10 Best Step Ladders In India (November 2022)

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Nowadays, ladders are one of the most important home tools you can have as a landowner. They come in quite a handy dandy for reaching things up high and hard to reach areas above 7 feet high for cleaning, repairing painting or upkeep. This post guide highlights the Best Step Ladders available on the Indian market and what they offer in terms features, price and performance.

Ladders are made bearing in mind providing the safety support a specific amount of weight. Ponder your weight fully clothed, plus any tools and resources you’re carrying onto the ladder, to regulate the total amount of weight your ladder needs to sustain. It is lightweight and durable, aluminum and steel ladders are a standard choice for a wide range of home space and professional jobs.

Editor's Picks: Top 5 Step Ladders In India

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The Best Step Ladders In India You Can Buy Today

1. Parasnath Black Heavy Folding Ladder with Wide Steps Review

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The Parasnath Ladders Manufacturing seems to have brought about a revolution in the ladder built-up arena with the primer of this innovative ladder. If you plan on to work on a high, risky, and hard to reach areas then this ladder from Parasnath could be your pick. This is a heavy and best folding ladder is designed exactly for professionals. It is extendable and is capable enough to take heavy weights.

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Why we recommend it

  • It is flexible, easy to reach in hard areas, ideal for domestic jobs.
  • Dimensions (In Inches): Length: 20, Width: 5, Height: 60 / Ladder Height (Inches): 35
  • Made with sturdy powder coated steel material
  • Ideal for every house Hold, office, warehouse, or shop, corrosion resistant structure for longer life.
  • The wide base design is for firm, safe and comfortable climb.

2. Bathla Sure Step Handy Review

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Among so many excellent and outstanding ladders that we have on the market so far this product by the Bathla is heralded the best by many. There is no way you can beat a blend of variety and forte. And, you can’t deny the fact, sturdiness counts a lot when it comes to ladders. These ladders are designed to help you work on any area with extreme ease and safety of the user.

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Why we recommend it

  • Anti-Skid PVC Shoes for added safety, 5-Year Bathla Trust Warranty
  • Rust-proof, high-grade aluminium with edge guards for use in all kinds of weather.
  • With Bathla Sure-Hinge technology for maximum stability.
  • Smart-Platform with serrated grooves for increased grip during use.
  • Dimension: 173x50x12cm, Weight: 5.9kg, Capacity: 95kg

3. Paffy Premium Heavy Folding Ladder With Wide Steps Review

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The way it is designed one can tell that this folding ladder from Paffy Premium is designed to offer innovative services to its users. Provided with right instructions it can ranks among the safest, sturdiest, most adaptable ladders on the market by far. It also features patented minimizing sides and a triple-lock centre for optimal flexibility.

[amazon box=”B01NBVOIZB”]

Why we recommend it

  • It is constructed with aerospace-quality aluminium.
  • Your safety, stability and comfort on this ladder will always be unmatched.
  • The smart convertible design allows serving different purposes including as a staircase ladder, an extension ladder
  • Material used Powder Coated Steel Pipes, Polypropylene Copolymer Steps, Rubber Boots, Foam Clad Handles
  • It weighs around 8.6 KG, Weight Holding Capacity (kg) : 120 – 150 kg, closed Size:- (L) 9 cm x (B) 45 cm x (H) 160 cm.

4. PAffy Premium Light Weight Aluminium Heavy Duty Folding Step Ladder Review

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The famous PAffy Premium Manufacturing is delighted to present you with this eccentric folding ladder model. Don’t think twice buying this ladder if you wish to reach those hard to reach corners of your home space. Enjoy the exclusive stability irrespective of the configuration.  Free yourself from the ladder related safety concerns by using a high-quality ladder that suits even the heavy duty processes.

[amazon box=”B01MR6Y9YD”]

Why we recommend it

  • Rust-proof, high-grade aluminium with edge guards for use in all kinds of weather.
  • It’s bendable, easy to use and store, ideal for small spaces
  • Grab a free laundry bag along with the ladder, don’t miss on the goodies
  • The ladder weighs around 8.5 KG, Weight Holding Capacity (kg) : 120 – 150 kg
  • Your protection, constancy and comfort on this ladder will always be supreme

5. Happer Premium Foldable Step Ladder, Clamber, 2 Steps Review

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This is a 2 step ladder by the famed Happer Company. Its making is on point, a word of brilliant services and sturdiness. This ladder steps are designed to suit a broad range of procedures. The user can choose to use it in the work space, home space, market, to state but a few areas. Irrespective of whether you need to swap a light bulb, clean or patch-up a high cabinet, clean your windows, or simply any other task, this ladder will be of substantial assistance to you.

