Top 5 Best Hair Straightener in India – Reviews & Ratings

We all love that glossy, shiny straight looking locks don’t we? And, the easiest way to get the look is to use flat iron also known as hair straighteners. They are more or fewer life saviors for those who use it daily and in love with the neat glossy look.

With the help of heated plates, you can easily even out the kinks in each strand of hair. And, the best part about these heated plates or straighteners is that you don’t have to worry about the damage. Whether you have a bad hair day, slight wave in hair, curly locks, a straightener easily flattens the follicle of your hair like anything and any day better than a blow dryer and paddle brush alone.

By choosing the best hair straightener you can keep your locks healthy and strong without causing any damage provided you choose nothing but the best. In the post below, we’ve selected top 5 best hair straighteners for you so that you get to choose only best options from the pool of other options.

Your Hair’s Texture

Before selecting hair straightener for your hair always consider the natural texture of your hair. If you have thick or coarse hair then you’ll require a hair-straightening iron plate that heats up to high temperatures, but in case you have got a thin, fine hair can be impaired by high heat. If you’ve fine hair, shop for hair irons that offer a selection of heat settings. Digital flat irons let you select the precise temperature to escape damaging your hair with too much harmful heat.

Sleek, shiny and flattened hair doesn’t mean damaging any longer. With the overview of new tools, hair styling with a flat iron has become completely safe now. Pick one of the straighteners we’ve designated for you and look like supermodels on sleek magazine covers.

Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Temperature Control

Ask any professional stylist about the best brands in hair straighteners, and you certainly won’t miss the name Philips on the list. If you’re looking for the perfectly straightened hair locks then look no further than Philips Hp8318 with reliability and impressive qualities. It is available with two different temperature settings and is made with Keratin Ceramic plates for smooth glossy shiny hair which is good for your hair health.

best hair straightener

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Why we recommend it

  • Keratin Ceramic Coating which prevents hair from any kind of damage
  • Ionic care – keeps the hair quality intact and gets you shiny glossy hair as you glide through
  • Temperature Settings: 210°C – 190°C – the user can use it as per hair quality
  • Swivel cord, Plate lock, Storage hook, ready to Use in 60 seconds
  • Simple and easy to use, cost-effective and is affordable for college goers to working professionals

Philips HP8309/00 Hair Straightener

This is currently our #1 bestselling Hair Straightener of all and is the perfect solution for those looking for a high-quality Hair Straightener that will run dead quiet and move lots of air for years to come. However, it is a little older version of HP8318 but still contented with indispensable features. It is one of the bestseller products on Amazon India under this category. If you are looking for a simple hair straightener with the best quality and affordable price, then HP9309 is made for you.

best Hair Straightener

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Why we recommend it

  • Ceramic plates for smooth gliding and shiny hair, 1.8-meter swivel corded straightener
  • 60 seconds heat-up time to reach a maximum temperature of 210 degree Celsius
  • It also has an easy lock for convenient storage, Voltage: 110-240 V
  • One of the best-selling product on Amazon with all essential features
  • Swivel cord, Plate lock, Storage hook, ready to Use in 60 seconds

Philips HP 8643 Hair Straightener and Hair Dryer Combo

Take your passion for hair styling experience to the next level with Hair Straightener and Hair Dryer Combo. It is compact, lightweight and helps you style hair in the shortest time possible. If you are looking for both straightener and dryer combo, then this is the best you can get. It’s like having the best of both worlds.

best Hair Straightener

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Why we recommend it

  • It comes with smooth ceramic plates, built to withstand everyday use as welfl and do not get damaged easily
  • Corded device with 1.8 meters cord and 360 degrees swivel cord
  • 30 seconds heat-up time to reach a maximum temperature of 210 degree Celsius
  • Concentrator nozzle that comes with two heat settings and two-speed settings in the dryer
  • Swivel cord, Plate lock, Storage hook, ready to use in less than 50 seconds to get you the stylish looking locks

Braun ST 310 Hair Straightener

Add a modern, sophisticated statement to your looks with this brushed-chrome Hair Straightener. It comes with 1.5 wider floating plates. Manual temperature regulation is also possible with this product. It is little on the higher end but worth buying if you want a premium product for your hair. If you crave for parlor type styled look then this could be your best pick.

best Hair Straightener

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Why we recommend it

  • It heats up in less than 60 seconds to get you the most stylish looking locks ever
  • Simple to use and prevents hair damage by keeping the quality of hair intact
  • Cool tip for maximum control / two-hand operation
  • Temperature range: 135-185°C, Cable :2m
  • Featuring new model with wide plates, you can style a large part of your hair in one go, thus saving a lot of time

Panasonic EH-HV10VP62B

Now you can enjoy top-quality salon like performance with this premium Hair Straightener from Panasonic.  Enjoy the benefits of a great styling with this trendy looking Hair Straightener. It is another funky looking hair straightener for girls which is available in pink color. Flaunt the stylish looking you on every occasion.

