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5 Best Solo Microwave Ovens In India (November 2022)

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In the bigger households, the food that is prepared at home is often leftover since the quantity of the dishes isn’t small any single day. In such situations, the food is either dumped into the dustbin or stored inside the refrigerator to eat the day after. But, the next day when you eat it, wither the food’s taste gets changed or it becomes non-eatable. Therefore, using a microwave is the best solution for the bigger households where a lot of food is prepared in a single day.

Today, we are presenting an all-new collection of the Best Solo Microwave Ovens, which are going to help you boil, reheat, defrost, and cook dishes without making a hole in your pocket. This listing has solely been prepared so that our users may find the reasonably-priced units on the market since there are many costly options available that might not even provide you with the best of specifications. In addition, the Solo Microwave Ovens Reviews given below are going to help you find a value for money product as per your requirements, budget, and preferences.

Best Solo Microwave Ovens in India

Bajaj 17 L Solo Microwave Oven

Considering the hectic lifestyle of today, the microwave ovens surely play a vital role in our life. This crucial kitchen appliance, not just assists in heating the food might as well prepare scrumptious meals. The Bajaj 17L Solo Microwave Oven comprises 5 distinct power levels in addition to the automatic defrost utility. Using this microwave oven, you will be capable of heating the food devoid of experiencing any sort of problem since there is a timer feature, which allows you to perform other tasks whilst the food is being readied for eating.

solo microwave oven5 Best Solo Microwave Ovens In India (November 2022) 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comprises a couple of mechanical timers for added durability
  • The automatic defrost option allows you to thaw food easily
  • Appropriate for bachelors and small households with 17L capacity
  • Offers a 30-minutes cooking time alarm for easier operation
  • Covered with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty over defects

Whirlpool 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

Here is another option for all those seeking a solo microwave oven for their kitchen. With a 245mm big turntable, this 20L Whirlpool Solo Microwave Oven allows you to prepare bigger capacity of food and reheat numerous food jars at once. Additionally, there are 10 distinct levels of power you may set that will further allow you to save electricity and cook food precisely. Having an LED display, it is fairly effortless to have a look at the cooking option that you have chosen. Further, the microwave ovens from Whirlpool are devoted to delivering durability and reliability through the 2-year cover on Magnetron.

solo microwave oven
5 Best Solo Microwave Ovens In India (November 2022) 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • A suitable solo microwave oven for small families and bachelors
  • Appropriate for cooking, reheating, and defrosting food at ease
  • Comes with the easy to clean touch keypads for easier control
  • Assures the user of complete safety in the case of small children at home
  • Provides a 1-year comprehensive warranty on product over defects

Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven

For all those people who are looking for a solo microwave oven, which provides them with the best of specifications coupled up with top-class design, this Samsung 23L Solo Microwave Oven will make your modern kitchen look even more classy. Equipped with innovative technology, this microwave oven allocates the microwaves widely so that your food gets consistently heated. Through just a simple button touch, it is also going to decrease the stand-in power consumption to diminish the consumption of electricity and keep those hefty power bills at bay.

solo microwave oven
5 Best Solo Microwave Ovens In India (November 2022) 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Equipped with triple distribution technology for even cooking
  • The ceramic enamel interior averts the buildup of bacteria
  • Comes with the energy saving mode to decrease power intake
  • The design augments the overall appearance of any kitchen
  • Offers an inbuilt control panel for easily setting any cooking mode

LG 20-Litre Solo Microwave Oven

If you want to purchase a solo microwave oven that offers plenty of quick cooking options together with a classy design to complement the interiors of your modular kitchen, then this 20L Solo Microwave Oven from LG is the one that you should opt to buy. This LG microwave oven comprises as many as 44 auto-cook menu choices in addition to 28 pre-programmed Indian dishes to make cooking easier and effortless. In addition, the anti-bacterial cavity, steam clean, & keep warm functions are a few additional features that would provide you with even more convenience.

solo microwave oven
5 Best Solo Microwave Ovens In India (November 2022) 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Provides a capacity of 20-liters appropriate for a small family
  • Comprises a touch-sensitive keypad to select the cooking modes
  • Offers 44 auto-cook menu options comprising 28 Indian dishes
  • Intended having a really eye-catching design to suit any kitchen
  • Covered with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty over defects

Kenstar 17L Solo Microwave Oven

In the final option, we have another reasonably-priced solo microwave oven from the house of Kenstar. This Kenstar 17L Solo Microwave Oven lets you defrost frozen food, reheat, and prepare meals within a really short time frame. This microwave has been equipped with the Smart Wave Technology, making sure that the food is consistently cooked along with keeping the nutritional value of the foodstuff intact. It offers the high-gloss acrylic glass door along with 2 mechanical knobs for easier control and usage. On the 255mm turntable diameter, you may reheat many dishes at once without any problem.

