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Blue Star Air Purifier (Model-BS-AP450SANW) Review

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Blue Star is a well-known company in the field of air conditioners and air purifiers which has proven its expertise since decades.

“Where the air and the sun come in, the doctor does not enter.” This is a popular saying that works wonders for those who do not suffer from seasonal allergies or are lucky enough to live in areas where the air is still not polluted by smog.

This article contains the review of the below mentioned product.

Review of Blue Star Air Purifier (Model – BS-AP450SANW & BS-AP450SANS)

Build and design

It features an elegant premium design that blends harmoniously with modern interiors to create an elegant atmosphere. Sensors detect particulate matter and gases in real time. The air quality is shown on the computer screen by LED indicators of different colors. This model has the capacity to purify the air of an enclosure of up to 39 m2. It has a compact and lightweight design, ideal for moving inside the home.


  • 4 process filtration

Blue Star air purifiers have a 4-step purification system that leaves the air of your home free of particulate matter, odors, viruses and bacteria, helping to fight infections, allergies and odors.
Step 1-Pre Filter: capture larger particles such as lint.
Step 2-Deodorization filter: neutralizes odors thanks to its filter with carbon particles.
Step 3-Particulate filter: captures 99% of ultra-fine particulate material (PM2.5).
Step 4-Virus Doctor: emits negative ions to fight viruses and bacteria, certified effectiveness against influenza type A (H1N1), coronavirus (SARS), Allergens, Staphylococcus Aureus, among others.

  • Sleepwell mode

So silent that it only generates 20 dBA of sound and minimizes the air flow, it is ideal for a maximum sensation of comfort when sleeping and a refreshing rest.

  • Low maintenance

The pre-filter requires only regular cleaning (with water). The dual filter (fine particles and odor) is replaced quickly and easily, when the equipment indicates it on your screen (approximate filter duration 12 months).

  • Auto mode

In the Automatic mode, adjust the fan speed automatically to keep the pure air inside your home at all times, but minimizing the use of energy.

  • Security

The Security lock prevents accidental or inappropriate use of the equipment, especially by children.

Blue Star Air Purifier (Model-BS-AP450SANW)

Blue Star Air Purifier (Model-BS-AP450SANW) Review 1Blue Star Air Purifier (Model-BS-AP450SANW) Review 2

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Blue Star Air purifiers have a filter that traps particles such as pollen, dust, dust mites, animal dander, mold spores and polluting gases. The filter par excellence of air purifiers is HEPA. This is the element that only high-end air purifiers have. It is tremendously comfortable, because it allows the device to work independently without having to worry about the electricity bill. The autonomous air purifiers have sensors capable of measuring the dirt in the environment , and of informing you by means of some visual element – LED lights, normally – of the air quality. If we activate the independent mode, it acts according to what its indicator indicates. It gets more power, unless it consumes more energy, saves, works to the maximum, relaxes for a while … makes the right decisions, and the icing on the cake comes when the sun starts to go.

Power consumption

The reduction of the power leads to a reduction in the consumption of light , so it is a fact that we have to take into account without fail, especially in these times. It consumes less power and works more efficiently.


On the one hand there is a part that affects only the air purifier, while on the other is the real need. You do not have to make the mistake of thinking that because it is more expensive, Blue Star air purifier will solve the ballot better than another that costs half; I strongly recommend a deep and sincere reflection of where I am going to use the device.

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