Top 10 Best Ironing Boards in India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

It isn’t often that you get a second chance to create your first impression. In case you desire to look your best, the outfit that you wear must have clean & crisp pleats and should be wrinkle-free. However, ironing is a task that a majority of us keep avoiding. The companies know this fact that there aren’t several wrinkle-resilient and wrinkle-free fabrics available in the market. In addition, there would be occasions whilst you might come across wrinkled stuff such as dresses, slacks, suits, sweaters, shirts, and curtains.

At this point in time, possessing a vital ironing board at home will make a whole lot of difference, permitting you to make the things wrinkle-free efficiently and fast. Whilst having a good-quality steam iron is significant, a high-quality ironing board is going to permit the user to appropriately drape the items and effortlessly glide across the fabric without the risk of clothes getting burnt.

On the other hand, another thing to consider is that there are many types of ironing boards on the market and choosing one can be a touch confusing. Therefore, we have listed down the Best Ironing Boards to diminish the time taken by the user to arrive at the final decision. Additionally, we have also discussed all the aspects and features associated with Ironing Boards in the final segment so as to facilitate a well-informed decision.

The Best Ironing Board in india – Reviews

Bathla X-Press Ace Ironing Board

Bathla X-press Ace Ironing Board is one of the best and a premium quality board. It is stable, durable and comes with multiple unique features. The board is simple and easy to set up and the surface of the ironing board comes with an aluminized cloth cover that let effectual transfer of heat. The anti-skid PVC shoes stop the ironing board from gliding during use and offer high solidity. You can use this board for multiple purposes including an iron holder, wire manager, multifunction stray for stacking clothes after ironing.

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  • Built from high-grade steel, and precision moulded plastic parts for supreme sturdiness
  • Proprietary aluminised cloth cover for heat transfer competence, saving you time
  • Anti-skid PVC shoes make sure high constancy during the procedure.
  • Huge multi-function tray to mound clothes and more when pressing
  • Innovative wire manager keeps wires out of the way making your task quick and easy
  • The product comes with two years warranty

Peng Essentials Hetty Ironing Board

Our next pick is from Peng essentials. It is one of the famous brands available online and you can go with this product if ironing is a task for you. It comes with extra Tri-Leg Design, adjustable height up to 4 levels, and rotating feet cap for apt balance and foam padding for proper cushioning.

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  • Innovative Stable Tri-Leg Design
  • Revolving Feet cap for proper balance
  • Flexible Height up to 4 Levels
  • Ironing Surface
  • Foam and Felt Padding for passable cushioning

Paffy Ironing Board with Iron Holder

This is one the best ironing holder board with all the unique and super qualities. It is made from high fibres that retain and reflect heat and at the same time reduces ironing time and saves on energy. It comes with an ironing board made of stainless steel which makes the board strong and durable. The board comes with a 100% cotton cover which let smooth ironing and prevents cloths from sticking to the board. If ironing is a task for you then Paffy iron board is what you need.

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  • Metal Top with Expanded Mesh for Optimal Steam Flow
  • It weighs 4.1 kilograms
  • Dimensions 130x34x6 cms
  • Ironing board comes with a metal iron rest with Silicon bush

TruGood Ironing Board with Press Stand

TruGood is another decent quality ironing board easy on your pocket with various unique features. This board is made of stainless steel and is durable. The height of the board is to be adjusted, stable and shockproof. It comes with rubber caps that provides grip and also prevents the board from skidding. The ironing board comes with an additional iron holder which lets the user rest the iron securely in between use.

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  • Strong Steel mesh frame
  • Hot Steam Iron ( Press ) Stand / Holder
  • Variable Height & portable
  • Shockproof Steel Board 97 X 33 cm
  • Durable & Tough frame with Rubber Grips

Arrision Ironing Board

Arrision is a famous brand with standard quality and a decent surface along with press holder.  The dimensions of the board are 18 x 48 inch (47 X 122 cm) which is perfect for ironing. The ironing board comes with an additional holder and can be used to rest the iron in between use. The board frame allows smooth ironing and is safe to use. This ironing board is heavyweight than the rest, weighing 11 kgs.

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  • Dimensions : 18 x 48 inch ( 47 X 122 cm )
  • Hot Steam Iron ( Press ) Stand / Holder
  • Flexible Height in 4 steps 20 inches to 28 inches
  • Shockproof Wooden Board, with Heavy Steel Iron Legs Off White
  • Beautiful Blue Lines Print

Peng Hummer Ironing Board

Peng is a good brand when it comes to ironing here’s why we’ve picked two models from this brand. The board is made with the high-quality steel body. The board surroundings are covered with extra cushion which allows comfort while pressing. The height of the pressing board can be adjusted to suit the height of the user. It comes with anti-skid caps it prevents from slipping.

