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Instant Checkmate Review: Online Background Check

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Table of Contents

Interested in finding out more about someone? Or Is there someone you don't feel safe around? Find the truth about anyone with Instant Checkmate – the most popular background check website on the internet”.  This online data broker service provides detailed and in-depth knowledge just by anyone including personal information, social media profiles, professional licenses, criminal records and a lot more.

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The website is simple, clean and attractive which makes the site user-friendly. These features make the reports easy and simple to understand. The most intrinsic feature of the website is the design.

Instant Checkmate Review: Online Background Check 1

For additional features like court judgment or bankruptcy, you have to shell a little more money though in the standard report information is limited. Though the background check does provide a criminal history as well but you don’t get all of it unless you pay an additional fee to see what Instant Checkmate calls “highly protected” criminal records.

Email Report Feature

This feature lets you get all the information related to a specific email address including name, address, social media profiles, networking and a lot more.

Instant Checkmate Review: Online Background Check 2

Unlimited Searches and unlimited reports

Instant Checkmate offers unlimited access which means as many searches and reports and that too with no additional cost. All you need is a monthly fee and if you want to more services like detailed reports then you have to pay premium charges.

Accurate and up-to-date information

Instant Checkmate spends a fortune to keep the information as accurate and updated as possible and that's where they nail. You'll find the most comprehensive and trustworthy data

Dedicated Member Care Services

The most important thing in any form of business or service is the care that you provide to your users or members and Instant Checkmate provides great member care services to their users even if they're not the members.

Instant Checkmate Review: Online Background Check 3


Searching for a person or any subject on Instant Checkmate’s main website and simple and hassle-free you can easily find information using parameters like name, age, and location.

The makers provide the most updated and accurate information that you can use and trust without a shadow of a doubt. The standard reports not only provide comprehensive information like address history, contact information, licenses, but you can also get in touch with long lost old friends, protect yourself, loved ones and others safe by getting the right information and at the right time.

List of features offered under Instant Checkmate’s

1. Full Name

2. Age

3. Gender

4. Education

5. Job history

6. Potential pictures

7. Phone and carrier information

8. Social profiles

9. Location information

And More

You might not like what you find, but at least you’ll know the truth once you run a phone search through Instant Checkmate.

Instant Checkmate’s Email Reports work in much the same way as a Reverse Phone Lookup, expect with an email address. If you want to look into a potential seller on Craigslist or want to reconnect with an old friend, a Reverse Email Lookup is a great resource.

Features you get with an Email report from Instant Checkmate

Full Name


Social media profiles

Past and present locations

Online usernames and aliases

Employment history

Possible photographs

Relative associated

Potential connections

Instant Checkmate Review: Online Background Check 4

What Does An Instant Checkmate Background Report Show?

There are other beneficial features like reverse email lookup and phone lookup which can expand the overview the report once you upgrade. When you choose the option for a background check, the database instantly searches for the subject’s name, gender, and other related features. Once you find the target from the list of closest matches click on the open report.

The instant checkmate background report looks like the following.

1. DOB

2. Contact information

3. Related people

4. Location history present and current

5. Criminal records, if any

6. Social media profiles

7. Nearby sex offenders, if any

8. DEA or FAA licenses

And more It all depends on what you’re looking for and at what scale you need to target. The access to the deep and intense data can make all the difference. For more detailing and in-depth reports premium services are available. For a one-time fee, users can upgrade to a Premium Report and unlock even more information, which can include the following:

1. Corporate associations

2. Certified licenses

3. Civil judgments

4. Tax liens, bankruptcies, and foreclosures

5. Probable associates

6. Voter Registration

7. Assets Owned

8 .Hunting, fishing, and weapons permits

And more

It works for you at all facets even if you’re looking for old friends, or screening down an online date, long lost friend, Instant Checkmate offers various services as per your needs and requirements.

For a better user experience, Instant Checkmate’s FAQs section offers a variety of information like what you can or can’t do with your data as well as other useful tips. The customer support is also available by phone and email.


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