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Havells Max RO+ UV+ Mineralizer, 8 Ltr. RO Water Purifier Review

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Faced with contaminated and non-potable water, scarce water resources, high costs of purchasing products, many people around the world opt for the installation of domestic water purification systems in their homes.  If you already know the innumerable damages of the water that comes to you from the tap, you also know how harmful it can be to always drink bottled water in plastic and you are thinking about buying a water purifier. You are in luck; Havells presents RO+ UV+ Mineralizer, 8 Ltr. RO Water Purifier. We understand how grave this issue is here’s why present a review so that it gets better for you to bring Havells Max in your home for clean water drinking issues.

The market offers a wide range of options, based on different solutions to be evaluated according to the needs of the family, scope, typology and purification methods, and etcetera. But precisely because of the wide variety of options available, how can we find the right one for us?

Havells Max RO and UV Purifier Review

Havells Max is one of best RO purifier. Below are its few features which make it best:

  • IAbsolute safety:  thanks to the Havells Max RO and UV purification, the water passes through the Ro membrane, then to the UV purification to guarantee an absolutely safe and pure drinking water
  • The mineral cartridge corrects the pH of purified water, adds the full spectrum of natural minerals and trace elements, and provides ever healthier and more tasty water
  • It is 100 % safe in use
  • Have High-quality faucet

Today we are going to give you very good advice that you need to know to buy a system that suits your needs.

Havells Max RO+ UV+ Mineralizer, 8 Ltr. RO Water Purifier Review 1

Havells Max RO+ UV+ Mineralizer, 8 Ltr. RO Water Purifier Review 2

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Tips for buying a water purification system

Buying a water purification system may seem like a simple task. However, several considerations have to be taken into account that we are going to comment on right now.

Assess water needs

Depending on your needs, the first choice will be between a POE system or a POU system.

POE water purifier

It is used to treat all the water in your home. Thus, you will have pure water to drink, but you will also wash your hair with water without lime or water the plants with water rich in minerals. All the exits of your house will provide water already treated by the device.

It is placed where the water in the net is so badly treated that it dries out the skin or hair, which is cloudy, etc.

POU water purifier

Treat the water at the point where it will be consumed, so it will not purify all the water in the house but only the kitchen tap, the shower head, etc. It only affects the exit where you place it, not the rest.

It is installed in places with less polluted water, so we continue to use conventional water for our activities, but we reserve an outlet for purified water to drink or for what we consider.

Water contaminants

Depending on the amount of contaminants in the water and its typology, one or the other water purifier can be used.

As we have said, too contaminated water will not be suitable for any domestic use, and in this case, it would be necessary to install a POE system. However, this situation does not happen often.

For less contaminated water, with few pathogens, a POU system will suffice. In this way you will only have to purify the water you drink, well, yes! The water we drink should NEVER be contaminated, not even a little. Health is not played!

Havells Max RO+ UV+ Mineralizer, 8 Ltr. RO Water Purifier Review 1

Havells Max RO+ UV+ Mineralizer, 8 Ltr. RO Water Purifier Review 2

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Types of POU water purifiers

There are a number of POU water purification systems. However, the biggest difference is found in:

Mobile purification systems, which are jars, bottles with a small filter or carafes. These are much less effective and have some disadvantages, such as, for example, the inconvenience of filling the containers or the ineffectiveness of their filters.

The water purifiers that are installed in a water outlet, for example, next to the kitchen tap. These offer you purified water instantly directly from the tap and are much more professional and quality.

Quality: buy a perfect water purifier

Once you know the needs of your family at home, you only have to buy a quality water purifier.

Among all types of water purifiers we can find them of higher or lower quality. To be able to weigh the options you must take into account aspect such as:

  • What polluting agents are able to eliminate a filter, biological and non-biological? Rust, sediments, viruses, bacteria, fungi…
  • What is the complexity of the purification system? Is it a too simple system, insufficient to take care of the health of your family? Or, on the contrary, is it so complex that its maintenance is high and expensive?
  • Do you have the corresponding quality certifications? Buying a water purifier means investing in quality. Those water filters that are not certified are more than likely to not meet the ones they promise.

Filter vs. bottled water

In addition to drinking a rich and light water, incorporating a purifier can be a good equation in the economy of a house. A person, who consumes two litters of water per day, is 60 litters per month, 10 drums of six litters that cost $ 35 each, that is, $ 350 per month: the same or perhaps less than what can cost per month a filter purchased in instalments. The advantage is that the filtered water can also be used to cook and wash vegetables with purer water, something that can hardly be done with bottled water.

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