5 Best Welding Machines In India

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Do you often have metal repairing tasks you dispose in your workshop or tend to use metals as a part of your work? Here we have a lineup of the machinery that you would often require to keep the things as you need them to be in your workshop. Yes, we are talking about the Best Welding Machines in India that are going to take care of all your metal reparations and framing tasks. Apart from that, you can always use these for repairing the metal frames and grills at home with a whole lot of ease.

With the lightweight and compact design, the welding machines that we have listed down here are the best ones that you can opt for. Additionally, they are pretty easy to carry, appropriate for both indoor and outdoor usage, anti-sticking to prevent overloading, and provide easy removal of electrode. You also don’t need to worry about the electricity bills since they are low on power consumption and also don’t generate a lot of noise like the sub-standard welding machines do.

Editor's Picks: 5 Top Welding Machine Brands In India

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The Best Welding Machines In India You Can Buy Today

1. Shakti Inverter TIG 200 Amps Review

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If you are searching for a budget-friendly welding machine with decent build quality, then this Shakti Inverter TIG is going to be the ultimate choice for you. Being an inverter welding machine, this welder saves a lot of power and doesn’t let the energy bills go up that much. This 200 ampere inverter TIG has been equipped with the MOSFET arrangement that provides you with utmost efficiency and power you need for completing your tasks. It further comprises of accessories such as the Earthing clamp with cable and a TIG Torch.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • An inverter welding machine doesn’t consume a lot of power
  • Single phase welding machine with the essential accessories
  • Compact and lightweight design for added convenience and ease
  • Manufactured using the most heavy-duty materials for longer life
  • Suitable for using in both indoor and outdoor settings comfortably

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2. AWELCO BIT7000 ARC Review

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For all the people who are on the lookout for the best welding machine brand in India with the import-quality, outstanding design, and premium power, the BIT7000 ARC from AWELCO is the way to go. This machine has been made in Italy and provides you with the most desirable features and specifications that you may desire to have. The AWELCO BIT7000 gets air-cooled after and during the operation and is light in weight so that you may carry it easily to the spot where you want to weld something.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Premium import quality which is made in Italy
  • Best Portable welding machine for saving a lot of energy
  • Offers IP21 Certification hence protected from touch by fingers
  • The ampere rating cane be regulated from a range of 20-200 amperes
  • Easy to use as well as carry from one place to another for welding

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3. TOSHON TIG-ARC200 Inverter Review

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This is another machine for welding on our listing which is going to offer some amazing features at a decent price tag. This welder in grey & yellow colour has been made up of steel to further augment the durability of the machine and provide it a longer life. Owing to its compact and lightweight design, it is easier to transport from one place to another wherever you have to weld a metal piece. Along with this, you also get some essential and necessary accessories such as the earth cable with clamp for further safety and easier usage.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Compact and lightweight design for easier transportation
  • Provides you with an current regulator ranging from 10-200A
  • Comprises of LED light to tell whether the machine is working or not
  • Comes with the earth cable with clamp for comfortable usage
  • Made up of steel to provide the welding machine with a longer life

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4. iBELL Inverter ARC 200A Review

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In case you are looking for a welding machine for home use that can take care of all your reparation and mending needs, this advanced IGBT Inverter ARC 200A from iBELL is the best that you can get. The iBELL welder is really compact and lightweight, which makes is easier to use and carry from one place to another. Suitable for outdoor and indoor operations, it also prevents the electrode from sticking as well as overloading of the machine. It also comes with a fan cooled carrying strap for further ease in transportation.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Compact and lightweight for easier carrying
  • Provides you with IGBT protection and overheat protection
  • Appropriate for using in indoor as well as outdoor operations
  • Comes with anti-sticking feature for easier removal of electrode
  • Consumes really less power as compared to other ordinary welders

5. GK36 ARC200 Review

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The last but definitely not the least on our listing is the powerful welding machine set from GK36. This yellow in colour machine is really portable and further comprises of a digital display to keep an eye on the welding process in action. Moreover, it has been equipped with the energy saving inverter technology, which helps you in lowering down the electricity bills substantially. The brand also provides you with a one year manufacturer’s warranty on the product, but it isn’t valid for the accessories provided with the welder.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Powerful welding machine with a compact & sleek design
  • Comes with a digital display so that you can monitor the welding
  • Comprises of standard accessories like electrode holder & earth clamp
  • A lightweight welding machine suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Covered with a 12-months manufacturer’s warranty on the product

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Personal Recommendation

Since we have now provided you with the comprehensive analysis and reviews of the Top Welding Machines on the Indian market, it is going to be really easy for you to choose a quality welder when you want to buy one. We know that it isn’t that easy to come to decision when you have to splurge a substantial amount of money on a single product, hence these reviews are going to be your way out for sure. So, if you want to buy a decent quality machine for your workshop and the small reparations at home, select one out of the options provided above.

