Top 10 Best Refrigerators in India 2019– Reviews & Buying Guide

There are a few appliances and devices that are really important to have in a house and without them completing the day-to-day tasks might get hampered. One of such appliance is the refrigerator or fridge, be it a mini-fridge or those hefty models, having a quality refrigerator at your home is a necessity so as to keep your left-over food, fruits, and veggies fresh and consumable and well-preserved for a longer time. Apart from that, selecting an appropriate fridge for your house can be a bit tricky since there are various types of refrigerators on the market according to the size (Mini-Fridge), specifications (Frost-Free Refrigerators), design (Stainless Steel Refrigerator), and number of doors (Double Door Refrigerators & Triple Door Refrigerators).

Therefore, today we provided a listing of the Best Refrigerators on the market so that our users can find their ideal fridge according to their desired requirements, budget, and specifications. In this listing of the Top 10 Refrigerators in India, we have provided a refrigerator from every single price range so that every single user comes across a model that would fall under their budget. Further, the line-up of the Best Refrigerators has been compiled after going through a variety of models available both online and offline so that the quality of the appliance you purchase isn’t an issue.

How Can You Go About Purchasing a Refrigerator?

This sequence will probably help you most, but go in any order, as long as you cover these points:

  • Take the measurements of the available space
  • Choose the style of refrigerator
  • Define your budget
  • Decide the required food storage
  • Select the finish
  • Catch the mandatory features or specifications
  • Stopover different stores and make a listing
  • Go through product reviews
  • Choose the delivery & installation choices
  • Strategize the clearance of the previous refrigerator

best fridge in India – Reviews

LG 190 L 4 Star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator

Since LG has long been the most prevalent brand as far as home and kitchen appliances are concerned, buying the any appliance from this brand is surely a top-choice. Therefore, we have enlisted this 190-liters 4-star single door refrigerator from LG for all those who are eager to buy a refrigerator for their house. It is really economical owing to the 4-star energy rating and is appropriate for families with 3-4 members at the most. Apart from this, this refrigerator has been covered with a 1-year warranty on the product and 10-years warranty on the compressor.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comes with a capacity of 190 liters apt for small families
  • Saves a lot of electricity owing to the 4-star energy rating
  • Comprises of an elegant design to enhance the kitchen setting
  • Equipped with toughened glass shelves to withstand hefty vessels
  • Covered with a 10-years warranty on compressor and 1-year on product

Product Information

Brand LG
Model GL-B201ASLN
Colour Scarlet Lily
Capacity 190 Liters
Stars Rating 5
Warranty 1 Year on Refrigerator & 5 Years on Compressor

Samsung 192 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Aimed at all the people who are on a look-out for a budget yet economical single-door refrigerator with a fabulous design and smooth finish, this Samsung 192-liter single door refrigerator is the one where your search ends. This refrigerator in the stylish pebble blue color is really eye-catching and will surely help in augmenting the overall appearance of your kitchen. The island kind of handle design further makes it easier to grip while opening. Owing to the 5-star energy rating, this single door refrigerator is the most economical model on the market.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comprises of safer and more durable shelves for heavier vessels
  • The Digital Inverter Compressor functions quietly and saves energy
  • Comes with an island-type handle that adds an element of minimalism
  • The stabilizer-free operation offers defense against voltage instabilities
  • Covered with a 10-years warranty on the compressor for any glitches

Product Information

Brand Samsung
Model RR19K182ZRZ
Colour Tender Lilly Red
Capacity 192 Liters
Stars Rating 5
Warranty 1 Year on Refrigerator & 5 Years on Compressor

Haier 2157 BS-R Direct-cool Single-door Refrigerator

Within the 5 star rated fridge units in India, this Haier unit is the most economical single door refrigerator having really quick cooling and a nice design. It provides the stabilizer free working and cool pad expertise that makes sure you acquire the supreme cooling for the subsequent 10 hours when there is a power cut. Haier made use of the inventive 1-hour icing equipment, which provides you the frozen ice in only 60 minutes. It comprises of 170 liters of capacity and the color provides it an opulent look continually. And in the single-door grouping, Haier is providing the largest period of warranty on the compressor, which is 10 years.