[amazon box=”B08243LLBT”]

Why we recommend it

  • The folding 2 Step Happer Ladder can bear up-to 150 Kg of weight and will stand strong and stable of flat surfaces.
  • Specially designed PVC shoes give you unrivalled stability while the ladder is in use.
  • Material used in the making is Powder Coated Steel, Heavy Duty ladder for extra durability.
  • It is a must have for every Home or Commercial Space.
  • Made of heavy duty powder coated steel for extra sturdiness, totally folding or foldable that means you can tightly fit the ladder among cup boards, after almirahs or in tinny spaces.

6. Magna Homewares Pollux 5 Step Folding Ladder, Black, Large

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The Magna Homewares makers seem to have brought about an upheaval in the ladder built-up arena with the primer of this pioneering ladder. If you plan on to work on a high, perilous, and hard to reach areas then this ladder is best for you. This heavy folding ladder is not for beginners or for household use. It is extendable and is capable enough to take heavy weights.

[amazon box=”B07DK5L3N9″]

Why we recommend it

  • Your safety, stability and comfort on this ladder will always be unmatched.
  • The smart convertible design allows serving different purposes including as a staircase ladder, an extension ladder
  • It’s bendable, easy to use and store, ideal for small spaces
  • Grab a free laundry bag along with the ladder, don’t miss on the goodies
  • Rust-proof, high-grade aluminium with edge guards for use in all kinds of weather.

7. Ciplaplast GEC-L4(4 Step) Home Pro Ladder (Silver) Review

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Among so many superb and exceptional ladders that we have on the market so far this product by the Ciplaplast is the best. There is no way you can beat a blend of variety and forte. And, you can’t deny the fact, sturdiness counts a lot when it comes to ladders. These ladders are designed to help you work on any area with extreme ease and safety of the user. You will not have to get additional storage space for this ladder as it inhabits an irrelevant space thanks to its portable design.

[amazon box=”B00IPAP31S”]

Why we recommend it

  • Material- Powder Coated Steel, Heavy Duty Ladder For Extra Durability With A Weight Bearing Capacity Upto 150 Kg, Must Have For Every Home Or Commercial Space.
  • Rust-proof, high-grade aluminium with edge guards for use in all kinds of weather.
  • Click- Lock Hinges make sure the Total Safety of the user at every position
  • Storage Dimension:- 100mm x 470mm x 1430mm. Surface To Top Step Height- 106 Cm, Corrosion Resistant Structure For Longer Life. Wide Base For Firm, Comfortable And Safe Climb.
  • The product comes with 7 years of warranty

8. HOME BUY Aluminium Folding Step Ladder Portable and Compact 7-Steps Review

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This is one of the best ladders not only in India but also in the world. It is considered the strongest, lightest and most friendly ladder in the world. The ladder can be used in a variety of shapes to meet the needs of the user. It is made of aluminum alloy so it is lighter than other popular ladders and it can be easily folded. This ladder is very flexible and innovative, it is easy to shorten or open up 2 meters long with 7 steps. It is convenient and safe to use for you.

[amazon box=”B07HD42PSQ”]

Why we recommend it

  • Ideal for cleaning windows, interior & exterior painting & decorations, all other house hold works & office works.
  • The stepping platform is also good and had a good design for better grip.
  • Good quality and easy to use.
  • Weight of the product is also very less.
  • Easy to carry from one place to another and good locking facility.
  • Constructed of durable aluminium alloy and built for a maximum load of 330 lbs (150 Kg) with 7 steps
  • Safety anti-slip rubber sleeve

9. EQUAL Foldable and Adjustable Multipurpose Step Ladder Review

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The EQUAL Supreme ladder boasts being the most multipurpose ladder accessible on the market so far. Mostly relevant, this ladder features a portable design and thin profile to make sure maximum space saving and easy manageability. . This ladder steps are designed to suit a broad range of procedures. The user can choose to use it in the work space, home space, market, to state but a few areas.

[amazon box=”B074J89SLH”]

Why we recommend it

  • Adjusted & Folded into 6 different positions makes it ideal for each kind of Industrial & Household purpose
  • High Strength Light Weight 6063 T5 grade Aluminium with 1.3 mm thickness for extra Durability
  • Anodized & Rust proof for use in all kinds of Indoor & Outdoor environment & weather conditions
  • Square Rungs & Box-Section stiles for better rigidity
  • Click- Lock Hinges make sure the Total Safety of the user at every position

10. YOUNGMAN Aluminium Shockproof Fibreglass 6 Step Ladder with Tool Tray Review

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Youngman is the company after the making of this one-of-a-kind combination ladder model. It comes with 6- steps to let you work at various heights. Its constancy on point thanks to its wide base and a durable frame. This combination ladder that’s ideal for home as well as professional jobs. What makes it more fascinating is that it comes with a bendable frame with the aim of saving your storing space by a substantial degree.

