Top 10 Best Mixer Grinders in India 2020

Top 10 Best Mixer Grinders in India 2020- Reviews & Buying Guide

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The actual taste or savor in the Indian food is derived from the scrumptious chutney, herbs, spicy masala, and special materials. However, to get these spices or chutney ready might be a bit tricky and tough in case you don’t possess the appropriate appliance to get that done. The mixer grinders are one of the staple kitchen machines that you might be able to find in every single Indian kitchen since they are utilized or employed on a daily basis to make food being a versatile appliance.

Therefore, today we have come up with a listing of the Best Mixer Grinders since buying one online might not be a really big deal but picking out an appropriate one to suit your kitchen requirements on a daily basis might necessitate a genuine know-how. To help you purchase the right mixer grinder to suit your needs, we have also provided a Mixer Grinder Buying Guide, which is going to assist you in comprehending the fundamentals of buying a decent mixer grinder.

Best Mixer Grinder in India

Kenstar Besty KMBST50R3S-DBB 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

This mixer grinder from Kenstar has been resourcefully intended to possess a nice body as well as sleek design which not just inhabits low space over the kitchen counter but further enhances some elegance to the stylish contour of your accurately organized kitchenette. Having all its exclusive features placed together this could be fairly a deal. It comprises of 3 jars for dissimilar functions and its influential motor supports you in cooking just like everything else.

best mixer grinder in india


Product Details

Brand                     Kenstar
Model                    KMBST50R3S-DBB
Colour                   White/Cherry Red
Power                    500 Watts
Stars Rating         5

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
3-speeds with inch mode Might consume more power
Strong ABS plastic body
Powerful 500W motor for grinding touch items

Maharaja Whiteline MG Livo MX-151 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Maharaja Whiteline has long been as an influential brand name in the field of home appliances and is now also has its dominance in the market. With this MG Livo MX-151 mixer grinder, Maharaja is providing you 3-speeds processor which makes it easy to make delicious meals. The bottom of the mixer grinder is slip-proof and the jars provided for mixing and grinding the food have been made up of quality stainless steel. With the 1 –liter capacity, now make any kind of food and make your family a happy unit.

best mixer grinder in india


Product Details

Brand                     Maharaja Whiteline
Model                    MX-151
Colour                    Red
Power                    500 Watts
Stars Rating         5

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
1-liter capacity stainless steel jars The customer service lags behind
Anti-slip bottom to avoid any spillage
3-speed control settings

Bajaj Easy 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Bajaj as a brand doesn’t need any introduction about itself and the durable range of products it offers to the customers at decent prices. This time, the product is the Bajaj Easy 500 Watt Mixer Grinder, which is really sleek and ergonomic in design. This mixer grinder comprises of 3-speed with incher facility, 3 stainless steel jars of different capacities ranging from 1.5 to 0.4 Liters. It further comprises of PC dome cover for the liquidizing jar along with a powerful 500 Watt motor.

best mixer grinder in india


Product Details

Brand                     Bajaj
Model                    Easy
Colour                    White
Power                    500 Watts
Stars Rating         4.7

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
3 stainless steel jars of different capacity The product makes a lot of noise
3-speed settings with incher
5 years warranty on motor

Philips HL7555 600 W Mixer Grinder

This is an amazing quality mixer grinder that might become an essential asset to your kitchen. A number of works it has the ability to achieve seem boundless. In case you are searching for a rocky and hard-wearing unit, then this Philips HL7555 Mixer Grinder is the finest choice. It comprises of many power settings together with a distinct feature for whipping elements. The Philips HL7555 is multipurpose, dominant and rapid and would save the time you devote in your kitchenette.

best mixer grinder in india


Product Details

Brand                     Philips
Model                    HL7555
Colour                    White/Blue
Power                    600 Watts
Stars Rating         4.6

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
ABS plastic body for sturdiness The hard things remain uneven after grinding
Enduring quality of motor
Offers nice grinding experience

Morphy Richards Aero Plus 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

This strong Morphy Richards Aero Plus Mixer Grinder has been planned to fetch work off your hands inside the kitchenette, dismissing you of routine tasks, and saving a lot of time, energy and even space in the kitchen. It comprises of a 1.5-liter blending jar, another 800 ml grating jar, and a small 400 ml jar for preparing the chutneys. You just need to spin the knob and it is going to perform all the hard work for you very effortlessly. Take home tempo and swiftness to your food preparation, and make it a whole lot of effortless and convenient.

best mixer grinder in india


Product Details

Brand                    Morphy Richards
Model                    Aero Plus
Colour                    Black/Red
Power                    500 Watts
Stars Rating         4.3

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Hardened stainless steel blades The power is not that influential
3-speed control with inner operation
Overload protection feature

