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How to Use an Air Fryer – Complete Guide

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Everyone likes good chips or delicious nuggets. But often these meals are truncated by the excess oil they incorporate. All day there are lots of people who make the decision to take care of their health inside and out by decreasing the quantity of cholesterol and fats that these foodstuffs entail. One answer to these issues is the oil-free fryer.

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Since the fryers appeared by air,  there has been much speculation about the use and guarantees of the same, so the first thing we are going to clarify to our readers is what is an air fryer.

It is a household appliance that mainly uses a system of hot air, which is distributed through fans, to cook food, basically that is how the air fryer works, although it depends on the model can vary a bit.

Working of Air Fryer

Below are some things that one must know about working of Air Fryer before using this device

  • To work it follows the same principle of a furnace circulating hot air at high speed. The fryers without oil are formed by a container and a control panel from which the time and temperature of the appliance will be controlled.
  • In them, we can prepare from chips, meat, fish, vegetables, pastries and whatever we can think of. However, not all foods are suitable to be cooked in this way.
  • The oil-free fryer operates similarly to a small hot air oven.
  • It combines the function of “grill” and a stream of hot air at high speed, achieving a frying without oil. Get the frying thanks to the fact they have in their own food.
  • The air fryer uses the patented Rapid Air technology that allows frying foods using up to 80% less fat than a conventional fryer because the device only uses hot air to fry food.
  • Although they are called fryers without oil, they do use it, usually about a tablespoon. Each model has different specifications and functions, but the basic principle of operation is the same for all.
  • An electric resistance heats the air, which is circulated with fans between the food impregnated in a thin layer of oil. With this system, you get the food to be golden on the outside, as if it was fried, but you do not get the same taste or texture so crispy.
  • As you can see, it would be more correct to say that they are mini convection ovens or even hot air fryers. It really is not a new and revolutionary technology, but it has its advantages and there are people who are delighted with this small appliance.

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How to use the fryer without oil

  1. Pre-impregnate the food to be cooked with oil, for this you can use a brush or spray.
  2. Once prepared to introduce them in the fryer without oil and cook them for about 15 minutes.
  3. And voila, finally you can enjoy your food.

What is The Mains Part Of Air Fryer?

  • Like our taste every food is different and their cooking temperature varies. Air Fryers gives you an equal opportunity to operate your own temperature. It makes sure the food is cooked evenly and not overcooked or burned. Manual Temperature is the most important part of an Air Fryer, an auto setup which helps you cook easily. 
  • The next part is the size of the tray which offers you the amount how much you’re about to cook. One small single tray is more than enough for a single individual.
  • Next comes the size of an air fryer, they come in multiple sizes. One can buy as per their space at home and requirement. This device is portable and can be used by anyone who constantly travels a lot. 
  • Cleaning an air fryer is a simple and hassle free which gives stain-free finish. Generally, it’s difficult to clean greasy stuff but with an air fryer, it gets better in every way.
  • It is dishwasher friendly as well. Need I say more? It’s light-in-weight as well.

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