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10 Best Cycle Helmets In India

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Safety comes first whether you’re touring, commuting, or mountain biking, investing in a vital piece of kit is a must-have. There is no wonder a cycle helmet is one of an essential piece of kit if you commute to work via cycle or otherwise. Lately, reports suggest that 70% of severe head injuries can be avoided if the rider is wearing a helmet. Since helmets are designed in a way that reduces the chances of collision eventually reducing the risk of injury as much as possible. Always go for helmets that are used Multi-directional Impact System (MIPS). Your safety is our prime concern which is why we've come up with a list of Top 10 Best Cycle Helmets in India that you can choose and prepare yourself for any severe situation.

Since you are looking for a helmet for your bicycle, you already must be having a cycle. If you are planning to get another one on a budget, you can check out some of the best cycles under 5000 INR!

Best Cycle Helmets In India

1. Strauss Cycling Helmet


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Bicycling is one of the healthiest exercises. And while having a bicycle in India is a very common matter, we often overlook the safety guidelines. Yes, you do not see many people wearing helmets while bicycling. However, we must take precautions. Because you never know what accidents can cause you. But, if you are a passionate biker and love adventures, you should be more aware of the dangers that can accompany you. Considering that, on the first of our list we present Strauss Cycling Helmet. Strauss is one of India's most famous sports product manufacturers. Their cycling helmets are considered to be one of the highest quality options in the market. Strauss Cycling Helmet is the brand's deal-breaker that you can find online on 

Strauss Cycling Helmet is one of the most efficient and comfortable helmets on our list. It fits perfectly and comfortably on your head, ensuring total protection against any harm. Thanks to the Dial Fit strip on the back, the Helmet offers 360° adjustability for the perfect custom fit. So, there is no issue with the size and fit at all. The helmet has a robust build. It is made of high-quality PVC, PC, and EPS foam, ensuring durability and convenience along with comfort. Due to the use of such materials, this helmet is also lightweight. The inner pad of the helmet is breathable. Air passes through the holes, making it easy to wear. 

The adult helmet houses a standard size, equipped with an easy-use dial system and side straps. The aerodynamic and ventilation design of the helmet allows air to go through the biking helmet. It helps in increasing the speed and makes it comfortable to wear and also easy to release buckles. Strauss Cycling Helmet is available in five pretty awesome colour combinations. So, you always have the option to choose one according to your preference. It is compatible with road bikes and mountain bicycles. So, this helmet does not only protect you from accidents but also make your cycling more modern and delightful.

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2. Cockatoo Professional Multi-Colour Cycling Helmet

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Our team is always committed to present you with the best options. And while the market is flooded with many biking helmets, finding out the best needs experience. And since it is more about safety, it becomes even more necessary for anyone to recognize and appreciate their purchase for the quality and performance. Therefore, the brands perform an immense role in such selection. Cockatoo is one of India's largest manufacturers of sports and fitness equipment. This company sells thousands of its products throughout the country. Cockatoo Professional Multi-Colour Cycling Helmet is one of their most efficient items that you can purchase online from

Cockatoo Professional Multi-Colour Cycling Helmet is one of the best helmets on this list. The helmet has a very robust build that ensures durability and protection. Made from tough polypropylene, a single look at the Cockatoo cycling helmet alone can tell you how remarkable it is. Thanks to the textured sleek design, it looks, even more, attracting which plays a vital role in your purchase. The helmet comes with 21 air ventilation holes and moisture-wicking pads, that keep you cool as a cucumber on hot summer rides. So, wearing this helmet is comfortable and does not cause much heat. Also, thanks to the aerodynamic design and proper ventilation, the helmet is outstandingly lightweight. 

The helmet comes with a soft, EPS inner padding that is shockproof & comfy. The outer shell of the helmet has thick PVC with multiple patterns. The helmet is also waterproof making it a safe choice for excessive sweating. It houses a dial fit strip on the back that offers 360° adjustability for the perfect custom fit. Cockatoo Professional Multi-Colour Cycling Helmet is available in three sizes and 11 colour variants. While purchasing the helmet online, make sure you check the size that fits your head. Further, you have a free choice to choose from 11 colour options. Hence, it eliminates all your complaints about not wearing a helmet. This helmet looks classy, feels comfortable and lightweight, and, most importantly, available at an affordable and commendable price. All these features make it to the list of extraordinary deals.

