Top 8 Best Kitchen Hobs Online in India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Going back to the time when the food used to be cooked on the meek gas stove connected to an LPG cylinder through a pipe, we think that too was a really convenient option considering the standard of living. Today, people tend to have an inclination towards the Induction Cooktops owing to the increasing fuel prices. But, there still are a few people who have an inclination towards gas stoves comprising 3 to 4 burners be it electric or gas model. However, with people favoring modular or modern kitchen, they have shifted to Kitchen Hobs, which is an even classy form of gas stoves.

With the availability of a large number of options from various brands finding an appropriate value for money kitchen hob can be a bit difficult. Therefore, today we have lined up the Best Kitchen Hobs on the market that would provide your kitchen with the much-needed contemporary look along with top-class performance and functionality. Furthermore, we have listed the kitchen hobs from every price range so that every one of you would be able to find a kitchen hob that is going to fall under your budget and conform to your requirements as well as preferences.

Best Kitchen Hobs in india Reviews

Prestige Glass Hob

Prestige Glass Hob is one of the best quality hobs available on the market today and a perfect fit as per Indian cooking habits. By far it is the best slimmest cooktop that can be used as a hob and a gas stove. The burners provide uniform heating all around the utensils that speed up the cooking process and consumes less gas. The hob has a sleek and stylish design featuring two coloured tones toughened glass that is easy to clean and maintain. The one-touch auto ignition enabled burner turns on the flame with the twist of a knob which makes it easy to use and allow hassle-free cooking. The sturdy and durable cast iron pan supports provide maximum stability for pots and pans.



  • One-touch ignition enabled burner
  • Durable and sturdy cast iron pan
  • Sleek and stylish design introducing two coloured tone toughened glass

Elica Cooktop Hob

Our next pick is Elica, high-quality in-built hob available with 3 brass burners with other unique useful features.  It is ideal for a kitchen with compact space areas. It comes with a tempered glass surface and is resistant and easy to maintain. It also has battery worked auto ignition facet that fits on the flame with the turn of a knob.



  • Comes with 2 large and 1 small burner made from brass and coated with heavy duty paint
  • The product comes with one year warranty
  • 360-degree rotating gas nozzle
  • Enameled cast iron pan supports offer optimum support

Bosch Tempered Glass Gas Hob

Bosch offers high-end gas hob with an elegant design and powerful burners. The hob comes with a steel pan supporting exceptionally strong, tough and simple to clean. It comes with a single handled ignition, equipped with flame failure. The hob has other four different burners including a potent burner for cooking. It hob also offers 2 additional standard burner and other economy burners.



  • Elegant black tempered glass surface with side-mounted controls
  • Hob is equipped with flame failure safety device
  • High-end gas hob with powerful burners

Sunflame CT HOB

Our next pick is from Sunflame and can be used for the free-standing stove and also can be used as a hob. The hob is quite elegant, sleek and sturdy with a black tempered glass surface is easy to maintain and clean. It is ergonomically designed control knobs are easy to use and manoeuvre.



  • High-efficiency brass burners and valves used in this Hob
  • Consume lesser LPG and produce more heat compared to TRB burners
  • The ergonomically designed control knobs are easy to maintain and manoeuvre
  • The product comes with one year warranty

Hindware Hobs

Hindware needs no introduction when it comes to kitchen appliances. They offer standard quality gas hob with 4 burners specially designed ZAMAC knobs, and high-end feature. If you’re looking for best Hob then this could be your pick. It features high quality brass burner, specially designed ZAMAC knobs are simple and easy to clean. The gas hob as an elegant and chic design and comes with a tempered glass surface that is easy to clean and maintain.



  • High-quality brass burners that distribute the flame evenly around the cooking utensils
  • Speeds up the cooking process and saves LPG
  • Auto-ignition feature that allows the user to turn on the flame by purely spinning a knob
  • Sturdy cast iron square pan

Gilma GST-3b hob

This smart and sleeky hob from Glima is high on quality and efficient hob among all the ones mentioned in the list. It is battery operated and allows the user to light up the flame. It is made with the toughened glass surface, with 3 ring burner better flame control and efficient cooking.