Now enjoy the supreme-comfort while you stand on the outsize top stand of this combination ladder which will get the job done without getting tired even if it takes long. You need not worry about using this ladder as it necessitates no assembly. It is way too flexible.

[amazon box=”B01M18X5NR”]

Why we recommend it

  • Open Height: 5.9 Feet, Non-conductive fibreglass stiles, ideal for working around electricity
  • Integrated tool tray for holding tools whilst you work
  • Extra bracing at the foot to enhance support,Semi-tubular rivets provide rigid fixing
  • H-spreaders offer single handed operation and provide strength and stability
  • Slip-resistant treads,150kg load capacity suitable for heavy trade use

Ladder Types

Generally, there are four primary types of ladders, and many landowners opt for more than one.

Step Ladders

Step ladders are one of the most standard types used in every household. They are self-supporting and can be used anyplace and are handy dandy for most common domestic task.

Straight Ladders and Extension Ladders

These ladders are not self-supportive and must lean up alongside a stable support surface. They are most frequently used outdoors for painting, retrieving the roof or reaching high places. The adaptable ladder features a number of portable sections that can be re-configured. Dependent on how you regulate it, you can set it as a step ladder, extension ladder, support, sawhorse and more.

Basic step stools can help reach high storerooms, closets, and shelves, and some are foldable or bendable for easy storage. Fire and rescue ladders can be turned up and stored in dorms to help escape in the event of a fire or other dangers.

Ladder Material

Ladder Material


Usually, most ladders are built of aluminum, fiberglass or wood. Aluminum ladders are light-in-weight, making them easy to transference and are non-eroding. They should not be used nearby power lines or electrical cabling. Fiberglass is non-conductive, so it is a safer option to use them nearby power lines and wiring. At the same time, they’re also sturdy and will last longer.

Wood ladders are also non-conductive, but some are made with metal pins, making them inappropriate for power lines or electrical work. It is good to leave them unpainted so that any flaws won’t go overlooked.

Ladder Safety

Each year, thousands of people are wounded in falls and other mishaps comprising ladders. Take every protection by following these safety procedures.

  1. Always face the ladder using both hands when rising.
  2. Carry tools and materials in a belt, apron or pouch.
  3. Use a rope and bucket to pull up large, heavy or stroppy items.
  4. Do not lean on the side of the ladder.
  5. Never use a ladder in high winds.
  6. Ensure step ladders are totally open with hinges locked.
  7. Double check that locks is secured on adaptable and extension ladders.
  8. Frequently inspect ladders for loose rungs, dents, cracks or sharp edges.
  9. Never use a ladder that has been dented or appears insecure.
  10. Only use a ladder on a hard, level surface.
  11. Do not use ladders on ice or snow, or if they are misty.
  12. Perceive weight parameters that are displayed on the ladder.

Personal Recommendation

I hope with the post above now it’s easy for you to choose ladder for your home space and still if you’re confused or looking for the second opinion then go with this one:

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The Ciplaplast Step Ladder has high ratings on Amazon and all great features that make the product a total value for money. Mark our words you'll not regret buying this hair 4 step ladder ever.  This unique part of this model it comes with ultimate safety features which are good for user’s safety. Like we said, when it comes to our safety we want nothing but the best and Ciplaplast Step Ladder 4 Steps is the best.

Things To Consider When Buying A Step Ladder – Buying Guide

So as to catch hold of an appropriate step ladder we need to examine some important factors associated with a step ladder. We’ve discussed some significant aspects like the electrical work. However, the practical concerns are also a vital part of the decision-making procedure as well.


Purchasing an appropriate ladder for your task is crucial to utilizing it securely. Every single one of them comes with a limitation or two. Recollect that its purpose is to assist in getting the tasks done and don’t cause any hazard. In case you expect to use it for modest things such as painting, the stepladder comes in as an inexpensive choice. A majority of them are going to offer a reach of nearly 14 feet.

Aimed at the outdoor jobs, you might consider spending some money on an extension ladder in its place or on top of a stepladder for use within the household. Moreover, dwell on how frequently you are going to utilize it genuinely. In case you solely paint the exterior parts of your house every 1 or 2 years, renting a ladder may be a cooler option.


