10 Best Vegetable Purifiers/Cleaners In India

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The vegetable and fruits that we consume on daily basis are treated by many harmful chemicals as well as pesticides that might give rise to plenty of health issues. The manifestation of pesticides in veggies and fruits might give rise to a variety of health problems like blood pressure imbalance, muscle pain, diabetes, abdominal pain, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and eye or skin problems. Cleaning the fruits and vegetables using water might not be able to eliminate the harmful pesticides. This is why we need to purify and clean the vegetable or fruits.

10 Best Vegetable Purifiers/Cleaners In India

Thus, today we have come up with the Best Vegetable Purifiers in India, which are going to allow for easy cleaning of harmful chemicals and pesticides from your food supplies. These Vegetable and Fruit Cleaners are well fortified with the innovative Ozone disinfection technology, which assists in efficiently removing every single contaminant in your food.

The vegetable and fruit purifier has the ability to do away with fungus, bacteria, viruses, etc. sitting on the surface of the veggies, meat, and fruits. These purifiers generate ozone by making use of oxygen available in the surrounding to eradicate the injurious contaminants from your food.

Editor's Picks: Top 5 Vegetable Purifiers In India

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So, all the people who want to keep their family away from all the health problems that might inflict owing to the harmful chemicals and pesticides on the surface of vegetables and fruit, buying the best vegetable cleaner is a must.

The Best Vegetable Purifiers In India You Can Buy Today

1. Prestige Clean Home POZ 1.0 Ozonizer Vegetables Purifier

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Prestige needs no introduction; the brand itself speaks a lot. They have made their place on the market because of the products and services offered.

  • This vegetable purifier from prestige claims to remove all sorts of chemicals and pesticides heavily sprinkled on vegetables and fruits. The product is made with Ozone purification technology known for removing harmful pesticides and retaining the nutritional value.
  • The high voltage electricity used in the purifier kills the harmful bacteria.
  • It not only kills bacteria but also removes germs, fungus, and various other pathogens.
  • This product is total zero on maintenance as it does not require any product replacement and any service as well.
  • Another great feature about this purifier is that it keeps the meat and other seafood items fresh and odor free.
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Pros & Cons

Warranty: 1 year Clean with Ozone Purification Technology Requires electricity to function appropriately
Compact Space-saving Design
Timer function, Zero maintenance

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2. Kent Ozone Plastic Vegetable and Fruit Purifier

  • This best fruit purifier in India is designed in a way that it is portable, compact and sleek.
  • It removes all sorts of pathogens, pesticides, and insecticides that are present in the fruits and vegetables.
  • The purifier keeps the food from getting stale and retains the freshness and keep it odour free. The fresher and odour free they are the better it is for their shell life and good for consumption.
  • The product comes with one year of Warranty.
  • It helps to clean out all forms of toxins, antibiotics, and hormones in poultry and seafood. As they have the tendency to stale and not good for consumption.
  • The purifier is powered by 13 W and uses 230 V.
  • It regularly kills bacteria, pesticides and another harmful chemical from the surface levels from fruits and vegetables.

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
Uses Ozone Disinfection Technology Needs care while handling 
1 year Warranty
Sleek design and compact

3. Kent Ozone Vegetable & Fruit purifier (Wall Mountable)

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  • The purifier is based on Ozone technology which comes with an exceptional power to kill bacteria, germs, fungus and additional pathogens.
  • It effectually oxidizes residual chemicals as well as bacteria from the surface of vegetables and fruits. The cleaner the vegetables, the better it is for consumption.
  • It also helps in eliminating antibiotics and hormones that invariably remain in meat, fish, seafood and other related items.
  • Sleek and modern design Dimensions(L x W x H): 200 x 115 x 280 mm
  • The product doesn’t need any service and change of part for any service related issues. The product is simple and easy to use. It needs less to no maintenance.
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Pros & Cons

Ozone based technology Sleek and modern design Has a limited capacity
Oxidises residual chemical
Keeps food items fresh and odour free