  • Battery operated ignition feature
  • 3 sized brass burners/ Triple ring burner
  • Efficient cooking
  • Sleek design with sturdy finish
  • Cast iron pan supports


Faber is one of the most used kitchen hobs online and offline as well. You can bet on this product and buy without even looking or comparing the features. Yes, it is that good and famous among users. Faber kitchen hob comes with 4 burners with additional two ring burners and two medium size ones, total value for money.



  • Smart and sleek design
  • Features 2 ring burners and 2 medium ones
  • Cost-effective
  • Comes with 4 burners
  • Comes with a black toughened glass surface

GLEN Kitchen Glass Hob

This one is one of the famous among users as its affordable, efficient and high-end when it comes to features. The hob comes with different burners with one auxiliary burner, two semi-rapid burners and one triple sized burner. The design is smart and classy, easy to maintain. If you’re looking for a hob which is easy on your pocket, good on performance then this could be your pick.



  • Comes with auto ignition integrated into the knob which lets the user light the flame
  • The gas hob as a sleek and stylish design
  • Toughened glass surface that is easy to maintain
  • Durable and sturdy cast iron pan

Kitchen Hobs Comparison Table

Products Features Buy Now

One-touch ignition enabled burner

360-degree rotating gas nozzle

High-end gas hob with powerful burners

Product comes with one year warranty

Sturdy cast iron square pan

Cast iron pan supports

Comes with 4 burners

Durable and sturdy cast iron pan

Furthermore hobs come with different types of burners and also support all forms of cooking and grilling. They come with modern features including alarms and timers which can be automated to stop burning and overdoing. In other words, a hob makes your life stress-free by taming the total cooking capability. We understand how overwhelming it is to find the product out of all which fit all your needs and demands. Here’s why we have come up with a list of top kitchen hob with all essential features you must know before you make buying decision.

In today’s modern kitchen hobs are an absolute must-have kitchen appliance for any modern kitchen which adds modern edge with numerous benefits. Modern kitchen looks smart and edgy with built-in hobs into the kitchen slab. It saves a lot of space by keep the kitchen counter clean and chic. Hobs work quite better to conventional stoves and cooktops when it comes to their functionality. Hobs are much simpler to use and clean as compared to free standing stoves and hobs which are more sturdy and stable as compared to traditional cooktops.

Personal Recommendation

Since we have now concluded the comprehensive review and analysis segment, we think that it is now going to be pretty effortless for our users or customers to choose a kitchen hob that would take care of their requirements and preferences whilst falling under their budget. In addition, we would like to tell you that before you make the final decision, have a look at the Kitchen Hob Buying Guide and verify if the model that you have selected comes with all the necessary features and specifications.


On the other hand, if any of our users are still finding it tough to make a choice among the options provided by us on our listing, we would like to suggest them to go with the product that we personally recommend. The Kitchen Hob that we would propose our user's purchase is the Elica Three Brass Burner Cooktop Hob, which comes in with the 3-burner arrangement and a sleek and glossy black design to embellish your kitchen’s interior to the next level.

4 thoughts on “Top 8 Best Kitchen Hobs Online in India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

  1. Ryna Reply

    I would like to know as Bosch hob has aluminum italian burners, will it not increase the cooking time? Also would like to know if single flame 2.8 or 1.7kW standard burner will be sufficient to put cooker or deep frying? Wok burner is anyways for such operations but will standard burners be of any help for deep frying?

    • Mayank Post authorReply

      Thank you for showing interest in ReviewFantasy!! We would be glad to help you out with your queries. As far as the Aluminium Italian burners are concerned, the Bosch hob produces a powerful flame, so the cooking time won’t be anything to worry about. For the other query, we would like to tell you that the standard burners are sufficiently competent for placing a cooker or deep frying. It works completely fine, but buying the one with a wok burner would be an advantage for sure.

  2. vini Reply

    which would be the best hob to buy with an indian style of cooking where chapatis need to be cooked even from the middle i.e they should not remain uncooked from the middle. price is not a problem

    • Mayank Post authorReply

      Thank you for showing you valuable interest in Review Fantasy! We would be really happy to help you out on finding a kitchen hob as per your preference. According to your requirements, the kitchen hob that we would recommend you to purchase is the Sunflame Lotus Hob Stainless Steel 3 Burner Gas Stove AI, Black, which is going to help you make fully baked chappatis in an easy and effective manner.

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