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Brother FS101 Sewing Machine Review (November 2022)

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If you’re creative and love fashion then you’re in for a treat as we’re going to review Brother FS101 electronic sewing machine for our home experts at sewing. It doesn’t matter if you’re expert or a novice this model open a wide door of potentials for your imagination. There are several big brands like Singer when it comes to Sewing Machines but finding the one that suits you the best is the hard task and the Brother FS101 comes to the rescue as it suits both beginners and experts!

You can choose from 100 intrinsic stitches, 8 one-step carnations, and even the way to sew. Containing a range of standard easy to features counting inherent pointer negotiating, quick set reel and bobbin winding, speed and stitch width/length control besides a 7 point feed for smooth feeding of various materials from sheer silk to denim. With a sewing speed of up to 850 stitches a minute, the FS101 is the impeccable companion for your creative assessment.

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Smart Features Of Brother FS101

  • Electronic Sewing machine
  • It comes with a 100 inbuilt stitches and 8 one-step buttonholes
  • Sewing speed: 850spm & speed control by shutter key
  • The machine offers Multidirectional sewing
  • 7 point feed system for smooth and superior stitch quality on a variety of materials
  • Stitch length and width control
  • Offers LCD display
  • Comes with start/Stop key
  • Lower noise level (70db)
Brother FS101 Sewing Machine Review in India!

Several features of an electric machine comprise the capability to repeatedly cut the thread and to repeatedly regulate the tension and stitch length to fit the requirements of a specific project. This keeps the home tailor frustration at bay and also saves time.

Electronic machines will also mechanically sew buttonholes when the desired size and shape is inputted into the machine.

These types of machines are typically more operational than automated types meanwhile they are run via electrical instincts to switch the promptness and exactness of the sewing.

Mechanical machines, on the other hand, rely on mechanical parts only, making them essentially no more than a manual machine run on electricity.

Electronic machines are perfect for the unprofessional home tailor who has more than the basic knowledge of the art of sewing. If you’re planning to use the machine on a semi-regular basis or for more intricate projects than basic stitching, an electronic machine is a supreme choice.

Brother FS101 Electronic Sewing Machine

Pros of Computerized Machines

Automatic Features

 The computerized machine offers many automatic features such as automatic needle threader, automatic needle up and down, automatic thread cutter, auto tension, etc. These features are useful and save time. An additional automatic feature that you can find on many types of machinery is a ‘locking stitch’ which polishes your stitching beneath for a nattier finish.

Dozens of Stitch Options

 Some machines have hundreds of stitch choices counting letters and symbols. This actually opens up the potentials for what you can do with your sewing schemes.

Dozens of Automatic Buttonholes

 Creating a carnation could not be any faster or stress-free than it is with a computerized machine. You merely put on the buttonhole foot and press the button or press the foot pedal and let it do its work – voila you have an impeccable carnation consistently.

More Control

A computerized machine has better speed regulator, and many types of machinery have the choice where you don’t even have to use the foot bar.

Brother FS101 Sewing Machines

Cons of Computerized Machines

Can Be Overcomplicated

For beginners, a computerized machine can have so many features that it can be quite irresistible and often times, you can pay for features that you merely will certainly not use.

They Don’t Last As Long

Keeping a computerized embroidery machine is an asset when making beautiful accompaniments or symbols for a sewing project. The consumer can download programs to a memory card to plug into the memory of a computerized machine, or the home tailor can use containers beforehand rooted with certain designs.

Computerized machines, consequently, are indispensable when creating elaborate embroidery patterns or in the setting of a small home business that shifts handmade goods. A computerized machine may be perfect for the apprentice as well if they plan to use their machine often.

Learning how to use a sewing machine, is hardly a part of life goals or bucket lists nowadays. Fewer and fewer people are showing concern in sewing and mending garments. Because of the fast pace of fashion these days, clothing has now become more reasonable and accessible, so it is now seen as an unnecessary product. If your clothes are longstanding or worn out, you may block them out and buy somewhat new. We might be moving to a future where grandmas never knit and mommies can’t fix a hole in their child’s shirt, but confess it: you don’t want that.

