Top 5 Inverter AC in India To Buy – Best Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

AC in summer’s time exclusively in India it’s not less than that of a blessing. If you reside in any part of India you know exactly what we’re referring to. We understand how overwhelming it gets in summers time when the heat is on full swings. Here’s why we are reviewing top 5 inverter Air conditioners.  

Overall, inverter Air conditioners are more operative and consume less power when related to the Normal ACs. An Inverter AC adjusts its speed subject to the heat load in the room. Unlike the regular split ACs, the inverters ACs have fluctuating speed motors that regulate their speed conferring to the prerequisite. So, perceptibly, they consume 30- 40% less power.

According to Bureau of Energy Efficiency, an Inverter AC of BEE 3 Star Rating is 7% more energy effectual than a BEE 5 rated normal Split AC. Just for your information, inverter technology is obtainable only for the split ACs. While with regular ACs whenever the compressor starts, there will be a slight fluctuation and when it runs, the room gets chilly and when it shuts off, the room

With Normal ACs, whenever the compressor starts, there will be a slight fluctuation, and when the compressor runs, the room gets chilly, and when it shuts off, the room might get a little bit warm. But then again, that’s not the case with the Inverter AC, when you set temperature, after some time, the temperature will be almost perpetual, and you don’t even get to notice if the compressor is running or not.

Likewise, Inverter technology essentially aids to the moderate power consumption of the compressor. So, for example, if the compressor necessitates more, this technology will give the anticipated power to reach a specific temperature. An inverter is then used to control the power supply, making it draw less power when it extends the desired temperature. This helps brings down your utility bills and makes the air conditioner more energy competent associated with regular air conditioners.

Therefore, if you got the hang of the technology used in an inverter air conditioner, we offer you the top 5 air conditioners accessible in the market which comes loaded with inverter technology.

LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper,JS-Q18CPXD2, White)

LG is one of the most oldest and trusted brand when it comes to home and kitchen appliances. They are known for their best quality products and services offered. They are one of the most consistent, and the most competent systems available in the market. Save yourself from sweltering hot summers this season. Enjoy at the comfort of your home.                    

best inverter ac in india



  • Energy Rating: 3 Star, available in Copper Color
  • 1.5 Ton Capacity: Suitable for medium-sized rooms (121 to 179 sq ft)
  • The product comes with one year warranty and 9 years warranty on compressor
  • Smart features like stabilizer free operation, gold fin condenser, annual electricity consumption: 792.22 units/year as per BEE Label
  • Condenser Coil: Alloy

Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, Esko Inverter CAI18EK3C8F0, White)

Established in 1920, Carrier inverter ACs has a good status and is reliable brand available in the Indian market. This company is famous to produce some of the best and world class machines through reduced gas discharges and energy and water consumption. This model is energy-efficient with 5 ton capacity and is ideal for medium-sized rooms. It also offers various other smart features like stabilizer free operation, auto restart, follow me functionality and sleep mode. 

best inverter ac



  • Energy Rating: 3 Stars, PM 2.5 filter
  • The product comes with one year warranty and 10 years on compressor
  • 1.5 Ton Capacity: Suitable for medium-sized rooms (121 to 179 sq ft)
  • The condenser is made from Copper for best in class, energy efficient cooling with easy maintenance
  • Smart features: Stabilizer free operation, Auto restart, follow me functionality, sleep mode

Voltas 1.4 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper,173 VJZJ,White)

Voltas has created some of the best types of air conditioners for users all across the globe, by means of the supreme type of technologies such as the amazing self-cleaning system and a great chilling effect. There is no best time than this to invest in a good inverter ACs before we hit the peak level of scorching heat. It also features Catechin filter, LED display, Self-diagnosis, auto restart and a lot more. 

best inverter ac online



  • 3 Star Rating, 1.4 Tons capacity ideal for medium-sized rooms
  • 1.4 Ton Capacity: Suitable for medium-sized rooms (121 to 179 sq ft)
  • Smart features include Catechin filter, LED display, Self-diagnosis, Auto restart
  • The condenser type is made from Copper and is best in class, energy efficient cooling with easy upkeep
  • The product comes with one year warranty and 5 years on compressor 

Godrej 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC (GIC 18 CAH 5 GWQG, White)

Godrej has been counted as one of the favorite brands for users to look out for some of the best air conditioners at reasonable prices is because of their lately established technologies in the AC’s such as Anti-bacterial filter and the BEE 5 star energy efficiency. Save yourself from this hot summer season before it gets too late.             

