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5 Best Mosquito Nets In India

The season of Mosquitos has come. Mosquitos make our life living hell by dancing around our ears. They are also responsible for so many critical diseases. It is always better to avoid mosquitos as much as possible and what's better than having a net that can go over your bed? In this post, we have found and reveiwed the Best Mosquito Nets in India that will save you from those blood-sucking monsters!

Since the monsoon season is ready to make its presence felt all over India, people are pretty glad that they are going to get some reprieve from this scorching summer heat and muggy atmosphere. During the monsoon season, it rains pretty heavily and for a really long time as well.

But owing to the improper drainage facilities and those potholes that we regularly see on the roads, the condition might become even worse after the rains. Due to this water logging problem, the roads and other areas become the breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects, which might give rise to plenty of diseases.

5 Best Mosquito Nets In India

Therefore, to get our users ready for the upcoming circus of mosquitoes, we have lined up the Top Mosquito Nets for bed in India, which are going to help you keep away from the deadly diseases. Furthermore, all these mosquito nets are going to help you get proper sleep at night without any disturbance as far as the mosquitoes are concerned.

In addition, we are going to provide you with a Mosquito Net Buying Guide, which would further allow you to take a smarter and wise decision as far as your requirements, preferences, and the budget is concerned.

Editor's Picks: 4 of The Top Mosquito Nets In India

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The Best Mosquito Nets for Bed In India You Can Buy Today

1. V Make Foldable Mosquito Net for King Size Double Bed

Are you searching for a quality mosquito net that can cover up a king size bed? Here we have come up with a foldable mosquito net from the house of V Make, which has been intended to bound a king size double bed and keep the mosquitoes away from you and your family.

This mosquito net has been crafted out of 100% genuine high-quality polyester along with a steel frame for durability. It is a self-supporting mosquito net that pops open instantly into its shape and hence doesn’t require any sort of assembly. So, choose a mosquito net over those sprays, repellents, and coil to keep your family healthy.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Crafted using a high-quality net and offers an easy one touch design
  • Provides you with convenient storage and portability with foldable design
  • A freestanding tent gets opened within a second for utmost convenience
  • Comes with polyester net cloth having small and dense mesh holes
  • Offers a lot of ease whilst going in and out through the 2-ways zipper

2. Healthy Sleeping Polyester Double Bed Mosquito Net

Are you allergic to those mosquito sprays and coils? Opt to purchase the Healthy Sleeping mosquito net, which provides you with utmost defense against the flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. Throughout the monsoon season, we are prospective to become affected by dangerous diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, and several kids of encephalitis comprising the west nile virus. To defend yourself against similar threats, you require a defensive shield that is provided by the healthy sleeping mosquito net.

This net is lightweight, foldable, and portable. Furthermore, it might be assembled and folded within 30 seconds. The storage bag that comes with the product is useful for keeping it wrapped up and save space after usage. What's more, there is an additional cloth at its bottom, which provides further protection.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Comes with a storage bag, which makes it pretty easy to carry
  • Offers really convenient entry and exit with the big zipper gates
  • Easily accommodates the standard, king-size, and queen-size beds
  • Can be easily folded and assembled within a time frame of 30 seconds
  • Comprises an additional cloth at the bottom for extra protection

3. Classic Mosquito Net Foldable King Size

If you want to purchase a quality and stylish mosquito net for your modern home, then this Classic mosquito net is going to be a good choice to make. This mosquito net is pretty exceptional, fashionable and a stress-free mosquito net, which assists you to keep away from the insects and mosquitoes. This will definitely help in defending your near and dear ones from awful disease like filarial, malaria, and dengue.