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3. Schrodinger Adjustable Thrasher Adult Cycle/Bike Helmet 

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If you are looking for something more classy and efficient, you may find Schrodinger  Cycle/Bike Helmet. Schrodinger is a reputed manufacturer of sports equipment, including bike helmets. This helmet from the brand is one of the famous products that bear quality, perfection, durability and is affordable too. All these qualities make Schrodinger Adjustable Thrasher Adult Cycle/Bike Helmet with Detachable Liner one of the best cycle helmets on our list. You can find it online on Amazon at a great price deal. This helmet has a lot to offer. It comes with exciting features and an outstanding look that looks better than anything. 

Schrodinger Adjustable  Cycle/Bike Helmet  has an excellent robust build. It is made of thick, tough and durable PVC & pc that protects your head from any harm. The firm outer shell also protects it from various damages. The inner padding of the helmet features soft EPS padding, which is breathable. It has a 54-62cm adjustable strap that fits almost anyone comfortably. The helmet is a lightweight helmet that does not feel at all disturbing or uncomfortable on your head. The aerodynamic ventilated design allows smooth airflow through the helmet. It ensures no discomfort and the helmet keeps you as cool as a cucumber on hot summer rides.

Schrodinger Adjustable Thrasher Adult Cycle/Bike Helmet with Detachable Liner comes in black and grey colour variation, which looks extremely classy. The brim of the helmet is detachable along with a detachable inside liner. So, the cleaning job is simpler than ever. The helmet is also available in other colour variants, allowing you to choose from a wide range of colour variants as per your preference. It weighs around 240g which is pretty lightweight. Considering all the features, it is safe to say that this helmet can provide you with the best performance and features while still keeping the price at an affordable range. Hence, for people who are finding a more stylish and vivid choice for a helmet, Schrodinger Adjustable Thrasher Adult Cycle/Bike Helmet with Detachable Liner can be one of the best considerations. 

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4. Kamachi Cycling Skating Helmet

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If you are looking for something more affordable while not missing a single feature, our next choice on the list can be the one. Kamachi Cycling Skating Helmet is an affordable choice from the house of Kamachi, one of India's most famous manufacturers of sports products, including cycling and skating helmets. Their products have gained popularity across the country because of the quality and the commitment to their clients. While reviewing this product, our team got their hands on some unique features that this brand has still afforded at this price segment. You can find Kamachi Cycling Skating Helmet online on

Kamachi Cycling Skating Helmet is a very durable helmet that protects your head sufficiently. The Unique Impact Protection System, which is commonly known as UIP, is extraordinary and efficient. The helmet bears a premium quality which is equipped with a unique design and a proper ventilation system. This helmet also embraces the back of your head, ensuring maximum protection from various head injuries. The outer body or shell of the helmet is made with solid synthetic fiber material. Thanks to the material, the helmet is very lightweight yet very durable. It can absorb the impact hugely and saves your head from getting injured. The soft EPS padding in the interior ensures comfort and breathability. It also comes with a good ventilation system, ensuring your head does not feel sweaty and uncomfortable even if you wear this for a more extended period.

Kamachi Cycling Skating Helmet comes with secured straps from the inside to fasten this helmet properly, so that it does not come off. You can also adjust the straps and make them tight or loose. Make sure you tie the straps for maximum protection. The helmet is available in many colour variants, giving you a wider choice to select what you prefer the most. Also, it fits decently on your head. However, for this variant, there is only one size available. Nevertheless, this helmet, despite its pros and cons, is a pocket-friendly choice and is very uniquely designed and engineered. If you are a beginner and looking for something more efficient, you can surely head for this one. 

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5. BLACK+DECKER light yet durable PC+EPS material Cycling and Skating Helmet

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EPS construction in helmets should be one of your primary concerns while buying a bike helmet. And while many helmets fail to serve you with enough protection, ensuring the EPS construction can save your investment from becoming void. BLACK+DECKER helmets have better build quality than most other brands in the market. Therefore, people who want durability more than anything and do not mind spending a little bit would always go for BLACK+DECKER. This is our fifth top choice on the list that comes along with ensuring durability, quality and performance. You can purchase this BLACK+DECKER helmet online from