It’s useful to consider security whilst determining the ladder’s length. In general, you might as well reach 4 feet higher the height of the ladder. However, this might not mean striding on the uppermost cap of the stepladder. We’re talking about 2 steps below the top cap. This is where the duty rating comes into play to evade it from turning too top weighty and unbalanced.

The condition varies with the extension ladders. It might not be a matter of making the length to equal the extreme height. You are going to require some jiggle room to cover the share that should extend past the tallness of the gutters for the tasks such as roofing. Considering your individual position over the step ladder, choose to obtain one that is nearly two times the height that you require reaching.


Weight helps in adding stability whilst you are on the ladder, but it moreover makes it heavy to carry from one place to the other. It is going to come down to the material and your planned usage whilst choosing amongst the different kinds of ladders. In case electricity is an issue, the ladders made up of fiberglass might be a better choice with the keeping in mind that they are even heftier in comparison to the aluminum model.


A step ladder that is resourceful is an idyllic manner to obtain the finest value from your purchase. Whilst the household units aren’t awfully costly, it definitely doesn’t seem sensible to have numerous type of ladder when one might effortlessly work with a majority of tasks. This is where considering the type of usage, and the ladder’s length might assist in guiding your selection.


Appropriate storage is above just discovering the space for the ladder. It’s about avoiding any wear and mutilation that might make the ladder dangerous to use. The articulated and foldable version provides convenient solutions. Remember the space you are going to require for the self-supporting unit such as a stepladder. The benefit that you tend to get with the extension ladder is that it consumes lesser space for the length it has on offer.

Benefits Of Using Different Types Of Step Ladders

As mentioned earlier, you will find primarily three types of step ladders on the market. Depending on the material types, there are aluminum ladders, fiberglass ladders, and timber ladders. All these types have certain benefits to offer. While one may easily get confused during choosing the perfect ladder-material, knowing about these benefits can help to make a decision faster. The discussion can also be seen as a comparison between these three types. Look for the advantages which appeal to you more than the others. At first, we will see what the aluminum ladders have to offer you. 

  • Advantages Of Using Aluminium Ladders

These Are The Most Lightweight Ladders

When it is for our home and some light purposes, you might want something more handy and comfortable. After all, no one wants to carry a huge load on their shoulders. Keeping that in mind, aluminum ladders can offer you an exceptional experience as they are the most lightweight ladder available in the market. So one can handle an aluminum ladder effortlessly without any trouble. 

 Anti-Corrosion Ladders

Another concern while buying any ladder is whether it will corrode or not. As with timber ladders, if they are kept outside, they can get damaged over time due to water and moisture. But, with the aluminum ladders, you won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion, as it will remain free from it.

You Can Store It Outdoors

Since the aluminum ladders are anti-corrosion ladders, you won't have to worry about keeping these outdoors. As with the timer ladders, one has to keep it inside, which can cause space problems. So, if you have restricted space, you can keep the aluminum ladder in your garden without worrying about it getting damaged. 

  • Disadvantages Of Using Aluminium Ladders

They Can Conduct Electricity

The most vivid disadvantage of using an aluminum step ladder is that it can conduct electricity. Hence, using these ladders by power lines can be a huge risk. On the other hand, fiber and timber ladders do not conduct electricity/ Hence they are a much safer choice from this perspective. 

They Can Conduct Heat

It is a fact that aluminum ladders will not burn like the timber ladders when in contact with fire, but they can easily get heated up. On the other hand, using an aluminum ladder at a higher temperature for a long time can make it uncomfortable for you to use. Hence, When aluminum ladders are exposed to high temperatures, they can also lose most of their strength.

Less Strength 

Aluminum ladders are weaker than fiberglass ladders which are more uniform and sturdy. Furthermore, different manufacturers use different grades of aluminum. The inferior grades will provide a relatively weak ladder that could bend easily if it comes under too much pressure. Timber ladders also offer a much sturdier structure than the aluminum ones. 

  • Advantage Of Using Timber Ladders

Non-Conductor Of Electricity

One of the primary benefits of using timber ladders is that, unlike aluminum ladders, they do not conduct electricity, making them a safer choice for the power lines. Because of this fact, wood or fiberglass ladders are generally used when electrical hazards are likely to happen.

Non-Conductor To Heat

Timber or wood ladders do not conduct heat as well. Although they may catch fire, only the outer layer where the oxygen is prevalent is likely to burn. The center of the wood remains solid and strong even when it is burning on the surface. Therefore, many fire departments prefer wood ladders.