The product has been crafted using spring steel expertise frames, which turns it pretty flexible and secure to sleep inside. There are appropriate zippers on two sides for stress-free exit and entry.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Appropriate to use in houses, hotels, hostels, and open places
  • You may also use it during the summer season on the terrace
  • Easily accommodates a king-size double bed for utmost protection
  • Doesn’t require placing any separate rods for hanging the net
  • Crafted out of spring steel technology frames for safer sleeping

4. Royal Foldable Double Bed Mosquito Net

Are you experiencing mosquito menace at your place? Here we have come up with the Royal Foldable Double Bed Mosquito Net, which is a top-quality net and helps you to surrounds your bed for a sound sleep without any disturbance.

The Royal Foldable Mosquito Net further facilitates easier entry and exit since it comprises the large zippers of both the side of the bed. Additionally, this mosquito net is completely washable at a gentle washing program and comes with the patches to paste in case there is any hole in the net after regular usage. This mosquito net is really portable, and the convenient open/close system within a really small frame of time particularly caught our eye.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • The mosquito net is really big and can accommodate a double bed
  • Provides you proper defense against mosquitoes and insects at home
  • Equipped with a fine-quality net that is pretty durable and long-lasting
  • Comprises of solid border all around to further enhance the look of your room
  • Comes with a storage bag to facilitate easy storing without taking much space

5. VERDIOZ Mosquito Net Foldable Embroidery for Double Bed King Size with Saviours – Pink

Insects and mosquitoes are certainly a hazard and might give rise to diseases whilst contacted or bitten by. The finest method to protect against mosquitoes is by utilizing or installing mosquito nets mass-produced by Verdioz.

These nets have been crafted in a unique manner having additional embroidery on the fabric, which uplifts the appearance of the standard mosquito net. Furthermore, this embroidered net is available on the market at a pretty reasonable price. The net might be effortlessly mounted over your bed as and when it is required and taken away afterwards.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Comes with added embroidery on the fabric for good looks
  • Provides a nice method to ward off all the mosquitoes and insects
  • Easy to mount over your bed and take away in the morning
  • Pretty durable net with a portable storage bag for convenience
  • Crafted out of superior quality material and unique design

Personal Recommendation

Since we have now ended up with an overall review and analysis of the best mosquito net available on the Indian market today, we feel that it is going to be really easy and effortless for our users to choose a mosquito net as per their convenience, preference, budget, and requirement. We must also tell you that every single mosquito net on our listing has been crafted using the superior quality materials and offer easy entry and exit with the 2 large zippers at both the ends of your bed.

However, if any of our customer or user is finding it tough to choose a mosquito net that would conform to their requirements and budget, then we would suggest them to go with our personally recommended product so as to facilitate a smarter decision.

This is our personal recommendation:

The mosquito net that we would recommend out users to purchase is the Healthy Sleeping Polyester Double Bed Mosquito Net, which has been made up of quality fabric material and comes with a convenient storage bag that would help you save a lot of space whilst you store your mosquito net.

You know why V Make Foldable Mosquito Net for King Size Double Bed isn't our personal recommendation? Well, it's not that. We do recommend it. Highly. But since it is fit for a king sized bed, it costs appropriately, and therefore not suitable for the mass people. If you still want the very best, then opt for this one.

Benefits Of Buying A Mosquito Net

Having a good night's sleep is very essential to start the next day with a new spirit. But the soldiers that hamper our sleep are none but mosquitoes. Staying in India is living with mosquitoes. As you can not avoid it, you must live with it. Therefore, there are plenty of methods to save our precious night sleeps from being hampered by these filthy little creatures- one of which is using a mosquito net. It is probably the best economical way to avoid any mosquito-related problems while having a sweet night. Hence, there are plenty of benefits of using mosquito nets. We have listed down some of those below. 


One of the primary advantages of using mosquito nets is that these are healthier options than any mosquito repellent cream or oil. Using a mosquito net simply requires you to set it up on your bed. There is no burning or application of chemicals on your skin that may cause any physical damage. Mosquito nets simply stop a mosquito from coming near you and saves the night from any disturbances. Therefore, using a mosquito net would be the best option if you have babies in your home. It would protect them from any bad effect that might have caused due to the chemical mosquito repellant solutions. 

