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Types of Coils in Air Conditioners – Aluminium Coil vs. Copper Coil

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The coils, that the air conditioners come equipped with, play a really vital role in its working. There are the evaporator coils and the condenser coils. Every single coil has its own precise working. Certainly, you need them to work in an effective manner for sure.

In the standard progress or scenario, the copper ones are the most prevalent options for the development of the Air Conditioner coils. Though, copper might be a touch costlier. Therefore, the coils made up of Aluminium are the finest substitute. So, let’s get them equated or compared and find out who actually wins the race, the aluminum coils or the copper coils.

Types of Coils in Air Conditioners – Aluminium Coil vs. Copper Coil 1

Heat Transfer

The primary task of these coils is to transfer the generated heat. Copper offers a superior heat transfer coefficient whilst it is compared to the aluminum coils. Therefore, the copper coils are superior as far as the heat transfer is concerned.

Price Factor

Copper is certainly expensive when compared to Aluminium. Hence, an air conditioner comprising of copper coils might be costly and not viable for a lot of people to buy. The utilization of aluminum has transported nous of lucidity in addition to equality to the subject. This diminishes the fabricating cost of the air conditioners significantly. Therefore, aluminum coils are much superior whilst we consider the price that it comes with.


Aluminum is further malleable when compared with copper. You might be able to provide it any shape that you want. The information displays that you need to utilize 3 times more amount of copper to go parallel with the shape and size of the Aluminium coils. This might turn it into a really costly thing.

A few air conditioner manufacturers have discovered a solution to this anomaly by diminishing the copper coil’s thickness. As far as the flexibility is concerned, aluminum is certainly further comfortable as compared to copper.


Copper is certainly more hard-wearing and enduring as compared to Aluminium. Whilst it gets damaged, you generally need to supplant the aluminum coils. This isn’t the situation with the coils made up of copper. You might have the comfort of getting them repaired using them again. Therefore, the copper coils win insofar as toughness is into consideration.


The robustness offers a straight influence on the coil’s maintenance. Since copper is further hard-wearing, the preservation charges decrease significantly. It is tough to preserve the aluminum coils in comparison. Consequently, copper is desirable above aluminum as far as the maintenance is concerned.


The climatic and atmospheric conditions play a really significant role in the coil’s maintenance. Corrosion might constantly occur over a period of time. This might have a noteworthy influence on the heat transfer procedure. There are probabilities of emerging leaks also.

This can have an adverse effect on the functioning of the ACs.

The compressor has to work harder to maintain the same efficiency levels thereby reducing the life expectancy of the AC unit. Hence, one should take care of both the kinds of coils, Aluminium as well as copper when corrosion is taken into consideration.

In a few categories like robustness, heat transfer, and maintenance, the copper coils certainly have an edge. Simultaneously, aluminum is reasonably cheaper and certainly more malleable as compared to copper.

Therefore, we do have a motley response on the subject. Both Aluminium and Copper coils have their separate benefits and disadvantages. It comes down to the fact that how you utilize the air conditioner and uphold the same with consistent servicing.

How Do You Contravene the Factor of Corrosion?

The primary aim is to defend the condenser and the evaporator coils from moisture and dampness. One method of achieving this is to paint the AC coils using anti-corrosive ingredients.

A few AC manufacturing brands utilize the ‘Bluefin condenser’ to defend the condenser coils from moisture. This method is very supportive to guard the AC units that are bare to the greater stages of salt ingredients available in the humidity.

You might as well utilize those microchannel condenser coils to repudiate the influence of corrosion. The refrigerant moves through these microchannels that have been crafted out of Aluminium. This arrangement turns the usage of flat aluminum fins amid the refrigerant manifolds and the tubes.

This arrangement includes the usage of Aluminium only and therefore, offers protection against galvanic corrosion. This kind of Air Conditioning system is a good choice for individuals that subsist in the coastal regions wherein the atmosphere has a high quantity of salts.

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