Even after going through the detailed reviews, if any customer isn’t certain or sure about which one they must opt for, then they must go with our personal suggestion for sure. The welding machine that we are going to recommend to our users is this one:

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The iBELL Inverter ARC 200A is a budget machine suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. With the compact and lightweight design, this welder can easily be carried from one place to another. With even more advanced features like anti-sticking, thermostatic control, IGBT and Overheat Protection, and fan cooled carrying strap, this welding machine is the way to go for all the metal repairs and mending tasks.

Welding Machines – Buying Guide

How To Choose the Top Welding Machine

A welding machine is predominantly an investment for a longer term where several people discover that they obtain what they had actually paid for. Whilst it is at times sensible to test the waters catching any secondhand model, choosing an appropriate machine for the first time might as well keep you away from those headaches and splurging a lot of money in the longer run. No one would desire buying a secondhand machine to flop in the midst of an important task or to find that a used welder's cost might assist in making the ends meet, but the welding machine itself might not be able to join 2 distinct pieces of metal.

The best machine is going to complete every single project that comes down the crest and curtails the restrictions. This signifies that the most costly welder might not constantly be the best model for every single kind of use. On the other hand, the low-cost welder that might not be able to handle all the tasks a welder aims at accomplishing and fails to justify even its price.

Choose according to the Task

Best Welding Machines – Buying Guide

One of the majorly significant questions to think of while choosing a welding machine might not be the type of projects it is going to take care of in the near future after you purchase one. The people who are interested in purchasing one require asking if they perceive themselves utilizing it more often sooner or later for numerous and diverse types of projects.

As and when you analyze your choices, you need to ask yourself a few questions like – “Am I the type of person who studies how to utilize equipment for as many tasks as probable or am I solely involved in utilizing the tools for a limited amount of tasks?” Similarly, making use of a welding machine for several other types of tasks in the future is going to mean eyeing at buying one that functions with substantial power and offers an extended duty round—both of which are going to be described below.

Furthermore, every single type of machine comes with its own advantages and limitations. For an instance, the MIG welder is tremendously stress-free to use and rather resourceful, but a few welders discover TIG welders even further versatile and beneficial for a bigger range of usage, even though they are further tough to pick up. The TIG, MIG, and Stick welders are going to be equated below. In case you are totally new to buying a welder, it is finest to turn to an expert to make sure that it meets your particular requirements.

Types of Welding Machines

TIG Welding

While the look of the welder counts, the TIG welding generates a high class, spotless weld that is pretty less probable to falsify the metal by making use of the non-expendable tungsten electrode. There isn’t anything to be worried about the spray since it solely makes use of the essential quantity of filler metal necessary in the welder puddle, creating for the premier quality joint in every detail.

Howerver, TIG is equitably specialized and needs a fair amount of training so as to be in full control—hence ensure that the TIG welder buying is combined with an idea to take welding lessons. Rather than the point & shoot minimalism of MIG welding, TIG necessitates the usage of a foot control to control the welding course. A filler stick that is detached from the torch should be served in regularly.

Several expert welders favor TIG since it might be able to weld an extensive selection of metals and owing to the adaptability of argon gas utilized throughout TIG welding. There isn’t any sort of a slag to block the vision of the joint puddle. Argon gas might be able to fix any metal of any width using TIG welding, and consequently there isn’t any requirement to alter the gas according to the project.

Welding Machines – Types

MIG Welders

These types of welders are tremendously prevalent since they incline to cost lesser as compared to the TIG or Stick welders with analogous power as well as features, are exceptionally easy to pick up, and might be able to take care of a wide diversity of projects. As the stuffing metal is served by means of the MIG welding torch, the welders might be able to utilize both hands to grip the torch stable instead of with one hand needed to serve the filler metal, as required in TIG welding. The wire feeder moreover turns MIG welding nearly 4 times quicker.

The MIG welding procedure makes use of an inert gas to guard the joint and to preserve it from impurities. This turns the MIG welding really well-ordered and informal to clean up as there isn't something to chip away, which might be the case with the Stick welding.

