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Top 5 Best Kitchen Racks & Dish Drainer Set February 2020

Remodeling a kitchen is an expensive affair and what cost you more than anything is the storage solutions. They do last longer than any other kitchen items and which is why it’s important to invest in the right storage solutions.

Generally, the most common kitchen problems are with dish storage and containers. But to fix the problems space-saving racks come handy which are easy to manage as well. You got a problem we have a solution, all you need is to stay tuned for the post and find out best kitchen racks for effective storage solutions.

But before we dive into the list let’s take a note of things you and your designer might consider while planning a new kitchen.

Whatsoever your storage problem, there's a key to it. If you're continuously looking for an extra plug point to use the mixer or to charge your devices you can now have a pop-up three-point plug socket that sits subtly underneath the worktop when not in use then simply pops up when required.

Spice racks can be devoted to the inside of a cupboard door, cleaning product baskets can be covered underneath the basin though open plate racks and pull-out baskets are impeccable for more outdated systems where you want your store to be on the show.

Best Kitchen Dish Drainer Sets

Home Basics 3-Piece Dish Drainer Set

Add a contemporary, classy statement to your home with this Vinyl-coated wire rack set.  Home basics come with a three-piece dish drainer set that fits perfectly in any corner of your kitchen area. We know drying stacks upon stacks of dirty dishes and wiping countertops down dry after washing is a daunting chore as it is. Here’s why we’ve made this chore a little stylish and less hassle with this 3 pieces vinyl coated drainer.

best kitchen racks

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Why we recommend it

  • Moisture tray drains directly into the adjacent sink, Vinyl-coated wire rack
  • 2Tier stainless steel chrome dish drainer holds up to 12 plates or bowls
  • Dish and cup slot, easy to use and clean
  • Compact and can be placed easily anywhere without any hassles

Royal Sapphire Stainless Steel Kitchen Rack

Now you can enjoy the top-quality performance and look with this premium Royal Sapphire Stainless Steel Kitchen Rack. The dish rack also offers sufficient space to store mugs, cups, glasses, and bowls, in addition to a sloping tray for excess water to transfer nonstop to the sink and away from your countertops.

best kitchen racks

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Why we recommend it

  • Material: Durable Material Of Stainless Steel, Size: 24X24X10
  • Strong And Durable, Package Content: Kitchen Rack
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Removable side mounting made from very strong plastic which used to hold cutlery
  • A removable plastic draining tray to catch the excess water is included

Tier Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Dish Drainer   

Ask any professional cook about the best brands in Dish Drainer, and you certainly won’t miss the name Tier Chrome on the list. What makes it more special is the chrome plated metal, with stylish modern streamlined design and that too rust resistant. It is non-marring silicone coated feet with protectors for stability.

best kitchen racks

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Why we recommend it

  • Made of premium chrome plated metal, stylish modern streamline design, rust resistant
  • 2Tier stainless steel chrome dish drainer holds up to 12 plates or bowls,
  • A removable plastic draining tray to catch the excess water is included
  • Removable side mounting made from very strong plastic which used to hold cutlery
  • Non-marring silicone coated feet protectors for stability

Floraware 16-Jar Revolving Spice Rack Masala Box

They say change is the spice of life and so is this unique revolving spice rack masala box. Change the way you keep spices with newly launched masala box from Floraware. Take your kitchen appliance list to the next level with Floraware 16-Jar Revolving Spice Rack Masala Box. It is compressed, lightweight and helps you soak the dishes in the shortest time possible.

best kitchen racks

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Why we recommend it

  • Package Contents: 16-Pieces Spice Jars (120ml)
  • Beautifully designed carousel with 16 jars, dimension details of the spice rack
  • Tops twist easily and have both shaker and pour functions, spices included
  • Jars are dishwasher safe, refillable and are 2. 5 ounces in volume
  • clear abs plastic jars with chrome plated top, actual rack made from abs thermoplastic for impact resistance and toughness

Metal Style Mild Steel Wall Shelf – (18x5x5 LxBxH inches, Black)

Tier Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Dish Drainer. It is perfect for air drying or storing dishware. The compact design makes the most of kitchens with restricted space. The plastic tray averts water from sopping onto countertops. We know drying stacks upon stacks of dirty dishes and save you from wiping countertops down dry after washing which is anyway a daunting chore.

best kitchen racks

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Why we recommend it

  • It is made of mild steel, available in black color, the package contains 2 pieces
  • It comes with a normal steel wall shelf but it can be a good & stylish kitchen shelf if placed on kitchen wall properly.
  • Non-marring silicone coated feet protectors for stability
  • Strong and durable, easy to use and clean
  • Jars are dishwasher safe, refillable and are 2. 5 ounces in volume

Personal Recommendation

best kitchen racks

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I hope with the post above now it’s easy for you to choose dish drainer for your home and still if you’re confused or looking for the second opinion then go with Home Basics 3-Piece Dish Drainer Set.It has 4.2 -star ratings on the Amazon and all great features that make the product a total value for money. Mark our words you'll not regret buying this Dish Drainer ever.  This unique part of this model it comes with ultimate safety features which is good for the user.  With unique recline features, footrest, mesh basket, and low-priced makes this model an ideal one for the use.