BLACK+DECKER light yet durable PC+EPS material Cycling and Skating Helmet that has a durable design. The outer shell of the helmet is made of robust PVC and PC, while the inner EPS padding is capable enough to ensure better protection of your head from accidents. Due to the quality EPS, the helmet is also comfortable thanks to the breathability of the padding. The helmet also features an aerodynamic design with enough ventilation holes through which air passes. The smooth air pass, thus, ensures faster and unrestrained speed and more comfort to the rider. And, there is no itchy and sweaty uncomfortable head anymore. BLACK+DECKER light yet durable PC+EPS material Cycling and Skating Helmet has a modern, attractive design that seems very appealing to the riders. This helmet is also available in many colour variants. Therefore, you have the liberty to choose the one you prefer the most. The helmet weighs around 590g and so does not feel heavy on the rider's head. The water-resistant outer shell of the helmet protects your head from dust and water. It has a 54-62cm adjustable strap that fits almost anyone comfortably. Also, considering all the features, quality, durability and other deciding factors, it is safe to say that BLACK+DECKER Lightweight Cycle Helmet can be excellent that you can ever make if you take biking or skating seriously.

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6. Lista Outdoor Sport Bicycle Helmet Integrated Molding Breathable Cycling Helmet

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This helmet is an entry-level helmet with all essential and notable features that serve as the quality standards for any bike helmets. You can find Lista Savant Road Bike Helmet online on Amazon at an affordable price range. 

The fitting of the helmet is quite comfortable. It houses the Roc Loc 5 fit system fixed near the temples that tends to put more pressure on the front and the sides of the head, as compared to the Roc Loc Air adjustment system which you can find on the higher end Lista Synthe. Padding on the Savant is decent and comfortable. It protects your head from injuries while comforting it in the level best way. There are enough vents available on the helmet. But these vents are smaller than other helmets on the list. You can adjust the height and fitting on the Lista Savant Road Bike Helmet with the Roc Loc 5 fit system.

The helmet has an attractive design. It looks very classy and modern in black colour. But there are only two colour combinations available for the helmet, giving you fewer choices to choose from. But considering the price of the product, these points are manageable. Savant is also a very lightweight helmet at this price point. After all, you are getting a branded product with all the fundamental features that would help you nourish your passion for cycling. So, Lista Savant Road Bike Helmet is one of the best entry-level helmets on our list that you can take into consideration. 

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7. Btwin ST 50 Mountain Bike Helmet – Black

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This helmet is an efficient, high-quality product from the brand that ensures the safety and comfort of the rider. You can find this biker helmet online on Amazon. Ahead in this review, we will learn about some of the features that this helmet has to offer. 

Btwin Thrasher Helmet is an adult biker helmet with a strong and robust build. The outer shell of the helmet is made of PVC, a PC material that gives the best protection to your head. Also, the hard outer shell is a peace of mind when it comes to risks. On the other hand, the inner padding of the helmet feels comfortable. It ensures the safety of your head from any injury. And thanks to the breathable fabric, wearing the helmet is much more comfortable. The helmet features Dial-Fit Adjustable Design for a better fit. 

To ensure the comfort of the rider, the manufacturers have made the helmet more light and breathable. It has 21 integrated vents for a better air supply. So the rider does not feel uncomfortable while riding, and there is no issue of an itchy head. The inner-padding also houses moisture-wicking pads that keep the rider's head dry. Thanks to the Dial Fit strip on the back, the Helmet offers the perfect custom fit with 360° adjustability. So, there is no issue with the size and fit at all. All of these features contribute equally to the quality of the helmet. This helmet is available in many colour variants. Therefore, you can easily choose the one that you see as attractive.

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8. Nivia Helmet

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A bike helmet should be a good looking one. And when we mean good looking, we do not eliminate the importance of quality in it. A biker helmet is necessary safety equipment for the bikers. And if you are a passionate biker, you should always put your safety first. In doing so, while all the listed helmets are as good as each other, Nivia Helmet is an efficient helmet on the list with quality, safety and comfort. Nivia is one of India's leading sports brands, manufacturing several sports items, including shoes, helmets, etc. Nivia Helmet is a subtle balance between quality, safety & price. You can find this helmet online on

This Nivia Helmet has a classic design and attractive colour combination that gives it a modern look. However, it is not only the looks that present it differently. The build quality of the helmet is remarkably robust. The helmet's outer shell is crafted out of ABS plastic, whereas the interior is well padded with expanded polystyrene. Thanks to the padded interior, your head gets extra protection and fits into the helmet quite comfortably. The padding is also breathable, making the helmet comfortable for the rider to wear. 

