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10 Best LG Washing Machines In India

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In this busy and tedious life that a majority of people experience on a daily basis, it is tough to perform those household chores every day regularly. Owing to this situation, we bundle up all those untidy and spoiled clothes with an intention that they are going to be washed on the weekend. But, when the weekend arrives, watching that bucket full of clothes, you often tend to get maddened and out of energy if you don’t possess a decent washing machine at home.

Top 10 Best LG Washing Machines In India

Therefore, today we have lined up the 10 Best LG Washing Machines, which are going to help you keep that laundry hassle away that you used to experience every weekend. Here on our Top 10 Listing, we have provided an LG Washing Machine for every sort of laundry needs; hence it can never get easier than this to choose a quality washing machine.

The detailed and comprehensive reviews for every single LG washing machine presented here are going to provide you with even more insight into your desired product. There is a Buying Guide at the end for making sure you know what to look for when you scour the market. So, go through this entire article and we are certain that you will surely end up buying the best of the lot to suit your laundry requirements.

Editor's Picks: Top 5 LG Washing Machines In India

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The Best LG Washing Machines In India You Can Buy Today

1. LG 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T7269NDDL)

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LG is a renowned brand and has everything that you need for your clothes. This fully-automatic washing machine from LG is a top loading machine available in sapience or spirit look with a smart inverter motor. This model comes with turbo drum, smart diagnosis and weighs up to 6.2 kgs. The turbo drum smart technology knows how to handle your clothes with care while giving you the best washing experience. This model saves 36% more on energy.

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Product Details

Brand                      LG
Model               T7269NDDL
Capacity               6.2kgs
Colour                White
Stars                            4.1

2. LG 6 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

[amazon fields=”B07CQ2W8GX” value=”button”]

Our second pick is this fully-automatic front loading machine and comes with six motion DD, smart diagnosis system, inverter control, and direct drive technology. LG has various models catering to all sorts of washing needs and care that is required for your clothes. This model has a capacity of 6 kgs, tube clean, pre-wash and baby care smart features and comes with 2 years of Warranty.

[amazon box=”B07CQ2W8GX”]

Product Information

Brand         LG
Model          FH0B8NDL22
Capacity       6kgs
Colour            White
Stars                 4

3. LG 7.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P8541R3SA)

[amazon fields=”B06ZYH3F2G” value=”button”]

This smart semi-automatic top loading washing machine from LG comes with ready to use speciality and needs no installation. This machine comes with a transparent open top which makes the process visible. It comes with a plastic body and roller jet pulsator, and also uses Rat Away technology. This model has a 7.5 kg capacity which is awesome and comes with 2 years of warranty on the product, and 5 years of Warranty on the motor.

[amazon box=”B06ZYH3F2G”]

Product Information

Brand                             LG
Model                      P8541R3SA
Capacity                    7.5 kgs
Colour                          Burgundy
Star Rating                       4.3

4. LG 7.0 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

[amazon fields=”B079YQPMKT” value=”button”]

This model from LG is a fully-automatic top loading washing machine available in Free Silver with a 2 year Warranty in sapience or spirit look. This model uses turbo drum technology which knows how to take care of your clothes. The turbo drum increases the efficiency of the machine. The smart technology and smart motions present in this model lets you save 36% on energy savings. You get more efficiency and save electricity and overall money, which surely makes this model a catch.

[amazon box=”B079YQPMKT”]

Product Information

Brand                         LG
Model                      T8067NEDLR
Capacity                      7 kgs
Colour                          Free Silver
Stars                                4

5. LG 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

[amazon fields=”B07CQ2W8GX” value=”button”]

This fully automatic front loading washing machine comes with a smart diagnosis system, with 6kg capacity and 2 years of Warranty along with 10 years on motor, which makes it surely a must-have. It has inverter control and inverter direct drive technology. With all the unique features this model is a good one to go with.

[amazon box=”B07CQ2W8GX”]

Product Information

Brand                         LG
Model               FH0B8NDL25
Capacity                  6kgs
Colour               Luxury Silver
Stars                          4.3

6. LG 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T8077NEDLX)

[amazon fields=”B0751PCVBV” value=”button”]

This fully-automatic top loading washing machine comes with jet spray plus and turbo drum technology which makes this model super-efficient along with smart diagnosis. This model comes with 2 years of Warranty and is available in the sapience look, smart inverter motor, and is energy efficient.

[amazon box=”B0751PCVBV”]

Product Information

Brand                      LG
Model         T8077NEDLX
Capacity               7kgs
Colour              Dark Florid Red
Stars                        5

7. LG 7 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

[amazon fields=”B07DFT4J86″ value=”button”]

This smart fully-automatic front loading washing machine comes with inverter direct drive technology which saves time, energy and power. This model has 7 kg capacity, rinse hold, tub clean and pre-wash as well. It also has 2 years of Warranty. This model is a best-seller and has 4.7 stars rating on Amazon.

[amazon box=”B07DFT4J86″]

Product Information

Brand                         LG
Model                      F12B8EDP21
Capacity            7.5 kgs
Colour                          White / Blue
Stars                    4.7

8. LG D1452CF Front-Loading Washing Machine (14 Ltrs)

[amazon fields=”B010T4022W” value=”button”]

This front loading washing machine from LG comes with a large volume, better flexibility, and smart rack system. It has 14 L capacity with an inverter direct drive and saves energy. LG has different models and all are perfect and good to go with all these unique features – something you readers must be aware of by now.

