/ electric water heaters allow you to fix up the vacation mode that makes use of only the heat pump for additional productivity whilst you aren’t available. The display or screen provided on the solar water heaters frequently indicate the collector and tank temperatures, together with the pressure values and additional information.

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