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10 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India

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Water is a really essential part of each of our lives. Without water, we would not be able to sustain as it provides you the much-required hydration. Even a high percentage of our body is bound by water; therefore, we need to keep that ratio intact so as to stay healthy. In fact, if you don’t keep your body hydrated it might as well damage your kidney and hamper the functioning of other body parts too. Therefore, keeping your body hydrated by drinking clean purified water with all the essential minerals is pretty important for every single individual on earth.

Therefore, today we have lined up the Best Water Filter Pitchers so that you are never short of pure drinking water at any point in time. The individuals who consume a lot of water commonly drink lesser alcohol, soda, and energy drinks. They also incline to have superior diets and are in good health at large. In case you don't prefer drinking tap water at your house, these water filter pitchers might be the thing that inspires you to drink more water. So, catch a quality water filter pitcher from our listing to keep you and your family properly hydrated at all times.

Top 10 Water filter pitcher – Reviews


Kent Alkaline water filter pitcher increases the PH levels of water 8.5 to 9.5. It improves anti-oxidation ability; sediment filter removes all sorts of physical impurities from water, activated carbon removes Chlorine from the water. The advanced alkaline filter purifies up to 1000L, comes with unbreakable food-grade plastic construction, polycarbonate jug. The pitcher is designed smart and space saving design so that it can fit in easily. This water pitcher comes with an easy top lid and comfy grip to handle which provides great suitability in dispensing water into the glass or into a bottle. It is aimed using food grade plastic that makes it extremely long-lasting and non-breakable. Similarly, the outstanding plastic material makes the pitcher long lasting as well.

10 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 110 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 2

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  • Removes anti-oxidation ability
  • Smart design, easy lid, and comfy handle grip
  • Unbreakable food-grade plastic construction
  • Durable and non-breakable material used

Brita 10 Cup Grand BPA Free Water Pitcher with 1 Filter

Brita has been in business for around 4o years now and needs no introduction. They are known in their field. They are best when it comes to household and professional appliances. The water pitcher from Brita provides large plastic pitcher comes with a soft-grip handle making pouring easy along with locking lid for convenient refilling. The pitcher significantly reduces chlorine, mercury, copper, cadmium and other various harmful contaminants. The filter has an electronic filter indicating track when filter requires being replaced.

10 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 310 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 2

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  • BPA free Brita filter reduces Chlorine, copper, cadmium and various harmful contaminants
  • Soft-grip handle, easy pouring, locking lid
  • Reduces wastes can filter up to 300 standard 16.9 ounces
  • Filter indication for optimum tracking

Brita Slim Water Filter Pitcher, 5 Cup

Brita brand is known for their best services here’s why we’ve selected top three of their water pitcher for this list.  Without a doubt, you can go for this pitcher. This model is one of the best pitchers available in the market at the moment. It comes with a sticker filter indicator for tracking, BPA free compact in shape and size, reduces chlorine, taste and any sort of odor found in tap water.

10 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 510 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 2

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  • Small 5 cup water filtration pitcher with 1 filter
  • 1 water filter can replace 300 standards 16.9-ounce water bottles
  • Reduces chlorine taste zinc taste, copper, mercury, and cadmium
  • BPA-free pitcher with compact design fits in most fridge doors
  • Sticker filter indicator for tracking

Brita Stainless Steel Water Filter Pitcher, 8 Cup

Here we come again, with our third best model from Brita its 8 cup water filter pitcher reduces chlorine taste, copper, zinc to deliver healthier and great tasting ever water. It comes with electronic filter exchange and is quite simple and easy to use. You can change the filter every two months. It is BPA free.

10 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 710 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 2

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  • Medium size, stainless steel, Brita 8 cup water pitcher with 1 easy to use filter
  • Decreases chlorine taste and odor, copper, mercury, and cadmium to deliver healthier, great tasting water
  • It is BPA free Brita pitcher with electronic filter change indicator and easy fill lid
  • The electronic filter indicator tracks when to change the water filter
  • Change filter every 40 gallons

Antioxidant Alkaline Jug / Pitcher with ORIGINAL Biocera Cartridge (Korean) 3.5 Liters                  

This pitcher is again one of the best available in the market it flushes alkaline balance of water in the body which comprises of ample of Hydrogen to remove activated oxidant and molecules out of the body. It helps dissolve excrete and supplies minerals such as CA, K, Na, and Mg to the body.

10 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 910 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 2

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  • Flushes alkaline (pH above 7.0) water in the body which contains abundant Hydrogen(H2) to get rid of activated oxidant & oxygen molecules out of the body
  • Helps dissolve and excrete body wastes from human body (Prevention of Constipation)
  • Small water cluster is immersed in human body fast
  • Stores minerals such as Ca, K, Na, and Mg to the body

MAVEA 1001495 Maxtra Replacement Filter for MAVEA Water Filtration Pitcher

MAVEA is our new generation of water filtration from Germany. It filters micro-screen and reduces slow release carbon particles into water. It is super-fast with pre-soaking filters. The filter is sterilized and vacuum sealed, safe to use and it contains silver to provide antimicrobial protection to extend filter life. It is BPA free and certified for supplying drinking water.