The best sewing machines are essential, and it’s great to have a home with it and with somebody who knows how to use it. If you are one of the few people engrossed in sewing or perhaps looking to buy a new sewing appliance unit, let us show you the compensations of having your own sewing machine:

Other Additional Benefits of Electric Sewing Machines

You can Save Money

Making your own attires and bed sheets with your own sewing machine would be a lot inexpensive than purchasing them at stores and malls. By buying some fabric, you can generate a lot of new, unique items for your family without the hefty cost – particularly during times like marriages, Christmas, and Halloween.

What if your favorite clothing item has been unintentionally torn or torn, or has worn out by recurrent use? The response is simple: just patch them with a sewing machine. It protects you from expenses on new stuff.

You can Customize and Follow Trends

At times it’s tough to find an impeccable piece of clothing that will fit you effortlessly. Nevertheless thanks to sewing machines, you can effortlessly nip the size and projects on clothes so it will garb you better. You can also visit informed with the up-to-date style trends without having to spend hundreds of dollars if you are creative. You just have to pick the right types of material for the careful styles of clothing you want, and then you’re good to go. As an additional help, the clothes will be one-of-a-kind patterns instead of what everybody else is wearing.

You can Fix Torn, Unused and Outgrown Clothes

For some, it’s easy to do hand-stitched repairs on clothes, but it is better if you use a sewing machine for a clean fix. Old and unused clothes can be reused by regulating them to an altered size, or by converting them to a new sensor. Babies and kids effortlessly and rapidly outgrow attires, so if you have little toddlers at home, you can reduce the cost of swapping clothing by mending them with a sewing machine.

You can Earn Extra Cash

If you’re by now capable in the art of sewing, you can start a small clothing business or repair business with your services and your mechanism. If you’re just capable but not actually into it, you may receive some maintenance from your families and earn a little money from it. Not a lot of individuals could have a friend who is skillful enough to mend their own garments (or who is attentive to learn how to), so they are fortunate to have you.

You can Improve your Mental Health

Yup, using the electronic sewing machine is not merely decent for the budget, but also good for the body, too. By increasing your skill with the expertise, you accidentally improve your capability to emphasis and recover hand-eye organization. It also aids keep your brain strong and vigorous to prevent age-linked mental complaints like dementia. You can also release tension, which essentially wards off many types of illnesses. In other words, sewing can be beneficial.

Be More Creative

Learning to use the sewing machine will allow you to blow into your hidden creativeness. Plus, there’s nothing new to feel more pleased of than making something by your own, off course with the support of the electronic sewing machine.

These machines allow us to make real skills we can use in our normal lives. Having your own appliance is a great positive, so if you’re scheduling to participate in one, be certain to read sewing machine reviews and choose from the top valued sewing machines before buying.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Sewing Machine

The secret of a perfect purchase is a little research before making it. When you are going to buy something, the chances are that you may not know many things about it. So, most of the time, we end up making the wrong choice. But when there is something or someone to guide you, it becomes easier and faster. There are certain factors that one must consider before buying a sewing machine. So, as you are here reading the review of Brother FS101 Sewing machine, you should know how you can find another such a choice in the future- on your own. Our team has enlisted certain points below that one must consider before buying a sewing machine. 


The first thing that you should consider is its type- whether you want an electronic machine or a manual one. Both these types have their pros and cons. We have previously mentioned some of the pros and cons of the electronic sewing machine to help you with making a choice. 


What is the purpose for you to buy a sewing machine? Are you going to use it for you personally? Or, you are going to set up a business? Buy a sewing machine as per the purpose of using it. Check out all the features that it offers and make sure that they complement your needs. 

How Much Should You Spend?

What should be the budget of your machine? This question has only one answer- the machine with more features costs you more. So, if you are a beginner, starting your job for the first time, go for a simpler and cheaper one. In case you are using it for business purposes or need it to use frequently, go for the ones that offer more features, and have a good build quality. The better the machine, the more price you have to pay. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many buttonholes are there in this product?

There are 8 buttonholes in this sewing machine.

2. How many stitches does this sewing machine come with?

There are 100 in built stitches in this sewing machine. That's a lot, for sure!

3. What is the speed of the sewing machine?

It has a speed of 850 spm. The full form of spm is stitches per minute.

A Final Word

Brother FS101 Sewing Machine is an unprecedented sewing machine on the market for sure. If you opt for this sewing machine, your satisfaction level will match ours as well. With a boatload of smart features such as a 100 (!) stitches, this is the best overall sewing machine in the country.

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