There are enough vents on the helmet that let air pass through it. It contributes to the breathability and the speed of the cycle. So, the helmet is cool and snug. Further, the helmet also has a good fitting. The straps are soft yet strong enough to keep the helmet on your head securely. The helmet has a glassy finish which looks elegant. And since it is water-resistant, you can wash it up by hand with a bit of soap and water. The helmet is available in three size options. Make sure you choose the right size before buying it. It also comes with a 10 days replacement guarantee. So, if you do not like the item, you can return it to the seller. Considering everything this helmet can be a perfect fit for beginners to start with their passion for cycling. 

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9. Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi Sport CM-2 Helmet

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If you prefer something classing yet elegant, Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport CM-2 Helmet can be the choice for you. This helmet has a unique classic design that differences it from any other helmet on our list. Commuter helmets are more efficient in reducing the risk of injury due to an accident while biking. These helmets protect the side and the back of your head from getting hit. So, Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport CM-2 Helmet is our first commuter helmet on our list which comes on the ninth position here. You can purchase this helmet online from

Unlike the other helmets on our list, this helmet has a classic look that looks similar to the moto-bike helmets. Commuter helmets can be used for multiple purposes. Following that, the Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport CM-2 Helmet comes with many features that make it one of a kind. The helmet has two interchangeable sets of pads and DEWcollector interior packing to wash away stench, bacteria, and sweat from the helmet. So, wearing it regularly for hours should not be a problem anymore. It also features a robust build. The outer shell of the helmet is made of durable ABS plastic. It protects your head from any shock. And the EPS foam inside absorbs shock from a hit in case it ever occurs. Hence, this helmet ensures better protection of the rider.

While the build quality bears the mark of superiority, the helmet is also very much comfortable. The EPS foam inside is a breathable foam that not only protects but feels comfortable too. Its ventilator keeps the flow of fresh and cool air and pushes out stuffy and stagnant air to keep you cool and comfortable. Thanks to the design, the helmet is extremely lightweight and does not put too much pressure on your head. Considering everything, it is safe to say that the helmet is one of the best choices on our list for you to consider. 

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10. Vector X H-50 Cycling-Skating Helmet

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While concluding the list, it is time that we present something unique. While all our enlisted helmets bear the perfect quality and design in their segments, this helmet that we present now wins the race with its excellent features. Vector X H-50 Cycling-Skating Helmet is our next and last helmet on the list of best cycling helmets which is also our personal recommendation. Vector is one of India's famous sports companies, manufacturing several sports items, starting from swimming equipment to cycling, like helmets. This product is intended to reduce bearings to the head due to injury if the cyclist falls. You can find this helmet online on Amazon. 

Vector X H-50 Cycling/Skating Helmet is a multi-purpose helmet. It houses a robust build that ensures the quality of the product. The helmet has a strong outer shell made of hard PVC and PC. It protects your head from severe injuries and also ensures the endurance of the product. The inner padding is made of EPS which is breathable, yet efficient enough to protect your head. Thanks to the soft breathable padding, using this helmet is more comfortable and convenient. It does not cause much sweating or an itchy head. Thus, the helmet is cool and snug. With an adjustable fit that helps the person to get a smart fit and also avoid unwanted dust particles and dirt going inside your eyes and face, this helmet features a lightweight aerodynamics design. 

So, wearing the helmet does not cause much load on your head. Rather, it ensures further comfort and speed with its multi-vent. The vents in the helmet help air to pass smoothly, which does not limit the speed. The helmet has a modern, catchy design that attracts every cycler. The blue and black combination on the helmet looks elegant. Since it is a multi-sport helmet, you can use it for any sport that requires a helmet use such as skating, skateboarding or bicycling. Considering all these features and utilities the helmet can serve you the best if you want professional performance from your equipment. 

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Cycle Helmet

Wearing a helmet when you are cycling, or biking is necessary for your own safety. And while we may not see many Indians wearing a helmet when cycling, it becomes even more necessary we take a step. And for a passionate biker like you who values safety more than anything, a helmet should bear the best quality. However, if you count the quality based upon the price, you may get deceived. Again, compromising the quality for the price is not a decent decision either. Therefore, while buying a cycling helmet, one should take care of some points. They define the standard of a quality helmet. Our team has mentioned such points below for you to see. Make sure that you double-check everything before making a decision. 