Protects You From Many Diseases 

Another benefit of using mosquito nets is that they guarantee your protection against deadly diseases like malaria, Dengue fever, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever. Mosquito repellants can kill mosquitoes but they do not kill all. But with mosquito nets, you get protection against the deadly mosquitoes coming near you and sleep peacefully. Hence, it is always beneficial to use a mosquito net rather than a mosquito repellant.

Things To Consider When Buying A Mosquito Nets – Buying Guide

Things To Consider When Buying A Mosquito Nets - Buying Guide

Tightly Woven

Select a tightly knitted, white net sufficiently large to gather under the mattress. The netting must be prepared out of firm cotton or synthetic thread to permit the air to move. A white net permits you to perceive the mosquitoes alongside the background. Netting that comprises 285 holes every square inch is going to avert even the minutest of mosquito from going through.

Level of Protection

Different styles of bed netting offer different protection levels. The bed nets that are rectangular in shape offer a nice option since they diminish your likelihood of touching the net whilst you are asleep. You are further prospective to touch the netting whilst napping below the cone-molded net, which might permit insects to feast through.

Nets with Insecticides

Insecticide-canned nets are further operational as compared to the natural nets. The mosquito nets that have been treated with an insecticide such as permethrin destroy the insects on contact. A few bed nettings are pre-cured or you might treat them yourself by sopping the net of your bed in a permethrin solution, obtainable in several travel health clinics as well as open-air equipment supplies.

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Does blood type have anything to do with mosquito bites?” style=”main”] Yes, interestingly. It has been established in research that people with type O blood group are most vulnerable to mosquito bites. They are twice as prone to mosquito bites when compared to people with type A blood group. The people with type B blood group are in the middle on the vulnerability scale.

Travelling Style

Are you going to carry your mosquito net together with you whilst you move regularly from one place to the other, or will you devote a majority of your journey in some locations? Select a net that is pretty light in weight and sufficiently compact to transport easily from place to place.

Protection Measures

The finest protection is obtained from a grouping of security measures. In case you’re in an area that is malaria endemic, don’t solely depend on an antimalarial medication for safeguarding yourself. Obtain particular anti-mosquito methods, comprising of insect repellents comprising of 20-30% DEET or 20% Picaridin and wear lightweight, light-colored, long pants and sleeves. Think of checking your net regularly for tears: Mosquitoes are going to devote hours probing for an opening thus even a single tear is too much.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Mosquito Nets for Bed in India - Buying Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is there any particular color which is the best for a mosquito net?

A white colored mosquito net will easily distinguish mosquitoes for you. This will help you spot any potential mosquito which is inside the mosquito net. Go kill that fly before going to sleep!

2. How small are the holes in a mosquito net?

The holes in a mosquito net are there to let you see beyond the net. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a net, but rather a blanket!

A mosquito net with 285 holes per square inch will keep even the smallest of mosquitoes away.

3. I have had mosquito bites even after using a mosquito net. Is there any chance of mosquitoes bypassing the mosquito net and biting someone?

Sad to hear that. Check whether there is any torn hole of the mosquito net, or if it is well set up with the bed properly. Also check whether the mosquito net has at least 285 holes per square inch. One last precaution is to not sleep in a position where a part of your body is touching the mosquito net. A mosquito can bite if your skin is resting against the net.

A Final Word

A mosquito net is an essential necessity in our country. Though this is a disgraceful fact, we can now find solace in the fact that our country has produced many high quality mosquito nets which provide much more than just a netted cover like traditional mosquito nets.

Whether it be severe diseases like malaria and dengue, or just simply disturbing mosquito bites and buzzing, using a good mosquito net is the most effective way of keeping the mosquitoes at bay. It is also the easiest way.

We can of course kill off mosquitoes for good by using mosquito killer bats, but that takes some time and effort and of course luck. Using a repellent is not foolproof either. Only a mosquito net gives you 100% protection. And now you know the best ones on the market!