4. Vegetable Purifier- Paragon Ozone Food Guard

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  • It keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh and clean by removing bacteria, harmful pesticides and chemicals.
  • The product uses ozone purification technology to clean the vegetables and fruits which makes sure that they are safe and good enough to consume.
  • The purifier doesn’t need any maintenance and is simple and easy to use and maintain.
  • The purifier oxidizes the residual chemical. It also helps in eliminating antibiotics and hormones that invariably remain in meat, fish, seafood and other related items.
  • It not only kills bacteria but also removes germs, fungus, and various other pathogens.
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Pros & Cons

Uses Ozone Disinfection Technology Requires electricity to function appropriately
1 year Warranty
Oxidises residual chemical  

5. Ozonizer vegetables / fruits / water / air purifier, 400 mg/hrs ozone supply

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  • This vegetable purifier from Ozonier helps to remove all sorts of chemicals and pesticides severely speckled on vegetables and fruits. The product is made with Ozone purification technology known for eliminating harmful pesticides and retaining the nutritional value.
  • The purifier is also used to purify water. It is light in weight and compact in size.
  • It comes with ozone supply power. The more use of ozone technology, the better it is for the shelf life of vegetables and fruits and their consumption.


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Pros & Cons 

purifies vegetable and fruits remove bacteria Has a limited capacity
compact size and lightweight
ozone supply power 400 mg/hr

6. Crusaders Fruit & Vegetable Purifier

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  • The purifier is specially designed for kitchen, meat & vegetable cleaning, and drinkable water purification.
  • Energy efficient & comes with long shelf-life.
  • Very easy maintenance, One key control, easy operation, free time adjustment
  • Removes pesticides, harmful chemicals & germs from vegetables, fruits & meat
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Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
Sleek design and compact Costly
Uses Ozone Disinfection Technology
1 year Warranty

7. Ge Ozone G Multiutility Ozonizer -Vegetable And Fruit Purifier

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  • Multi-utility Appliance
  • Durable and comes with the very good quality material of ABS Plastics.
  • The product comes with a one year warranty.
  • It actively helps in preserving fruits and vegetables for a longer time, removes odour from fridge, rooms etc.
  • It efficiently purifies fruits and vegetables, sterilize and refreshes chicken, fish and other meat products
  • It has very low power consumption
  • The purifier is beneficial for Purification of Kitchen Sponges & Cloth: Product dimensions 26 X 19 x 6 ( cms)
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Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
ABS plastic body Lower power consumption Comes with free installation
1 year Warranty
Removes food odour and keeps it fresh

8. DRMKART Mom's Care Multifunction Fruit & Vegetable Purifier

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  • The purifier from DRMKART efficiently dissolves remaining chemicals and bacteria from the surface of vegetables and fruits.
  • It benefits in cleaning antibiotics and hormones that regularly continue in meat, fish and other seafood
  • The purifier is based on Ozone technology with an outstanding power to kill bacteria, viruses, fungus and other pathogens
  • It is compact in Shape and sleek in design: The sleek and modern design makes it effortlessly mountable on a wall as well as can also be located on a counter. It is also movable, hence can be used from a place of your convenience.
  • The high voltage power produces ozone to kill damaging bacteria, germs, fungus and additional pathogens
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Pros & Cons

1 year Warranty Requires electricity to function appropriately
Clean with Ozone Purification Technology
Compact Space-saving Design

9. lifeGuard's Vegetable and Fruits Purifier

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  • This purifier is able to do multi-tasking as it can be used for cleaning infants clothes, toys, and making them Germ-Free
  • This product uses Ozone Technology to clean infant clothes, toys to make keep them keep clean and fresh for consumption and usage.
  • This purifier lowers power consumption, long service life, and is smooth in operation.
  • It helps in cleaning antibiotics as well as hormones that consistently remain in meat, fish and other seafood
  • The purifier effectually dissolves remaining chemicals plus bacteria from the surface level of vegetables and fruits.
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Pros & Cons 

Ozone based technology Has a limited capacity
Sleek and modern design
Dissolves remaining chemical


[amazon fields=”B076BSRR8Q” value=”button”]