best Hair Straightener

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Why we recommend it

  • 210 Degrees Temp, even heated distribution
  • Ready to use in 40 Sec
  • Color care photo Ceramic, 2 in 1 straightener
  • Photoceramic Coating (to protect hair color), 360-degree swivel cord
  • Cool tip for maximum control / two-hand operation

Styling hair with straighteners is a simple and effective way to tame those frizzy, curly hairs. Heated plates slide along the hair follicles, leveling the hair as they go. As with any type of hot styling, flattening hair can cause harm. Though, if a good quality straightener is used, the menace of damage declines considerably and hair is left looking smooth, glossy, and healthy. Using a heat protection product, such as a spray or lotion, extra defends hair alongside damage.

Buying the right hair straighteners depends on a number of features and product characteristics. Read on to know the tips to buying a hair straightener:


 Plate type makes a world of difference to your hair styling experience. Know the types of plates and their effects before buying any hair straightener.

Ceramic Coated

 These heat up swiftly as they’re outstanding heat conductors. Low friction between plate and hair means there’s less hair destruction. These flat plates will give you ultra-straight hair with additional shine.

Solid Ceramic

 Solid ceramic plates retain heat at a constant temperature throughout the styling process and produce the smoothest and shiniest finish to hair. Ensures even heat across the plate, allowing for effective straightening in one go without having to go over an area twice.

Ceramic & Teflon Coated Plates

Teflon non-stick coating is exclusive to Remington and makes sure the hair glides through the plates without ripping. It also prevents the build-up of designing products such as heat protection on the plates of the hair straightener which is a known cause of ripping.

Touramaline Ceramic Plates

 Touramaline Ceramic Plates combine the assistance of ionic and infrared technology for improved, more controllable hair. These plates create negative ions to help lock in moistness and expand hair condition, whereas eliminating the static which grounds frizz. They produce mild infra-red heat as they slide through your hair for the decisive high-shine finish.

Ceramic Diamond Plates with Teflon

Plates with ceramic diamond plate’s offer high performance in just one stroke with improved high even and heat distribution and better protection. This type of plate includes a smooth Teflon coating. Diamond expands the plates to give 75% smoother glide.

Best hair straightener To Buy


 Understanding hair straightener features and characteristics simplify the buying process and let the buyer make an informed resolution.

Heat up time

Time taken for the plates to heat up to the wanted temperature defines preliminary heat up time and heat up time while in use. Superior straighteners have a fast heat up time.


Straighteners with a high maximum temperature typically yield the best outcomes but such a temperature setting is not suitable for all hair types. Most straighteners feature variable temperature settings. Flexibility permits users to select the most suitable setting for their hair. Straighteners with digital displays allow the highest level of truthfulness.

Steam or Wet to straight

 These kinds of hair straighteners can be used on towel dried hair and generally made up of ceramic. They straighten hair with steam and hence no direct contact of steel plates complicated. This guarantees less hair damage.

Ionic straightening

These iconic plates produce negative ions to lock in wetness and eliminate static that causes frizz.

Far infrared heat

 In this type of straightener, hair is heated from the inside and henceforth less probable to harm the hair. Heat is dispersed consistently, resilient quicker results.

Plate width

The perfect size and width of the hair straightener’s plates rest on the buyer’s hair type and length. Slim plates are 2.5 to 3 cm wide and are best matched to straightening short hair. Medium plates are 3 to 4 cm wide and appropriate for short to medium length hair. Wide plates are up to 6cm wide and work greatest on long, thick hair. Buyers with acceptable hair can use hair straighteners with lean-to medium plates, but individuals with thick hair must ponder wide plates. As wide plates come into connection with more hair for every pass over, thick hair is straightened sooner with straighteners with wide plates.

The impeccable hair straightener depends on the budget in addition to the buyer’s needs. For a simple, reasonable hair straightener, choose an ideal with ceramic plates and adjustable temperature settings. If the focus is on selecting a model that is kind to the hair, formerly select a device with ionic straightening or far infrared heating. Consumers with frizzy hair must also reflect these straighteners. Those who travel often must consider a hair straightener with universal voltage or if packing space is an apprehension, a travel straightener.

Personal Recommendation

best Hair Straightener

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I hope with the post above now it’s easy for you to choose hair straightener for your hair styling and still if you’re confused or looking for the second opinion then go with Philips HP 8643 Hair Straightener and Hair Dryer Combo. It has 4.3 -star ratings on the Amazon and all great features that make the product a total value for money. Mark our words you’ll not regret buying this hair straightener ever.  This unique part of this model it comes with ultimate safety features which are good for your hair health. Like we said, when it comes to our hair health we want nothing but the best and this Philips HP 8643 Hair Straightener and Hair Dryer Combo is the best. Enjoy the best of both worlds with this unique combo.

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