This type of welding might also be utilized on a large variety of metals or projects such as aluminum and is moreover frequently utilized for automotive tasks. On the other hand, MIG further needs the buying of the shielding gas and normally necessitates materials that charge more while being compared with the other approaches.

Stick Welding

This type of welding is one among the most effectual and operational techniques as far as fusing the alloys and joints are concerned, but it is likewise the least proficient. The process makes use of an expendable stick electrode that functions everywhere, outside or inside, and the welding procedure is really easy. The repair is not guarded by any shielding gas. Relatively, the electrode that is used in the process is covered with flux that shields the weld and defends it. This layer should be removed once the weld has been finalized.

Since it doesn't necessitate the shielding gas, the stick welding remains to be the most popular and economical methodologies. It's moreover the most appropriate since a welder might simply shift from one metal task to the other by altering the filler metal rod so as to complement it with the metal work piece.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Defining The Budget?

The kind of welder you buy must be suitable for the definite functions you necessitate in addition to the projects you are going to work on most often. Mull over your final goal and reflect on the opportunities to develop the effectiveness of your welder. Will you desire having added power or amperage to get the task done?

It is significant to keep the changing amperage along with the power requirements in mind on top of the duty cycle essential to attain the most operational and cost-effective working results for the projects you anticipate to perform.

Along with the welder’s price, don’t overlook the fact of embracing the costs for the supplies and accessories you are going to require operating your firsthand welder. This comprises the welding protection counting the gloves, helmet, jacket, etc. in addition to consumables and gas. Don’t get rushed into making a buying decision straight away. Take your time to delineate your requirements.

Some Important Welding Tips On Welding Rods

The weld quality relies prominently on the rod that you use. The features to reflect are the thickness, quality, type of current, metal, and the weld’s direction. Every single one of these features is clarified on the packaging cover of the machine.

Some Important Welding Tips on Welding Rods

On the other hand, a few brands might not suggest the amperage utilized for every rod's thickness; therefore, some advance research should be performed so as to get the appropriate rods & welder. The rod’s thickness relies on what type of thickness you are aiming to weld on. The denser the rod, the more profound the rod is going to lance to look at the steel getting welded and go on.

The fine welding tip regarding the selection of the appropriate rod is you might attain a really decent welder duty cycle in case you utilize the minor setting of the welding machine. You might purchase a minor 160A machine and then also weld for several hours at once in case you utilize a 1.5 mm rod at lesser amperage in comparison to the welder’s maximum. However, you might as well save your money in the long run by purchasing a bigger machine and dropping the threat of the machine acquiring problems with time. The users should always remember keeping the rods totally dry every time.

What is ARC Welding?

The ARC Welding is also known as the shielded metal arc welding. The staple that all the workshops must possess, everything starts with the faithful arc welder. Welding is performed by generating a combination of the metal being welded and the shielded metal rod. These arc welding rods are shielded with a kind of flux that whilst the weld & heat is generated the flux scalds producing a shielding gas all over the weld defending the weld from its opponent's moisture, oxygen, and other gasses existent in the air surrounding you.

The MMA (Manual Metal ARC Welding) welders are presently the most economical and dependable machines owing to the fact that they are pretty widely utilized and possess no part that moves. It’s customarily on an MMA welder that a majority of the welders acquire the proficiency. MMA is still the most prevalent welding way out and more extensively performed on the ferrous metals. The sole problem is that the welder requires stopping the welding after some seconds to substitute the rod, and the ARC welders aren’t pretty effective for accurate performance and non-ferrous metals owing to their profound penetration, and spatter nearby the weld.

  • Really compact machines and economical
  • May be employed like the TIG welder on the ferrous metals
  • No gas is needed whilst welding
  • Really effortless to learn for the fresh starters
  • May not be deliberated as an amazing option for manufacturing or fabrication since the rods are pretty short and require being replaced after some seconds
  • Less consumable needed as it solely requires the welding rods

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which type of welding machine is the best?

That depends on your needs. If you want a welding machine of the highest of quality, then go for the MIG brand machine.

2. Is an inverter welding machine better?

Yes, a welding machine operating on inverter technology will consume less power, which means lower electricity bills.

3. Should I buy a heavy welding machine?

A heavy welding machine will be more powerful, but it will be less portable, harder to carry. Therefore, think beforehand if you really need a super-powerful machine. If not, then buy a compact and lightweight one.

A Final Word

We admit, these things are pretty damn intricate and technical. We don't expect casual readers to fully grasp the mechanics of the world of welding by just reading this post, but we hope you have got the gist of it, and that you know the things to look out for when buying a welding machine.

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