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10 Best Voltage Stabilizers In India (November 2022)

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In India, the power supply is a bit erratic along with voltage fluctuations at many locations. We all know how detrimental it is for the appliances as the fluctuating voltage can damage appliances, thereby causing them to run out before their normal life. In simple terms, when the voltage goes down, the current level increases in the appliances, which in turn can result in burning of the appliance.

10 Best Voltage Stabilizers In India

Since prevention is better than cure, here’s why we’ve come up with the Best Voltage Stabilizers in India for ACs and to keep your homes and offices safe. In this post, we’ve reviewed the top 10 Voltage Stabilizers for Home and everything that you need to know before buying the one for your home or office.

Editor's Top Picks: 5 of the Top Voltage Stabilizer Brands In India

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The Best Voltage Stabilizers In India You Can Buy Today

1. V-Guard VG 400 Voltage Stabilizer Review

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If you love your appliances then do invest in a good voltage stabilizer and save your appliances from sudden power fluctuation. V Guard is a well-known brand in the industry, gaining fame sheerly due to their great products and services offered in the market.

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  • Suitable for 1 Air conditioner up to 1.5 Ton
  • Operating Voltage range (Input): 170-270 volts
  • Built-in thermal overload protection and protects the stabilizer
  • Initial time delay system, Low and High voltage cut-off protection
  • The product comes with 3 years of warranty period

2. Monitor 4-KVA Wall Mountable Voltage Stabilizer for 1.5 Ton AC Review


Nothing is worse than losing your appliance's lifespan due to sudden power fluctuation. Investing on a good voltage stabilizer is always a good idea. Here’s why Monitor offers 4 KVA mountable voltage stabilizers for 1.5 ton AC for your home.


  • 100% Copper Winding
  • The product comes with a 5-year warranty for their customers
  • Epoxy Heavy Coated Metal Body
  • High Voltage Cut-off, Working Range (170-250V)
  • Wall / Floor Mountable

3. Candes A490SS 4-kva Voltage Stabilizer for AC Up to 1.5 Ton Review

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Candes offers a suitable stabilizer for your home AC (1.5 ton).  Save your expensive home appliances from breaking down due to surging voltage. It is compact in design, made with latest HMC technology and ITDS technology. Apart from these unique features, it is cost-effective and it is one of the best features when a consumer is making any buying decision.

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  • Appropriate for 1 Air conditioner up to 1.5 Ton only.
  • It is compact in Design, Cost Effective, ITDS Technology, HMC Technology
  • Built-in thermal overload protection, Initial time delay system, Low and High voltage cut-off protection

4. Microtek Stablizer EM4170+ Voltage Stabilizer upto 1.5 Ton AC Review


Microtek is one of the most trusted brands among the users and it has made its name through dedicated products and services. Invest in a good stabilizer and save your expensive products from running out before their actual life.


  • Appropriate for 1AC up to 1.5 Ton Capacity
  • The product comes with a 3 year warranty period
  • Low and High Cut for Protection
  • Intelli Microchip-based Design

5. Spartan Microtek EM4150+ Digital Voltage Stabilizer Review


Our next voltage stabilizer is from Spartan Microtek. Like we said this brand needs no introduction it is the most trusted and famous one among its dedicated users. Be a smart buyer and invest in a trustworthy voltage stabilizer.


  • Appropriate For Ac Up to 1.5 Ton
  • Save Power Technology
  • Input Range: 150V To 280V +/- 5V , 50Hz
  • The product comes with 3 Years Warranty period
  • Low And High Cut For Protection

6. V-Guard VWR-400 Voltage Stabilizer for AC Up to 1.5 Ton Review

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As mentioned before, V Guard is a trusted brand which is why we’ve picked another great voltage Stabilizer for this top 10 list. It is made with latest IC Technology assuring reliable protection. Since prevention is better than cure, likewise, invest in a good stabilizer in order to protect your appliances beforehand.

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  • Intelligent Time Delay System – Gives the compressor suitable balancing time during recurrent power failures
  • Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection – Protects linked equipment from possibly dangerous voltages.
  • Built-In Thermal Overload Protection – Protects the stabilizer and compressors from high-temperature burnout.
  • This product comes with 3 years of warranty period.

7. Spartan V-Guard VWI 400 Voltage Stabilizer Review

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Spartan V-Guard is our next pick for this list like we said V-Guard is no wonder a great brand. You can buy their product without any second thoughts. Here’s why we’ve selected their best model for this list.

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  • Intelligent Time Delay System
  • Working range-130V to 280V – Maximum output up to 240V
  • Attuned to Regular & Inverter AC
  • Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection
  • Wall Mounting Cabinet Design
  • The product comes with 3 years of warranty period

8. ZYCON DIZY 40X500 LED TV Stabilizer Review

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ZYCON is another famous brand in this niche. It is imperative to have a good voltage stabilizer to save your appliance from sudden power crisis, and you won't regret if you buy this one.