Usually, kitchen space is the hub of the home. By that, we mean a central point where all family members pass by for some of the other work. Here’s why it’s important to create a well-organized space that is not only a pleasure to walk through but also assists our day-to-day increasing lifestyles.

Take a casual route around your kitchen and see what works and what doesn’t at the present moment. Where should things and items to be placed for a better flow? It’s very important to plan things in so that money is used wisely and judiciously.

For an instance, it always makes sense to keep plates near the dishwasher for easy unloading, baking trays close to the oven for cooking and condiments besides the hob for prompt seasoning. All these things can be placed at one basic location once you begin to plan your new kitchen.

  • Space Management

Nowadays, people prefer to keep an open kitchen which itself solves the storage solution as there is no limited space for storing your items. You can easily design or buy the storage solutions just the way you like or require.

  • Zone in

Always start by bi-furcating your kitchen in two different zones. One is for preparing, washing, cooking including working and in no time you’ll realize that your storage space has to work even harder to effectively maximize the space available in the kitchen. The kitchen area has to house everything from dry materials and fresh foods to crockery and cookware, right through to stationery, laptops, DVDs and children's toys if you have an open-plan system.

Storage solutions should continually be flexible anyplace probable and even the least of spaces can include quick designs that maximize capability and convenience.


These days modern day pantry system is no doubt a perfect solution for dried foods and tea and coffee canister which would otherwise take up valuable worktop space. Storage solutions like breakfast cupboards and double-door larders can be used to house the toaster, condiments and coffee machine with granite surfaces perfect for pastry rolling.

Larders and Pull-Outs

Kitchen storerooms are making a key comeback with a recent gush of acceptance ensuring the rising trend to ‘eat in'. As more of us cook and entertain at home, there has been an upsurge in the request for devoted food storing. Furnished with anti-slip shelves, easy action and soft-close doors and drawers, the emphasis is on easy admission and effective ergonomics. There are pull-out storerooms, tandem larders and swing larders to select from reliant on your kitchen scope, shape and style.

It's also remarkable to see what all you can fit into a pull-out larder unit. They are specially intended to make the most of storage capacity in a single space, which in turn saves you time as you can rapidly find what you are eyeing for. Slimline pull-outs are ideal for filling in space at the end of a run of items though pantries are extremely multipurpose and are accessible in a number of heights and widths to house all kitchen designs. They hide so much away yet keep all organized and easy to reach.

Corner Cupboards

With corner cupboards, there's no reason to miss any space in a corner cabinet, as there is an extensive variability of clever solutions for both base and wall components. Curved cupboards and counters are one of the newest trends in kitchen plan, particularly for island units, so a modified corner system can be shaped to suit.

This type of storage units is great for corner base units, where containers and pots can be hard to reach. These easy-action rides can rotate 360˚ and spin out from the filing cabinet when the door is unlocked, making it fast and easy to find that subtle fish kettle! They can also be used to store small machines such as juice extractor, mixers, and blenders, which clear up space on the worktop. This will allow you to have more room for groundwork in addition to exhibiting the statement bits that you really admire.

Drawer Fittings

Ponder about your requirements in terms of drawer storage. Deep pan drawers are apt for large and awkwardly shaped pots and pans, cutlery inserts are perfect for flatware and gears, peg systems and plate containers can be used to keep cutlery in place though modified designs can create everything from modified spice racks to etched wooden bread baskets.

Surface Value

There are plenty of ways to make it work when it comes to worktop level.  Roller shutters can be used to cover a small tabling unit where small appliances and fixtures can be concealed from sight. It can be teamed with floppy rails for utensils though outdated kitchens with a pillar either side of the chimney breast can include neat spice cabinets whereas still retaining the charm of the room.

Re-Use and Recycle

Currently, it's even at ease to sort your paper from your plastic with a pull-out recycling bin with different sections for different waste. Look for a substantial capacity and color-coded covers for accessibility.

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