best refrigerator in india

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • The most economical single door refrigerator with faster cooling
  • Comes with a stylish steel design to augment the look of your kitchen
  • Provides you with an even cooling for 10-hours during a power cut
  • Offers a one-hour icing technology to get ice as and when you need it
  • The compressor has been covered with a 10-years manufacturer’s warranty

Product Information

Brand Haier
Model 2157 BS-R
Colour Brushed Silver
Capacity 195 Liters
Stars Rating 5
Warranty 1 Year on Refrigerator & 10 Years on Compressor

Whirlpool 200 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Within the category of single-door, together with less consumption of energy, this Whirlpool 205 Genius refrigerator gets the top ranking. Below the price range of 12000 INR, this is the top-class refrigerator having more shelves, more trays, ample space for bottles, a tray for eggs and plenty of freezer capacity also. Whirlpool has made use of its utmost advance and prevalent 6th sense quick chill equipment, which provides you icy-cool water within a few minutes. So, if you want to have a single door fridge, this one is the option for you!

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Consumes very less energy as compared to other refrigerators
  • Comprises of several shelves, trays, and bottle space for easy storage
  • The freezer capacity is ample for making ice and storing frozen items
  • Comes with the 6th sense quick chill technology for even cooling performance
  • Covered with a 5-years manufacturer’s warranty for after-sales service

Product Information

Brand Whirlpool
Model 205 Genius CLS Plus 4S
Colour Twilight Fiesta
Capacity 190 Liters
Stars Rating 4
Warranty 5 Years on Refrigerator

LG GL-I292RPZL Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator

LG provides a wide range of top-class refrigerators, but if your budget is near about 20-30000 INR, this fridge unit fits pretty well. The LG GL-I292RPZL has obtained a decent 4 stars rating, comprises of a double door, frost free, and really stylish in appearance. It makes use of the smart inverter compressor that is capable of saving nearly 36% of the energy. The refrigerating unit is the very environment-friendly item, which makes use of the eco-design as well as the eco-products. It also has a Moist Balance Crisper together with the Ice Beam Door Cooling expertise.

best refrigerator in india

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Awarded the 4-star energy rating, which keeps the energy bills down
  • Provides you with easier and organized storage with double doors
  • Comes with the elegant and stylish design to enhance any kitchen setting
  • Equipped with the smart inverter compressor for saving a lot of energy
  • Comprises of a moist balance crisper to keep the food and veggies fresh

Product Information

Brand LG
Model GL-I292RPZL
Colour Shinny Steel
Capacity 260 Liters
Stars Rating 4
Warranty 1 Year on Refrigerator & 9 Years on Smart Inverter Compressor

Whirlpool FP 263D Royal Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator

In case you desire to buy a smart and inventive refrigerator along with great appearance and finish, Whirlpool FP 263D is the go-to refrigerator for you. Since its name puts forward, it offers a royal feel that also below the price range of 25000 INR. It is a refrigerator having 3 doors and 3 stars rating that make use of the Moisture Retaining Technology. It possesses a profound capacity having 3 different sections – one has been reserved for the vegetable preserving section, and one for the main storage and the freezer. It is a magnificent looking refrigerator with frost-free utility.

best refrigerator in india

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers a 240-liter capacity, which is ample for those bigger households
  • Comes with a design that is really eye-catching for any kitchen setting
  • The best and advanced refrigerator that you can get for this price tag
  • Comprises of 3 doors for convenient storage and 3-star energy rating
  • Provides you with the frost-free technology for better performance

Product Information

Brand Whirlpool
Model FP 263D Royal
Colour Alpha Steel
Capacity 240 Liters
Stars Rating 3
Warranty 1 Year on Refrigerator & 5 Years on Compressor

Whirlpool 292 L 3 Star Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

The Whirlpool FR258 makes use of the most recognized and influential 6th Sense Deep Freeze Expertise to deliver icy cold water in just a few minutes. It contains an active deodorizer which provides you the fresh odor on each occasion and the freshonizer keeps reducing the oxidation level. It further makes use of the Hexafresh Moisture Retaining Technology for the veggie box, which diminishes moisture and keeps it well-adjusted. The Freshflow flexi-outlets having the anti-bacterial filters make sure that your refrigerator has clean air at each moment of time.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Retains cooling for up to 12 hours with 6th Sense Power Cool Technology
  • Makes ice in real quick time so that you aren’t short of cool beverages
  • Better compressor efficiency with Insulated Capillary Technology
  • Comes with an extra-large vegetable crisper to cater storage needs
  • Covered with a 10-years warranty on compressor and 1-year on product

