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Blue Star Gold Fin Technology in Air Conditioners Reviews

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For the best performance of an air conditioner, the coils have a very important role. But there are so many questions about coil qualities such as which material, what type of condensing coil, what is the cost of these coils, how durable are they, and so on. When all these factors ask you for some extra words like Blue Fin, Gold Fin, and Micro channel Capacitors, etc., which makes you even more confused.

In fact, all these words are related to the cooling capacity and anticorrosive efficiency of air conditioners. Here, in this article, we have a brief explanation of all these words related to the efficiency of the coils used in an AC.

What is the blue fin capacitor?

The fine blue condenser in an anticorrosive coating on the coils improves the efficiency and longevity of the air conditioner. This technology was used for the first time by the company Voltas to improve the efficiency of the AC coils. The blue fin layer protects the condenser coils from corrosion caused by harsh climate, humidity and humidity.

In reality, the process of refrigerating an alternating current is a cycle of compression, condensation, expansion and evaporation. And the process of rotation of this cycle passes through the coils.

Advantages of the blue fin capacitor

  • Blue fin or blue coated condenser fins improve the durability of an air conditioner.
  • It allows the refrigerant to transfer better heat and increases the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.
  • The coils are epoxy coated to protect them from water droplets, salt build-up and acid deposits.
  • Blue Technology protects AC power from corrosion by preserving dust and dirt from coils.
  • This is widely used in coastal areas to protect batteries from salty air.
  • This technology also helps conserve energy in your air conditioner.

What is a gold finned capacitor?

Basically, Blue Star manufacturers make use of the aluminium or copper coil in air conditioners for refrigeration and heat transfer. In these two coils, copper is more expensive than aluminium coils. As a result, some of the AC manufacturers use aluminium coils for welded copper tubes to improve their performance.

Blue Star Gold Fin Technology in Air Conditioners Reviews 1

But the use of two types of metals increases the risk of galvanic corrosion, which is not the case with the use of a single metal. Thus, the manufacturers use a hydrophilic coating of gold on the aluminium coils.

Advantages of Gold Finned Capacitor

  • Gold finned condensers of Blue Star are better than blue finned condensers.
  • These condensers improve the efficiency of heating air conditioners by speeding up the defrosting process.
  • They provide better protection to the coils of an air conditioner without rusting.
  • This technology of Blue Star is widely used and beneficial for both the coast and other parts of the world because of its practical technology.
  • They protect the coils from the accumulation of water, salt and acid on the condenser coils of an air conditioner.
  • They are 100% ecological and non-toxic to the environment.

What is the blue hydrophilic finned condenser?

Hydrophilic blue fin capacitor

As mentioned earlier, the long service life of an AC depends on the corrosion that damages the coils during heat transfer. Corrosion causes leaks in the coils, resulting in loss of refrigerant. This occurs more in coastal areas than in other areas due to the presence of salts and ozone in the coastal air.

Regular cleaning of the coils can prevent damage. But it is not easy when cleaning the aluminium coils that are stored in the heavy cupboards for their protection. In such cases, the manufacturers weld the aluminium coils to the copper tubes, which cause galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion is due to the mixing of two different types of coils.

In these situations, to avoid galvanic corrosion, manufacturers cover aluminium coils with a hydrophilic gold coating called Hydrophilic Fin Technology.

Advantages of the hydrophilic fin

  • Hydrophilic technology prevents the accumulation of water on fin surfaces.
  • The droplets of water sleep without sticking to the surface of the condenser.
  • It is also known as epoxy coating on the coils.
  • The hydrophilic layer on the aluminium fins lasts three times longer than the aluminium one.
  • It is the best technology to improve coil life by preventing them from corroding.

We now have a good knowledge of blue, gold fins and hydrophilic condenser condensers in an air conditioner.

Each appliance has advantages and disadvantages, and many factors are associated with it. So, as with air conditioners too. But we need it according to our requirements. For these devices to cost a lot. Therefore, you must choose one of the best AC to meet all your requirements and yes, without burning your pockets.

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