5 Best TV Wall Mount Stands In India

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These days the entertainment industry has become really innovative and has come up with technologies that were never ever thought about. The gadgets and devices in the home entertainment category are literally boundless and with India being the top country in terms of PPP, nothing goes unnoticed. Similarly, the TV industry is offering many options to the customers in every single price range so that everyone can get one installed in his or her house. But, with the flat-screen televisions, the main thing is their installation, which if not done appropriately isn’t going to look good and neither will provide the best of experience.

Whilst the TV you choose for any room inside your house is significant, the kind of TV wall mount you opt to buy from our listing of the Best TV Wall Mount Stand is just about similarly as essential. A wall mount stand doesn’t only keep your TV safe; it helps in enhancing the overall viewing experience particularly if the kind of room you stay in doesn’t possess any wall that’s perfect for center hanging. Every single wall mount available on the market may look the same, but that isn’t actually the case; there are plenty of aspects counting the TV size that the mount might be able to hold, together with the kind of tilt range that you desire.

So, go through our TV Wall Mount Stand Reviews and purchase the one that would best suit your type of TV and provides the best viewing experience to you and your family. Apart from that, we have also delivered some important points in the TV Wall Mount Buyer’s Guide section so that you are able to make a smart decision as and when you go out to purchase one for your TV.

5 Best TV Wall Mount Stand in India

Tanotis 6 Way Swivel Tilt TV Wall Mount

For all those people who are on a lookout for a top-class and really adjustable TV Wall Mount, this flat-panel complete-motion mount from Tanotis is going to be the finest product since it fits a majority of 32″ to 47″ flat display televisions. Crafted using the durable SPCC, plastic, and seamless steel tube and comes with a load capacity of 27.3Kg (60lbs). It has been manufactured having a low-profile design, which is going to help in installing your flat panel TV really close to the room’s wall. The Tanotis complete-motion articulating cantilever TV wall mount stand has been intended for all the LCD and LED flat panel televisions available on the market.

Tanotis 6 Way Swivel Tilt TV Wall Mount - Best TV Wall Mount in India5 Best TV Wall Mount Stands In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Fits appropriately with a majority of LCD and LED television sets
  • Offers an ample load capacity of 27.3Kg with wire management
  • Comes with a fashionable and dynamic design for the best experience
  • Manufactured with top-class materials for advanced durability
  • Helps you install your TV really close to the wall with low-profile design

Insak Homes Heavy Duty Wall & Ceiling Mounts

Every single one of you who are searching for a TV Wall Mount for a 32” TV, this Insak Homes TV wall mount provides you with an eye-catching method to install your TV whilst delivering adjustable viewing choices. The arm of this wall mount might be effortlessly adjusted, permitting you to enjoy your favorite shows or movies in an even relaxed, ergonomically accurate position. This TV wall mount has the capability to clutch any flat display TV in the range of 17” to 32” having a maximum loading capacity of 25Kg. This top-class wall mount helps in easily setting up TVs from a majority of brands like LG, Samsung, Micromax, Sony, etc.

Insak Homes Heavy Duty Wall & Ceiling Mounts
5 Best TV Wall Mount Stands In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • The full-motion utility provides the user with the utmost flexibility
  • Allows you to set up the TV at a distance of 1.9”-15.4” from the wall
  • Facilitates an easy viewing experience from any angle in the room
  • Matches a variety of viewing requirements with wide-angle swivel
  • Comes with an appropriate loading capacity for any TV at 25Kgs

Gadget-Wagon Universal Wall Mount Stand

For the people wanting to purchase an ultra-slim static TV wall mount can go with this option from the Gadget-Wagon, which has been designed to fit the flat-screen TVs with the size ranging from 14” to 37” and weight not exceeding 25Kg. Having an ultra-slim design, this wall mount assembles solely 19.5mm from your room’s wall to match the sleek appearance of the super-thin TVs. It comprises an open design, which upsurges the ventilation provided to the equipment and offers an informal access to the components on the back of your TV. All-in-all, this static TV wall mount is ideal for TV viewing at an appropriate and comfortable eye level.

Gadget-Wagon Universal Wall Mount Stand - Best TV Wall Stand in India!
5 Best TV Wall Mount Stands In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Easily fits any flat display screen ranging from 14 to 37 inches
  • An ultra-slim fixed TV wall mount to install your TV like a painting
  • Provides you with a neat and clean installation of your television
  • Enhances the level of ventilation delivered to your room’s TV
  • Comes with lateral shift adjustment for precise positioning

Smart Shelter Swivel Type Movable Wall Mount Bracket

Now, you will be able to keep your LCD, LED, and PLASMA TV in a position that you desire having this durable and movable TV Wall Mount Stand, which fits well with every single leading TV brands such as Samsung, LG, Videocon, SONY, Philips, Micromax, etc. This wall mount bracket from Smart Shelter has been intended and manufactured seeing the fragility of the flat-screen TVs. With a universal design, this wall mount is going to enable the users to mount their 22″ – 32″ LED and LCD TVs in a secure and effective manner. In addition, this TV wall mount comes with the best-in-class load capacity at 60 Kg so that it can hold the biggest TVs on the market.

Smart Shelter Swivel Type Movable Wall Mount Bracket
5 Best TV Wall Mount Stands In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Comes with a universal design apt for installing any flat-screen TV
  • Delivers the best-in-class load capacity of 60 Kg to hold bigger units
  • Precisely intended and manufactured considering the delicacy of TVs
  • Appropriate to mount TVs from all the leading brands on the market
  • Really easy to install and mount your TV with precise supporting holes

AmazonBasics Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

Now you will be able to enrich your TV viewing experience at home using this AmazonBasics Articulating TV Wall Mount. This TV Wall Mount articulates, extends, swivels tilts, and perfectly collapses in case of mounting in a TV center, over a fireplace, and corner installation. This TV wall mount has the competence to house 22” – 55” flat-panel display TVs and it offers all that you require for laid-back mounting. Your TV needs to possess a VESA mounting design of 400mm or minor. Its articulating wall mount keeps your TV just 2.6” from your wall that might also be extended as per convenience.