Product Information

Brand Whirlpool
Model Neo FR258 Roy 3S
Colour Illusia Steel
Capacity 245 Liters
Stars Rating 3
Warranty 1 Year on Refrigerator & 9 Years on Smart Inverter Compressor

LG 255 L 3 Star Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator

From the house of LG Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator, comes another beauty having the top-class features and unmatched specifications. This 255-liter LG refrigerator is suitable for small to medium families and offers the feature of automatic defrosting to avert any sort of ice accumulation. In the shiny steel color and smooth exteriors, this refrigerator is ready to catch the eyeballs of a majority of guests. Equipped with the smart inverter compressor, this refrigerator works silently, really durable, and saves a lot of money in the longer run.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers you with a hefty 255-liters capacity for bigger households
  • Equipped with the smart inverter compressor for saving electricity
  • Utilizes the multi-air flow technology for faster cooling inside the fridge
  • Provides you with the larger fresh zones to store the veggies inside
  • Covered with a 9-years manufacturer’s warranty on the compressor

Product Information

Brand LG
Model GL-B282SGSM
Colour Graphite Steel
Capacity 255 Liters
Stars Rating 3
Warranty 1 Year on Refrigerator & 9 Years on Digital Compressor

Samsung RT30K3723S8/HL/NL Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator

This Samsung Refrigerator is one more amazing fridge unit, which is a double-door refrigerator and has acquired 3 stars rating as well. Samsung has made use of the digital inverter expertise, which avoids the high consumption of energy and its twin-fan equipment offers the superior cooling. Further, in its exclusive feature, you will be able to transform its freezer to a standard fridge section to acquire 88 liters more capacity, whilst it is 275 liters of the most capacious refrigerator in this group.

best refrigerator in india

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comes with the digital inverter technology for stabilizer-free working
  • Provides you with the double-door arrangement for organized storage
  • Equipped with the dual-fan cooling technology for faster chilling
  • Offers an overall capacity of 275-liters, sufficient for average families
  • Covered with the 10-years manufacturer’s warranty on the compressor

Product Information

Brand Samsung
Model RT30K3723S8/HL/NL
Colour Elegant Inox
Capacity 275 Liters
Stars Rating 3
Warranty 1 year on Refrigerator & 10 years on Digital Compressor

A refrigerator or fridge is an appliance that has been innovated to a whole new level and provides you with a lot of conveniences whether you want to store your food, get chilled water, or cool down anything you want. Initially, these appliances just used to be a box in which you can preserve your food and cool the beverages. However, now with the introduction of Double Door Refrigerators, Frost-free Refrigerators, and many others, this cooling appliance has certainly come a long way. With advanced technology, refrigerators have become an essential piece of machine to have in every home to get that convenience.

But, having a large variety of refrigerators in the market, it might become really difficult to choose one that is going to suit your needs and provide you with nice results. Therefore, we have listed down and reviewed the Best Refrigerators on the market, which are going to provide the best cooling experience and help preserve your food for longer. With the features like stabilizer-free operation, moist-balance, toughened glass shelves, bigger warranty period, advanced icing technology, etc., these refrigerators are surely going to help in fulfilling all your cooling requirements.

Refrigerator – Buying Guide

What are the aspects to consider whilst purchasing a new refrigerator?

Refrigerators are debatably one of the majorly imperative home appliances. Though, so as to revel in your refrigerator for a really long time, and might not require spending additional money in the near future so as to get your refrigerator repaired, there are plenty of aspects you require considering prior to buying a new refrigerator – be it for the initial time or like an upgrade of the previous refrigerator.

The most important things to keep in mind are as follows:


The primary factor to keep in mind is the budget that you allocate for purchasing your new refrigerator. It appears being a really coherent thing, but you are going to be astonished to pick up that a majority of people search for refrigerators deprived of setting a definite budget or even providing some deliberation to their monetary status and wind up buying things solely on temptation – and certainly, surpassing an evenhanded budget. You certainly don't require coming back from the market solely to understand that you've outlaid in excess of what you should have.