10 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 1110 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 2

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  • The filter is steam sterilized and then vacuum-sealed to handle its ready-to-use condition.
  • Safe and covers silver to provide an antimicrobial shield and prolong filter life.
  • Made from BPA Free materials and certified protected for use with drinking water
  • The unique shape delivers consistent performance

ORG Alkaline Water Filter Jug, 3.5 L

ORG alkaline is a good model for your kitchen. Let's dive into the features straight and see what it has to offer. This brand is a good one and portable enough to fit in your space.

10 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 1310 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 2

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  • Material: Crystal; Color 3.5 Liter Jug
  • Supplies Minerals like Ca,Mg,,Na,K,PH values changes to 8-9.5,ORP Changes to negative < 200mv.
  • BIO+ Alkaline water jug turns your tap, bottle, RO water turning it into healthy, energetically, vitalized water with a high alkaline PH And strong antioxidant properties.
  • Cartridge life is about 2000 L

White: Premium Water Pitcher Filter by Ecosoft

Premium water pitcher could be the best choice for you and the health of your family. This pitcher comes with a filter by Ecosoft, BPA free, portable and perfect for your kitchen space. If you don’t want to compromise on the health of your life then this could be your best bet.

10 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 1510 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 2

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  • Luna BPA-free pitcher filtration system
  • Exclusive Luna pitcher effectively removes chlorine and chlorination by-products,
  • Translucent and functional design, you will see its superior filtration rate at work, and you will always know when to add more water.
  • The product comes with one year warranty

BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher & 3 Filters

BWT award winning quality assurance is the best feature of this water pitcher. It comes with 3 filters and offers superior filtration and taste. This cutting-edge and ecological water pitcher filter is German-designed and its Ecomix D531 proprietary multifunctional technology practices activated carbon to eliminate main water pollutants and guard your family.

10 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 1710 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 2

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  • The Luna BPA-free pitcher filtration system is a true lifesaver!
  • 100% healthy purified water in your own kitchen
  • Luna pitcher effectively removes chlorine and chlorination by-products, salinity, tannins (natural organic compounds) and odors.
  • Reduces water hardness and lime scale formation, iron, lead, rust, copper, manganese, and provides delicious drinking water
  • Filter jug can hold up to 8 cups of healthy, crystal clear water so you won't have to constantly refill it.

Replacement Brand RB-CLEAR Comparable Water Pitcher 

This brand provides one of the best brands when it comes to water pitcher as it provides comparable filter, rubber rim, and an electronic cartridge indicator and is simple to use pop up fills. The product includes 1 free clear filter cartridge.

10 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 1910 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 2

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  • Similar to the Filter Logic FJ-401H
  • Rubber rim none-slip base
  • Electronic Cartridge Indicatorf
  • It is simple easy to use pop-up “fill as you go” lid
  • It includes 1 free RB-Clear filter cartridge

Reasons Why You Need To Filter Your Drinking Water

Water is a unique element, it is indispensable for life, and we know that the human body is essentially composed of water. There are lot of benefits of filtered water in the home
 Water helps in working of almost all the functions of the human body: It transports nutrients and oxygen to the cells, helps to convert food into energy, cleanses toxic substances from our kidneys of, moisturizes the skin, mucous membranes and lot of other function in our body
In daily activity, every day our body loses between one and two litters of water only through sweat, which we need to replace with what we drink and eat.
What happens in our body if the water we drink is not clean? What substances can we find in drinking water?
Tap water can contain a lot of contaminants, for example, it can contain bacteria, chlorine, fluorine compounds, lead, mercury, pesticides and waste particles. Although water is disinfected and fortified through processes, it cannot be guaranteed that it will be 100% safe. Consumption of contaminated water can lead to serious health problems and in some cases, the results can be lethal. In fact, statistics point out that cholera, among other waterborne diseases, wrestles about 1.5 million lives each year. The danger is real, however something can be done about it, for example to acquire water filters.
Let us now answer the following question: what is filtered water? It is basically the same tap water but much better since it is healthier. With the use of a good drinking water filtration system, the water is purified by eliminating bacteria, pesticides and other unnecessary elements without sacrificing the quality of the liquid. Many experts consider it the best and healthiest alternative to bottled water – and for many valid reasons, which will be the subject of other publications. Let us now mention the advantages of filtered water. These are some of them:

  1. Chlorine filtration makes the liquid healthier. Chlorinated water is good for swimming pools, since it is a great way to treat liquid; however, it is not made to drink because chlorine is harmful to the human body. With regard to tap water, it contains some chlorine, so it is best to filter the drink before drinking the glass.
  2. Lead is eliminated. Exposure to lead is greatly reduced because filters remove them instantly. Therefore, users will be able to avoid the diseases caused by this toxic substance. Experts even indicate that lead is one of the main causes of learning disorder among children, so it is better to filter drinking water if they have children.
  3. Savings in liquid consumption. With a filter you can save a lot of money, since you would not have to buy more bottled water. Just imagine the amount of money that can be saved in just one year: buying a filtration system can cost around a thousand pesos and can be used for a long time, depending on the amount of water consumed.
  4. The negative implications on the environment are eliminated. It is well known that plastic bottles are the biggest pollutants, so it is preferable to omit their use. Even if recycled bottles are used, the cost of processing the material into something reusable still has an environmental pressure. When a filter is used, it simply reduces the waste and the cost of transporting the liquid.
  5. The risks of cancer are reduced. Since chlorine and, by extension, other chlorine by products are omitted with the use of water filters, you and your family members will be protected from different types of cancer, for example, breast, bladder, colon cancer, straight, among others.
  6. The quality of the water is conserved. Since with the filters the contaminants in the water are eliminated, their quality and quality of drinkable is conserved. The water becomes dirty with time due to the things dispersed in it, not because of itself; it is for this reason that with filtering it is possible to eliminate substances and particles foreign to the liquid.
  7. Decrease in medical expenses. Since filtered water is safer and healthier, less will be spent on prescription drugs to treat diseases transmitted by contaminated water.
  8. Gastrointestinal problems are inhibited. With the filter, there is greater protection against gastrointestinal diseases since they eliminate the cryptosporidium and the guard (potential dangers) of drinking water. Some diseases such as amebiasis can be prevented with this it is possible to maintain a good quality of life.

Water purification techniques allow the elimination of microorganisms present in untreated water that can be harmful to our body, and can be found in the form of pills, filters or special lights that end with them.
Filtering the water previously increases the effectiveness of this method. The water can be disinfected with iodine tablets, with tincture of iodine or povidone iodine, following in each case the recommendations indicated by the manufacturer

Top 10 Water Filter Pitcher Comparison Table

Getting your Water Filter Pitcher for your home is an easy and simple way to get clean water. And, especially if you live in a place where getting quality water is a concern having some sort of water filter system is even more important. All reputed filter pitchers are generally certified which removes a harmful contaminants. While each of the water filters comes with different level of certification.

What are the Things to Consider before Purchasing a Water Filter Pitcher?

If you want to take a well-informed decision whilst you need to purchase a water filter pitcher, inspecting the below-stated aspects is a must:

  • The Capacity of the Pitcher
  • Effortless Usage
  • Maintenance
  • Type of Material Used
  • Life Expectancy of the Filter
  • Certifications
  • Effectiveness of Filtration
  • Price

How Advantageous are Water Filter Pitchers for your Health?

There are plenty of health advantages at your disposal if your drink filtered water:
Less Lead – A hefty quantity or even the entire quantity of lead present in your drinking water might get filtered. This is going to diminish the threat of getting infected by a disease led by the ingestion of lead.
No Chlorine – Chlorine might be pretty injurious to human health, and many studies have associated the ingestion of chlorine with diverse diseases.
No Plastic – A few types of plastic bottles utilized for keeping water may be injurious to your health.

How & When Should a Water Pitcher Filter be changed?

A majority of manufacturers provide clear directions on how often you should change the water filter. On the other hand, the time period may diverge relying on the level of contamination of the water supplied to your house or office. In case your water is profoundly polluted, you are going to require changing the filters more often.
Replacing the filters in the water filter pitcher is going to take nearly 10 minutes each 2 to 3 months, and despite the fact, this process is going to differ as per your model. Below we have provided the steps to replace the water filter:

  • Fill up a bowl using cold water
  • Dip a fresh filter into the water and allow it to soak for a period of 10 to 15 minutes
  • Take out the filter & somewhat drain it
  • Place the fresh filter inside the pitcher
  • Fill up your water pitcher for 3 times and dispose of the water to get the carbon filter activated
  • Your water filter pitcher is now all set for use

Best Water Filter Pitchers – Important Facts

In case your tap water has a spiteful taste or if you need to acquire the habit of consuming more water, a water filter pitcher is going to help you out. The commercial water pitcher arrangements utilize one-use cartridges that comprise a blend of ion-exchange resins and activated carbon.
Activated carbon crafted out of the heat-treated coconut shells behaves like an absorbent. It is remarkably porous and offers a big surface area that is capable of trapping the organic pollutants.
The carbon filtration media is coupled up with the plastic polymer beads. The specially treated resin has the capability to trade ions by the particles that are electrically charged. This procedure nullifies toxins by altering their arrangement.
The carbon filters help in absorbing the smell and taste of chlorine. They might diminish the level of cadmium, copper, mercury, and zinc. Moreover, they assist in eliminating pharmaceutical toxins and pesticides.
The water filter pitchers are aimed at storing inside the refrigerator. In case they have been placed on the counter, the water must be drunk or replaced in some days.

Best Water Filter Pitchers – Usage

In case you've utilized a water filter pitcher previously, you might recall soaking those cartridges prior using and discovering the carbon granules within the filtered water. The decent news is that now the designs of the water filter pitchers have been improved. With a few brands, you solely need to put the cartridge under running water for about 15 to 20 seconds. In case granules begin to appear at the time of first few refills, you may constantly water the plants using it.

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