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  • DLW Voltage Stabilizer for 43″ LED TV
  • The Material (ABS) is sturdy
  • We liked the Black Colour design
  • We verified that it can accommodate DTH & Mini Home Theater

9. Bel-Line FR-1504 Voltage Stabilizer for One Refrigerator Review

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The Bel-Line Voltage stabilizer is one of the famous ones in the industry. It is appropriate for up to 680 L capacity. It starts automatically when mains are sensed with the designed input voltage range.

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  • It is preferably suited for Refrigerator of capacity 680 Litre only.
  • It is appropriately intended to perform professionally while covering quite Wide Input Range
  • 3 years of warranty on the product

10. Ice Fire Appliances Voltage Stabilizer for Air Conditioner Up-to 2 Ton AC Review

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Our last pick of this list is from Ice Fire; they offer great voltage stabilizers in the market and are quite famous. If you live in a location where voltage fluctuation is a normal thing, then do invest in a good voltage stabilizer such as this one.

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  • Input Power Range – 160V-260V +-5%
  • Offers under and over Voltage Protection
  • Well-matched with Regular & Inverter ACS
  • Low & High Voltage Cut-Off Protection
  • Comes with a 5 year Warranty

Personal Recommendation

All the Voltage Stabilizer that we have listed above in our review is effective and easy to use. Therefore, we are pretty sure that it would be really easy for our customer to make a choice among the top 10 picks. In case some of upi readers are still facing problems or are confused as to which Voltage Stabilizer to buy as per your needs and requirements, then you may go with our personal suggestion.

The Voltage Stabilizer that we are going to recommend to our users is this one:

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This is a really fabulous Voltage Stabilizer. This Voltage Stabilizer has all the functionalities that a customer requires and is going to match the budget of a majority of buyers. So purchase this Voltage Stabilizer from Candes and save your appliances from sudden power crisis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Should I keep the voltage stabilizer turned on?

A voltage stabilizer consumes energy, though not much. It would be wise to turn off the voltage stabilizer when not used.

2. Can a voltage stabilizer increase the voltage?

Yes, it decreases as well as increases voltage as per the requirement. When voltage increases, current decreases. When voltage is decreased, current in turn increases.

3. What if I constantly keep finding low voltage output from an electrical device?

There is probably a problem with the device, then. You can try to remedy the issue yourself by tightening the screws and also cleaning the wires. If that doesn't work, call for customer service.

A Final Word

After reading the post, you must have realized yourself the incredible importance of a voltage stabilizer. We don't blame you if you hadn't realized its importance before, as we have to admit we didn't know a whole lot about it before reviewing it. However, now you can plead ignorance no longer. So go buy an appropriate voltage stabilizer right now.

For Further Reading

  1. Besy Candes stablizer model for 2 ton LG split invertor AC 3star

    • Thank you for showing interest in Review Fantasy! We would be really happy to help you with our recommendation for the Best Candes Stabilizer for a 2 Ton Air Conditioner. The Candes Voltage Stabilizer that we would suggest you to buy is the Candes A560 Voltage Stabilizer for AC since it is pretty reasonably priced and is appropriate to work in a well-matched manner with an air conditioner with 2-Ton cooling capacity.

  2. which are the options when it comes to mainline stabilizers for the entire home ? I live in an area where I experience frequent voltage fluctuations.
    Pls advise.

    • Thank you for showing interest in Review Fantasy! We would be really happy to help you out on the issue that you are facing. As far as recommending a mainline stabilizer is concerned, we would like to suggest you purchase the Accurex DPM-3000 Single Phase Home Voltage Protector, which is a top-quality voltage stabilizer for your house that cuts off the power supply in case of irregular voltage supply.

  3. Can u suggest me a good and best automatic stabilizer for my 1 ton LG inverter ac with copper windings.

  4. samsung A/C 1.5 TON INVERTER please suggest stabiliser

  5. I have high voltage fluctuations in my area {upto300} , therefore some are saying don’t get an inverter ac because even with a stabliser the inverter ac will blow, and some are saying use a costly double buck and boost stabiliser and your inverter ac will be fine, but some are saying even this will not give any benefit. I’m so confused, plz help. Is there any stabiliser that will really protect an inverter ac in such a high voltage fluctuation? Where can I get such a stabiliser? Or do you recommend I stay with a fixed speed ac?

    • For fluctuations as high as 300, the best voltage stabiliser you can get is V-Guard. This V-Guard stabiliser is highly sensitive to even smaller fluctuations and works perfectly with 1.5 ton Inverter AC. But it all comes down to budget if you want extra stability. If you have the budget to expend, Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Wi-Fi Split AC is your best option. It is non-inverter AC that you can set on fixed speed.

  6. Reply
    prakash b vidyarthi 13/04/2019 at 10:17 am

    Can u suggest me a good and best automatic stabilizer for my 1.5 ton Diakin inverter ac with
    copper windings. I want to purchase one of servoteck /luminous/ blue bird or microtek.

  7. which brand is best for stabilizer?

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