Top 5 Mini Refrigerator/Fridges To Buy Online In India 2018 – Reviews

Do you have small refrigeration needs? Here we are reviewing the Top 5 Mini Fridges so that you have some additional space within the best mini fridge to store your beer cans, bottles, chocolates, and other small treats separately for effective cooling.  Apart from that, these fridges have an elegant & compact design and further offer faster cooling process. The vents available behind the ice-tray also offer fast production of ice. These mini compact fridges also don’t need any voltage stabilizer to work in an effective manner.

The Best 5 Mini Compact Fridge in India – Reviews

LG 45 L Direct-cool Refrigerator

This mini refrigerator from LG has been designed to provide you the freshest and most appropriate capability. This little bar fridge has the capability to enhance the grace of the rooms in hotels with its superb metal framing.

This mini compact refrigerator has the ability to provide you the best and the most optimal refrigeration and might even stock little items such as the bottles, small tetra-packs, beer cans, fruits and medications.

Product Information

Brand                    LG
Model                   GL-051SSW
Capacity               45 Liters
Colour                   Super White
Stars Rating        4.5

Pros & Cons

Total steel framing A power plug has to be purchased
Door lock control options
Defrosting system available

Electrolux 47 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Electrolux is a brand that is recognized all over the world for the quality and variety of home and kitchen appliances. The variety of refrigerators that it has in the market is pretty wide and high-quality.

This mini single door refrigerator from Electrolux provides you the best and fastest freezing utility along with the cool pack that delays the rise in temperature during long power cuts. The toughened glass shelves further has the ability to withstand heavy loads.

Product Information

Brand                    Electrolux
Model                   EC060PSH-FDW
Capacity               47 Liters
Colour                   Black Hairline
Stars Rating        3.7

Pros & Cons

Fast freeze feature available There is no light inside the fridge
Toughened glass shelves
Special deodorizing filter

Videocon 47 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

In case you searching a mini compact fridge which is very inexpensive then you must go for this Videocon mini fridge. It comprises of 47 liters capacity and stunning silver hairline colour.

Additionally, it comprises of an extruded supporter for the bottles along with an anti-bacterial door lining which may also be removed when you don’t want it. It also doesn’t necessitate any sort of stabilizer to work. The dimensions of this mini fridge are also perfect to use it as a mini bar.

Product Information

Brand                   Videocon
Model                    VC060PSH-FDA
Capacity               47 Liters
Colour                   Silver Hairline
Stars Rating        3.7

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Anti-bacterial door gasket The fridge isn’t frost-free
Elegant opaque interiors
No need of stabilizer

Haier 62 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

This mini compact fridge from Haier is high-quality and comprise of many amazing features. The capacity that this offers is 62 Liters that is ample space for storing the small cans, bottles, and fruits inside.

Its clean back offers an elegant appearance having the condenser on the interior. The recess handles provide an elegant feel and makes it easy to open the mini bar. The fridge doesn’t have the need of any stabilizer to work in an effective manner.

Product Information

Brand                    Haier
Model                   HR-62VS
Capacity               62 Liters
Colour                   Silver Grey
Stars Rating        3.6

Pros & Cons

Low noise and vibration compressor Freezer doesn’t work well
Stabilizer free operation
5 years warranty

Videocon 80 L Direct-cool Refrigerator

Videocon offers a pretty nice range of small and compact mini fridges that offer nice features along with quality freezing. This direct cool refrigerator from Videocon comprises of an ample 80 liters capacity.

Additionally, it comprises of an anti-bacterial door gasket that may also be removed when you don’t require using it. It also comprises of a recessed in-built handle along with a door lock so no one is able to take your things out without your permission.

Product Information

Brand                   Videocon
Model                   VC090PSH-FDW
Capacity                80 Liters
Colour                   Silver Hairline
Stars Rating        3.3

Pros & Cons

Anti-bacterial door gasket The glass inside is very fragile
Glass cover crisper
Recessed built-in handle


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Top 5 Best Mini Fridge To buY iN iNDIA

Product Name Capacity (in Liters)Price (in INR)Buy Now


45  8,950 

Electrolux EC060PSH-FDW 

47 8,200

Videocon VC060PSH-FDA

47 8,490 

Haier HR-62VS

62 6,949

Videocon VC090PSH-FDW

80 8,999

Personal Recommendation

Since we have now reviewed all the products from our Top 5 Mini Compact Fridge in India listing, we think that it would now be pretty easy for customers to choose the best mini fridge for their use which matches their requirements and budget. In case there still are some users that are unable to select a suitable mini fridge for themselves then they must go with our personal suggestion.

The mini fridge that we are going to recommend to our users is the LG 45 L NA Direct-cool Refrigerator as it comprises of all the necessary features such as the freezer, chiller, and the fast cooling. It makes no noise, has a pretty compact and elegant design, and is an effective money saving choice. So, buy this amazing mini fridge from LG and be smart buyer online.

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