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5 Best Tennis Rackets In India

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5 Best Tennis Rackets In India

5 Best Tennis Rackets In India

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If you play Tennis, you know the right racket can make a world of difference between a good and a great play. Surely, the level at which you play Tennis and your style matters a lot equally, but then if you pay close attention, every single beat matters to make that grand victory. Here’s why we believe in nothing but the best.  There are many things that make a good tennis racket including power for big booming serves, the control to flutter a delicate little drop shot over the net, and a lot more than that. When it comes to a good game it takes a lot. Thus we bring you the top 5 Best Tennis Rackets in India.

Best Tennis Rackets In India!

Let’s get to know how to choose the one for you. There are multiple factors that go into making a purchasing decision. Choosing a tennis racket, and especially as a beginner, is not a cake walk. You have to reflect few issues that choose the class/nature/behavior of racket, in terms of control, power and toughness. Commonly you have to look for racket material, balance and weight. Likewise have a look at grip size and length.

Editor's Picks: 2 of the Top Tennis Rackets In India

Best Overall
HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racquet
Best In Budget
HEAD Titanium 3000 Tennis Racquet
HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racquet
HEAD Titanium 3000 Tennis Racquet
₹ 7,199
₹ 2,998
Our Verdict
This is a jack of all trades, thus being fit for all sorts of purposes. Anyone can try this and not feel disappointed.
We highly recommend this for beginners, it possessing the most fundamental features.
Best Overall
HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racquet
HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racquet
₹ 7,199
Our Verdict
This is a jack of all trades, thus being fit for all sorts of purposes. Anyone can try this and not feel disappointed.
More Info
Best In Budget
HEAD Titanium 3000 Tennis Racquet
HEAD Titanium 3000 Tennis Racquet
₹ 2,998
Our Verdict
We highly recommend this for beginners, it possessing the most fundamental features.
More Info

The Best Tennis Rackets In India You Can Buy Today

1. Nivia G-21 Review

Are you new to the court?  Try and pick up this well-balanced, beginner-responsive racquet. When you connect with the tennis ball, the racquet will add double power after each stroke, though still posing thoughtful maneuverability.

Why we recommend it

  • Junior rackets with 3/4 cover length
  • Grip sz-0
  • Length 21 inch
  • Synthetic gut

2. Wilson Match Point Tennis Racquet Review

Got a little ball one looking to get right on the court? This racquet has a smaller handle that aids them control their swing better than ever before, and a huge face that makes it simple and easy for them to bond with the ball; it all means that there will be far littler thumps and miscues!

Why we recommend it

  • V-Matrix technology that delivers a larger sweet spot
  • It comes with an extra-large head
  • It also comes with an Air Lite Alloy power string
  • It’s available with a strung

3. Wilson US Open Strung Tennis Racquet Review

If you’re eyeing for that perfect game, look no further than Wilson. They are made with arc 2 technology. It is fused with a graphite construction, more power and double hole technology.

Why we recommend it

  • Arc 2 technology
  • Fused graphite construction ,Double hole technology creating more power
  • Strung balance is 4 point head light ,Head Size – 103 sq. Inch, Length – 27 Inch

4. HEAD Titanium 3000 Tennis Racquet

Buy Now On Amazon

This tennis racket is an improved version of an old archetype that obtains a few updates in skill but halts correct to its roots as an associate of the Pro Staff family bringing supreme correctness and switch. It’s ideal for beginners and made with fused graphite.

HEAD Titanium 3000 Tennis Racquet
  • Technology : Fused Graphite
  • Beam-22 mm

Why we recommend it

  • Technology: Fused Graphite
  • Beam-22 mm, Head Size-100 sq. in, Weight (Strung)-275 g
  • Balance (Strung)-325 mm, Length-27 inches, String Pattern-16/19
  • Unstrung-No, Strung-Yes
  • Ideal for beginner

5. HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racquet

Buy Now On Amazon

This is a dependable control oriented player’s racquet that does just about all, well deprived of the highs and lows that come with extra racquets. Consequently, you’ll be implausible to find a characteristic that stands out, but you’ll also be hard pressed to find anything to whine about either. A jack of all trades, we can say.

HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racquet
  • Open String pattern : Improved Spin & Power
  • Ultra Light Weight : Lessor toll on elbow and shoulder

Why we recommend it

  • Technology : Graphite/Titanium Composite
  • Beam-Straight Beam Widebody
  • Head Size-115 sq. in. / 742 sq. cm
  • Weight (Strung)-8.9oz / 252g
  • Balance (Strung)-8 pts Head Heavy
  • Length- 27.75 inches / 70 cm
  • String Pattern-16/19

Things To Know Before Buying A Tennis Racket – Buying Guide


Commonly used materials are aluminum, steel and carbon composites like titanium, graphite. The make of material is an important thing because of 2 reasons. First is impact on racket weight and then durability.