AmazonBasics Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount
5 Best TV Wall Mount Stands In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Easily mounts a television of any size ranging from 22” to 55”
  • Comes with the capability of collapse/extend, tilt, and swivel
  • Collapses to a distance of 2.6” from the wall for low-profile mounting
  • Offers the capability to hold a television weighing up to 80 pounds
  • Manufactured using heavy-duty long-lasting Aluminium & Steel

Personal Recommendation

Since we have now provided you with all the insights and description about the Best TV Wall Mount on the market, we ruminate that every single user who visits our website to find a quality wall mount for their TV is going to find one that would best cater to their requirements, budget, and preference. All the TV Wall mounts on our listing have been chosen solely because of their build-quality and level of convenience that they have on offer. Further, the people who want to make a smarter decision whilst buying one should go through our next segment that is the TV Wall Mount Stand Buyer’s Guide.

Tanotis 6 Way Swivel Tilt TV Wall Mount - Best TV Wall Mount Stand in India5 Best TV Wall Mount Stands In India 1

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However, if there is any user who is having a problem in finding out an appropriate TV Wall Mount for their television set at home even after going through our detailed reviews, they should opt to go with our personally suggested product to catch hold of a worthy and value-for-money item. The TV Wall Mount that we would like to recommend our users to purchase is the Tanotis 6-Way Swivel-Tilt TV Wall Mount, as it is going to provide you with a high-quality and safe installation of your as per your convenience.

It comes with a load capacity of 27.3Kg, which is ample for any flat-screen television sizing up to 47 inches. Apart from that, people are generally irritated with the muddle of wire that is formed behind your TV, which isn’t the case with this wall mount as it offers wire management capability. Thus, all the users who aren’t able to take a decision so as to which wall mount they should purchase for their TV, we would like them all to go with this Tanotis TV Wall Mount for the best viewing experience.

TV Wall Mount Buying Guide

At the first sight, it might appear like every single wall mount is going to look the same, but all of them come with some significant differences, counting the size compatibility, tilt range, and the load capacity. We would recommend selecting the TV prior to buying a wall mount to make sure that they fir appropriately since a few mounts are solely attuned with the TVs equal to a particular weight and size.


The wall mounts for TV might differ wildly in terms of the cost. A few models are going to cost really less whilst the others might be much more costly. As there’s a small disparity amongst a mount that is expensive and the ones that are reasonably priced, our suggestions are going to center on the models that deliver the finest specifications and that too at a reasonable price.

Brand Reputation

The finest method to scale if the product such as TV wall mount is going to live up to the itemized specifications is to go through the reviews offers by other users. Going by this method, we went through plenty of user reviews and ruminated on every mount’s reputation in comparison to the similar units. In case any TV wall mount is really prevalent amongst a majority of users and has lesser bad reviews, it is going to a safe option for buying.

Universal Mounting & Weight

Wall mounts can be adjusted in the size to hold a wide selection of TV sets. A few solely fit TVs having a size ranging from 20 to 32 inches whilst the other ones might fit the TV sets sizing in between 20” and 60”. We searched for the wall mounts that are going to fit the broadest size range of TVs.

We moreover had a look at the TV mounts having the conjoint VESA Compliant brackets. Such types of brackets are going to get attuned with virtually every single kind of TV and size ranging in the middle of 100 x 100mm and 800 x 400mm. Even then, you must ensure that the brackets offered on the backside of the TV fits within the listed specifications for the TV Wall Mount.


We solely deliberated on the movement or mobility terms for the wall mounts that were intended to move. We had a look at the full extension, tilt, pan, and vertical movement. With a TV wall mount stand that provided mobility permits you to set the watching angle precisely for your room’s setup or fine-tune it as and when you require.

A few wall mounts comprise of the arm option, which is going to help in extending the TV more outwards in terms of distance from the wall in comparison to what a customary mount could. This is a top method in case you require mounting the TV at the corner, or in case you desire to be capable of accessing devices, cords, ports or whatever you strategize to keep on the TVs backside.

TV Wall Mount Installation Tips

The most significant thing to bear in mind whilst setting up a wall mount is that you require finding some studs that might be able to support the weight of your TV. As you may not be able to see the rivets going into the wall, you require using the stud finder.

The TV wall mount needs either a solo stud or the dual stud. Normally, in case the mount has been rated to grip above 100 pounds, it would need a double-stud fitting. If that is the situation, you require determining whether the studs are parted by a distance of 16 to 24 inches. They are characteristically separated through 16 inches, but in case you’re getting the mount installed in a corner, the studs are probably parted by 24-inches. Several mounts comprise an inbuilt level. In case yours might not have, you must certainly utilize one to make sure that your TV isn’t going to hang similar to a crooked painting.

In case you’re anxious about getting your TV wall mount installed, or in case your flat-screen television is really heavy to get it placed on the TV mount on your own, contemplate on getting a professional hired to get that done for you.

Despite the fact that selecting a TV wall mount might appear forthright, it might essentially possess a great influence on the TV viewing practice and the overall atmosphere of the drawing room. The bigger flat-screen TVs might not be low-priced, and you don't require a poor TV wall mount to nose-dive and drop your entertainment center onto that floor. Ensuring that your TV is safe and the wall mount is trustworthy is really significant.

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