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FIXD The Car Health Monitor Review : Should You Buy It?

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In a smart world where everything is a smart right phone to TVs, it’s time for smart car and that’s where FIXd comes into the picture. With FIXD installed an ordinary car could turn into a smart car now that’s the charm of this app. Where a simple device can give you all the information that you need to maintain and keep your car in check for timely services and things of that nature.

FIXD The Car Health Monitor Review : Should You Buy It? 1

If you love your car, you'll surely love this app. In this post, we'll discuss in detail about the how fixd work does and how to use it? What are its benefits and everything you need to know about this app?

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What is Fixd?

Fixd is an automotive hardware-software combo that provides users actionable information about your vehicle sold by Georgia-based.

This app connects with your smartphone to your car and pinpoints if any issue arises which you can later provide to the mechanic. It is the smart and handy tool that you timely remind you the services needed for your car.

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1. It helps you understand what the issue with your car is and timely warns you of consequences and instructs you what to do next
2. It is simple and sleek to use
3. It also reminds you of the timely services and scheduled maintenance
4. Just plug into your car and it’s on
5. It also translates all the technical terms for your better understanding

How does Fixd work?

To use Fixd download this app from Google Play (for Android users) and Apple App Store for Mac users depending upon which platform you’re currently using. Once it is installed, create your account and start using the app by connecting it to your Bluetooth. Once you’re connected from then on you’ll get information about your vehicle through this smart app.

Fixd app comes with a sensor that is plugged into a port called OBD-II. The moment you plug into the sensor, just stay on it is powered by your car which simply means you don’t need a separate charger. No wonder this app not only smart but easy to use and low on maintenance.

Which cars work with Fixd?

To use this app, all you need is an OBD-II port. It is usually found somewhere or under the glove box of your car. And it is generally available in all the cars except the models that came before 1996.

Fixd works with all the cars that built post-1996 and also with hybrids. The app is not compatible with diesel-based vehicles irrespective of the year they were manufactured.

FIXD The Car Health Monitor Review : Should You Buy It? 2

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What kinds of car problems can Fixd identify?

The makers of Fixd suggest that the sensor can identify 6,800 maladies affecting your car and like that many other issues that will surprise you. One thing is for sure you can learn a lot about the car and how to fix things in it with this app installed.

Though the app cannot list all the issues it can fix or find but it can identify serious issues like whether you engine oil temperatures are balanced or if any sensor has an issue. It can identify issues bigger and grave than this. A detailed preview of the issue comes handy when you have to brief the mechanic.

Additionally, it gives the option clear issues if they’re not significant.

Fixd also keeps track of your maintenance. The moment you’re plugged into the car, it will determine what your car’s commends for maintenance as and when required and will also alert you to those commends. The app also monitors your mileage so you know what needs to be done at the earliest.

FIXD The Car Health Monitor Review : Should You Buy It? 3

How is Fixd different from other devices?

There are many devices like Fixd in the market that track your car’s health. The other car monitor products like CarMD, Zubie Key, Version’s hum+ to name a few. All these apps connect with your car and work like a companion to give your vehicle valuable insights.

Out of all these and other car monitor services, Fixd’s app is considered as one of the best-designed programs currently. This app can work with multiple cars like you can add on this sensor in each of your family’s vehicles.  

Advantages Of FIXD App

It allows you to clear the check engine light

It reminds timely car diagnostic and scheduled maintenance

You can use this app on multiple vehicles

It gives you the severity and consequences of each check engine light

The app and sensor provide you with simple terminology of your cars check engine light

It is compatible with any gas-powered vehicle and doesn’t work with diesel vehicles

It is compatible with any gas-powered vehicle and doesn’t work with diesel vehicles


Quick FIXD Guide

FIXD The Car Health Monitor Review : Should You Buy It? 4


Engine Light

The app notifies you when the check engine light comes on and sees how many issues detected.

Wireless Syncing

Fixd app sync data wirelessly and automatically to your smartphone through Bluetooth when in your vehicle.

Maintenance Timeline

It looks into the manufacturer recommended maintenance timeline for your vehicle and notifies you when services are due.

No Charging Required

The sensors are powered by the vehicle energy and stay charged on low-energy mode so it won’t drain your battery as well.

Multi-Vehicle Control

The app remotely monitors the health and position of other vehicles with a FIXD sensor.

Vehicle History

The app sees a history of issues identified in your vehicle to keep a running record.

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