Panasonic MX-AC300S-H 550-Watt 3-Jar Super Mixer Grinder

This Panasonic mixer grinder provides you the piano-like buttons which are very simple to control. The clear covers of the provided jars allow you to view the substances with comfort, whilst the robust handlebars offer a strong grip. For additional protection and harmless setup, the Panasonic mixer grinder provides a dual locking scheme, a circuit breaker defense scheme and an automatic shut-down function. Effectual and influential, this mixer grinder turns out to be a prodigious count to your kitchenette.

best mixer grinder in india


Product Details

Brand                    Panasonic
Model                    MX-AC300S-H
Colour                    Grey
Power                   550 Watts
Stars Rating         4.2

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Powerful heavy-duty motor There are issues with the motor
Piano-like button switches
Double safety locking system

Lifelong Power Pro 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

The Lifelong Power Pro mixer grinder is a dense hard-wearing appliance for your kitchen, which is going to be used every single day. The provided jars have been formulated with stainless steel, which together with providing it an additional strength further avoids any sort of rust. The anti-slip feet allow you to operate it easily. It also offers you 3 diverse stainless steel jars that offer multipurpose tasks inside the kitchen with the intention of using it to save time and energy for different kinds of tasks.

best mixer grinder in india


Product Details

Brand                    Lifelong
Model                    Power Pro
Colour                    White/Grey
Power                    500 Watts
Stars Rating         4.2

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
3-speed control motor offers a lot of power Not suitable to run for a longer time
Multi-functional blade system
Offers a motor overload protector

Philips HL7699-00 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Credits to a sturdy ABS frame, this Philips mixer grinder appears to be pristine even after being used for a longer time. It's fashionable appearance is completed by a space providing design, which inhabits very less space inside your kitchenette. This 750-watt mixer grinder functions fine at 230volts. The given 3 stainless steel jars having diverse capacities for distinct tasks turn it a very influential appliance. The unit is pretty effortless in use, latest, and influential in performance, which is the reason why it is a good option for every user.

best mixer grinder in india


Product Details

Brand                     Philips
Model                   HL7699-00
Colour                    White
Power                    750 Watts
Stars Rating         4

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Provides efficient dry &wet mixing and grinding The jar handles aren’t strong
Easy to store and save a lot of space
Cascade design to assist in cleanup

Bajaj Bravo Dlx 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Bajaj has a huge range of mixer grinders on offer within the Indian market and is both effective and long-lasting. From that collection is the Bajaj Bravo Dlx mixer grinder which is another top-selling appliance from Bajaj available in the market. The unit comprises of the flat lid and a stainless steel jar to provide you head-wearing components. The body has made up of full ABS and unit further offers the inching facility as well with the cutting speeds.

best mixer grinder in india


Product Details

Brand                    Bajaj
Model                    Bravo Dlx
Colour                    White
Power                   500 Watts
Stars Rating         4

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Various speeds with inching facility A bit on the noisier side
Sturdy ABS body of the mixer grinder
The jars are made of stainless steel

BlueLife Gravity Mixer Grinder

This amazing food processor offers you two distinct tough stainless steel jars having the flow breakers for sufficient grating, a splendid cutting jar, and also a chutney jar having a large bottle. It comprises of robust and ergonomically intended handles which turn it effortless to use. Being a Mixer Grinder, it comprises of a shock-proof ABS frame and a temperature sensitive cut-off arrangement, so that you are every time safe from the voltage instabilities and overload whilst making use of this appliance. Its blades and jars are formulated by top-class stainless steel with great precision for finest performance.

best mixer grinder in india


Product Details

Brand                     BlueLife
Model                    BLDD003
Colour                   Metallic Finish
Power                    750 Watts
Stars Rating         4

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Amazing shock-proof ABS body The machine generates smoke when being used for a longer time
Acquires less storage space in the kitchen
Contemporary styling of the jar handles

Best Mixer Grinder in India to Buy Online

Product NamePower (in Watts)FeaturesBuy Now

Kenstar Besty


3-speeds with inch mode

Maharaja Whiteline MG Livo MX-151


Anti-slip bottom to avoid any spillage

Bajaj Easy


5 years warranty on motor

Philips HL7555


ABS plastic body for sturdiness

Morphy Richards Aero Plus


3 speed control with incher operation

Panasonic MX-AC300S-H


Piano-like button switches

Lifelong Power Pro


Offers a motor overload protector

Philips HL7699-00


Provides efficient dry &wet mixing and grinding

Bajaj Bravo Dlx


Sturdy ABS body of the mixer grinder

BlueLife Gravity


Amazing shock-proof ABS body


Personal Recommendation

Since we have come to the end of this product review on the Top 10 Best Mixer Grinder in India, we think that you might still be a bit nervous or hesitant or confused regarding which product you must buy. But, you don’t have to worry since we have you covered on this ground also.