  • It keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh and clean by using Ozone technology which helps to remove bacteria, harmful pesticides and chemicals free.
  • The technology used helps to clean the vegetables and fruits which make sure that they are harmless and good enough to ingest.
  • The purifier doesn’t need any maintenance and is simple and easy to use and maintain.
  • The purifier dissolves the residual chemical. It also aids in removing antibiotics and hormones that consistently remain in meat, fish, seafood and other linked items.
  • It not only kills bacteria but also removes microorganisms, fungus, and various other pathogens.
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Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
Uses Ozonizer / Ozone On technology Comes with free installation
Detoxify Food Machine
It’s handy and can carried easily 1.1kg,

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The Best Vegetable Cleaner Brands and Price List

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Vegetable Cleaners – Buying Guide

With so many options available on the market choosing the one product that truly fits your pocket and requirements could be taxing. Here’s why we've listed points that can you can consider before buying vegetable purifier. These points cover almost all the points from brand to side effects. 


The first and the foremost thing that we see before buying anything is the brand of the product. A thorough research on the brand of the vegetable purifier is a must. The brand features and after sales services that are given the makers goes a long way that makes or breaks the buyer's decision.

A smart idea would be to go for the brands we have put on display on our 10 reviews. If you would want some product outside of our list, you won't go wrong with the brands our products are under.


With the advent of technology modern kitchens are laden with appliances. So, a consumer always prefers something that is compact on design and works efficiently. It makes sense where space is a constraint. A model which small and compact and could be placed anywhere is good to go.

As far as kitchen utensils go, we recommend going for a design which is either eye catching or goes with the background (or both!). This is because small things like shape and design may just be the little extra oomph you need to get in the mood for cooking some tasty stuff and try out your hand at experimentation!


Price is also one of the most important parts of the process for buying anything. However, a costly product not always comes with great features and vice versa. More often than not, the more expensive products will be better, but they may not suit you; a lower-end product might be having the properties which you need. So, bear all the points in mind before making any decision.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Vegetable Cleaners - Buying Guide

Review, Ratings & Feedback

This goes without saying: online search for reviews, ratings and feedback is a must before buying any product nowadays. There are websites, forums and no shortage of outlets that offer information about the product along with consumer feedback. It will give a fair idea of what you expect since the consumers are directly sharing their experience.


Just stick to our recommendations! If you are on a budget, you might consider looking at our Best For Budget product.

Easy To Use

Washing vegetables is a daily chore and everybody prefers a product that is easy and simple to operate. There is no point in buying a product that consumes your time and energy. You can look for a purifier that is ozone based and which saves energy, is simple and easy to use and maintain, and hardly needs manual intervention.

Noise level

After grinding at work for an entire day no one likes annoying sounds while working, so always look for a product that is less on noise. Check the noise level of the vegetable purifier before purchasing the product. Choose a product that is not noisy, disturbing and operates silently.

Some of the products we listed possess noise reduction capacity, so stick to those especially if you get headaches.

Spare Parts Or Accessories Availability

Any product that comes with additional accessories is always welcome since nobody likes to run to market if a one part is out of work. What a matter of convenience it is if your vegetable and fruit purifier can also serve as other tools!

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn't just buy the most multi-tasking products just because they exist. Rather, see if you actually need the extra things on offer. If you have no need of having a vegetable and fruit cleaner with the ability to clean a child's clothes and toys, for example, then we recommend you not opt for lifeGuard's Vegetable and Fruits Purifier. Indeed, there is no reason to spend extra cash for something redundant.

Customer Service

Customer service is again one of the main factors when it comes to making a decision to buy. Make sure the brand you select provides good after-sales services so that future dealings are hassle-free and kindly taken care of in case it is required.

Side effect

Make sure the product you choose causes no side effects and saves you from odd health problems.

What Are The Different Methods Used For Eliminating Contaminants From Vegetable And Fruits?

With the Rising Price of Vegetables like tomato, Onion or Potato in Market, We don't want to buy a bad fruit or veggi that has bacteria despite of buying quality food Every single one of us washes vegetables and fruits prior to eating them. Though, using raw water to get rid of the impurities isn’t adequate. The food products are treated by an extensive quantity of insecticides, pesticides, and injurious chemicals.

Cleaning the vegetables and fruits using water will not assist in eliminating the remaining traces. In fact, numerous doctors all over the world have the opinion that pesticides may even give rise to cancer. That is the main cause why you require using a few innovative techniques to clean the vegetable and fruits prior they are consumed. Below we have discussed 3 methods used to wash down the vegetables and fruits that might assist in eliminating the pesticide residue.