What precisely are your cooling requirements? Do you need to store plenty of vegetables that require lesser moisture or you need anything to keep the meat supplies in good shape for a long time? Do you have a smaller family or a bigger one? These are a few queries you require asking yourself – and reflect – whilst purchasing your favorite refrigerator.

You don't require spending more money to purchase a fridge having specifications that you might not need, whilst you certainly don’t require purchasing a product that would not cater to your precise requirements.


There are plenty of features on offer with a refrigerator. The ice dispensers, wine coolers, touchscreen, water dispensers, TV, and even Wi-Fi, are a few features of contemporary refrigerators available on the market. Reflect on the features of the numerous choices available and get them compared with one another. Then choose the refrigerators having the desirable features. On the other hand, everything is going to come down to your requirements and budget.


The available space is going to decide on the size of the refrigerator that you need to purchase. Buying an enormous refrigerator for your smaller kitchen is pretty ridiculous. In case your kitchen is really small, then think through the minor refrigerators, under-counter fridges, or single doors. Further, in case you possess a bigger space, you might as well choose the larger models. It will genuinely seem right to measure the projected refrigerator area and visit the market having the desired figures.


Purchasing a refrigerator usually comes down to discrete preferences. Further. When you catch a refrigerator that caters to your requirements precisely and matches your budget, there must even then be sensible space for sentiments. What features do you want in your refrigerator? Which style or type of refrigerator will you choose? What is your favorite color? Allow all the answers to help you in selecting an appropriate fit for your kitchen.

Final Inference

The nastiest thing that might take place whilst trying to purchase a refrigerator is to depend on ads, discerning the most marketed product is Grade A. This might not be completely true, and you may miscue a few opportunities from not going through other company’s products.

Perform ample refrigerator analysis; jot down your desired features and specifications; reflect on the budget and space; then select your most favored fridge. This, truthfully, is the method to purchase an ideal refrigerator!

BEST 10 REFRIGERATORS Comparison Table

Product's Model Capacity (Liters) Buy Now
LG GL-B201AMLN 190
Samsung RR19K182ZRZ 192
Haier 2157 BS-R 170
Whirlpool 205 Genius 190
LG GL-I292RPZL 260
Whirlpool FP 263D 240
Whirlpool Neo FR258 245
LG GL-B282SGSM 255
Samsung RT30K3723S8 275
Kenstar NH060PSH-FDA 150

It is not going to be an overstatement if it is asserted that refrigerators have now become an essential part of the urban lifestyle in the meantime. It serves a wide number of utilities and contributes to a superior extent in the direction of turning our lives even more relaxed. Thus, it is alleged that a person must perform a substantial measure of inquiries prior to proceeding with buying a refrigerator having in mind the final goal to buy an item which is the most suitable to one's requirements. In this review article, we are going to attempt and provide you some tips to buy one more Refrigerator.

What are the Different Kinds of Refrigerators Available on the Market?

There are primarily 5 kinds of refrigerators available on the market, which have been categorized according to their design or number of doors:

Single Door Refrigerator

Going by the name, this type of refrigerator offers a single door in the front, which helps in retaining the cold inside the unit. These are the pretty fundamental type of refrigerators. These are appropriate for the bachelors, small families, and couples. The vegetable crisper and freezer are confined inside the unit itself.

Double Door Refrigerator

These are larger in size as compared to the single door refrigerators. Going by their name, they possess two distinct doors in the front and compartments inside. One door is going to cover the fridge section whilst the other door is going to confine the freezer segment. As there are 2 distinct doors, the chances of the heat to escape are going to be low, irrespective of the number of times the refrigerator gets opened. It is an appropriate model for the bigger families comprising 4-5 members.

Triple Door Refrigerator

The triple door refrigerators are equipped with 3 distinct doors – a door to access the refrigerator section, another for the vegetable section, and the last one for the freezer. In this refrigerator, the mixing of odor is permanently evaded since the 3 compartments are isolated. A few triple door refrigerator models comprise the automatic ice dispensers.

Side by Side Door Refrigerator

These types of fridges are pretty similar to the cupboard comprising 2 doors that open side by side. The side by side refrigerators offer pretty hefty capacities and might be equipped with the ice and water dispenser. The refrigerators comprising water dispensers assist in filling up your bottle or glass deprived of opening the door. Whilst their cupboard similar design provides sufficient space for storing, opening up every door may allow the heat to escape from solely half the fridge and thereby assist in decreasing the consumption of energy.

