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Top 5 Best Juicers (For Your Kitchen) In India

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Time and again it’s been said increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables is worthy of you. An assessment of studies has shown that eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day can decline the risk of stroke by 26%, in addition, to reduce the risk of dying from the circulatory disease.  There is no best time to buy a decent Juicer for your modern day kitchen. Still, Baffled about whether buying a juicer is a good idea? Here are top reasons you won’t regret your decision.

Get healthy

If you’re a health enthusiast then you know what we’re talking about. Nowadays having your own juicer is a perfect solution for your health if time is a constraint for you. All you need is to pop fruits and veggies into your machine and tick that box.

Save money

If you’re someone who regularly buys fresh juice, then having your own juicer will save a lot of money in the long run.  The price of the juicer starts with as little as 5k up to anything of a whopping 50k. It all boils down to how good you do your homework. A good thorough research can do wonders for you. Any product is good for you if lets you save money.

Eat the rainbow

It’s easy to get into a rut and stick to the same fruit and veg day in/day out. Juicing is a great way to add a wider variety of fruit and veg into your diet, particularly those you wouldn’t normally enjoy eating whole.

Get a fibre fix

Fiber carries the main gist apart from the pulp of fruit juice. If you resist waste, you can use the leftover juice pulp to make sure you’re getting a healthy dose of fiber every day. There is an abundance of recipes online anything from soup to muffins and everything that comes in between.

Have a guilt-free treat

We all are intermittently in need of a sugar boost. Fresh juice can offer you with a restored sugar rush substitute that can be opportune for when on the go.


It has to be practiced to be believed. Juicing fruits and vegetables makes them easy to digest. The energy that would then have been spent on assimilation can be spent on more significant things.

Fresh juice supplies the body with a determined batch of vitamins and minerals in their natural form. With the extra nourishment, your body's performance will expand and more energy will be accessible.

Weight Loss

Time and again many people have expressed unbelievable stories about weight loss after beginning juicing. Why? As a general rule, weight gain and obesity can be connected with processed foods, synthetic constituents such as additives and a general lack of regular exercise.

Juicing aids on all façades: a) Juicing is completely natural, b) Fresh fruit and vegetable juice encompasses no synthetic constituents like preservers, and c) with the extra energy, you'll want to exercise.


For a good detox, our liver is responsible for purging and cleansing the blood, which makes them undeniably indispensable. Every day, blood runs through the liver and is filtered of toxins and waste matter.

With a diet full of unwholesome food, the liver scuffles, and the blood is probably to be sub-optimal. One important function of the blood is to move oxygen around the body, giving energy to limbs and tissues. The poor blood quality equals low energy levels. As fresh juice is absorbed very quickly, it hits the blood and liver, assisting the purification process and assisting the liver to do an eccentric job.

Get a quality sleep

As per the data, more than 30% of people suffer from insomnia. A big reason why some people tussle to sleep is that their nutrition laps. A diet full of refined carbs, heavy meats, and processed food drain the body of energy and intrude the natural sleep form.

Juicing on a consistent basis makes it easy to bind out of bed in the morning. You'll easily wake up well refreshed and ready to make the utmost of the day forward.

Prevent Disease

Basically, disease flourishes in bodies which are occupied with toxins, bacteria and chemical compounds, most of which are present in unnatural food. This smears to fast food as well as things like “white” pasta or bread. To stop disease and resourcefully protect itself, the body requires a wide variety of multivitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. And, no wonder Juicing is a simple and easy way to meet this requirement, and many have stated success at stopping and remedial disease with juicing.

Improve Relationships

When you're feeling happy and fulfilled (and juicing will make you feel awesome), you'll logically switch your relations better. You'll find it easier to love beside you'll have the liveliness to be a fun person. So if you move out of your life and relationships juicing is the perfect way to begin.

Enjoy Life

When you feel healthy and contented, you get more out of life. Juicing can change your life in no time.

Looking to add a Juicer to your kitchen appliances? You’re at the right place because here we provide complete details you need to know before selecting any juicer to buy. We have also prepared a list of 5 Best Juicers in India which helps you to get the best according to your budget.


Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer

The juicer is designed with round shapes and smooth surfaces to facilitate easy rinsing under the tap. It comes with an Integrated cord storage, XL tube and 1 speed setting 1.2 liter pulp container and 800ml juice jug capacity of 2 liters Power: 700 watts; Operating Voltage: 220-240 volts and 2 years warranty Customer Service. Need I say more? The Philips juicer is designed for easy cleaning thanks to Quick Clean technology.

best juicer mixerTop 5 Best Juicers (For Your Kitchen) In India 1



  • 2-liter pulp container and 800ml juice jug capacity
  • Capacity: 2 liters, Power: 700 watts
  • Offers advanced features like QuickClean technology, QuickClean sieve, easy checking of the pulp with see-through pulp container
  • Integrated cord storage, XL tube, and 1-speed setting
  • It can be Cleaned within 1 minute

Philips Viva Collection HR1832/00 1.5-Litre Juicer

This Philips juicer extracts even more juice from your fruits and vegetables. Cleaning can be done within 1 minute thanks to the revolutionary “Quickclean” technology. Treat yourself with the joy of healthy homemade juice every day. The Philips juicer is the 1st centrifugal juicer on the market with a pre-clean function. Enjoy a true interactive juicing experience. The lid and the pulp container are transparent so you can see your fruits and vegetables being juiced.

best juicer in indiaTop 5 Best Juicers (For Your Kitchen) In India 1



  • Capacity: 1.5 liters, Power: 400 watts
  • Drip-stop, compact design, QuickClean technology, smooth and easy to clean
  • Direct serve, QuickClean sieve and can see-through pulp container
  • Makeup to 1.5 liters in one go
  • Combined pulp container, Non-slip feet, safety clamps and integrated cord storage

Havells Nutrisense 150W Cold Press Slow Juicer 150W

Consuming natural food is the best source of nutrition, and there is no better way of giving your body the natural goodness than having a glass of fresh juice. With this cold press juicer from the house of Havells you can easily get fresh juice from the choicest fruits or vegetables. Right out of the box, this juicer is ready to use and using the juicer is mess-free also, thanks to its design aesthetics. The juicer features a powerful motor, together with speed control, stainless steel blades and food-grade plastic body.

best juicer in india
Top 5 Best Juicers (For Your Kitchen) In India 3



  • Power: 150 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts
  • 75 to 100 RPM depending on the fruit or vegetable
  • The unit operates only if the chamber is totally and precisely collected on the base, allowing the juicer to be sensibly used every time
  • Without the perfect placement of the chamber with the base, the motor does not start working
  • The product comes with 5 years warranty

Philips HR1855 Viva Collection Juicer

This Philips juicer extracts even more juice from your fruits and vegetables. Cleaning can be done within 1 minute thanks to the revolutionary “Quick clean” technology. Treat yourself with the joy of healthy homemade juice every day. A lot of pulp fibers usually get stuck in the sieve, which makes it very difficult to clean. Thanks to the innovative juice extraction system with Quick clean technology, this juicer extracts up to 2 liters of juice in one go without the need to empty the pulp container.

top best rated juicerTop 5 Best Juicers (For Your Kitchen) In India 3



  • 800ml juice jug capacity, Comes with QuickClean technology and QuickClean sieve
  • Makeup to 2 liters of juice in one go, XL tube, and 1-speed setting
  • Easy checking of the pulp with filmy pulp vessel
  • Smooth and easy to clean surfaces
  • The product comes with 2 years warranty

Prestige PCJ 7.0 500-Watt Centrifugal Juicer

best rated juicer onlineTop 5 Best Juicers (For Your Kitchen) In India 1



  • Prestige PCJ 7.0 is powered by 500 W
  • The product comes with one year warranty period
  • Large capacity and extra wide mouth
  • Advanced design filter and anti-drip feature
  • Rotary switch comes with dual locking system for safety

How to Select the Best Masticating, Slow, Cold Press Juicer in India?