The product or the mixer grinder that we are going to suggest you buy is the Bajaj Easy 500-Watt Mixer Grinder since it has all that can fulfill your basic needs with a price which is really affordable and worth the value.

Mixer Grinder Buying Guide

What are the Aspects to Consider before Buying a Mixer Grinder?

Everybody in India distinguishes what actually a mixer grinder is. Since childhood, we have been hearing to its high-pitched crushing noise, whenever anyone creamed up the flavorful coriander chutney to go along with the Dosa or blended onions and tomatoes to prepare a spiced curry. A mixer grinder is certainly the most fundamental appliance, but the one that we completely might not be able to perform fast cooking!

Currently, in case you are a beginner whilst thinking about employing a mixer grinder or an experienced veteran concerning kitchen appliances, we here assure you that you are going to a few things about selecting the Best Mixer Grinder on the market. So, go through all the aspects so that you are able to take a smart decision as and when you want to purchase one.


A mixer grinder’s RPM is moreover a decisive factor since it states how fast the blade might rotate every minute. For a mixer grinder for home, ranging from 18000 – 23000 RPM is sufficient. A juicer mixer grinder is going to preferably necessitate low to medium RPM for functioning powerfully. Having a greater RPM, the spices or liquids might not be ground or blended in an effective manner. Search for a top-class mixer grinder that offers a speed regulating switch or knob to alter the settings according to your requirement.


One among the primary things to verify whilst considering a mixer grinder is the wattage that it has on offer. Superior wattage is valuable for grinding harder ingredients that too at a really fast speed. Something in the range of 500 – 750 W is going to be sufficient enough to take care of the Indian kitchen requirements.


The blades perform all that grinding, blending, and mixing so it certainly makes logic to validate their superiority. Ensure that the blades are made up of stainless steel and probably of 304-grade. The grade of steel certainly matters a lot, since it conveys you whether that steel is resilient to rust and oxidization. Top-class steel blades moreover preserve their sharpness for a really long time.


It is always better to have a higher number of jars. Search for the mixer grinder that comes with at least 2 – 3 jars having different capacities to match your necessity. You might be able to utilize one for grinding the spices, another for preparing chutneys, and the other one for juicing. A hard-wearing body and a break-resilient lid is a necessity to bear up the day-to-day wearing away whilst being used in the kitchen. Also, check for an ergonomically designed handle for a good grip.


The mixer grinder’s price is going to rely upon the functions that it has on offer along with the overall superiority. There are a few reasonably priced choices on the market, but they might not possess the finest features.


In case the company provides you with a decent warranty on the mixer grinder, then you might be guaranteed that it is actually a worthy product. A warranty ranging from 2 – 5 years is the aspect that you should verify whilst you choose any model. Search for a model that comes with an extra warranty on the motor. This is going to certify that your machine is secure for a really long period of time.

Benefits of Mixer Grinder:

Eastern cuisine has a different emotional connection to people. Food is not just a need; it is filled with nutritional factors. It's a thing that dictates festivity, recreation, life, activities, and entertainment. In order to keep all the spices and flavors in the heart, many herbs were used in the past, they were pressed and grinded through hands, but today it has been simplified thanks to having a mixer grinder. Mixer grinder is one of the most useful and effective products of the recent period. It is used in all homes nowadays. It is used daily in almost every other household. However, there are various advantages of a mixer grinder. There are many types of mixer grinders available on the market these days. They are all very innovative and useful. It has become an important part of the kitchen. It is now used in the daily activities of the kitchen. The advantages of the mixer crushers are as follows. They will help you choose the best mixer crusher for your personal use.

7 advantages of the mixer crusher:

It has many benefits that help people in many ways. They are as follows:

Variety of food:

In the modern world, the mixer grinder has been a major revolutionary device in the world of culinary delights. This device is very versatile. Many types of foods can be prepared using this simple device. You can try to prepare a wide variety of foods such as ice cream and milkshakes. Without any difficulty, liquids and even cream can be whipped easily. If you want to crack nuts and grind cereals or spices, these devices can work wonders. From grinding to mixing, to the preparation of delicious juices and shakes at breakfast, the options are endless.

Different speeds:

All models of mixer grinders available today have variable speeds. This gives you the opportunity to choose between slow agitation and high speed, depending on your needs. The biggest advantage here is that it gives you the opportunity to choose the appropriate speed depending on the food or drink you are about to prepare.

Fast and effortless:

Many foods can be prepared in minutes. From the whip cut, mixer grinder made the life of a kitchen very easy and enjoyable. People do not have to use the usual hand mill, which would become very difficult to use and consume a lot of time and energy sooner. With this device, users can now prepare pasta, ice cream, milkshakes, soups, yogurt and other dishes in a short time. Those days are gone when it was difficult to prepare a simple dish. Now, there is this mixer grinder to minimize your efforts and maximize efficiency.