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  • Newer model and better than any other Peng essentials ironing board
  • Foldable with adjustable heights
  • Extra cushion
  • Export Excellence
  • Powder coated in Silver colour

Citizen Extra Large Ironing Board

This ironing board from Citizen comes with an extra-large working surface.  It is made of high-quality steel, shockproof wood and allows smooth ironing. The present rubber grip prevents it from slipping. It is durable and strong ironing board. The flexible height of the ironing board stand can be adjusted to suit the height of the user. Ironing is a day-to-day task which is irreplaceable and this board is the perfect fit for anyone who chickens out from ironing.

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  • 18 x 48 inch ( 47 X 122 cm )
  • Hot Steam Iron ( Press ) Steel Stand / Holder
  • Flexible Height
  • Shockproof Wooden Board
  • Strong & Sturdy frame with Rubber Grips

Athena Creations Ironing Board

Athena Creations offers great models for the ironing board. It comes with unique features like anti-corrosion metal board for easy storage. The steam iron prevents from falling off the board. It comes with safety lock feature preventing the iron board from collapsing. Protecting feet help guard floors against marks. If ironing is a task for you then this could be your best bet.

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  • Colour Maybe Very / Design Random Selection
  • Comes with compatible with Trendy Ironing Board Holder for quick and easy storing.
  • Safety lock prevents the ironing board accidentally collapsing
  • 3 different height setting, simple to change the height of the board

Flipzon Self Standing Ironing Board , Multi Color

Ironing could be a mesmeriszing experience if Flipzon ironing board is around. Ironing could be taxing especially when you need to do it on a daily basis. It is available in three different sizes. It is simple to use and adjust the height of the board. It is also available with safety feature. It is easy to place this board at any given height.

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  • Colour May be Very / Design Random Selection
  • 3 different height setting, It's very simple to change the height of the board.
  • When not in use, the product folds down flat for easy storage

Archana NHR Ironing Board

Archana NHR Ironing board is one of the most selling ironing board. The board comes with safety lock features which prevent board from collapsing. It is available in three different height setting and very simple to change easy storage. The board is compatible with other trendy ironing board holder for storing purposes. If pressing is a problem for you then this could be your pick.

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  • Colour May be Very / Design Random Selection
  • It is compatible with Trendy Ironing Board Holder for quick and easy storage
  • It comes with safety lock prevents the ironing board accidentally collapsing
  • 3 different height setting, simple to adjust the height
  • Protective feet help shield floors from scratches
  • Safety lock prevents the ironing board accidentally collapsing

Best Ironing Board – Buying Guide

Either you enjoy or hate ironing or perform it solely when there isn’t any other option left, prior to purchasing an ironing board, review your ironing practices, requirements and the space accessible to obtain the finest selection for you. You might as well be astonished to discover that there are several innovative ways to recycle or utilize an ironing board.

Inbuilt or Portable Ironing Board

The portable ironing boards are customarily available in 2 distinct sizes, namely tabletop and standalone. The benefit of a portable one is that you might change its position at any point in time.

The inbuilt ironing boards are customarily installed inside a wall cabinet or a drawer by expert installers inside your laundry area or even in the bedroom closet. Further, there are kits available for the homeowners to get the boards installed on the door of the closet or inside a distinct panel. This board is fixed firmly at the top, affixed solely on a single end and descends down out of the door. This choice actually helps in saving a lot of space.

Size of Ironing Board

In case you possess a room that can accommodate a full-size ironing board, select the broadest ironing board that you might be able to find for stress-free, more operational ironing. A full-size ironing board is the one that is no less than 12” to 18” wide and 4’ long. A minor tabletop board is suitable for the craft tasks and fast touch-ups; however, not appropriate for handling linens or full-size clothes.

Height of Ironing Board

In case you possess an inbuilt ironing board, it must be installed at the hip level for an individual who often irons. The hip level height is best in case you perform ironing whilst standing. For the people who switch amid sitting and standing whilst ironing, the portable board is superior since it is simpler to adjust down or up.

Cover & Padding

Every single ironing board is going to comprise a cover and padding. However, the extras that come with the board might not be of good quality. For an example, the cover or padding might be really thin. Additionally, a few covers might better survive singes and replicate heat.

The decent thing is that you may also get the cover and padding upgraded easily as several are retailed individually. On the other hand, this is going to cost you supplementary money to turn your surface for ironing denser, long-lasting, and appear clean.

Weight of the Board

The traditional ironing boards used to be crafted out of wood. They used to be pretty sturdy but really hefty, which turned it into a non-ideal material for effectual ironing. You should search for an ironing board crafted out of metal, mesh top that is going to permit the steam to evaporate and pass through.

Metal boards that are light in weight are easier to install and fold up for storing. It moreover allows you to shift from place to place without much of an effort.

Durability of Ironing Board

Whilst a lightweight board is looked-for, it likewise possesses a durable frame that isn’t going to break down or turn over simply as you are ironing. A steady board is going to turn ironing stress-free and might avoid accidents such as the boards dropping over kids at home.

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