solo microwave oven
5 Best Solo Microwave Ovens In India (November 2022) 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Equipped with high-gloss acrylic glass door to check the progress
  • Comprises 2 mechanical control knobs for easier and precise cooking
  • Allows you to prepare your dishes in no time with the express cooking mode
  • Comes with the 17-liters capacity, appropriate for smaller households
  • Offers 1-year warranty on the product along with 3-years on Magnetron

Personal Recommendation

So, these were the Solo Microwave Oven Reviews that we wanted our users to go through and plan their purchase accordingly so as to make sure that none of them catch a hold on a faulty product. As the reviews and analysis process has now come to an end, we suppose that our users won’t be experiencing any problem if they choose any of the above mentioned Solo Microwave Ovens as per their budget and requirements. Further, we would like to tell our users that all the microwave ovens described above are top-quality products offering the best specification coupled up with a reasonable price.

solo microwave oven
5 Best Solo Microwave Ovens In India (November 2022) 1

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On the other hand, if even after going through the product reviews and description given above, if any of our users are finding it tough to make a choice amongst the Solo Microwave Oven options provided by us, we would suggest them to go with our personally suggested product. The Solo Microwave Oven that we would recommend our users to purchase is the Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven, which provides you with a top-class design to augment your kitchen’s interiors.

Additionally, this microwave oven comes packed with plenty of options of features that would facilitate smarter and faster cooking at home. With an overall capacity of 23-liters, it is an appropriate unit to be used by average families comprising 3-5 members. Having so many positives, we suppose that this microwave oven from Samsung is going to be the “Best Bang for Your Buck.”

Apart from that, if anybody is confused in between 2 solo microwave ovens in our listing or are stuck in coming to a final decision, feel free to drop-in your query in our comments section to get an appropriate answer from our expert team.

Solo Microwave Oven – Buyer’s Guide

So as to facilitate a smarter purchase decision, we would like our users to go through the pointers given below that would help you find the Best Solo Microwave Oven on the market:

Capacity or Size

The size of a solo microwave oven that is best matched for you is going to rely on the totality of family members as well as how frequently you might be using the microwave oven. Generally, a microwave oven is utilized more to reheat the food items as compared to cooking. On the whole, equal to 20 liters is adequate for a household comprising 2 to 3 persons; the 21–30 liters capacity for an average -sized household; and beyond 31 liters for the big families.

Volume of Cavity

In general, the companies declare the volume of their microwave in liters, counting the whole interior space in the inner cavity. However, this capacity isn’t identical to what we measure, since a considerable portion of this volume isn’t actually usable. For the users, the overall working capacity is the longest cylinder-shaped utensil that might rotate in the microwave, in case we disabled the turntable.

Not even a single brand we tested declares their operational cavity capacities. The professed rated capacity moreover doesn’t match with the whole capacity of the cavity, which is nearly 35-45% smaller as compared to the rated volume. Consequently, the worthwhile volume is the volume where the turntable moves inside the cavity. Bigger the size of the turntable, superior it is going to be uniform cooking.

What are the Features to Check When Purchasing a Solo Microwave Oven?

In addition to the customary features such as automatic defrost, multiple-stage cooking, and cookery-menu buttons, you will have to check for the following features so as to facilitate a smarter end decision.

Child Lock

This is going to avert the kids from using the microwave oven inadvertently or playing with it.

Power Rating

The microwave ovens are available in the 600-1500W range. Extra the wattage signifies quicker cooking since it inclines to produce superior heat within a shorter frame of time.

Cooking Sensors

Such humidity-detecting sensors check the moisture content present inside the food product you are likely to prepare inside the microwave oven and consequently define the cooking period. You must check this feature whilst purchasing your microwave oven since it is going to eradicate the estimation out of your food preparation and evade the food overcooking.

Functional Control Panel

Search for the microwave oven that comes with a control panel you may operate easily. Comprising the mechanical control knobs are going to be pretty effortless to handle in addition to being sturdy. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that the glitzy touch panels aren’t good. In case they possess sufficient information and if it’s stress-free to define which button has what functionality, then it is going to be okay for any user. In addition, those stylish touch panels look really cool as well.

Multi-Stage Cooking

This functionality is really good for all the people who cook in the Indian style since our food is generally prepared at several temperatures relying on the time period. A few dishes require being cooked at an elevated temperature in the initial phase and then cooked to lower temperatures following a definite time. Multistage cooking is going to assist you in automating the cooking procedure by setting a certain time interim along with temperatures to be utilized whilst preparing the food.

Convenient Shortcut Keys

With the shortcut keys, the life of a cook becomes even easier since the common food products such as noodles and popcorn necessitate a static cooking period. You might prepare such items by only pressing a few keys on the auto-cook menu options.


Having this functionality, you only have to enter the food item’s weight and the microwave oven is going to decide the time interval that is necessary to get it defrosted. This is a really nice functionality for all the people who like eating the ready-to-eat frozen-food.

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