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TruthFinder Review: Check Backgrounds and Search Public Record 1TruthFinder is one of the best online background checking services providing instantaccess to contact information, background checks, criminal records and a lot more at a lightning fast speed. If you’re looking for a service that can pour over information from millions of documents to give you an overall picture of the person you’re searching for then Truthfinder is truly a bang for your buck.


About TruthFinder

It is a search engine for people who want instant access to a pool of information within seconds. It even gets the satellite images of the subject last recorded you’re searching for by gathering the data from government records.

The reports are delivered at a super-fast speed easy to read and comprehensive enough to gaze the true picture of the subject. TruthFinder gathers information from authentic public records including federal government sources which makes it even more reliable and top selling in the market.

With just a nominal monthly fee, It starts from Just $16/Month, you can get unlimited searches and can unravel information on almost anyone to everyone in the US.

As this service claims a lot there is a lot and it delivers what it says assured by the makers and the users. TruthFinder uses SSL certificate as well as 128-bit encryption which makes it safe and reliable to use with no chance of a virus.

The reports are generated from millions of public records available from social network to federal databases. To get more detailed information, it accesses information from your devices like phone, tablets, and other related devices while remaining confidential.

How to Use the TruthFinder Website

The user interface is quite simple and easy to navigate. To begin your search, you have to enter the subject’s full name and the state on the homepage of TruthFinder.

Within minutes you’ll be taken to a page that shows the matching results along with information like age, their current and previous locations and related information. From that page, you can get the complete report. To get the complete information you’ve to click on the “Access Report” from there you can get the other information like possible relatives and order reports etc.

As you move forward with the report you’ll find the graphic content that is revealed in the secure session.

Here’s a list of things you’ll find the report:

1. First and last name

2. Date of birth

3. Phone numbers

4. Email addresses

5. Criminal records

6. Current and past addresses

7. Known aliases

8. Traffic records

9. Arrest records

10. Social media profiles

11. Immediate sex offenders

and many more

If you’re looking for more detailed or pinned down information then you must upgrade to a premium report from standard one.

Here’s list of things you could find with a premium report:

1. High school and college records

2. Weapons permits, if any

3. Bankruptcies, if filed any

4. Voter registration

5. Car crashes

6. Possible Neighbours

7. Other Businesses

8. Assets


Is TruthFinder Better Than Other Background Check Websites?

Resound Yes!

TruthFinder mission is simple it brings out the most comprehensive, detailed, accurate and easy-to-read accurate report. And, all that is done through a dedicated team of expert data engineers, developers, designers, and writers.

Yes! Our mission is simple: to bring you the most comprehensive, easy-to-read, and accurate report possible. We’re able to do that because we have an amazing team.

The team offers innovative features to bring better results for users like more reliable and accurate sources of information and reports.

Lately, new features have been added to bring the best user experience. Here’s a snapshot of the features like data monitoring, reverse email lookup, reverse phone lookup, mobile app etc.

With a newly developed “Reverse email lookup” feature you’ll no longer fall victim to a phishing scam. You can find out the authenticity of the person emailing you.

Just like reverse email looks up they also have reverse phone lookup. It is easier now to find out the scammer or telemarketer.

It also keeps the tab on your record and notifies any changes that happen on your report. The data monitoring features make it happen. The mobile app feature lets you give information on somebody instantaneously.

What does TruthFinder do to help me find out info about a person?

If you want deep-delved information about someone that normal search engines cannot find then Truth Finder is what you need. They call it “deep web” that uncovers information which lets to reconnect with long-lost old friends, relatives, family members, or anyone you lost touch with.

Truthfinder admits that there are people who don't bother going extra mile to hide their past, and using their search application you can find anything to everything they don't want you to know. The information which you can unravel with the help of Truthfinder includes: All social media activities from post to videos, online status and activities, arrest records, felonies, misdemeanors, sex offender information and more. They also promise that your search is 100% private and no one will know about the search done on their profiles, ever.

TruthFinder Review: Check Backgrounds and Search Public Record 2


In their disclaimer, TruthFinder firmly states, they're not complaint with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), a law that permits prospective firms to lawfully look into a person’s background before employing or firing them. They further add TruthFinder is not a Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) also, which are directed by the Government. Hence, they notify beforehand one cannot use any of the information provided by TruthFinder to use against any person while screening for employment, tenant, and insurance liabilities or any other motive that falls under the FCRA.

To conclude, TruthFinder states that “the all the information that is offered by TruthFinder may not be 100% precise, comprehensive, or up-to-date” and use the information in the most productive manner as possible.

How much does it cost to search for someone on TruthFinder background check?

In their terms and conditions, TruthFinder mentions very clearly they charge $18 a month for a standard membership plan which is billed instantly upon purchase. Additionally, you’re signed up for a monthly subscription which is continued until you intimate or cancel. They also offer “Non-Standard Membership Plans” as well, TruthFinder adds.

When you visit the official website of TruthFinder, you’re offered three different levels of membership which are as follows:-

3 Levels of TruthFinder Membership

One month of unlimited reports for $16.71 per month,

3 months of unlimited reports for $15.71 (billed at once at $47.13)

Or 6 months at $13.71 ($82.26 due today)

Similarly, once you subscribe and search for the subject, TruthFinder offers you with an opportunity to upgrade to a premium report which is more detailed and deep and will cost you up to $14.95. The detailed premium report includes criminal records, old phone numbers, weapons registered, business associates, third data source and more.

With your monthly subscription with TruthFinder it also means you’re agreeing to waive your right to involve law in any shape or form which simply means you cannot join any class action lawsuits against then, which is termed as arbitration agreement. There is one negative option clause with TruthFinder services, they may withdraw money from your bank account or charge your card until and unless you take firm action towards cancelling your services.

How do I cancel my TruthFinder subscription?

TruthFinder states you can cancel your subscription any time you want. For doing so, all you need is to get in touch with their customer service at (800) 699-8081 24 hours a day. Unless you take any affirmative action to cancel the subscription they may withdraw money from your bank account or charge your credit card. This is the reason why you must cancel the subscription in case you don’t require it.

They also state that you may request for a single refund for your “Standard Membership Plan”

Though, they also add that with every refund application is processed on a case basis and can be refused in case of multiple returns for those who are in “bad faith”.

TruthFinder Review: Check Backgrounds and Search Public Record 3

Is TruthFinder Pleasing Their Customers?

Yes! The makers of this service are proud as the customers are delighted and gave 4.5 ratings and 5000 reviews on the mobile app that itself says a lot.


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    Truthfinder has been very helpful to all my daily activities, deep web searches and background checks. I have used their service countless times and they delivered. The only thing i worry about most times is that truthfinder might not be as deep as it seems, all they provide access to is public information mostly. When i needed a very deep web search and surveillance service i used rootgatehacks#tutanota,com you can mail them. They provide the best in monitoring, cooperate espionage, online forensics and many more. They are guaranteed to get your job done.

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