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Best Water Softeners In India

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A water softener is a device that is used to clean and purify water inside a house or building. The device works by removing hard mineral deposits such as iron and calcium and replacing them with minerals such as mild sodium. Water softeners can help minimize hard calcium deposits in pipes and fittings, which can reduce maintenance and cleaning requirements. Water softeners remove minerals such as iron and calcium from water. Soft water also tends to interact better with soap and detergent, leading to cleaner clothes, dishes and other items. When choosing a water softener, consider factors such as capacity, installation and maintenance requirements so you can find the best unit for your home.

Instructions to choose the water softener

  •  Test your water to determine how much softener is required. You can find test kits at home on one of the websites that appear in the Resources section. Once you send in a water sample, you will receive a report that measures the mineral content in the water using grains per gallon (GPG) or parts per million (PPM).
  •  Determine what size water softener you need. This is a measure of how many gallons of water your family uses between each softening cycle, and regeneration. According to the water value website, the average family will require at least 24,000 gallons. Check the Resources section for a calculator that you can use to determine your family's water needs.
  •  Decide what kind of fabric softener to buy. Chemical units add chemicals to nullify the effects of hard minerals. They tend to produce non-potable water, but they are easy and effective. The mechanical units use an ion exchange system and do not for all time produce drinking water. Magnetic units produce drinking water, but may not be as effective as other options.
  • Review installation requirements. According to APS water, manual softeners tend to be the easiest to install and do not require a drain. All other units will require some type of drainage and connection pipes, which may require the assistance of a licensed plumber. Check to see how each unit is powered to make sure you have enough electrical power before making your purhase.
  • Compare the maintenance requirements. All units will have to be replenished, either with chemicals or sodium on a regular basis. Manual units need to be turned on and off with each use. Check with each manufacturer to make sure you understand how valves and filters should be checked and cleaned before making a selection.
  • Check to see how each softener is controlled. While manual units are the easiest to install, they are also the most time consuming. According to APS water, softeners operated on a timer tend to be cheaper to operate, but they can lose water and energy if they spend time or change the amount of water they are using. The units of measurement are the most efficient and operate on the basis of water consumption levels.

HEMITO 10 Stage Advanced High Output Shower Filter & Tap Filter for Hard Water    

Hemito helps convert hard water into soft water, it helps removes Chlorine, Heavy metals, Bacteria, Pesticides, prevents the growth of Scale, Algae, Fungi, and Mold. If hair fall is a grave concern it also helps prevent hair fall.  This water purifier decreases Dry Itchy Skin, Dandruff, and Eczema and intensely recovers the condition of your Skin, Hair and Nails.

best water softener in india

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Why we recommend it

  • It helps remove bad odor & bacteria. This water softener has inimitable blend of American KDF 55, Calcium Sulphite, Antibacterial Ceramic balls, Activated Carbon & other natural cleaning agents certify supreme filtration in both Hot and Cold water. The output of water Softner has vast request in your Bathroom, Kitchen, for washing Clothes.
  • You can easily install the same. The universal connections work with all shower types including Fixed, Rain and Handheld showers. Fits with Taps having 22mm female, 24mm & 28mm male Aerators. All attachments comprised.
  • It comes with an extra shower filter cartridge. This shower filter comes with total 2 consumable cartridges which should give you filtered bath water for more than one Year.

D'Cal Hard Water Scale Prevention System (Complete House)

If you’re eyeing for a high-quality water softener that’s also very transportable, one of the most valued models is the D'Cal Hard Water Scale Prevention System. With a list of amazing and reliable features, D’Cal is a water softener that you can easily count on. It helps softens the water very well and it’s not very difficult to renew. The instructions are also very instinctive and on point making for a very up-front installing procedure.

best water softener in india

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Why we recommend it

  • It’s a simple to use, safe and a solution for the complete house, using an exclusive technology, it eliminates the gluey nature of calcium and magnesium that mostly contribute to hardness of water; it’s quite simple and easy to use.
  • It’s performance oriented, you can easily check the performance by doing a simple test all by yourself, simply boil 1 litre of before and after water in two different stainless steel utensils, the Regular Bore water will have lot of white calcium deposition, though in the other utensil you can see clean water, if you have very hard water, the calcium may sit at the bottom of your utensil.
  • Quite simple and easy to use. You don’t need a plumber, no electricity required, no water wastage, and zero on maintenance.

WaterScience CLEO Shower & Tap Filter – Reduces Hair Fall, Protects Skin & Prevents Limescale – with Hard Water Protection

With a decent large capacity and numerous great features, Cleo, is no wonder a solid water softener which is able to switch the requirements of any large household. This device is a whole system for getting rid of hard water irreversibly. If you truly need a bang for your buck then, there’s barely a better choice out there for a water softener than the Water Science Cleo Tap Filter.

best water softener in india

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Why we recommend it

  • If hair fall is a concern, then Cleo shower and tap filter is a solution which helps lessens hair fall, protects skin and eliminates bad odors. It gives a clean and healthy shower experience.
  • With a unique 4-layer filter with KDF technology and nano silver carbon.
  • Reduces chlorine, effects of hard water and removes impurities.
  • Gree self-installation kit. Fits all 1/2″ standard wall shower heads, hand-held showers and taps with 24mm aerators. 22mm and 28mm,
  • Long cartridge life of 25,000 liters or up to 6 months (real life depends on practice and water quality)

Personal Recommendation

Being smart consumers never ever compromise the quality of Home appliances and products you buy because of the money. Respected water puifiers are indeed nearby on the Internet if you’re on a budget. If you are having a hard time finding one, we have recognized a good option for you D'Cal Hard Water Scale Prevention Systemis a valuable, performance oriented and air purifiers. It is also tough and has a well-engineered design that will help you get the best water softening solutions ever.

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