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Orient Electric Vento Gas Water Heater Review

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In a country like India, there are many parts where electricity is still a distant dream. Here's when gas-powered water heaters enter into the picture. These heaters can provide you hot water in no time and do not even require electricity.  They work even at the remote locations where people face frequent power cuts. If even you don't face the same trouble then also there are many other options that are in favor of it offers low operational cost. If you compare, natural gas is cheaper fuel as compared to electricity.

Markets are overflown with a staggering amount of options that are available in the market and since you're warming up with the idea of gas water heaters you must consider Orient’s latest entry in the category, the Vento geyser. Let us see how it stands against its competition. Don't let frequent power cuts and insufficient power supply get in your way of a warm soothing shower. This gas water heater from Orient provides 84% efficiency throughout irrespective of any season.

It is designed very carefully into a stylish sleek crafted body with a digital display indicating low battery and temperature. It comes with 3-row burner and a variable pressure compatibility of 0.1 to 8 bars.

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More than 84% efficiency – Any water heater that comes with energy efficiency is good for your pocket. The warranty is another feature that matters like this one comes with 2 years warranty. This heater is super on safety as it is anti-flame, heavy copper heat exchanger, ideal for cold region locations, and protects against any overheating.
Temperature control System– The temperature control feature with three-row burner and double ignitions is nothing but an additional feature. This heater is ideal for cold regions and for both summer and winter mode. The flame device protects it from overheating. These features ensure the safety and it is of the utmost concern. And it goes for all the devices as it can lead to severe conditions.
Warranty – The Orient Electric Vento Gas Water Heater comes with two years warranty period. Any product you buy must come with a decent warranty period. We all prefer things that last longer.
Weather friendly– This heater is weather friendly. It is ideal for cold regions; it comes with summer-winter mode.
Safety Features – This heater comes with lots of safety feature which protects overheating, flame failure device. It also comes with a 3 row burner and a double ignition. It offers protection against freezing.
Modes – The heater comes with a summer winter mode and is and is powered by LPG.
Timer – It comes with an auto 20 min off timer and is the unique feature.

Other Additional Features

  • Offers direct constant running hot water suitable for even long showers
  • Best class gas geyser accessible in the market today
  • Similarly Suitable for High Rise Buildings
  • Only For LPG
Brand         Orient
Capacity    6ltr
Color               White
Rating              3.7

There are two types of water heaters namely conventional ones (tank) and Tankless ones.

Conventional Tank water heaters generally store constantly heater water while the tankless ones heat up the cold water with an electric burner as it passes through the heater.

There are multiple factors to consider while when it comes to conventional ones their capacity should range from 20 to 80 gallons, cost-effective, can be positioned almost anywhere from the basement to garage.

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While Tank less ones are the ones which need ventilation, reduces energy consumption as low as 30%, also requires a large up-front investment, it is excellent for residence occupied part-time, runs out of hot water during heavy usage.

There is nothing relaxing than a soothing hot water bath to make most out of chilly winter cozy mornings or help you lower your sore muscles after a demanding workday. The wide variety of Orient Water Heaters aids you meet all your heating necessities. With five start Amazon ratings this geyser help you reduce your bills, the elegant design is just an added bonus to complement your bathroom. It is compact and fits anywhere and it just fit your pocket and budgets as well. Orient has something for everything if you’re looking for an instant water heater, gas geyser, storage water heater they’ve got all.

Orient Electric Vento Gas Water Heater – Working

This gas geyser gets activated as soon as the cold water starts moving through the unit. It signifies that the unit begins working once you open the tap. Further, it is going to automatically turn off again whilst you will get the tap closed. It indicates providing hot water solely when you demand; therefore, there isn’t any kind of fuel wastage at any cost. Now, we must investigate as to what makes the whole unit function.
The incorporated technology as far as the gas geysers are concerned is pretty simple. Initially, the water swifts through the pipeline, which moves across the heat exchanger that comprises a water pipe sheltered with fins having a gas burner fixed underneath. This gas burner gets ignited making use of the electric impulse triggered via the built-in batteries. The generated flames are thereby going to make the fins hot that come in contact with the flowing water and make it hot. Finally, the hot water is dispensed out of the hot water tap or outlet.

Advantages of Using Orient Electric Vento Gas Water Heater

There are many benefits that the gas geysers have on offer in comparison to any other type of water heaters available on the market, a few of which have been given below:

  • The gas geysers are a cost-effective option when compared with the electric water heaters of geysers
    Offer quicker heating
  • Capable of working on both PNG and LPG
  • You may effortlessly regulate the rate and level of heating preferably
  • No electric energy is necessary for a gas geyser to function
  • Really energy-effectual type of water heaters
  • Having gas geysers, the water is going to be hot for an extended period of time

Orient Vento Gas Water Heater – Precautions

In case you want to enjoy the benefits of having a gas geyser installed at home, there are a few precautions that need to be taken so that you and your family are safe from any accident or mishap. The precautions that require taking whilst using a gas geyser are as follows:
Satisfactory ventilation space is ideal for installing a gas geyser both at home or any other place. You should never ever get it mounted inside a confined area like your bathroom
The user should refrain from keeping it anywhere close to any corrosives, explosive, or inflammable, and even nearby the electrical wiring
Verify if the connecting pipes are clean and free from any type of leakage
Ensure that you don’t leave the gas water heater turned on for an extended time period
The gas geyser or water heater must be installed at a height from where that pilot flame is effortlessly visible so that there isn’t any wastage of gas.

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