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Pressure Cookers

All different kinds of Pressure Cookers be it for Rice or for other foods, for slow cooking, etc can be found in this section along with detailed reviews and buying guides!

Best Electric Cookers In India

People cooking on a daily basis sure know about the time and efforts that go into cooking. Having to watch over the food being cooked for a long time and not being able to do any other task simultaneously, it really can take a toll on you. We are so used to the conventional cooking appliances that ...

10 Best Rice Cookers In India

In the Indian subcontinent, the people are really fond about rice and the dishes that are prepared using rice. The biryani, pulihora, curd rice, khichdi, and many south Indian dishes just roam around rice, be it the batter or the jeera rice. There are many delightful dishes of rice and even when ...

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