Easy to handle:

A mixer-grinder is the easiest-to-use appliance invented in the modern world of cooking. With a lot of features, many varieties of food can be prepared easily. The variety of features in this unit makes it easy to prepare food. Hashing, hacking and whipping have saved a lot of time and energy for people around the world. Thanks to its many useful features, many nutritious and healthy foods can be prepared. Mankind has actually made their lives much easier by inventing this wonderful device.

Affordable price:

A mixer grinder is nowadays very easily available on the market. You can buy it at a very affordable price. These mixers, with their useful features, have made your world in the kitchen really simple and enjoyable. There are many types of mixer grinders currently available. These vary mainly in the features they offer and also the functions they can perform. Depending on your needs, you can always buy one that suits your needs and your budget. Different models of these devices are available at different price tags. You can easily find one that fits your pocket.

Easy maintenance:

Nowadays, the mixers are so easy to use that you can do all the cleaning and maintenance yourself. Keeping the device clean and hygienic is very important as it is used to prepare food. By using cotton or other soft fabric, you can clean them very easily. Using only a little detergent water and a clean cloth, this appliance can be cleaned of food particles and food scraps. Cleaning these types of equipment is now easier because you simply remove the grinder part of the machine from the motor and wipe it thoroughly with a clean cloth.

Decor of your kitchen:

With the availability of a wide variety of models, you can now choose from those that best suit your kitchen. Mixing grinders are available in a number of colors or shades, as well as models. It is natural that you want to choose one that suits your kitchen and other appliances, otherwise you may be uncomfortable.

6 Things you should never use in a Grinder and Blender

Any blender and grinder is the pride of the kitchen and is one of the most revered appliances. Let me put this way; it’s actually a must-have you simply can’t do without it. Grinder can do it all for you, it’s even better if you’re health conscious or someone who loves to cook for your family. They are preferred as they can mix any sort of ingredient together quite well. Though, it can easily crack any hard nut, there are few things which should not be used at all in the blender. We understand how important kitchen appliances are here’s why we’ve come up with a list of top 6 things you must never place in your blender to enjoy the lasting benefits of the appliance. Continue to read about the same and thanks for reading this far, your attention matters a lot to us.

  1. The first and foremost thing that can be harmful for your blender is any sort of “hot liquid” be it grinding any curry to make it more refine or soup for matter. They can be made within the matter of minutes but they are damaging for your blender’s health. In case, you have to use the blender then make sure the ingredients are cool down before you place them into the jar. Always allow the heat to move out of the blender. It can also save your from injury as the hot liquid can leak out on to your skin as well.
  2. I know smoothies tastes yum, but then it’s not yum for the blender. So, try and not use any frozen fruits into the jar. Otherwise, a grinder is ideal for making any sort of smoothies. Like we suggested, in the case of hot liquid in the point mentioned above, thaw the items well for some time and then use a blender nicely. Though, avoid placing anything into the jar like that. On the flip side, you will find lumps if you’ll use frozen food direct into the blender.
  3. Avoid putting any starchy items in the blender like potatoes. As the blades of the blender Starchy vegetables such as potatoes should not be blended. The reason is the blades of a blender over blend the potatoes, which release too much starch. The excess starch mixes with the liquid present in the potatoes which transforms the mashed potatoes into a gluey mess instead of a fluffy side dish.
  4. It’s not only the hot, starchy, or frozen things that can harm, but there are some dry things that can easily jam your blender like Sun dried tomatoes. If you’re adamant about using sun dried tomatoes in your food, some people are we understand. All you need to do is to soak them first in the water and then use it. Soaking them in the water will make them soft.
  5. Green leafy vegetable are ideal for kids and for people from all age groups but blending the same into the blender will turn the green into brown colour due to the motor. Here’s why always refrigerate the same for few minutes before doing the same. And, then place into the blender. Kudos to good health!
  6. Whether it’s dried, fresh or soaked don’t use gingers in the blender, as it will leave strings no matter how hard you grind and get stuck in the blades as well. It’s always better to grind the same.

Blenders are one of the amazing appliances ever and it makes your work super-duper easy. This appliance can easily blend everything right from smoothies to dips, to soups and makes everything good. But make sure you don’t use the above mentioned things into the appliance for lasting results. Rest, you can opt for a powerful blender that can easily resist the pressure.

How to getting most from your Mixer Grinders

We all prefer things that last longer than usual, don’t we? Especially, if they are appliances that make you invest in them and mixer grinders are no exceptions. If you don’t wish to keep your appliances only like a showpiece then kindly pay attention. You can get the most out of your grinders and quite a lot depends upon which model you select for the same. Trust us there is more that you can do than grinding spices and making pastes.
However, there are so mixers that lets you extract juice, chop vegetables and, or knead dough, batters are great and so are the purees and including all sorts of chutneys. This is how a single appliance can add wonders in your kitchen.

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