Bottom Mounted Refrigerator

The bottom-mounted refrigerators have been intended just opposite to the standard refrigerators. In such refrigerators, the fridge compartment is going to be on the upper portion and the freezer compartment would be positioned on the bottom. For the users, this signifies that they would not require bending all the time they desire to take the fruits, veggies, or other food items out of the unit.

What are the Types of Fridges Based on the Defrosting Mechanism?

In the market, there are 2 kinds of refrigerators as far as the type of defrosting is concerned:

Frost Free Refrigerator

In this kind of refrigerator, the defrost cycle functions in periodical interims & eliminates the accumulated frost. These days, virtually all the contemporary refrigerators models offer the frost-free feature. They utilize the electric fans to consistently allow the cool air to flow in the fridge. They are going to consume extra power in comparison to the direct cool refrigerators but are usually pretty durable and long-lasting.

Direct Cool Refrigerator

The refrigerators generate the chill by means of the regular convection process. Every single direct cool refrigerator customarily requires being defrosted once in a while. Direct cool refrigerators are solely available in the single door category. They necessitate lesser electricity to function; hence, is economical to function. In the case of the budget being a limitation or minor capacities are needed, then you may opt to purchase the Direct Cool Refrigerator.

Personal Recommendation

Now, as we are done with the overall comprehensive review and analysis by providing the detailed product description and important features, we suppose that after going through all the information, it is going to become fairly easy for our users to come to a conclusion or make a smart decision whenever they want to purchase a new refrigerator for their house. In fact, every single refrigerator on our listing has been loved by plenty of customers and the positive reviews are almost never-ending.

best refrigerator in india

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However, if even after going through our refrigerator reviews, if our users are finding it tough to select a refrigerator as per their requirements, budget, and preferences, they should with the fridge that we personally suggest our users to purchase. The refrigerator that we would like our users to consider purchasing is the LG GL-I292RPZL , which is going to provide the best cooling performance all throughout the summer season and would last for even more than a decade.

Final Conclusion

At last, we have reviewed and analyzed all the top-class and the best refrigerators and given out all the information about the products with each and every newest technology and feature used in making them special. We hope that our review turns out to be helpful for you people so that you are able to make a right as well as smart decision taking into mind the features and the budget with which you are out on the hunt for a refrigerator.


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      Thank you for showing interest in ReviewFantasy! We would be happy to help you out with every single query or anomaly you are experiencing in purchasing a product online. As far as recommending a bottom freezer refrigerator is concerned, we would like to suggest the Hitachi 466 L 3 Star Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator (R-B500PND6 – GBK) to you since this refrigerator has ample capacity to house the daily need products and groceries in a really convenient manner irrespective of the size of the family.
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      Thank you for showing interest in Review Fantasy! We would be really happy to help you in finding the Best refrigerator according to your preferences. The Samsung Refrigerator that we would recommend you to purchase is the Samsung 415 L 3 Star Frost-free Double Door Refrigerator (RT42M5538S8/TL, Elegant Inox) since it provides you with the best specifications and features at price lower than the other option you mentioned in your comment. So, buying the Samsung RT42M5538S8/TL Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator would be a smarter choice to make.

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      With the main aspect being the refrigeration, we are quite sure that this refrigerator won’t disappoint you anyhow and deliver the finest cooling experience. The after-sales service from Samsung is also quite up-to-the-mark with plenty of service centers as well as repair personnel offering on-site reparation of your refrigerator.

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    Which is long life refrigerator in INDIA to buy other than LG as their quality is hopeless know as we had very bad experience as their service team works on guess work as have spent more than 10000 in last one Year and how they say it unrepairable for the product bought in 2012 with good maintenance from us , but since 2017 just paying charges to service now is like a dump iron box even washing machine useless

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      Thank you for showing your valuable interest in Review Fantasy! We would be really glad to help you out with the problem that you are coming across. Apart from LG, the refrigerator that we would like to suggest you purchase as per your requirement and preferences is the Haier 195L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator, which is the best refrigerator option to cater to all your requirements and provide the finest cooling performance. In addition, you won;t find any refrigerator apart from this beauty from Haier that would provide you with such class features at such a minimal or reasonable price.

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