[amazon box=”B010T4022W”]

Product Information

Brand                         LG
Model                D1452CF
Capacity            14L
Colour                        Silver Grey
Stars                   4.3

9. LG 8.0 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

[amazon fields=”B07BFGWY94″ value=”button”]

Our next pick is the LG F1496TDP23 Fully-Automatic Front-loading Washing Machine comes with a 12 wash program, famous for removing toughest stains and dirt. It has a 8 kg capacity and comes in white colour. This model works super-fast and saves time and energy.

[amazon box=”B07BFGWY94″]

Product Information

Brand                      LG
Model                      F1496TDP23
Capacity                 8kgs
Colour                          White
Star Rating                       3.7

10. LG 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T7577TEELJ)

[amazon fields=”B071WJHVVD” value=”button”]

This fully automatic top loading washing machine comes with a turbo drum technology, smart closing door, jet spray plus. It also has smart filters and smart diagnosis. This model comes with 2 years of Warranty and 10 years on motor.

[amazon box=”B071WJHVVD”]

Product Information

[amazon box=”B0751QCKW2,B07CQ2W8GX,B06ZYH3F2G,B079YQPMKT,B07CQ2W8GX,B0751PCVBV,B07DFT4J86,B010T4022W,B07BFGWY94,B071WJHVVD” template=”table” numbering=”true” image_size=”medium”]

10 Best LG Washing Machines – Products Table

Product NameWeight (in kg)Buy Amazon
10 Best LG Washing Machines In India 1

6.2 kgs
10 Best LG Washing Machines In India 2

10 Best LG Washing Machines In India 3

7.5 Kgs
10 Best LG Washing Machines In India 4

7 Kgs
10 Best LG Washing Machines In India 5

10 Best LG Washing Machines In India 6

7 Kgs
10 Best LG Washing Machines In India 7

7.5 Kgs
10 Best LG Washing Machines In India 8

14 L
10 Best LG Washing Machines In India 9

8 Kgs
10 Best LG Washing Machines In India 10

6.5 Kgs

Personal Recommendation

10 Best LG Washing Machines In India 11
10 Best LG Washing Machines In India 12

Check Price on Amazon

I hope with the post above now it’s easy for you to choose washing machine for your home, and still if you’re confused or looking for second opinion then go with our personal recommendation:


This LG washing machine has scores 5 stars for us, and the price is also reasonable with all the unique features. Without a shadow of a doubt this is the best pick for your clothes.

The Best LG Washing Machines – Buying Guide

The LG washing machines have been intended with the identical level of pioneering technology and distinctive innovation that turns every single home or kitchen appliance to be prominent from the others available on the market. Having the fashionable good appearance and matchless performance, you are going to distinguish that their front loader and top loader washers are magnificent while they’re working– and remarkable to guise at whilst they’re off.

The Best LG Washing Machines - Buying Guide


Select an LG washing machine that comes with the hottest in state-of-the-art technology, counting:

Steam Technology

The washing machines from LG that have been equipped with the steam technology not just permit you to caress the wrinkles ciao, but they might be able to assist in eliminating the 99.8% of dust mites, pet dander, and other customary allergens. Furthermore, the exceptional LG steam generator enters the garments for improved cleaning or washing performance.

Direct Drive Motors

By excluding the belts as well as pulleys from inside the washing machines, the LG’s Inverter Direct Drive System upturns the efficiency of the machine’s motor. This not just diminishes the energy consumption but turns it less vulnerable to failures – it assists in decreasing the noise levels too. Every single Direct Drive washing machine from LG comes covered with the 10-year warranty on the machine’s motor and all the parts as customary.

6 Motion

Change to the six motions and one remarkable washing machine performance. Utilizing this exclusive technology stimulated by hand-washing waves, washing machines comprising the 6 Motion feature are capable of performing several drum motions, or a grouping of diverse motions reliant on the washing program chosen, providing you excellent results offering utmost care to your gentle fabric on every single occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How does a washing machine work?

Putting the working mechanism of washing machines in simple words, you can say that there are two steel tubs in a washing machine. The inner tub holds the clothes. In the middle of the inner tub, there is an agitator, and its sides are perforated with holes in order for the water to leave when the washing machine spins.

2. How long does an LG washing machine last?

On average, a washing machine has a lifespan of 11 years. Since LG washing machines are the elite of washing machines, you can bet on an even longer lifespan! Though the best LG washing machines as we have shown on this list don't have over 10 years of Warranty, don't worry about its lifespan.

3. Should the washing machine door be left open after usage?

Great point. We recommend you keep the door of the washing machine open 4-5 hours after using it. This will allow the moisture inside the washing machine to escape, preventing bad odor.

A Final Word

You all must have noticed that all 10 of the LG washing machines we reviewed are among the best washing machines available on the market. Yes, all 10. LG is that good. Of course, not all 10 are of the same quality, and we did so intentionally.

We did that because we wanted to provide products on a wide range of budgets. We have also provided a Buying Guide and mentioned the features so that you know exactly which pros and which cons each washing machine have. So, get going and go buy the best washing machine in the country!

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