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Top 5 Best Destinations To Travel In Qatar

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A majority of travelers perhaps needed to get the atlas out when on Thursday Qatar was termed as the FIFA World Cup 2022 host. It might not be a really prevalent destination; therefore, knowing some details about it would be beneficial.
Top 5 Best Destinations To Travel In Qatar 1

  • Qatar is a minor nation in the middle-east with a population below 1 million. It edges Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf and has hot & muggy summers.
  • Qatar left behind the bids from South Korea, the United States, Australia, and Japan for the hosting rights of the tournament.
  • The average temperatures are nearly 95 degrees in the summer season but have been recognized to touch 120 degrees — to some degree that, coupled up with sandstorms, might prove to be scratchy for the fans.
  • However, Qatar plans to construct new stadiums and recover the older ones, hopeful of shielding the players from that humid and hot weather. The stadiums are going to consist of air conditioning, power-driven by a large collection of solar panels.
  • Qatar has strategized a public bus system, and fans might as well hire a driver or rent a car. And if you would desire to go around — Qatar has plenty of things to see in addition to the top soccer on the globe.

Here are the 5 destinations that we would suggest to visit in Qatar so as to make the most of your trip to this beautiful middle-east nation:

Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is one of the primary commercial zones of Doha and the place has been experiencing a major transformation. Selling and purchase have been occurring for a really long time in this eventful market, and the shops are refashioned to appear similar to a 19th-century souq or market, with the mud-solidified fronts of the store.
Top 5 Best Destinations To Travel In Qatar 2
Whether you choose to visit Souq Waqif or Villagio, which is the best mall in Doha or the other wholesale markets in the area, there is going to some or the other things to discover for everybody. The thing that you should not forget is to bargain.
Souq Waqif is considered to be one of the most customary marketplaces inside the city of Doha. In this market, you may go and buy perfumes, spices, and garments, in addition to the local coffee and handicrafts.


Top 5 Best Destinations To Travel In Qatar 3
There is a road that stretches 4 miles and runs across the harbor inside Qatar’s capital city of Doha on eastern coast. In addition to the stunning Indian Ocean's waterside and the dhows (old-style sailing vessels), tourists wandering alongside the road, Al-Corniche, are going to perceive some of Qatar's most pioneering modern construction or architecture. The road comprises 6 lanes, but it is moreover imaginable to stride along the coastline.

Bir Zekreet

Top 5 Best Destinations To Travel In Qatar 4
Over the opposite shoreline of Qatar, Bir Zekreet is an amazing beach terminus for the people who love to camp. The city is moreover bounded by the desert, which is the place where you are going to discover desert mushrooms and sand dunes. Neighboring this area is the wild deer reserve coupled up with an ancient movie set that appears similar to an isolated village.


Top 5 Best Destinations To Travel In Qatar 5
Situated up the coast from Doha, Al-Khor is a past pearl-fishing community and is really smaller when compared to Qatar's capital city. Moreover, there is a fish market facing the harbor, and also some immaculate beaches. Tourists to Al-Khor might as well go for bird-watching within the gardens and mangroves of the city.

Khor al-Adaid

Bounded by crescent-fashioned sand dunes, the Khor al-Adaid is well-known as the Inland Sea. A lot of people suggest the visitors spend a night at the place, and the local tour workers tend to organize both day trips and overnight camps there. You may also drive along with the dunes, sand ski or ride camels in this prevalent desert zone.
Top 5 Best Destinations To Travel In Qatar 6
These were a few recommended destinations from our side that you must visit and experience whenever you plan a trip to Qatar and we guarantee that everybody would be mesmerized by the beauty of the place along with the famous architecture. So, what are we waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for an experience like never before in the middle-east!

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