Top rated inverter ac in india



  • 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC, 4.90 ISEER
  • Aluminum Condenser, copper condenser, energy efficient
  • R290 Refrigerant, BEE 5 Star, energy efficient save money on electricity bills
  • The product comes with one year warranty, 10 years on compressor
  • Smart features: Wi-Fi technology, eco/dry, sleep modes, Anti-bacterial filter 

Whirlpool 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC (Fantasia, White)

Whirlpool air conditioners of this brand are general and high in demand since of the latest technology used in the AC’s and the reasonable prices marked on to them. Their air conditioners are perfect for use as they have been established and prepared to suit a user’s necessities to the fullest. You can invest in these listed models without a shadow of doubt. Yes, they’re that sorted in terms of price and features.

best rated inverter ac in india



  • Smart sixth sense inverter technology, 1.5-ton capacity
  • It incessantly monitors the room temperature and continually adjusts the cooling to confirm optimum comfort.
  • EER 3.0 Energy efficient saves a lot of money bills
  • Assurance of longer life, modifies operations to perform under a wider voltage range
  • Designed to be 50% more effective than normal filters.

6 Things to Consider When Buying a Split Air Conditioner

Buying the right air conditioner can make your home cool in sweltering summers more efficiently and can save you money as long as you don’t know what exactly you need to look for.

However, there are some facts about purchasing a split air conditioner that you should be aware of. Consider these six things and you’ll be able to make a more cognizant choice about what unit will be best suitable for your home.


The first and the foremost step are to see if your product is weather resistant to harsh weather conditions. However, split air conditioner units are made to suffer such things with no glitches. In fact, you could ruin the unit if you tried to cover it throughout snow or rain.


A single zone split air conditioner may not be sufficient to uphold multiple rooms in your home which simply means that you may need to buy one that’s a double or three-way zone for real chilling. You’ll have to spend more money, but you’ll avoid purchasing a unit that doesn’t work for your complete household. The dual zones come with two air handlers, and triple zones have three. Preferably, you’ll want one handler per room in your household. One alternative is to get an organization with sufficient BTUs to cover many rooms, without regard to the number of air handlers.

HVAC Service Professional

Installing a split AC is a taxing process, while on the flip side, window air conditioner far more complex.

You must hire a heating, airing, and air conditioning (HVAC) specialized to install one for you. This is an extra cost that you will have to feature in when associating prices of split air conditioners, but it will be essential. Ask the expert about costs for the specific make and model you’re seeing, and make sure they have an understanding of it before beginning the connect. They may also provide you some purchasing tips during your talk, based on the cooling requirements of your home.

Tubing Purchase

While buying a split air conditioner, you have to purchase tubing. It is used to attach the interior or exterior portions of the unit, and how much tubing you need be contingent on how far apart the interior and exterior parts are from each other.

Hole in the Wall

For installing a split air conditioner you’ll need to drill a hole in your wall. It’s not always a good idea to make a hole in your wall and that too three inches in diameter. Before buying an inverter ac take this facet into consideration before investing in one.

Replace Entire Unit

Although it’s a split air conditioner, if one major component flops, you’ll need to swap all of it. Then, the unit won’t work professionally. It’s aimed to work as one complete piece, even though it’s split into two. Compare assurances as you make your choice on which to buy so you can save manually the most money conceivable if something should break down.

The Best Inverter AC Price Table

Product NameSuitable For Room SizeBuy Now


121 to 179 sq ft

Carrier Esko Inverter CAI18EK3C8F0

121 to 179 sq ft

Voltas 173V JZJ

121 to 179 sq ft

Godrej GIC 18 CAH 5 GWQG

121 to 179 sq ft

Whirlpool Fantasia

121 to 179 sq ft

Split air conditioners can considerably reduce energy consumption if used correctly, but you should take steps to shield your home to get the best outcomes. A brand new unit can last up to 10 years if upheld well.

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