The Top 5 Dash Cams in India 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Is your car really dear to you? Are you one of those who don’t think twice on spending money on their vehicle? Reviewed and discussed down here is a really powerful and useful device to upkeep the safety of your car in a really efficient manner. Yes, we are talking about the Best Car Dash Cams in India, which are going to provide you with both video evidence and surveillance at the same time. All you need to do is install or set them up inside your car and feel the difference.

For those who don’t know much about the device; a dashcam is a gadget that persistently records video footage from the vehicle’s windscreen. Hence, this device or gadget helps you in providing video evidence in case of an accident on the road and a few varieties also capture evidence in case of any vandalism. So, if your car is really dear to you and need to keep an eye on it even if you are away, install any one of the below-reviewed car dash cameras and let this gadget do that work for you.

Best Car Dash Cam in India

PANSIM 2.4-Inch LCD screen Full HD Car Dash Camera

For buying a dashcam for your car, you must have considered many of them and would have been dissatisfied with a feature or two. But, this car dash cam is going to be the perfect companion for your drive for sure. With the HD Quality 1080P recording, this dashcam perfectly captures any sort of an accident that you come across on the road. It has a really tiny size outlook, 2.4” TFT LCD HD, a lens angle of 120 degree, and a 1.0MP CMOS Image Sensor. The Video Resolution that is offers is really outstanding at 1920 x 1080 that is capable of capturing every single detail.

best dash cam

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Dash Camera with HD quality video recording at 1080p
  • Offers an amazing video resolution of 1920×1080 at 30 fps
  • Comes with the super-night vision for recording details of the view
  • Ideal video recording for evidence in insurance case disputes
  • Built having a streamline design to match any mode of the car

Black Box B40-C Capacitor Gps Stealth Dash Cam

For the people who are looking for a specialized and unique dashcam for their car, the Black Box B40-C is going to provide you actually what you are looking for. The dashboard camera with GPS Stealth comprises of the state-of-the-art and modest design, letting for a multitude of cautious mounting choices. This model can be differentiated from original B40 since it makes use of a capacitor rather than a regular battery. The B40-C offers supreme dependability and proficiency to function in high temperatures of about 160F.

best car dash cam

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Works in an effective manner by consuming really less power
  • Comes with a compact covert design for a unique form factor
  • Provides high definition video compression and image processing
  • Records the video footage in full 1080p HD at a smooth 30fps
  • Offers the features like night vision and automatic motion detection

Energic Portable 2.5″ Full HD Car Video Recorder Dash Cam

Even after going on a strict budget, if you want to buy a car dash cam to keep your vehicle safe and out of any sort of vandalism, this Energic Portable 2.5” Full HD Dash Cam will be the best option for you. Crafted out of top-class material, this dashcam is long-lasting and is going to provide you with seamless video recording. Furthermore, it offers HD recording and display, which provides clear images in the 2.5-inch TFT vibrant monitor. Equipped with 6 LED lights, this dash cam from Energic Portable offers night vision even in the darkest of spaces.

car dash cam

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers you with the loop recording feature for continuity
  • An intelligent dash camera with the auto-detection feature
  • Comes with an HD portable DVR with 2.5” TFT LCD monitor
  • Equipped with special components for ignition or vibration detection
  • Automatic display and device shut-down feature to save energy

YI Smart Dash 89006 Camera

Here comes another top-notch car dash cam from the wide assortment available on the market. The YI Smart Dash Camera comes with a 165-degree wide-angle lens coupled up with an advanced driver assistance system. With the high sensitivity imaging and night vision, this dashcam is certainly the best in its class. In addition, this dash cam also provides you with information such as the lane departure warning and tells you about your distance with the vehicle in front. It has also been equipped with an inbuilt Wi-Fi for single touch sharing of information.

best car dash cam

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Provides you with 1080p ultra high definition recording at 30fps
  • Equipped with and advanced 6G all-glass lens with infrared filter
  • Comprises of a 2.7” wide LCD screen with an effective 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Fitted with the YI customized chip with expert dual-core processor
  • Offers the Advanced Driver Assistance System for added convenience

AUKEY Full HD 1080P Dash Cam

For all those in need of a 1080p FHD video recording dash cam for their car, the AUKEY Full HD Dash Cam is the one that is going to provide you with the genuine 1080p capture. The 170-degree wide angle lens records more detail as compared to other dashcams on the market. With the emergency recording mode, this car dash cam records the unexpected driving incidents and locks the videos. In its class and price tag, it provides you with the sharpest low-light video capture in the darkest conditions. Furthermore, this dash cam is really operative even at the extreme temperatures.

car dash cam

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers super-sharp 1080p video with the advanced Sony sensor
  • Comes with the 170-degree wide-angle lens for extensive capture
  • The emergency recording mode captures the unexpected driving events
  • Extremely temperature-resilient owing to the inbuilt super-capacitor
  • Provides you with alternative mounting options with suction cup & tape

