Saregama Carvaan Review: Retro Bollywood Music Station!

The Saregama Carvaan is the latest Bluetooth speaker which has been released by the prominent Indian music brand named Saregama and you are reading the Saregama Carvaan Review. Like you would expect from such a brand, the Carvaan isn't solely a modest speaker. It comprises of a wide range of remarkable features inbuilt, most distinguished of which is that it has been filled with 5,000 Retro Bollywood Songs, which you might enjoy listening anytime you desire, devoid of the requirement of an Internet connection.

Apart from that, the design of this speaker certainly stands out, which seems similar to a standard portable radio. With this speaker, Saregama has opted to go with the solid and boxy outline for the Carvaan, which is definitely old-fashioned.

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The exceptional look and thought behind this portable speaker certainly caught our attention, and we’ve spent the finest part of past 7 days using a Carvaan to realize how it works past the remarkable design. Go through our review to distinguish whether this Bluetooth speaker is worth buying.

Saregama Carvaan Review – Features & Design

Like we have mentioned before, the best part about this speaker is certainly its design. As far as the specifications are concerned, it's justly straightforward. This stereo speaker weighs about 1.5kg and has an audial wattage of 6W, which signifies 3W to every single driver, although they're really close to one another owing to the design, so don't anticipate the broad stereo separation.

The Saregama Carvaan comes with the Bluetooth, USB playback, FM Radio, and there's a Saregama mode, which allows you to play the exclusive collection. Saregama is one among the pretty prevalent music labels within India, and on its official website mentions that it is the upholder of above half the music recorded in India, having a past that expanses back to the year 1901. It also comes with the Radio Geetmala commentary by Ameen Sayani incorporated in the gadget goes back to the year 1952.

Features and Design
Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price On Amazon

The appearance of the Saregama Carvaan, as defined above, is exhibited after an archetypal portable radio. The plastic texture appears like anything that has been made in the era of 70s or 80s in India – there are a few big metal buttons on the anterior fact that allows you shift among the stored song modes, and there's a big and glossy tuning dial such as a real radio used to have.

A black colored band goes just below this knob, where an actual radio would offer the details about the frequency. With the Carvaan, this section is utilized for a modest LCD display. There's a metallic and plastic handlebar that might be bowed out of view, and towards the left side, it comprises of 4 buttons, for the diverse sources – USB, Saregama, Bluetooth, and FM.

Towards the right side of the Carvaan, you will find a plastic upright volume dial, and under that a 3.5mm jack with which you may connect the earphones if you desire to. On the top section, there is a large power button and a minor battery indicator light. The lower end of the anterior part comprises of a meek grille, casing the 2 speakers, and the posterior is typically plain, except for the USB port (to play personal music), Micro-USB (to charge), and a small Reset button to reset the gadget.

Saregama Carvaan – Usage

Switch the Saregama Carvaan On for the very first time, and it begins with the Saregama mode, on Geetmala. You might utilize the tuning knob to go ahead in the years, ranging from the year 1952 to 1979. The back & forward buttons provided below the tuning knob allows you to go forward amongst the different songs there on the record.

You might as well push the Moods button to shift among different genres utilizing the tuning knob, and the Artistes button allows you to get that done for different singers. It's worth noticing that the grouping of sings might be a bit confusing – for an example, turning the knob shifts you from Mohammed Rafi to Asha Bhosle, and in case you keep moving the dial you move to Jagjit Singh and afterward to SD Burman.

Saregama Carvaan Usage
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You are going to utilize the same knob to shift from one track to another whilst playing songs through the USB drive as well as for tuning the FM radio. Listening to the FM radio is essentially a barrel of fun. You solely turn the knob to tune from one frequency to the other – it isn’t an analog knob such as a genuine old radio used to have, but you then also get to be familiar with a similar feeling, of actually tuning the radio. Several people reading our review might have never ever experienced that in reality, but it was really nostalgic and fun for us whilst testing the Saregama Carvaan.

The Bluetooth mode moves to the pairing bit straight away and is really cool to set up and utilize for any person who has ever handled or listened to songs on a portable speaker. In Bluetooth mode, you might only utilize the volume knob.

Battery Life & Performance

There are a few different methods to quantify Saregama Carvaan’s performance. Initially, the question is what quality the Bluetooth speaker offers. Speaking about that, it's certainly heavy and bulky, and the life of the battery – for anything of this size certainly desires a lot.

The quality of audio itself is honestly decent. It functions best with the retro music stored in it, supplying the archetypal melody of the old songs and the radio commentary neatly and loudly. The speaker is pretty loud to be carried to the picnic park, for an example, and it's pretty mid-centric, turning it decent for the songs steered by vocals.

As a whole, you're would not purchase this solely if you desire to buy a Bluetooth speaker – there are plenty of reasonably priced choices that sound similarly well. Indeed, those choices would not comprise of an inbuilt display, or 5,000 songs and the FM player, so it certainly comes out to be pretty reasonable.

Battery Life and Performance - Saregama Carvaan Review
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FM functions easily too and having the modest tuning knob, even the persons who aren't contented with technology, are going to be capable of going from listening to retro songs to listening to the newest hits without much effort.

One problem that you would find is the absence of the Aux-in, so in case you desire to listen to songs from the mobile phone on the large speaker, then you need to connect it through the Bluetooth Mode.

The Saregama Carvaan, which gets charged through a normal Micro-USB charger (provided in the package), persists for above 4 hours of playback even when played at full volume, whilst it will endure for about 6 hours at the mid-ranging volume levels.

Final Inference – Saregama Carvaan Review

In case you're interested to purchase the Saregama Carvaan, it might not be owing to the good quality of the Bluetooth speaker, although it’s superior to we anticipated it to function. Not at all, what you're essentially gazing at is a nostalgia-packed device that seems beautiful in case you grew up in the era of 1980s, or before that.

The tuning knob is an instance of that – there are several simpler methods of handling navigation that might have been employed, but the point is that this is a device that's intended to conjure the past instead, and it functions delightfully in that respect. The initial thought we had on sighting this was that it's really attractive, and it's the kind of thing where you are going to place in an order for a unit for your parents, once you've begun utilizing it.