Racold LPG Gas Water Geyser Review & Buyer’s Guide

Compressed and smooth intended water heaters that blend attractively with interiors. Bring Home this express delivery of hot water! If saving money on your bill is something that catches your mind then you might consider the Gas Water Heater as their pick. This gas water geyser is not that fancy on the shelf of your bathroom but its energy efficient feature is the best thing ever for your pocket. In India, Racold’s water heaters are available in different dimensions. They offer ample of safety and other relevant features to customers which makes them the foremost choice for gas water geysers in the state. This model is perfect for domestic use as it comes with an auto timer that switches off precisely after 20 min of constant usage. The product comes with 2 years of warranty on the product.


Product Information

Brand               Racold
Model                Racold PNG
Capacity                   6 L
Colour                  White
Stars rating               3.7

Features of Racold LPG Gas Water Geyser

Racold gas water heater costs you heating water as little as an electric heater. You can easily get hot water faster and easier.  For doing so all you need is to connect the appliance to a piped natural gas outlet and you’re ready to go.

Design and Dimensions

Racold gas water heater comes with 6L capacity and has 130 × 300 × 440 mm sizes and you can appropriately mount it on the wall of your restroom. The powder covered outer body of the outer provides it an exceptional charm.  There is a smooth Hi-tech display panel that lets you see the temperature of water.

Heating Technology

This gas water heater features specific and imported burners which enable comprehensive ignition, confirming up to 85% of heating efficiency. The water heater brags about a simple structure of temperature control by flexible the water flow. The gas flow plus flame are switched on or off only when you open or close the stopper. This water heater comes with a distinct summer and winter purpose which lets transfer of hot steaming water during winters plus warm water during summers.

Additional Features

With Indian Product Certification, this Gas Water Heater gives whole assurance of performance, care as well as dependability. There is an exceptional child lock feature in this gas water heater which warrants safety from children.  It is suitable for locations having low water pressure due to its low starting pressure.  It comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty.


Apart from saving money, Racold’s gas water geyser has other handy-dandy features for customers. Gas water geyser is equipped with simple and easy to use dials to control temperature, pressure, and one that grips functions that lets you regulate the transfer of hot water depending on the time of year. A technological, LED display panel will offer you cardinal information of the temperature at all periods.  Gas water heater deals 85% heating efficacy thanks to the enthused use of introduced burners that enables far-reaching combustion. The geysers are aimed to safeguard the continuous supply of hot water even if the bay water pressure differs; an integral auto-timer repeatedly switches off the heater after 20 minutes of usage.

One of the important features to ponder when choosing for water geyser is a safety feature. Racold is known for taking the extreme care when it comes from to this facet and has involved resolutions to ensure customer care.  It comes with a close-fitting safety feature that works as an auto-protection scheme in event of gas leaks. They moreover feature Child Safety features to defend younger users from mishaps while using the heaters. Altogether of Racold’s gas water heaters come with the authorized Indian product certification with ISI quality appreciation to reassure customers of superior performance, security, and dependability. It bargains a 2-year guarantee on their Gas water heater and hints the way in service upkeep for their produces.

Child Lock

No matter which appliance you go with, safety comes first as it defends against mishaps, certifying safety for children. It comes with heating efficiency up to 85% heating efficiency due to use to exact and introduced burners which enables comprehensive ignition.

Pros and cons


  • Instant continuous running hot water appropriate for long showers
  • ISI marked and best value gas geyser available in the market today
  • Limited online pan India availability
  • The product comes with 2 years warranty


  • Gas leakage issues

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