Whenever you plan to purchase a juicer, it is understandable that you are going to come across a variety of brands as well as kinds that might as well make you further dazed whilst selecting the product that would cater to your requirements in the best possible way.
Therefore, today we are going to a few useful buying tips so that you choose a top-quality slow juicer from the market. Amongst diverse kinds of juicers, we are going to recommend you to purchase a slow/masticating juicer for preparing healthy juices on an everyday basis. It is way superior in comparison to the other juicers that you may discover as of now. Even though you equate it with the centrifugal juicers, it is going to leave all of them behind since it is equipped with a dominant motor, which extracts top-quality fruit and vegetable juice.
Masticating signifies chewing, which is the primary feature of this juicer. The juicer either makes use of solo or dual blades to gradually excerpt juice out of the leafy veggies and fruits. To facilitate a smarter purchase, we suggest you go through the below-provided buying guide.

Motor Power

The motor capacity is a really significant factor which you need to consider whilst selecting the top-class masticating juicer. The power or the motor capacity you are going to require highly relies on the toughness of the ingredients out of which you will extract the juice.  In case the fruits or veggies are hard, you are going to need a further dominant motor to extract juice out of it.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning your juicer might at times be a nightmare and can daunt you from making juice at home. Consequently, you should select a masticating juicer which is pretty easy to maintain and clean. One among the finest characteristic of the masticating juicer is that it comes with lesser distressing parts that turn cleaning really effortless and easy.
Different from other kinds of juicers that comprise above 10 upsetting parts, an efficient masticating juicer is one that develops the self-cleaning setup, which signifies that a majority of its complex and subtle parts might clean themselves with solely a button’s push or a humble operation.

Single-Gear or Twin-Gear

Masticating or juicers function in both twin and single gear. The juicers that come with a single gear tend to generate lesser foam, and they are efficiently utilized in making soups, baby food, sorbets, etc.
In contrast, the twin gear juicers comprise 2 gears that shred veggies and fruits to yield juice out of it. These kinds of juicers are a touch costly and ideal for yielding juices with bigger volume. You may select either double or single gear juicers relying on your needs.

Wheat Grass Juicer

Whilst selecting a slow or masticating juicer, ensure that the one you select should be able to extract juice out of wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is an ingredient that comes with higher concentration of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and enzymes, which help in providing us with the vital nutrients we need on daily basis. Thus, in case you would prefer drinking nutritious and healthy juice on a daily basis, aim for any wheatgrass juicer.


The finest of specifications of the masticating juicer is the capability to accomplish a diversity of tasks. Apart from producing healthy juice, these juicers moreover commendably formulate other stuff such as baby food, sorbets, soup, and other similar things. A top-grade slow juicer comes with the capability of dealing with a variety of substances which the ordinary juicers might not be able to handle.

What to look for in a juicer?

Always look for a model or a brand which has dishwasher-safe add-ons as they can be complex to clean, particularly the mesh filters.

Another thing is the wide feed tubes save time as whole apples and large masses can be juiced without chopping or feeding small bits in at a time.

Models/brands with a distinct pulp vessel let more space for pulp and are easier to clean but do take up more work-top space.

Grinding juicers and slow juicers are easier to clean and not as noise-free as centrifugal ones but are slower to use as the feed tubes are slighter.

Personal Recommendation

Now, you should have got a decent idea regarding the type of juicers available on the market. This detailed juicer review was just an attempt to present the Top Juicers in India in front of you so that the selection process goes smooth. Further, we would like to assert that all the juicers that we have listed above are from top brands that have long been providing their customers with the best-quality products in terms of kitchen appliances.

best juicer mixerTop 5 Best Juicers (For Your Kitchen) In India 1


However, if some of the users are still finding it tough to get closer to taking a final call so as to which juicer they should purchase as per their requirements, budget, and preferences, we would like them to go with our personally suggested product to facilitate a smarter and well-informed decision. The juicer that we would like such users to purchase is the Philips Viva Collection HR1863-20 2-Litre Juicer, which delivers the best juicing performance even with the toughest of ingredients you stuff it with.
Additionally, it allows you to squeeze out even the last drop of juice or nectar the vegetable or fruit has and gets cleaned within a minute only. Having a 1.2L pulp container in addition to the 800ml juice jug, the capacity isn’t an issue anymore. The 2-years Philips India Warranty is going to take care of all your after-sales issues and at 700W power capacity, this juicer is as dominant as one can get.

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