Top 5 Best-Selling Room heater in India 2018 – Price List

Started planning to make your winters comfy? Catch our reviewed Top 5 Best Room Heaters in India and make this winter season as comfortable and easy as it can get using the best room heater for your household. Buying the best room heater for your home is going to provide a nice and relaxed environment as compared to the chilly weather outside your place. The room heaters that have been listed above are the best-selling room heaters and are easily available in the market.

Bajaj Majesty OFR9F 2000-Watt Oil Filled Room Heater

This room heater from Bajaj comprises of a sturdy fan fixed in the interior that offers effective air flow to maintain a balanced room temperature. You may make use of 2 distinct heat settings using this room heater to effectually regulate the environment of your space compared to the temperature outside. The twin utility of this appliance permits it to assist as a heat convector in the chilly winter season and further it may also serve the functionality of a small fan at the time of the summer season.

Product Details

Brand                    Bajaj
Model                   OFR-9F
Power                   2000 Watts
Colour                   Silver
Stars Rating         5

Pros & Cons

Precise heat settings The heater makes a click sound very often
Noiseless operation & cord winder
Oil-filled type of heater

Warmex PTC 99N Room Heater

WARMEX comes up with a fantastic assortment of the best home appliances that offers captivation, appeal, stylishness and the vital excellence of performance merging with the swelling longing of the customers to conglomerate design brilliance together with useful performance. This Warmex PTC 99N room heater is pretty well-designed unit and offers you an amazingly comfortable feel even in the coldest weather inside your household consuming a power of 2000 watts. This heat convector further comprises of a overheat protection feature to keep the unit in a good condition.

Product Details

Brand                   Warmex
Model                    PTC 99N
Power                   2000 Watts
Colour                    Black
Stars Rating        5

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Elegant & charming design The unit consumes a lot of energy
Power-packed performance
Overheat protection feature

Bajaj Platini PHX10 Wall-Mounted PTC Room Heater

The Bajaj Platini PHX10 room heater is a fantastic unit from the pioneer of home and kitchen appliances, which is prevalent all over the world. This heat convector works on two distinct heat settings that are 1200 Watts & 2000Watts. It works as a heater in winters and a fan in the summers. The room heater also comprises of a 1-8 hours timer along with a remote control. The unit further has a power indicator light, dependable tact switches, and can be wall-mounted as well.

Product Details

Brand                   Bajaj
Model                   Platini PHX10
Power                   2000 Watts
Colour                   Silver
Stars Rating        4.7

Pros & Cons

Wall-mounted installation Installation has to be performed by the customer
International styling and framing
Comes with a remote control

Usha FH3114S 2000-Watt Room Heater

Usha has again come up with a really amazing and effective home appliance for their customers, which is the Usha FH3114S room heater. It has been designed to provide the much-needed comfort to you inside your house during the winter season. The heat convector is portable and easy to use. It comes with the triple safety features that are namely a thermostat, thermal fuse, and a thermal cut out. It also has fall protection switch and 4 adaptable heating options (1200-2000 Watts).

Product Details

Brand                   Usha
Model                    FH3114S
Power                   2000 Watts
Colour                   Black
Stars Rating        4.3

Pros & Cons

Triple safety features The unit consumes a lot of power
4 adaptable heating choices
Fall protection switch included

Bajaj Flashy 1000-Watt Room Heater

The most prevalent home and kitchen appliance brand named Bajaj comprises of a wide and quality range of room heaters that are easily available in both online and offline market. This room heater has been selected from the top-ranked Bajaj room heaters listing as well. The Bajaj Flashy room heater comprises of a nickel-chrome plated mesh grid and reflector. The heating element of this heater is very effective and the design is also chic & stylish having the grooved reflecting surface.

Product Details

Brand                    Bajaj
Model                   Flashy
Power                   1000 Watts
Colour                   Blue
Stars Rating        4.2

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Superior heating element It produces a sound and sparks at times
Chic and elegant design
Bright nickel-chrome plated reflector

Best Room Heater in India Price List

Product Name Power (in Watts) Buy Now

Bajaj Majesty OFR9F


Warmex PTC 99N


Bajaj Platini PHX10


Usha FH3114S


Bajaj Flashy


Personal Recommendation

All the room heaters that we have listed above in our review are effective and easy to use. Therefore, we are pretty sure that it would be really easy for our customer to make a choice among the top 5 picks. In case, some of the users are still facing problems or are confused so as to which room heater they must buy as per their needs and requirements, then they may go with our personal suggestion.

The room heater that we are going to recommend to our users is the Warmex PTC 99N Room Heater, which is a really fabulous room heater. This room heater has all the functionalities that a customer requires and is going to match the budget of a majority of buyers. So purchase this room heater from Warmex and make your winters comfortable and pleasant.

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