Personal Recommendation

Since we have now thoroughly reviewed and analyzed the best car dash cams for your vehicle on the market, we suppose that it might now become a really easy task for you to choose one according to your requirement. Apart from providing you with the security and vigilance that you need for your car, it helps you to keep a track of the nearby surroundings for safer driving. Apart from that, even in the darkest of conditions and surrounding, it captures videos with utmost precision.

car dash cam

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If, even after going through our comprehensive reviews, you are not able to make sure which car dash cam you must opt for, then you must go with our personal suggestion for the best performance. The Car Dash Cam that we would recommend to our users is the AUKEY Full HD 1080P Dash Cam, which provides you with bountiful of features that every dashcam buyer would be longing for.

This car dash cam provides you with clear video capture, emergency and loop recording feature, extreme-temperature operation, easy installation options, and video recording like never before. So, if you want a really effective and top-notch car dash cam for utmost performance, this one is the best that you can go for!


What are the features you need to consider before buying a car dash cam?

Similarly as we had mentioned before in this review, there are several kinds of dash cams available on the market starting from the fundamental features to the highly innovative specs. According to your budget and your requirement, you might be able to select which features you would like to have in your car dash cam.

Video Quality

The video quality or the recording is a really significant feature as far as dash cam is concerned. A decent quality dash cam offers a classy resolution and perfect video output. A video that is grainy and comprising of inaudible audio is going to do no courtesies to you, and this type of footage is going to be unserviceable in accident claims and insurance. You must aim to buy a car dash cam comprising of an outstanding camera offering a quality video resolution.

Hunt for the cameras, which are capable of shooting videos in HD, 720p or 1080p. A dash cam that is non HD might be a bit cheaper, but is going to end up in a grainy video output, it setbacks the overall purpose. While you hit the market to purchase a dash cam, ensure that you check out the recorded videos prior to the purchase.

Storage Capacity

As the car dash cam is regularly recording the footage, it is really significant that you purchase a camera with a sufficient storage capacity. A car dash cam captures over the first recording to retain the loop; in case your car dash cam comes with a smaller storage capacity, you are going to discover that it is capturing above the same footage. Consequently, you are going to get a really little video recording out of your dash cam, which might not be an epitome scenario.

The memory card’s size is moreover an imperative reflection to make. Generally, a high-definition dash cam will capture footage for around 2 to 3 hours while using an 8GB card before beginning another time. Therefore, an ultimate dash cam is going to possess a memory card (class 10) with a storage capacity of 32GB or more.

Size and Reliability

The car dash cam’s size is one more significant factor to keep in mind; it might be the dissimilarity amongst having loads of features or forgoing a few. A minor and subtle dash cam might not consume loads of space on the car’s dashboard and is appropriate for smaller cars. It might not be able to attract much devotion to the camera.

It is significant to purchase a dash cam recognized for its consistency. As dash cams possess an auto shut-down and auto start feature, you are generally uninformed of what the car dash camera might be capturing. You might not even have a look at the recordings up until the day you require checking the footage.

In case your dash cam isn’t dependable, there are probabilities of not capturing the video you require on the record. Ensure that you check the customer reviews on the trustworthiness of the dash cam prior to spending in one.

Installation & Mounting

Dash cams are available in different sizes that have different mounting choices. A few are fixed onto the windshield and others are mounted at the back of the rear view mirror. Inside any small hatchback car with narrow dashboard space, it is ideal to search for a choice that does not hinder the driver’s vision and consume a lot of space on the dashboard. Generally, dash cams are installed making use of the suction cups on the windshield or making use of a semi-enduring adhesive tape.

Prior you buy purchase a car dash cam, inspect which method of installation works appropriately for your car and purchase the one that is stress-free to mount and looks decent on your dashboard. A dash cam that is attached by means of the suction cups might be detached and shifted whenever necessary.

Heat Tolerance

The dash cams are installed on the windshield that comes in exposure to the sun’s heat constantly. Constant exposure to severe temperatures might cause the covering to depreciate and the electronics to breakdown.

You are going to require a dash cam that might be able to endure high temperatures. A majority of inexpensive models are prepared out of low-rating parts that are not resilient to heat.

Motion Detection

A majority of dash cams comprise of an additional feature that is motion detection, which is really beneficial while the car has been parked. Whilst the Parking Mode is active, the camera is triggered in case any impact is perceived. In case the dash cam comes with the Wi-Fi functionality, it is going to send you a notification, and you might be able to view your car and the incident online.

Night Vision

One more facility that you’d require looking at is how the dash cam functions in low light conditions. Prior to purchasing a car dash cam, verify whether it offers the advance and effective low light proficiencies and whether the camera has been equipped with the low light sensors that provide you with HDR qualities.

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