Sunflame 90 cm 1100 m3/h Chimney Review

In a modern-day kitchen, the chimney is basically an appliance that absorbs smoke, fumes from the kitchen and makes it clean and fume free.  It simply makes the kitchen a nice place to work without any smell, fume or smoke. In Indian kitchens, there are various things like ghee or cooking oil which produces lots of smoke. Therefore chimneys are must for every kitchen and they’re more active in keeping the kitchen air clear and fume free as compared to traditional exhaust fans.

Smart Features

  • Air Flow: 1100 (m /h)
  • Finish: Stainless Steel and Glass
  • Controls: Feather Touch
  • Filter: Baffle Filter + Oil Collector
  • Lighting: 2 X LED
  • Size: 90 cm
  • Innova Auto-Clean provided with
  • Water Based Auto-Clean System
  • Warranty: 1 Year on product


In this post, we’re reviewing Chimney from Sunflame and everything you need to know about it. Well, as it offers a touch of up-to-date design to your kitchen, stirring the overall style. 

The chimney comes in two alternatives, 90 cm & 60 cm. The variant we’re reviewing today is the 90 cm one which is not very different from the 60 cm one, separately from its size. This chimney comes with exceptional auto clean mode and without the auto clean mode. This is an electric chimney and so comes with a high suction volume (1100 m3/hour).

There are key points you should bear in mind before buying a chimney. The first and the foremost consideration are the space available as the size of the chimney depends upon the size of your kitchen as stove as well.

There are generally two types of chimneys – ductless and vented. Innova Chimney is a ducting model which ducts out all sorts of fumes and smoke from the house using PVC and thus leaves the kitchen air, renewed. A ducting chimney is a superior route for home kitchens, as heat & humidity from the pantry can be naturally ducted out and unlike ductless chimneys, the filters need not be substituted every now & then. Innova chimney comes with an oil saver filter, commonly named the baffle filter. These filter know-hows uses the cut and chop expertise to separate oil molecules & spices from smoke, doesn’t need as much upkeep as the charcoal strainers found in ductless strainers, is easy to clean and most prominently doesn’t affect the chimney pressure power by even a percent.

The chimney suction power is one of the most important features of a kitchen chimney. It is the capacity of the chimney motor to suck the oil, smoke, and grease those effects from cooking – fundamentally the object why chimneys are approved of in the first place. Depending on the kitchen size and the kind of cooking engaged in recurrently, the suction power is decided upon, which further determines the chimney one buys.

Two key features of Sunflame Innova are father touch control and auto clean features. The feather touch control panel makes it really super easy to activate the chimney, and at the same time control buttons are delicate enough to sense finger touch. Being an auto clean chimney suggests that one needs to just switch the chimney ON and it cleans itself, after which it changes off. The Auto shut feature allows reflex concentration of cooking smoke when one cooks.


As the name suggests, Sunflame Designer Chimney – is sleek chimney adds a dash of glamour to your kitchen. It is made of stainless steel and glass, this chimney is a sturdy product that can last a long longer than usual. The feather touch control panel on the chimney comes with a six touch buttons, three on each side of the small four-sided display in the center of the chimney. The touch panel also comes with a unique digital clock.  


There are in total three buttons letting the user control the motor fan speed on the left side of the touch panel. While on the right side there are buttons on the LED lamps, chimney comes with two in-built LED lamps and can be placed on the inner front sides. The LED lamps serve the purpose of supporting in cooking by providing direct overhead light.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The chimney is simple and easy to clean and maintain. Though you can simply install the appliance without any external help and it’s best to get an approved service personnel do so. The product comes with one year warranty and five years on the motor by the manufacturers, which seems like a perfect deal. Sunflame is a big brand when it comes to the chimney and they have lots of centers in all major cities and is available online.  The assessor has had a confident personal understanding with the tuning on more than one occasion.

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