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5 Best Yogurt Makers In India

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5 Best Yogurt Makers In India

5 Best Yogurt Makers In India

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Table of Contents

Are you a true yogurt lover? Here we have reviewed the Best Yogurt Makers in India, which are going to allow you to prepare awesome and delightful yogurt at home and save in the money that you used to pay in those supermarket for buying your desired creamy delights. All the yogurt makers that we have listed down here are capable of making rich and creamy yogurt for at the comfort of your home.

So, treat yourself as well as your family members with the desired yogurt flavor whenever you feel like and whatever the occasion may be. All the yogurt making machines listed here comprise of reusable containers and washing those manually might not bother you a lot. So, choose the yogurt maker as per your need and requirement and revel in these amazing delights whenever you desire.

5 Best Yogurt Makers in India

Generic Yoice Electric Automatic Fruit Yogurt Maker

The Generic Yoice Electric Yogurt Maker is a quality household kitchen appliance or machine, which prepares the yogurt automatically and further, allows you to DIY your preferred taste of yogurt in a fresh and healthy manner. It comes in with a nice exterior with a transparent cover so that you are able to see the procedure of preparing yogurt pretty evidently. The PTC heating component that it comes with is safe and saves a lot of energy. The container embraces the preservation box intention, defends from any sort of contamination throughout the procedure of preparing and retaining your yogurt fresh.

Generic Yoice Electric Automatic Fruit Yogurt Maker Review - One of the Best Yogurt Makers in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!



  • High-quality food-grade yogurt maker for your home
  • Small and compact yogurt maker for easier storage in the kitchen
  • Import-quality product for producing rich and creamy yogurt
  • Comes with a 1000ml capacity to serve all the family members
  • The exterior is made up of stainless steel for extra durability
  • Keeps your yogurt fresh and tasty for around 3 days’ time

Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker

Now you will be able to prepare fresh and rich Greek yogurt of various different forms using different fruits or ingredients rapidly and effortlessly with this Euro Cuisine GY50 Yogurt Maker. This exclusive strainer equipment is completely BPA Free and converts equal to 2-quarts of conventional Euro Cuisine home-produced yogurt. This yogurt maker comes from the range of quality products and may be utilized with store bought and the home made yogurt. With the 1.8-Liters capacity, this yogurt maker is suitable for preparing quality, fresh, and rich yogurt for your entire family.

Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker Review - Best Yogurt Maker in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!



  • It is suitable for preparing Greek or cheese yogurt at home
  • Appropriate for transforming up to 2-quart of plain yogurt easily
  • The components used in manufacture are BPA-free and safe
  • Comes with simple instructions and recipes guide for convenience
  • Comprises of 1.8-Liters of capacity to make yogurt for the entire family
  • Prepare those DIY yogurt flavors at the ease of your home and save money

Goodway Electric Yogurt Maker

Having this Goodway Electric Yogurt Maker you might be able to bid adieu to all your problems and worries of preparing curd in all the season. This yogurt maker has been freshly introduced into the Indian marketplace and resists high temperature appliance assists you in preparing yogurt of your favored flavor in every sort of weather condition. This ultraportable product comprises of the milk bottle holder, within which you might be able to even warm up milk for your kids. This stylish and useful yogurt maker comprises of an 800ml capacity or volume and munches just 15W of power.

Goodway Electric Yogurt Maker Review - Top yogurt Makers in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!



  • This yogurt maker is resistant to high-temperature
  • It comes with non-electric parts are completely dishwasher-safe
  • A simple and compact yogurt maker that fits inside any cabinet
  • Comes with a 800ml capacity for preparing yogurt for your family
  • Comprises of a milk bottle holder and warms up milk for your kids
  • At 15W power consumption, not a lot of energy is munched

Kitchenif Ice Cream, Sorbet, Slush & Frozen Yogurt Maker

Eat fresh and healthy yogurt with this amazing yogurt maker, which is going to prepare the type of yogurt you like within a small time frame. Choose from your favorite and handpicked elements or ingredients, which you might be able to trust and are the best for your family. Using this yogurt maker is really quick and easy since you might be able to make your desired dessert within a time period of 30 minutes. This yogurt maker comes with a capacity of 1.5-Liters, which is sufficient for delighting the taste buds of your entire family.

Kitchenif Ice Cream, Sorbet, Slush & Frozen Yogurt Maker - Best Budget Yogurt Maker in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!



  • Prepare safe and healthy frozen desserts with desired ingredients
  • Quick and easy to use as it prepares the desserts within 30 minutes
  • Comprises of a 1.5-Liters capacity, ample for you entire family
  • Comes covered with a 1-year warranty for the after-sales service
  • This yogurt maker is a real high-quality, durable and trusted product
  • Comes with a double insulated bowl for utmost safety while storing

Cuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker

Now you might be able to delight in the premium home-produced icy treats at ease. This completely automatic Cuisinart Frozen Ice Cream, Yogurt, and Sorbet Maker allows you to prepare your desired dessert within a period of 20 minutes or below, with no trouble and no untidiness. Owing to its large capacity, this yogurt maker is going to prepare around 1-quarts of dessert, which will be able to serve your entire family with ease. It comprises of an easy-lock lid that comes along with a large spout so as to turn the ingredient adding process easy as well as mess-free.

Cuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker Review - One of the Best Yogurt Makers on the Market!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!



  • Comprises of a mixing paddle which prepares the treats within 20 minutes
  • Offers a pretty large capacity that may hold 1-quart of dessert easily
  • Comes with a double-insulated freezer bowl with removes the need of ice
  • Comprises of the simple-lock lid with a big spout for adding ingredients easily
  • The overall assembly of this yogurt maker is BPA-free, hence non-toxic
  • Just put it all the ingredients and the yogurt will get prepared automatically

How to Choose a Yogurt Maker?

While hitting the market for buying an effective and desirable yogurt maker, you need take care of a lot of aspects or features. Thus, we have listed down the aspects that you need to keep in mind while buying a yogurt maker for your countertop:


The overall size or volume of any yogurt maker is one among the things that you would require considering while purchasing the finest product for you. You might be able to choose from a single serving kind or a big model that prepare sufficient yogurt for you as well as your family.

A solo serving model customarily comprises of the glass jars whilst the larger model comprises of the plastic container that moves inside the fridge to store. Your aim is to enjoy fresh and healthy yogurt every day, so purchasing a big unit that produces a lot of yogurt that is not going to be a good idea in case you just have some of them.

This is just going to provide you with plenty of yogurt remnants going stale inside your fridge. Therefore, select the model that matches your consumption requirements.

Electrical vs. Non-Electrical

There are 2 elementary kinds of yogurt makers obtainable as far as options are concerned that are namely electrical and non-electrical. The electrical yogurt makers comprise of a timer that might halt once the yogurt has been prepared.

The timer is an important feature since it assists in maintaining the appropriate temperature during the course of the process.

Further, the non-electrical yogurt makers make use of hot water to warm up the milk so as to perform fermentation. Whilst these kinds of yogurt maker might be able to save a lot of electric power, the procedure might be a bit hectic.


The nice thing is that a majority of the yogurt makers are available at cheaper rates. The top-class models that offer a superior capacity and additional features would also not require you to unload a lot out of your pocket. You may choose from a wide diversity of yogurt makers and select the one that offers the finest quality at the smallest price.

Material Construction

The finest yogurt maker must be prepared out of hard-wearing and nontoxic materials. Bigger models are customarily manufactured using those plastic tubs. For your protection, ensure that the component is BPA-free. This signifies that the container won’t leak any sort of chemicals into the food material to produce a hazardous health threat.

In case you’re opting for the solo serving unit choice, select the one that comprises of the glass jars. Glass could break when not handled correctly but it’s out of any sort of toxic chemicals, such as BPA. For the external portion, select durable plastic or stainless steel since both are durable and easy to maintain.

Timer and LCD Display

The fermentation process that prepares yogurt might take near about 8 hours or overnight. For your suitability, search for a digital timer that is going to tell you about the time which is left to prepare the yogurt completely.

The contemporary models, such as Euro Cuisine YMX650, Gourmia GYM1720, and Cuisinart CYM-100, comprise of an LCD display to exhibit the timer information.

It is going to be nice in case the display comes with a back light to exhibit the time visibly even at nighttime. Search for the timer controls in case you desire to easily fix the recommended fermenting time as per the recipe that you want to prepare. This is going to bring a lot of difference on the value of the yogurt you prepare.

Ease of Cleaning

You might be able to extend the lifespan of the yogurt maker in case it’s simple to maintain. A stainless steel external frame is favored since you might easily clean it by just using a damp cloth. The components, such as the jars and the pots, must be dishwasher-safe to provide further convenience while cleaning them.


Similar to the other sorts of appliances, you can’t circumvent purchasing a faulty unit. Whether the yogurt maker won’t switch on or it might not heat constantly, these might give rise to problems in case the product offers a liable warranty. The product warranty permits you to enquire for replacements or also a refund in there is an option to do so.

Additional Features

In case you desire your unit to be further effectual, search for additional features like the automatic shutdown, date setting covers, and the thermometer. The automatic shut off function might avert your yogurt to appear over/under prepared. As this feature is going to turn the yogurt maker spontaneously, you might prepare yogurt with low observation.

Be steered with the expiration of your yogurt using the date setting lid. The Euro Cuisine YMX650 provides you with this function to allow you to fix the date of manufacture. Yogourmet comprises of a thermometer to distinguish the exact temperature while you need to put in the yogurt starter.

Personal Suggestion

As of now, you must have got a clear idea about what a yogurt maker is and what all you might be able to do with it. With the reviews that we have provided here for the Top 5 Yogurt Makers, you might easily be able to make a choice so as to which yogurt maker you must opt for as per your requirement. All the yogurt makers that we have listed down here are going to provide one or the other buyer with the specification that he or she needs.

Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker Review - Best Yogurt Maker in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


But, if there still are a few users on our website, which are pretty dazed or confused so as to which is the best yogurt maker in India, then they should readily go with our personal recommendation. The yogurt maker that we are going to suggest to our users is the Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker, which comes in with a large 1.8-liters capacity and has been manufactured using completely BPA-free materials. With the simple instructions and recipes guide provided with the machine, it is going to be really easy for the user to make any recipe whilst getting the instructions from the manual.

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