Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India

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Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India

Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India

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Nowadays, baking has become a really cool hobby to have! Not only the homemakers but the ones who seldom cook are really attracted to baking as it’s not just a hobby but a craft. Further, when you prepare cakes, pastries, puddings, etc. at home, you actually know what ingredients you have used to concoct your marvel. Making a cake requires performing several steps which may turn out to be pretty tedious at times. Therefore, today we are going to introduce to you an appliance that would help get everything done in a really small frame of time and easy manner.

Here, we are going to list the Best Stand Mixers, which is a really versatile kitchen appliance that offers plenty of capabilities to the user. The best stand mixer is going to save your time when you are working in the kitchen through mixing, whipping, and kneading whilst you are attending or doing to other activities. It is really dominant and sufficiently versatile to take care of a diversity of jobs, and it blends all inside the bowl rapidly and comprehensively. We have gone through the construction of the electric stand mixer and even had a chat with the professional baker regarding the essential features, then tested recipes in several stand mixers to discover the finest ones.

Top 10 Best Stand Mixer in india – Reviews

Sunbeam 2594 350-Watt MixMaster Stand Mixer with Dough Hooks and Beaters

The market is flooded with hundreds of stand mixer and choosing the one out of them is taxing. This mixer not just offers high-quality, value for money but also last long. This mixer is designed with 350 watts of mixing power which helps speed up the process to create delicious meals and desserts. The unique burst-to-power feature provides extra mixing power to make the batter perfect at any speed. 


Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 1Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 2 


Product Information

Brand             Sun beam
Model             2594
Power             350 watts
Colour                        Black
Stars Rating    3.7

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons
Light-in-weight Works on advanced technology Mixer bowl is made of low quality plastic
Flexible speed settings
Prevents splashing of batter  


Morphy Richards Accents 400004 Stand Mixer – White

This stand mixer from Morphy Richards comes with a complete toolkit including cake beater, whisk, and dough hook attachments for all your baking preparations. It has a powerful motor of 800 Watt with large 5L mixing bowl perfect for all types of recipes and quantities.  The splash guard makes sure that your mixture stays in the bowl and your kitchen sides stay clean.

 Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 3Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 2


Product Information :

Brand             Morphy Richards
Model             400004
Power             800 Watt
Colour                        White
Stars Rating  4

Pros & Cons 

5 L Mixing Bowl Additional Attachments Can’t use for longer duration
Light-weight Splash Guard      

Morphy Richards Accents 400010 Stand Mixer – Red

This mixer from Morphy Richards is powered by a strong 800W motor that can be measured via 6-speed settings, and a handy pulse setting. It makes easy work of mixes, batters, and dough to create variety of bread, cakes, pastries and other bakery related items. With such price tag that puts it in direct competition with some exceptional budget food mixers now on the current market.

Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 5Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 2


Product Information

Brand            Morphy Richards
Model             400010
Power             800 Watt
Colour                        Red
Stars Rating  4

Pros & Cons              

Pros Cons
Light-weight Splashguard Can’t add extra attachments
800W motor
2 year guarantee  


Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer, 5 L KMX50BK – 500w – Black

Slow speed outlet increases the versatility of this mixer for all your food baking needs and preparations. It is powered by 500 Watt motor with additional attachments. The unique electronic speed control makes sure that you carefully and smoothly build up the preferred speed.


Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 7Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 2 


Product Information

Brand             Kenwood
Model             5 L KMX50BK
Power             500 W
Colour                        Black
Stars Rating  4

Pros & Cons 

Pros   Cons  
Spacious Bowl Some tools not dishwasher safe
Automated speed control
Compact footprint  

Cuisinart SM-50BC Stand Mixer, Brushed Chrome

Precison Master is great for mastering all of your baking cuisines requirements. This is powered by 500 Watt motor with a large bowl that is good for all sorts of baking recipes. With 12 speed options this mixer can achieve the exact texture desired for sauces and salsas.

 Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 9Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 2


Product Information 

Brand             Cuisinart
Model              SM-50BC
Power                   500 Watt
Colour                        Silver
Stars Rating  4

Pros & Cons 

Large 5.5 quart capacity Polished Available only in 3 colors
stainless steel bowl Die cast
One power outlet for optional attachments


KitchenAid Artisan 5KSM150PSDER

This stand mixer is powered by 300 Watt motor and can mix or whip ingredients required for preparing all sort of baking items. With great motor, bowl capacity and full metal construction mixer have the capability to bear huge workload. If you love making experimental baking dishes, these appliances from Kitchen Aid can add wonders.

  Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 11Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 2


Product Information

Brand             KitchenAid Artisan
Model             5KSM150PSDER
Power             300 Watt
Colour                        Empire Red
Stars Rating  4

Pros & Cons 

Pros  Cons  
300 watt Direct Drive Motor Needs care while handling
7 Litres capacity 59-point planetary mixing action
Full metal construction  

Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel

When price is a constraint a low-priced stand mixer like the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed is the best buy with all Classic stand mixer features. There seems to be a considerable number of users who expected this mixer to handle all types of mixture and to mix perfectly on its own.  It’s obvious that quite a number of people are expecting more than what this model can give.

Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 13Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 2


Product Information

Brand             Hamilton Beach
Model              64650
Power             110 Volts
Colour                        Silver
Stars Rating        4

Pros & Cons 

Can be easily moved Beaters do not reach the bottom of the bowl
Easy to change attachments Quick
Convenient Bowl Rest feature when using as a hand mixer


Morphy Richards Accents 400011 Stand Mixer, 800W – Black

 The accents plastic stand mixer is powered by 800 W motor, combined with orbital mixing action. The large 5 L mixing bowl is great for all quantities and recipes. The accents plastic kitchen machine comes complete with cake beater, whisk and dough hook attachments for all your baking needs. The splash guard feature makes sure that your mixture stays in the bowl and your kitchen stay clean.

Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 15Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 2


Product Information

Brand            Morphy Richards Accents
Model             400011
Power             800 W
Colour                          Black
Stars Rating  4

Pros & Cons  

Pros  Cons  
Easy to use Good bowl capacity Handle with care
comes with additional attachments
Bowl is dishwasher safe 


Kenwood KM240 Prospero Stand Mixer – Stainless Steel, 900 W, 220V

This mixer is powered by 900 W comes with full safety interlock system, with additional tools like bowl tools; k beater, whisk and dough hook along with planetary mixing action.

 Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 17Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 2


Product Information

Model KM240 Prospero
Power 900 W
Colour Silver
Stars Rating  4

Pros & Cons  

Pros  Cons  
Cost-effective Smaller maximum batch sizes
Three power outlets Compact  

The Best Stand Mixer To Buy Online


 If you want to make dough’s and other bakery items effortlessly consider this list above and enjoy bakery like never before. These phenomenal multipurpose lists of mixers are specialized in dough making and baking related items. Along with that, it’s equally good for beating, mixing and shredding of almost all kinds of ingredients used in the making. 

How to Select the Best Stand Mixer on the Market?

The stand mixers are precisely for standard baking tasks and offer a primary mixing bowl in addition to attachments like the balloon whisk accessory for whipping, whisking, and mixing, and the dough hooks to knead.

Ensure that you select one that simplifies the important tasks you require carrying out inside the kitchen – for an instance a jug blender or a flexi beater. Experienced bakers may desire looking out for a “fold” function, to mildly mix the flour in deprived of whipping the air out.

A kitchen machine or food processor might as well comprise a stand mixer operates and is further adaptable, less professional. It might be superior in case you're solely beginning and require a device which might grab an extensive diversity of food handling tasks like blending and chopping. 

Whatever is the situation, the further costly choices are usually stronger and have a larger volume and a silent motor. These days, a few mixers even comprise integrated lights.

As usual, the size of the mixer is a significant concern – take the measurements of your kitchen’s counter and dwell on storage, or whether you are going to have it on display.

Relying on the number of ingredients using which you desire baking, you may desire considering the mixing bowl’s size, also. The convenience of usage is moreover crucial, so keep an eye on the models that are dishwasher-safe.

Personal Recommendation

Since we have now provided a detailed review of all the stand mixers listed in our top listing, it would now be really simple for our users to select the best stand mixers available in the market.  We can reassure you that you won’t come across any problem in the future even if you pick any of the products listed above.

We have mentioned all the information required to make help the user buy the best stand mixer. In case, some the consumers are still muddled about selecting the mixer for their home or office then they must go by our personal suggestion to get the best price and features.

Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 1Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In India 29


The stand mixer that we are going to recommend to our users is the Sunbeam master stand mixer as it comes with high-quality and unique burst-to-power like features which provides extra mixing power to make the batter perfect at any speed. So, go with this amazing sunbeam stand mixer and take your passion for baking to next level.

The Best Stand Mixer – Buying Guide

Since you must have decided to purchase a stand mixer for your kitchen, there are some things or aspects that you need to keep in your mind:


The stand mixers are obtainable at every single price point and the best ones are going to certainly make a hole in your pocket. The cost of purchasing a stand mixer is centered on factors such as capacity, brand name, and features, and more for the additional attachments. The decent thing is that you might be able to purchase a worthy stand mixer inside your budget. A few might as well be purchased at lesser prices; on the other hand, the low-priced stand mixers incline to be lesser durable and might fail with recurrent heavy usage. A quality stand mixer is an asset for any kitchen, so it can be worth outlaying the additional cash.

Size & Weight

The bigger stand mixers are a frontrunner for anybody who likes to bake often or requires feeding a hungry household. In case you choose to purchase a bigger stand mixer, it’s significant to recall it requires an influential motor to appropriately knead the dough. The mixer that you purchase must be equally heavy to preserve from moving here and there on your countertop.

In case you prepare for only 2 people or possess a smaller kitchen with restricted counter space, you are certainly going to desire considering a minor unit. The customary size bowl ranges anywhere from 4.5 to 5.5 quarts, which is ideal for preparing a majority of home-based frostings and cakes. Minor models are stress-free to transfer from countertop to cupboard, an utter essential in case you don’t strategize on utilizing your stand mixer frequently. Bigger sizes might be anywhere around 6 to 8 quarts, which is perfect for every single bake sale idols in the market!


A common advice is to select the really powerful stand mixer inside your budget. The greater the wattage, the more influential would be the motor, which signifies that you may safely blend tougher dough.

Accessories & Features

Ranging from the attachments to speed settings, you are going to desire to compare the accessible features of the present mixer units you have in mind. Decide on a stand mixer that comprises numerous speed settings or levels and delivers a dough hook, whisks, and a paddle for the finest worth.

All the stand mixers available in the market offer a wider assortment of accessories you might purchase to make the most of this wonderful gadget. There is a KitchenAid accessory for all jobs, counting household fresh pasta and ice cream.

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