What Are The Different Methods Used For Eliminating Contaminants From Vegetable And Fruits?

Vinegar Wash

If you choose to wash vegetables and fruits using vinegar, it gives you an effective method to eliminate all the impurities. You need to fill up a big bowl with 4 shares of water and 1 share of vinegar by volume and then bathe the vegetables and fruits in the blend for anywhere around 30-60 minutes before scrubbing and rinsing them meticulously under running water.

The process is going to keep the food products fresh for an extended time period. Vinegar is used as it might assist in diminishing the pesticide scum, but doesn’t eradicate every single type of pesticide.

Ozone Vegetable & Fruit Purifier

The most operational method for eliminating the contaminants out of veggies and fruits is through making using an ozone vegetable and fruit cleaner. They are usually the best vegetable purifiers on the market that get the work done. These purifiers utilize oxygen available in the atmosphere to convert it into ozone, which eradicates the impurities from the foodstuff. Whilst cleaning the vegetables or fruits using water or vinegar isn’t actually effective, the ozone vegetable purifiers might assist in eliminating all the types of pesticides and impurities existent on the fruits and veggies surface.

Tap Water Wash

Cleaning the fruits and vegetables under tap water is the oldest and easiest method. You just have to place the veggies and fruits below the faucet and rub them using your hands for cleaning. On the other hand, tap water might not comprise different sorts of contaminants that might give rise to innumerable health problems. Consequently, though several people can think that cleaning vegetables and fruits using tap water is completely safe, going by the reality, this would further make things worse.

How To Use A Vegetable Purifier

You just have to put the fruits, vegetables, and meat inside a bowl full of water. Dip the Ozone tube inside the water bowl and veggies. Fix the timer to anywhere around 15 – 30 minutes relying on your necessity. Following the purification process, wash the fruits and vegetables using clean water.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Vegetable or Fruit Purifier/Cleaner?

The fruits and vegetables that you consume are treated with insecticides, pesticides, and other dangerous chemicals. Washing these foodstuffs using water isn’t adequate for eliminating the impurities. In such situations, the vegetable & fruit purifier might be able to help you get rid of the harmful contaminants.

These purifiers utilize the ultramodern ozone technology, which is dominant in eliminating viruses, bacteria, and other types of pathogens which might give rise to health issues. The purifier moreover assists in diminishing the level of contaminants from the vegetable and fruit surface. In addition, the vegetable purifiers sterilize the meat, veggies, and fruits, which make them free from pesticides, insecticides, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens so that your family is safe from any sort of health problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. I see some of the products are based on ozone technology. Is that good?

That's extremely good! Vegetable and fruit purifiers which work on ozone technology are much better than those than don't.

2. What does ozone technology do?

Ozone is a molecule made with 3 elements of oxygen. Hence, it is O3. Ozone is an excellent disinfectant and also gives off a fresh smell.

This means that vegetable and fruit purifiers with ozone technology can not only clean vegetables and fruits, but also make them more hygienic and smell better as well.

3. What is the typical time setting for vegetable and fruit purifier?

Some vegetable and fruit purifiers give 2 options: 15 minutes and 30 minutes. Some of the best ones give your a wide range of options between 15 and 30 minutes.

A Final Word – Our Personal Recommendation

Vegetable and fruit purifiers are not only important in cleaning vegetables and fruits, but also for disinfecting and sterilising them. That is why they are called purifiers, not simply cleaners.

After reading this post, you all must have realised the subtle but utmost importance of using vegetable and fruit purifiers. Better to be safe and hygienic than sorry and sick!

We are going to wrap up our discussion by giving a personal suggestion. Note that all 10 of these vegetable and fruit purifiers are more than good enough, and you will be satisfied with any of them. Still, if you are looking for the very best fruit purifier or vegetable cleaner among them, here is our personal recommendation:

[amazon box=”B06XXLNG1N” template=”list”]

This is the premium product on the market, coming with supreme features such as the likes of high efficacy and high usability (no maintenance required!) What more do you need?

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