The weight of the racket matters equally as you swing, glide, twirl and a lot of it depends on how it weighs. There are generally three types of rackets including Light rackets (300 gram or below), Medium rackets (300 gram to 350 gram) and Heavy rackets (35o gram and above).

Things To Know Before Buying A Tennis Racket - Buying Guide

Flex and stiffness ratings

The flexibility and stiffness affects control, power and ease of racket to some amount.


It is a wise idea to choose from dependable brands for more robust and quality rackets. The brand matters a lot in terms of quality, consistency and a lot more.


It is completely based on your playing style. Power game, or defensive control play, you can select rackets that can take benefit of your playing flair. Choose the one you feel fits YOU!


The dimensions of a standard tennis racket is 27in/68.58cm, the length being 27 in. Nonetheless if you have good height and want to get more control, you may use a longer racket. Likewise, small junior rackets are accessible at 21 inch, 26 inch, 24 inch etc.

  1. Stringing pattern
  2. Open stringing, Closed stringing

Top brands give stringing advice for specific models. There is a lot of information on the web about the same from various brands.

Playing surface

There are four types of playing surface are clay courts, hard courts, grass courts and carpet courts. Each of them has its precise features that affect playing grace and game.

Playing style

Generally, “Baseliner players” battle from the baseline; “attackers” play in a hostile way and want a racket that controls their own influence. “All courter” use their abilities in dissimilar flairs.


The following are six collective attributes used to assess the performance of tennis racquets.


All great players can hit solid and produce power through proper system irrespective of the racquet you put in their hands. Of course, some racquets make making pace meaningfully easier. Influential racquets incline to have larger head sizes, firmer edges and occasionally are lengthier.


Classically, the more experienced a player becomes, the more control they’ll seek from their racquet because placement and directing the ball precisely where they want it to go becomes progressively significant. Control-oriented racquets often have less taut frames and lesser head sizes.


Every player will know about the shock that is directed to your arm when the ball hits, or the shaking that you feel after drumming the ball. However, a player also associates comfort with the weight of the racquet qualified to their forte. Comfort-oriented uproars tend to be a bit thicker, springier and emphasis extra weights near the handle to help absorb shock.

Things To Know Before Buying A Tennis Racket - Buying Guide


Touch or feel is a little nuanced and regularly tied to a sense of control and connectedness, particularly when hitting streams and subtlety shots like drop shots. Racquets that provide improved touch tend to be thicker, with smaller head sizes, and use more bendable frames.


Easy to trick racquets tend to feel “light” in your hand and make it stress-free to alter the way of the racquet head. This feeling is frequently a result of the racquet’s overall weight pooled with the balance of the frame being head – “head light” often meant as HL. In simple words, a better portion of the racquet’s weight falls lower on the racquet near the handle.


Stable rackets are ideal for giving a positive sense of consistency and accuracy that you can easily rely when striking the ball. By design, stable rackets are a bit bulky in nature come with a small heads and less stiff frames.

Personal Recommendation

Being smart consumers, never ever compromise the quality of devices like Tennis Rackets you buy since of money. Other Tennis Rackets are obviously available on the Internet if you’re on a budget. If you are having a hard time finding one, we have identified a good option for you. Below is the best tennis racquet in India that we would recommend for you!

HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racquet
₹ 10,699 −₹ 3,500 ₹ 7,199

This is a worthwhile, and reasonable product. Since most of you reading this article we assume to be beginner tennis players, we would like you to start with this this jack of all trades product. Happy playing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Should I use a heavy or a light tennis racket?

Go as heavy as you can comfortably use for optimum performance. The heavier the racquet, the harder it hits. However, if you choose a racquet which you have difficulty in maneuvering, it will diminish your performance rather than enhancing it.

2. What racket does Serena Williams use?

Serena Williams uses a Wilson Blade 104, perfect for a baseliner like her.

3. What racket does Roger Federer use?

Roger Federer uses his own Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph racquet which is available for the public to buy!

A Final Word

Tennis has always been a very classy sport built on cardio and pin-point accuracy. Even if you are not an aspiring tennis player, nothing is stopping you from playing it casually as a sport. Do go often with your friends or family and spend a physically fit pastime by playing tennis, and for that to happen, stock up on the best tennis racket in India beforehand!

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