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How to Choose a Washing Machine – A Complete Buying Guide

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When it comes to dirty laundry, trust us there is no escape, the only way out is a reliable washing machine that simply cleans clothes for years to come eases your daily washing load. Here’s why this guide walks you through how to find the best machine as per your budget and requirements. With best washing machines make dirty laundry day a little less than that of a chore.

When making a buying decision there is surprising numbers of important choices to make. And, it varies as per your current needs and requirements be it size, features, pricing and everything that comes in between. We’ve taken a keen look at the latest laundry tech requirements and narrowed down the factors that help you make sane choices to the best options presently available on the market. Take a look! 

Washing Machine

Buying Guide, Opinions, and Analysis of washing machine 

To keep your clothes in perfect condition and properly cared for, it is best to get a washing machine that has the necessary programs for it, offering an adequate speed of centrifugation and a reduced consumption of water and energy. All this, without forgetting to choose products of high quality, resistance and with an efficient energy class.

What is the best washing machine in the market?

 When we want to choose which washing machine is better, for some the most important thing is the simplicity of operation, while for others the energy efficiency of the machine weighs more. So before buying a washing machine one must be aware of lots of things as buying a machine is long-term investment.  Below is the guide which gives you some tips when you are going to buy your washing machine

The box of the machine

It is normally divided into three departments: two of them for the detergent and one for the softener. To differentiate them you have to see if there is a symbol and if it is in the shape of a flower, it will be the softener. The largest is the normal wash and you should always use. The other, the smaller one, is the pre-wash, which you will use along with the normal wash, when the clothes are very dirty or when you introduce too much clothing.

The program

Here comes the most complicated part, choosing the washing program. To choose the right program, you have to take into account two things: the type of clothes and the temperature.

If your washing machine has only one wheel, you can distinguish the temperature easily thanks to the numbers and the type of clothes will be represented with symbols: synthetic, wool, cotton, delicate garments

Very important, if you wash different clothes that require different washing temperatures, you should always choose the lowest one. We all are different and so are our washing requirements here’s why we need a machine with washing programs.  

The spin

The program you choose may not include the spin option. To do this, before removing the clothes from the washing machine without spinning, turn the wheel to the spiral symbol and let the cycle finish. Now it is time to enter into the matter. If you are thinking about buying a new washing machine but need some instructions, with this guide you will have everything done.

It’s always a good idea to know your machine better and make the most out of it. Here’s why we’ve made this guide to get you through all the answer and solutions under a single post.

The load capacity

In this case, this expression is not valid, since a greater load capacity corresponds to a higher price and consumption of water and electricity, so the needs of each household have to be assessed and a model appropriate to the number of clothes.

The load capacity consists of the kilos of clothes that are able to wash your washing machine. It's recommended:

  • 9kg load: + 4 people
  • 8kg load: 4 people
  • 7kg load: 3 people
  • 6kg load or less: 1 or 2 people

Another issue closely related to the load is the decision between front-loading or top-loading washing machines. The front-loading, the quality of washing is much better since their washing programs are longer and also centrifuge more water, so the clothes come out much drier. The drawback is clearly its accessibility. The top loads are much easier to fill and empty, and the latter are much cheaper.

Centrifuged, Speed.

The speed of the washing machine is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm), this means, in broad strokes, the maximum number of turns that the drum can give per minute: the more rpm, the less wet the clothes will be and the easier it will be to dry them. In addition, a greater number of rpm represents a more powerful mechanics, offers more functions and programs. We should not go to lower models of 700-800 rpm; the usual is 1000-1200 rpm. Speed matters a lot and helps you save time and energy. Washing and cleaning solutions are things which are used on a daily basis and if we get a machine that offers time and performance then nothing like it.

Here’s why speed is one of the most determinants when looking at the important aspects.  

And your ideal washing machine is efficient?

The washing machine is one of the appliances that consume the most electricity. Therefore, we must choose washing machines with the energy labels A, A + and A ++. There are seven efficiency classes, which are identified by a color code and letters. They range from the color green and the letter A for the most efficient, to red and G, for the least.