Cheaper Than Fibreglass

Timber or wood ladders are cheaper than the fibreglass ladders. Also, woods are readily available. Since timber and fibreglass ladders have many benefits in common, you might prefer the timber ladders more because of the price. 

  • Disadvantages Of Timber Ladders

Heavier Than Aluminium Ladders

Timber ladders are heavier than the aluminium ladders. Hence, moving it around can become a little problem for anyone handling this ladder. The sturdy and uniform the ladder is, the heavier it becomes. Therefore, many may not prefer this type for home purposes. 

Prone to Rot and Age

Wood ladders are prone to rot and age faster than any type. Therefore, you should never store the ladder outside. Wood is also very sensitive to drying and splitting with age. It needs some sorts of protective, clear finish to preserve and extend the life of the wood. For that, you can use varnish which should be checked and reinstated annually to maintain the ladder. 

Not Perfect For Commercial Application

Due to these disadvantages and some other drawbacks of timber, one may not find it a suitable product for industrial and commercial purposes. Industrial or commercial firms need something handier or controllable. Hardly any timber ladders can be extended or carried away swiftly. It makes them a non-suitor for commercial purposes. 

  • Advantages Of Using Fibreglass Ladders

Non-Conductor Of Electricity

The primary reason for choosing fibreglass ladders is because of the material being of non-conductive properties. Since fibreglass does not conduct electricity, it is the best choice for people working around power lines.

Lighter Than Wood Ladders

Despite the availability of other non-conductive materials, like wood, fibreglass is sturdier and weighs less. Therefore they are easier to lift, move and transport.

Stronger And More Durable

Fiberglass ladders are stronger than other ladders made from natural materials like wood. Therefore, they are safer. One might argue that aluminum ladders are also strong. But with aluminum ladders, one can find different grades of aluminum in use. Hence, a cheap aluminum ladder can easily bend- causing someone real hurt. 

  • Disadvantages Of Using Fibreglass Ladders

Heavier Than Aluminium Ladders

Although lighter than wood ladders, fiberglass ladders are heavier than aluminum ones which is one of its major drawbacks. It can make fiberglass ladders inconvenient and hard to carry around. 

More Expensive

Another drawback of fiberglass ladders is that they are costlier than other materials like wood or aluminum. However, if you work in power lines and truly require a non-conductive ladder, fiberglass ladders would be the best choice for you. These ladders justify every penny that you are paying. 

Best Step Ladder – Features & Fittings

Best Step Ladder – Features & Fittings


  • The folding work shelf available in a few step ladders allows you to keep your tools as well as materials in comfortable reach. You might as well buy the platforms, trays, paint cups, and buckets planned for a few ladder models.
  • A few step ladders comprise holes and notches for holding the tools coupled up with the attuned accessories. The bungee loops for hanging the tools are obtainable in the form of accessories.
  • A flattening system on a few extension models permits you to fine-tune the ladder to house the irregular surfaces. A few ladders come with the inbuilt bubble level to permit you to verify the adjustments. You might as well buy the levelers to link to well-matched ladders that aren’t equipped with the inbuilt system.
  • A few extension ladders comprise feet with serrated edges you might be able to move into the ground for more firmness.
  • The stabilizer is an attachment that gets fixed to the upper end of the extension ladder. It outspreads the points of support of your ladder outward and, relying on the size, has the ability to span through a window.
  • The end covers are the fluffy attachments for the extension ladder’s top. They assist in preventing the ladder from damaging the wall.
  • The carrying cases are obtainable for the telescoping ladders, offering security and turning them stress-free to transport or carry from one place to the other in an effective and convenient manner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a step ladder anyway?

Though the name has “step” in it, step ladders typically have small steps (which are flat) and a small platform.

2. How is a step ladder different from other ladders?

A step ladder is designed to stand on its own without leaning on a wall or a flat surface. We highly recommend you not use a step ladder to lean on something. Rather, make it stand on its own.

3. Can 2 people climb a step ladder?

We highly recommend otherwise. Most step ladders have a weight capacity which is easily eclipsed by the weight of 2 people. Even a heavy person may not be safe while climbing a small step ladder. We highly recommend checking the weight limit of the step ladder you buy.

A Final Word

Step ladders are an underrated utility tool used for underrated household chores. Yes, you seem to never have any need of step ladders until… until you just do. Whether it be a sudden need to stash the TV of your O Level exam giving niece away or to bring down those blankets before winter, step ladders are a bunch of help.

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