Build Quality

The very first concern before buying a cycling helmet should be what exactly your helmet is made from. This means you must make sure that your helmet bears a decent quality build to ensure your protection. Basically, a good quality helmet has a shell made up of polycarbonate to hold the liner together during a collision. It also acts like an invulnerable wall from hard objects that can slide on the ground to reduce the impact passed on to the skull. But you can also find carbon fibre and fibreglass shells. 

For the inner padding, prefer having EPS or Expanded Polystyrene foam. These foams are breathable and soft. Its sole job is to transfer the energy on collision away from the skull, saving it from severe injuries. However, EPS foams are meant for single-use, meaning you need to trash the lid once you crash. It is one of the primary reasons that nowadays, manufacturers prefer to use Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) instead. The shell and the inner pad together make the helmet safe and weigh very little. So, before you buy a helmer, make sure it bears the quality of saving you from fatal accidents. The better material you choose, the more you have to pay. 


You would never want something that does not fit you. What if you find that your helmet is smaller than your head and you can not even return it. It will be a waste of money. So, you must check the size before buying it. Many manufacturers manufacture their helmets in various sizes. When you purchase this online, you may find a size chart along with the catalogs. There you will find how to measure your head. By getting a proper measurement, you can easily select the size you need. However, you will find some helmets having a universal size that fits most people. But, if you think you have an unusual size (bigger or smaller) of your head, you should measure first before buying. Make sure that you do not overlook this point or order without proper measurement, or you may receive something worthless. Also, different manufacturers have different size standards. So, it is necessary that you check the size charts of every different helmet and not just decide based upon one. 

Safety Standards

Helmets are intended to provide you safety from fatal head injuries. So, when you buy one, one of your primary concerns should be regarding the safety standards. In India, the safety standards for motorbike helmets are regulated by ISI standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). And there is no existence of such a standard for cycling helmets. Therefore, manufacturers prefer to comply with safety stands of different countries like the European standard of EN1078, the American standard of ASTM F1952 – 15, Canadian standard of CAN-CSA-D113.2-M or Japanese standard of JIS T 8134. If your cycling helmet does not meet any of these safety standards, we recommend you to stay away from such products. These products may come cheap but do not guarantee your protection. Hence, we recommend checking the safety standards carefully before you buy a cycling helmet.


Cycling in India can while wearing a helmet can feel uncomfortable. And especially when it is summer, the last thing we would like to have is a load on our head. However, wearing a helmet is more than just wearing something. It is about safety and security. So, we can not avoid it, but we can expect some comfort. To provide you with such comfort cycling helmets have ventilation in them. There are ventilation holes through which air passes. Having enough air on your head makes it feel lighter. Thus there is no itchy, sweaty head and you can wear it for hours without any issue. 


Who likes having a heavy head? It not only makes you uncomfortable but presents excuses for not wearing a helmet. A report says that 80% of people avoid wearing a helmet because they feel it, disturbing and annoying. So, you must check the weight of a helmet before buying it. Cycling helmets, unlike motorcycle ones, are lightweight due to their material use. But, you should better check the description below and find out the weight details. The lighter the helmet, the better it will feel. Also, if your helmet is lightweight, you will be able to wear it for an extended period. 


As you have checked all the quality standards carefully, it is time to focus on how you want your helmet to look. Cycling is a passion. And if your passion is cycling, it should be bright enough to present itself vividly before the world. So, when you are buying a helmet, it should match with your cycle. Cycling helmets are available in various colours and designs in the market. So, you always have the choice to pick your favourite one. You can go for a helmet that matches the colour of your cycle. It looks better when you have something complementing each other. Or you can just pick your favourite colour. 


You will find helmets in different price segments available in the market. So, what makes the difference? The price of a helmet depends on the type, quality and features it houses. So, when you are looking for a helmet, it is better that you have a budget preference beforehand. It will help you find one faster. Also, it will help you to understand the different features of a helmet in that price range. 

Personal Recommendation

[amazon box=”B08LK8VQ58″ template=”list”]

However, while curating the list of the best Cycle helmets, Strauss Cycling Helmet has drawn the team's attention for its outstanding features and build quality. The best part is that the helmet 360° adjustability for the perfect custom fit.It is made of high-quality PVC, PC, and EPS foam, ensuring durability and convenience along with comfort. Due to the use of such materials, this helmet is also lightweight. Hence, this is a deal that you should never miss.

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