In addition to choosing an efficient washing machine, there are other tricks such as, for example, selecting low wash temperatures, whenever possible, or adjusting the detergent, always using the one recommended by the manufacturer.

A good product and handy tips make for a good combination. It’s always a good idea to use handy tips and make the most of your machine, clothes and time.

The noise level

The noise of a washing machine, especially in the phases of water filling and centrifugation ends, is expressed in decibels and is indicated on the energy label. If you're fussy, you know, choose a rusty washer. We all look for an appliance that makes less to no noise and offers a soothing working experience. And especially, if you’re a mom then you know that silence is important and how less time can be taken with newborn to complete all other important household work.

The type of door and filter

Many manufacturers are developing doors of wide diameter and angle of rotation, and self-cleaning filters that make life more comfortable.

Porcelain tops resist scratching better but are more expensive. The finish in different colors is more attractive but it makes the product more expensive and often it is necessary to wait until they are available at the establishment.

The best material like porcelain ensures the good quality of the product and helps to provide the more durable product. For an end user, the long-lasting product is a must-have and when the material used is of prime quality then it makes a good lasting product.

The control panel

Most high-end washing machines incorporate electronic controls and LCD (liquid crystal) display screens. All in all, if your budget only allows for a low-end model, opt for one with traditional manual controls because although the electronic controls are more colorful, they are also more delicate and expensive to repair. We’re living in the most digitalized era, it all offers convenience and with this price, LCD control is anyway a good option.

Safety is another important aspect. Choose a washing machine with an automatic door locking system during operation and delayed opening. A safety check is always important as there are kids and loved ones around and their safety net is a concern.

 Other functions that include the most recent models and that is worth taking into account are the Aqua Stop or Aqua Alarm systems, based on the installation of a double water inlet and a leak detector that automatically blocks the water intake in case of an escape or overflow occurs, protecting from possible floods that, in the worst case, would eliminate excess water thanks to the flotation safety system.

There is a lot that goes into play than how well a machine cleans. When investing in a machine there are lots of things to be considered as we mentioned above. One must also consider what they want based on their requirements. A traditional top loader, front loader, based on their budget and with other special features like cleaning and wash cycles.

If space is a constraint then full washers come handy like in a case of a small laundry room. You can measure the same easily and see what actually you need in terms of size. Simply jot down the measures and then see what size you need as per the dimensions of the space and check that washer type. If you have a narrow space then a front load will do the justice. It also comes with a dryer option which itself is a great relief.

In case your laundry room has placed any basement then ensure the floor is appropriately reinforced for the weight of the washing machine. In such a case, you must look for a quieter model with lots of features which in turn reduces the vibration and noise during the spin cycle so that its’ not disruptive in your daily life. It is more or less your machine will be seen by guests more often than if it's placed somewhere downstairs.  

If there is a ton of wash to do which usually happens when you have a large family with kids. In those cases, tub dimensions are vital and which can range between 2.45 cubic feet up to 5.6 cubic feet. You'll find the prime capacity on a front loader or in a top loader deprived of the central agitator. And reflect bells and signals like programmable settings (so elder kids can aid do their laundry with comfort) or a base that will save your back from endless bent.

If you don’t wish to spend a fortune on the machine, then also you need not compromise much on the features. You can easily be swayed by trendy colors. For better guidance, one must refer energy guides which tell you a better way to cover the cost over the 10 to 15 years life of the machine. This is how you’ll end up saving on the utility cost as well.  

This way you can conserve the electricity and water at the same time. Front loaders generally use way to less water than in traditional top loaders machine. It helps you fill up entirely for the wash programs and rinse cycles. The user can opt for an energy star model, which eventually reduces electricity cost and water usage by up to35% individually. And also check out the energy guide labels for comparison. Though the actual cost may vary but you will get a fair idea about the same.

We hope that from now on you will succeed when buying a washing machine.

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